A ‘Blockbuster Night’ of Home and Away as Lewis tries to kil Ari

A new Home and Away trailer teases a ‘Blockbuster Night’ of drama, as Monday 29th March sees three episodes air back to back, and Lewis and Susie’s tense storylines make huge jumps forward.

The triple episodes of Home and Away which usually air on Thursday evenings are temporarily moving to Mondays due to the AFL, and with the move comes a huge hour and a half of drama which could ruin the lives of multiple Summer Bay residents, and end one resident’s life for good.

The new promo, which aired down under after Tuesday night’s episode, teases ‘A Night of Love’ and ‘A Night of Danger’ as it makes us speculate ‘Who Will Survive This Night?’.

Will Lewis Hayes pull off his plan of murdering Ari Parata, all to destroy Christian’s career? The cliffhanger on Thursday saw Lewis fill a syringe with a clear liquid as he apologised to the Parata matriarch – “If there was any chance for you, I wouldn’t be doing this.

“At least this way your death won’t be for nothing. I’m going to make sure Christian Green never works again.”

Will he go ahead with it, or will he be caught in time?

As we already saw from last week’s ‘Sneaky Susie’ trailer, Susie McAllister is set to make a failed attempt to poison Irene Roberts later this week, in scenes shown again in the new promo.

The pair have been at loggerheads ever since Susie arrived in town, with Irene suspecting there’s more to the “Real Estate Barbie” than meets the eye. Susie recently called Irene out on her hostile behaviour, as she accused Irene of having feelings for John, and being jealous that she got there first.

In scenes airing over the next few days, John Palmer attempts to make peace between the two women in his life, by organising a dinner for the three of them at Salt.

It’s all smiles at first, as John suggests “Why don’t we call this ‘a new beginning’?“. Yet when Susie goes to the bar, things take a very dark twist as she puts a dangerous plan in place. Ordering three glasses of red wine, she takes a pipet out of her purse and adds a few small drops of a clear liquid into one of the wine glasses.

Taking them back to the table, she offers the tainted glass of wine Irene, oblivious to the fact that Irene is a recovered alcoholic and thus a tea-totaller.

Yet as we know from another promo currently doing the rounds, her plan takes an unexpected turn. When Irene turns down the glass of wine, Susie goes to take the drink back to the bar, but John puts a stop to it.

He doesn’t have any intention of wasting a perfectly good glass of red, and takes it for himself!

Yet that clearly isn’t the end of Susie’s attempts to silence Irene. Clearly seeing Irene as the biggest threat to her plan to con the Surf Club, Leah and Justin out of thousands of dollars, Susie makes a second attempt to drug her.

Deciding subtlety is overrated, Susie storms up to Irene at her house, grabs her from behind, and places a blue cloth up against her face!

As Susie gleefully examines a bag full of cash, her get rich quick plan is working perfectly.

It’s not all bad news for the residents of Summer Bay. Dean Thompson has had a pretty disastrous year, but Willow’s recent return to Summer Bay brought him some unexpected happiness, as she managed to talk Amber into returning to town with Jai, reuniting Dean with the son he only recently discovered he had.

Dean has loved having Amber and Jai back in his life, but the two parents are having to deal with a barrage of questions from their 5-year-old on why they don’t share a bed even though they’re living under the same roof.

Dean has been asking himself the very same question, and has recently suggested to Amber that they give things a go. It seems Amber finally gives in, as the new promo shows the pair nearly kiss on the veranda outside Dean’s flat, before another scene later in the trailer shows them finally giving into temptation.

Jasmine’s newfound happiness with new nurse Lewis continues too, as we see the pair share a kiss near the beach.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been this happy,” confesses Jasmine, before telling Lewis “Don’t let anything ruin it.”

“Nothing ever could,” he replies – though as we see later on, he could soon mess their relationship up in dramatic fashion.

There’s love on the cards for Ryder as well, as he and Chloe put their hatred for each other behind them and pash at Salt.

While it seems nothing can stand in the way of Ryder’s happiness, we’re not expecting Jasmine’s newfound love to be long lasting. As the promo moves on to showcase the ‘Night of Danger’ that lies in store for us next Monday, we see Lewis’s rivalry with Christian take a huge leap forward.

Ari Parata has been in a medically induced coma since he was hit by a car by gang member Paul in last week’s episodes. He’s had emergency surgery to fix a bleed on the brain, and has remained in the coma to give his body the best chance of recovery.

His friends and family are distraught that he’s still in the coma over a week after the accident, and although Christian and Tori reassure them that they’re doing everything possible, they can’t promise that he’ll make a full recovery.

“Don’t give up on him yet,” Tane tells a distraught Nikau, as the Paratas begin to accept that they may have lost their patriarch for good.

“Please uncle, wake up,” pleads Nikau, not ready to let Ari.

Yet there’s one thing that could definitely hold up his recovery, and that’s full on sabotage from Lewis. He still blames Christian for his wife Anna’s death, and takes Dr Green’s refusal to accept the blame for her death as him seeing himself as God. While he may be all smiles in front of Jasmine, he secretly wants the neurosurgeon to suffer.

“Dr Green is finished,” Lewis announces, foreshadowing the plan he’s about to put into place.

Things really heat up between the pair in upcoming episodes, as Christian’s anger finally gets the better of him. As their partners watch on, Christian throws a punch at Lewis in broad daylight, hitting him square on the nose.

While Lewis’s hatred of Christian stems from his grief over his dead wife, it seems he won’t let others’ grief get in the way of his vengeance. He looks set to attempt to destroy Christian’s career in the most drastic way possible.

As Ari lies in his hospital bed, Lewis fills up a syringe.

“At least this way your death won’t be for nothing,” says Lewis, as it appears he has plans to inject Ari with a deadly drug cocktail. “I’m sorry.”

It’s unclear whether Lewis intends on killing Ari then laying the blame at Christian’s feet, or whether he’s anticipating the Parata brother to die of his brain injury regardless, but with the idea that the rogue medication in his system will trigger a medical negligence investigation into Christian’s treatment.

Either way, it’s clear that the tension between Christian and Lewis is far from over.

The promo also shows Mac confess to Tane that she’s pregnant with his brother’s baby. With Lewis putting his plan for revenge into action, will Ari ever get the chance to find out?

The ‘Blockbuster Night’ of Home and Away airs in a triple-bill from 7pm on Monday 29th March, on Seven in Australia, with some of the scene previewed expected to air in this Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes. These scenes will air in the UK a month later at the end of April.

You can view the promo in full at the top of the page.

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Wednesday 24th March 2021 (Episode 7516)

Irene and Susie try to mend their rift.

Bella’s trust is tested.

Martha’s delusions return.

Thursday 25th March 2021 (Episode 7517)*

Martha faces her reality.

Christian questions his judgement.

Irene has a hunch about Susie.

Monday 29th March 2021 (Episode 7518)

Ari’s family brace for the worst.

Justin makes a snap decision.

Mac is forced to tell Tane her secret.

Monday 29th March 2021 (Episode 7519)

Tane tells Mac the truth.

Dean and Amber move in the right direction.

Ryder avoids Chloe.

Monday 29th March 2021 (Episode 7520)

Justin and Leah discover all is not as it seems.

Bella drops her guard.

Chloe and Ryder confess their feelings.

Tuesday 30th March 2021 (Episode 7521)

Justin and Leah discover some unsettling news.

Ari finds out the truth about Mia.

Willow and Bella reconnect.

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