Neighbours Spoilers – Susan is plagued by visions of Finn Kelly

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Susan Kennedy’s attempts to visualise Finn Kelly to get answers go pear-shaped. Meanwhile, Dipi Rebecchi breaks one of Sheila Canning’s prized gnomes.

These episodes will air from Monday 29th March.

Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) embarked on a reign of terror over Ramsay Street like nothing the residents had ever seen before. Over the course of three years, Finn taunted, groomed and assaulted his way through almost everyone in Erinsborough.

However, it was Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) who suffered most at his hand. He’d abused her students, her friends, her nieces and ultimately, her and her trust.

Olivia’s book has caused nothing but trouble for almost everyone on Ramsay Street.

So, when a book was written that painted her as the villain, it took a toll.

Now, the author of the book is back in town, but this time she wants Susan to be a part of it. Despite Susan’s assurances that her being able to tell her side of the story is a good thing, and will allow her to clear her name, her family are still reluctant.

Karl is worried about Susan.

Karl (Alan Fletcher) is adamant it’s a bad idea, but Susan feels as though it is something she needs to do for closure.

Karl is struggling to understand why she wants to be a part of the process, and Susan can’t quite find the words to explain why. As a result, she decides to take on some advice from David (Takaya Honda), someone who is still battling his own demons over what happened with Finn.

His suggestion is that visualising Finn could help.

Susan discusses the concept of visualisation with David.

Shocked, Susan doesn’t quite know what to think, but David thinks it’s very simple. Imagine Finn is sitting with her so that she can ask him the questions she needs answers to. The main one? Why does she feel so strongly about being involved in the new book’s production?

With the seed firmly planted at the back of her mind, Susan sits down to write some notes after watching Finn’s video diaries. Struggling, she shuts her laptop and closes her eyes.

She inhales deeply and opens her eyes. Shocked, she sees exactly who she hoped she would.

Finn Kelly! Right there in her living room.

After a quick initial chat with him, she heads to bed. The next morning, she conjures Finn up again and the pair have a deep chat. How did she not recognise the change in him? But Finn knows that that isn’t the real question she wants to know the answer too.

Susan is confused, but it’s not long before Finn sheds some lift. What Susan truly wants to know is why she still has positive feelings towards Finn after all the terrible things he did. And the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Susan ends her visualisation, and her words flow to the page.

Visions of Finn begin to plague Susan.

However, the novelty of visualising Finn soon wears off as Susan struggles to control when he appears to her. First, she sees him on the street, and he gets closer and closer until he’s nose to nose with her.

Then, she sees him at the school and at Harold’s.

Later comes the visualisation that really scares her. As she walks across the Lassiters complex, she spies a hand emerging from the water feature!

Susan can’t fight the visions off.

When she goes over, she sees Finn submerged in the water, wearing the same clothes as the day he drowned.

Realising what is at stake, Susan opens up to Karl. The truth is she no longer wants anything to do with the book as it isn’t good for her mental health. Breathing a sigh of relief, Karl comforts Susan as she backs out of Olivia’s project.

Susan backs out of the book production.

Yet Olivia isn’t willing to let her go so easily. Furious, she reminds Susan that they had an agreement, but Susan doesn’t want a bar of it.

Olivia assures Karl and Susan that they haven’t heard the last from her, before storming out of the Waterhole.

With Olivia gone (for now) and Finn out of Susan’s mind, will Ramsay Street’s golden couple be able to move on from the Finn Kelly chapter of their lives?

Meanwhile, Dipi has received word that Sheila is back in town and she’s shocked. She admits that she forgot to clean Sheila’s gnomes like she promised she would do.

For fear of Sheila’s persecution, Dipi sneaks in and begins to clean them all, with a little help from Shane. As the pair scrub, it’s clear their feelings, developed over 20 years of marriage, never left. They give into temptation, and lean in for a kiss.

Except, caught up in the passion, Dipi drops one of Sheila’s gnomes – and worse, he’s an A-lister from her ‘gnombtivity scene’! Fearful of Sheila’s wrath, the newly united Dipi and Shane spend the night together trying to piece it back together.

However, when they go to put it back in Sheila’s garden, they are sprung by Levi. When they confess, he tells them that he doesn’t know if he can keep this a secret from Sheila!

Dipi fears the worst. What will Sheila do?

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Harlow Robinson plants a kiss on Brent Colefax!

Kyle bares all for Fay as she starts her bucket list, while Hendrix and Brent’s bitter feud endangers a life.

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Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 29th March (8568)

Brent confesses to Harlow that it’s her belief in him that’s responsible for the improvements in his life.

Nicolette confirms that she had no part in Fay’s request to put her name in the will, coming clean to Fay about all her past sins.

Toadie makes it up to the Brennans by organising a dessert experience for Fay, an item on her bucket list.

Tuesday 30th March (8569)

Susan finds it confronting watching Finn’s video diaries, and David suggests that she use visualisation to process her feelings.

Harlow pulls back from her kiss with Brent, unsure if she should act on her attraction to him.

Wednesday 31st March (8570)

Paul tells Roxy that he was never seriously considering her second-hand store idea, leaving her feeling shattered.

Harlow reads Brent’s personal file and finds herself drawn to him even more.

Susan’s visualisations prove to be a surprisingly beneficial aid.

Thursday 1st April (8571)

While cleaning Sheila’s gnomes, Dipi accidentally breaks one, with Shane helping her to piece it back together.

Toadie is concerned about Susan when she tells him about her visualisations, but she is adamant that she’s in complete control.

Dipi and Shane are shocked to find an injured Roxy at the university.

Friday 2nd April (8572)

David insists Fay get a check-up, with Clive delivering some devastating news.

Susan tells Karl everything and both realise it’s time to close this chapter of their lives for good.

Fay acts as though all is well, but David isn’t convinces and calls Clive for answers.

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