Neighbours Spoilers – Is there more than friendship between Ned and Sheila?

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Ned and Sheila #2 forge a friendship, but Bea worries that there is something more to it. Meanwhile, Hendrix delivers some heart-breaking news to Mackenzie.

These episodes will air from Monday 10th May.

Ned Willis (Ben Hall) has always been very passionate about his art. Ever since making the decision to attempt to forge a career out of it, he’s been working hard to make his dream a reality, starting with trying to grow The Hive into a thriving space for creatives.

However, with Paul (Stefan Dennis) on his back about The Hive’s performance in recent weeks, and Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) suggesting it would be easy for him to leave his job behind and follow her to Sydney, Ned’s confidence is wavering.

Sheila #2 admires Ned’s artwork of Bea singing.

However, with newcomer Sheila Canning #2’s (Shareena Clanton) arrival, Ned’s got a renewed lease on his passion.

Last week, Sheila #2 arrived in town with an interest in buying The Hive, and she and Ned quickly hit it off when she took him by surprise, causing him to splat paint across his face.

The figures Paul gave her were great, presenting the creative space as a thriving business which she could build upon. What she didn’t know was that Paul had doctored the books to make the business look more profitable to prospective buyers. Knowing it wasn’t right, Ned leaked confidential information to Sheila #2 – the real figures.

Sheila #2 renegotiates a price for The Hive.

Despite Paul’s backhanded tactics, the savvy businesswoman is still thinking about buying The Hive, albeit at a reduced price thanks to Ned’s honesty.

Rejoining the action next week, Ned rejoices in the fact that someone with a real drive for art, someone who understands it, wants to take over the space. And the joy keeps coming when Sheila #2 hires Ned to give her some art lessons.

Sheila #2 shows Ned her concept for their art lesson.

Jumping at the opportunity, Ned agrees. The pair meet at The Hive, and, with painting tools at the ready, they set out to paint a butterfly. To Sheila #2 it holds a special place in her heart – butterflies were her grandmother’s favourite. However, with Sheila’s painting skills leaving much to be desired, Ned has his work cut out.

The pair get cozy as they begin the lesson. Despite there being a certain closeness between them, neither Ned or Sheila see the lesson as anything more than a platonic art class, a shared passion between a potential new boss and employee.

Bea does a double take on Ned and Sheila #2.

That is until a hungover Bea (Bonnie Anderson) walks in, suffering the effects of going out with Yashvi, Roxy (Zima Anderson) and Kyle (Chris Milligan) the night before. Despite the thick sunglasses, she sees something between Ned and Sheila #2 – a spark of sorts – as they discuss their shared love of art and how they couldn’t imagine their lives without it.

A backwards glance from her as she heads into the podcast studio says it all. She notes the flirtatious banter between Ned and Sheila #2 and can’t help but be concerned.

When she emerges, she finds the pair in very close proximity as they lean in to discuss Sheila’s painting. What is going on?!

Later, Ned pops around to No. 22 to visit a hungover Yashvi. She makes a flippant comment about how disappointed she is that he didn’t partake in shots with her and Roxy the previous night – “Choose art over me again, it’s fine,” she says in jest, but Ned doesn’t take kindly to her comment, noting that his art is his career!

She apologises, but it’s clear that her lack of appreciation for his job doesn’t sit well him. Are their differences beginning to drive a wedge between the previously strong couple?

Meanwhile, Sheila #2 makes a phone call and orders a private investigator to spend the next 24 hours digging up as much information on Ned as possible!

The next day, she receives a folder labelled ‘Ned Willis’. However when she drops her car in for a service, she leaves it in the car, where Bea stumbles across it.

First, the flirting. Now, the folder of information. Bea is growing concerned, worried that her friend is about to get seriously hurt, especially considering his past with Scarlett. Will she say anything?

And what is Sheila #2 playing at?

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, despite clearing up their intentions with one another last week, Hendrix (Benny Turland) and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) are continuing to flirt their way through their friendship.

After a rogue arachnid left the pair in each other’s arms, they began to question their feelings. Obviously, Hendrix hasn’t had the best run of late, having been dumped by girlfriend Harlow (Jemma Donovan) just a few short months ago. Mackenzie’s love life has been a fraction more successful, with Jay (Dhruv Malge) and her deciding to try long distance, not to mention her ex Richie (Lachie Millar) attempting to reunite with her a few weeks ago.

But this week, the question of a connection between them is raised again. When Toadie (Ryan Moloney) asks Hendrix to help Mackenzie pack up his temporary office pro bono, he jumps at the idea. Later, Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) questions his true motives, knowing that her former stepson wouldn’t offer up free labour for nothing.

When she next finds him, he’s wearing a singlet, with his guns out. She wonders out loud whether he’s trying to show off in front of Mackenzie, and while he’s adamant he’s not, Chloe isn’t convinced.

He assures her that there’s nothing but friendship between them, and notes that Mackenzie and Jay are still in touch anyway! However, after a catchup phone call with Jay, Hendrix learns some pretty devastating news that decides to break to Mackenzie.

“I was going to invite him down for a day before school goes back, but he told me about this girl…. Casey?”

When Mackenzie can’t resist but ask for more info, he casually breaks the news to her. “She’s going out with him.”

While Hendrix is prepared to have to comfort his friend, he doesn’t anticipate Mackenzie being furious… at him!

Is this your idea of some sort of sick joke? I bruise your ego by just wanting to be friends and then you go and do this?! Unbelievable,” she exclaims, before storming off. Unable to say anything, Hendrix looks on in disbelief.

Has he just jeopardised any chance he had with Mackenzie?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 10th May (8597)

Teaming up with Holden, Brent goes ahead with his plan to steal the Year 13 equipment from The Hive.

Seeing Emmett’s concern for Brent, Nicolette follows Emmett and lands in danger.

After their awkward moment together, Mackenzie and Hendrix worry they may have ruined their friendship.

Tuesday 11th May (8598)

Emmett manages to stop Brent from committing a crime.

Nicolette is trapped and calls for help before falling unconscious.

Jane, tired and worried for her daughter, is angry at Curtis and Susan for not listening to her about the power tools being at risk at The Hive.

Wednesday 12th May (8599)

Aaron and David struggle to believe Emmett is responsible for the robbery, tactfully encouraging Brent to do the right thing and come forward.

While Jane and Susan are left at a stalemate, Jane receives a surprising offer.

Thursday 13th May (8600)

Worried about Brent and unable to be around Paul, Harlow temporarily moves into No. 30.

When Mackenzie has to cancel plans to hang out with Hendrix to take care of Harlow, Hendrix realises how much he misses his friend.

Sheila #2 hires Ned to give her art lessons and the two begin to form a genuine friendship.

Friday 14th May (8601)

Sheila is flustered as she tries to make a good impression on their sophisticated lunch guest Sheila #2.

Bea can’t help but notice the chemistry between Ned and Sheila #2, which coincides with a hungover Yashvi not giving helpful Ned the recognition he deserves.

Determined to prove he is only interested in friendship with Mackenzie, Hendrix makes a call that puts their friendship in jeopardy once again.

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