Neighbours Spoilers – Chloe and Nicolette share a kiss as Chloe confesses her feelings

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On this week’s Neighbours in Australia, Nicolette gets the one thing she’s wanted since she first set foot in Erinsborough. Will her mum be the one person to stand in the way?

Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) first arrived in Erinsborough in July 2020, as Terese lured her to town to help reunite her mother Jane (Annie Jones) with her estranged husband Des (Paul Keane). She has stuck around in the Melbourne suburb ever since, and has successfully repaired her own fractured relationship with her mother.

The pair are now even living under the same roof, alongside Aaron (Matt Wilson), David (Takaya Honda) and Brent in an increasingly crowded Number 32. Nicolette is pregnant with David and Aaron’s baby, has more or less put her stolen lottery ticket debacle behind her, and her life is in a good place.

However, there’s one thing has life has been missing since she moved to Ramsay Street, and that’s love.

She fell for Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) pretty quickly after arriving in town. At the time, Chloe was happily married to Pierce Greyson (Tom Robards / Don Hany), meaning anything happening between her and Nicolette was firmly out of the question. The two settled for being besties, and Nicolette seemed capable of living with that.

Over the next year, Nicolette’s feelings for Chloe continued to grow, as her relationship with Pierce grew more and more tense. The two never got on, and always made their feelings for each other crystal clear – Nicolette found Pierce deathly dull, with his riches being his only redeeming feature, while Pierce suspected Nicolette of being far more manipulative than she lets on.

The two clashed frequently, and Nicolette made it her life’s work to embarrass her best friend’s husband. However, as much as Nicolette disliked Pierce, she respected that Chloe loved him, and was never going to come in their way.

Yet that all changed on the fateful day that Nicolette discovered Pierce was having an affair with Dipi Rebecchi (Sharon Johal). She couldn’t bring herself to tell Chloe directly, not wanting to be the one to devastate her – perhaps fearful Chloe would think she was only doing it as a way to get closer to her.

Instead, she orchestrated for Chloe to discover her husband and neighbour in bed together. Nicolette knew that the pair were planning one final hookup in Pierce’s hotel room that night, and sent Chloe there telling her to ask him what the expensive necklace he’d gifted her was doing on the shelf at Harold’s Cafe.

When Chloe entered, she came face to face with the man she loved in bed with someone she considered a friend.

Fast forward a few months, and the relationship between Chloe and Nicolette has completely fractured. Chloe was already furious with Nic for her stolen lottery ticket scandal, but slowly began to warm to her again.

Then came the worst… as Chloe agreed to try again at a friendship, Nicolette decided to be totally honest with her. She confessed that she knew about Pierce and Dipi’s affair and decided not to tell her directly.

That cemented things, as Chloe told Nicolette that they would never be able to repair their friendship. They’d be in each other’s lives forever thanks to Nicolette’s baby, but other than that they’d stay out of each other’s way.

Nicolette was devastated, and realised she’d ruined any chances of even friendship with the woman she was in love with.

Then came Fay’s tragic death, as Chloe and Aaron’s mother succumbed to Huntington’s Disease in emotional scenes last week. While Aaron dealt with his grief by lashing out at those around him, Chloe looked for emotional support, and propositioned Nicolette.

Nic knew that it was just grief talking, and was forced to let Chloe down gently, even though spending the night with her is what she’d always wanted. Yet it seems Nicolette’s feelings were more than just grief-driven emotions.

On next week’s Neighbours, Chloe makes a decision – she has feelings for Nicolette after all, and is sure that it’s got nothing to do with her grief over her mother. Nicolette first hears the news from Aaron, and is stunned; she doesn’t believe it can actually be true.

Charlotte Chimes spoke to Australian magazine TV Week about her upcoming love story, telling them “Nicolette is in utter disbelief and total shock, to the point where she tells Aaron he’s crazy.

“Although she’s wanted this since they met, she’s afraid Chloe is rushing into things as a result of her grief. She doesn’t want to ruin their friendship or get her heart broken.”

When Chloe herself confesses her feelings to Nicolette, it all becomes too hard to ignore. She opens up to Chloe about her concerns and her feelings, before the pair finally share a passionate kiss. The both of them are left extatic.

Yet could Jane stand in the way of it all? She’s been Nic’s confident throughout the whole love story, and has seen first hand how much her unrequited feelings have hurt Nicolette. She doesn’t want to see her daughter get rejected down the line, and left even more broken.

So, when she returns to Erinsborough from Brisbane, the last thing she expects to stumble upon is Nic and Chloe kissing!

All Nicolette wants is for her mum to be happy for her, but Jane’s fears are obvious. “Nic knows [Jane’s] concerns come from a good place,” Charlotte told TV Week. “But at the same time, she doesn’t want the love bubble to burst.”

Will Nicolette heed her mum’s advice and tread carefully, or give her new relationship with Chloe a proper go?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for next week in Australia:

Monday 22nd March (Episode 8583)

After Karl’s arrest, Susan gets an unexpected proposal from Olivia herself.

Sheila and Roxy pretend to argue in front of Kyle to make a point that he’s been overreacting.

Tuesday 23rd March (Episode 8584)

Aaron excitedly announces that he wants to name the baby Fay, but not everyone is a fan of the idea.

Olivia’s determination to publish her book brings Bea and Susan to the same bitter realisation.

Wednesday 24th March (Episode 8585)

Aaron shares his concerns about Chloe with Nicolette, who is left in disbelief that Chloe may have feelings for her.

Brent worries he will be found out when Holden’s stolen bike is uncovered at The Hive.

Thursday 25th March (Episode 8586)

Roxy has a chance run-in with Holden at The Tram and it leads her to discover his gang’s hideout.

Nicolette dismisses Chloe’s feelings and tries to deny her own in the process.

Friday 26th March (Episode 8587)

Roxy and Sheila come up with one last prank to send Shane off on his last day at The Waterhole.

Jane returns from Brisbane to discover Chloe and Nicolette’s new relationship in the most awkward way possible.

With the help of Sheila’s creative idea, Dipi finds a way to stay connected to Nell while preparing for their move.

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