Neighbours Spoilers – Levi confronts Kyle, as Hendrix explodes on his return to school

Next week on Neighbours in the UK, Hendrix Greyson’s decision to go back to school may not play out the way he wanted it to. Meanwhile, Levi Canning has put the pieces of the puzzle together.

These episodes will air in the UK from Monday 22nd February.

Any Ramsay Street resident would be lying if they said that Hendrix Greyson has had an easy run over the last few months. Not only did his father leave him in Erinsborough with no family other than his ex-stepmother, but he got himself caught up in an illegal gambling ruckus that resulted in his girlfriend being kidnapped and him left penniless.

Last week, Hendo had his heart broken when Harlow called it quits on their relationship; the result of months of torment and lies building up. With nothing going right for him, the angsty teen has decided to head back to school to complete year 12.

Unfortunately, the night before, Toadie delivers some bad news – Hendrix is being charged with reckless endangerment due to the gun he stole. It’s not exactly what he needs to hear the night before returning to Erinsborough High. While Karl and Susan are supportive, it’s quite clear that his actions are weighing heavily on his mind.

Hendrix’s receives news of his charge from Toadie.

As the morning of his first day back dawns, Hendrix’s down-and-out attitude hasn’t changed. He’s silent from his departure from his home, right until he arrives at school and is greeted by Susan and Jane. The pair are fearful for him; his attitude is all off and it seems like he doesn’t want to be back.

Hendrix is very quiet upon his arrival back to school.

When lunch comes around, the pair are shocked to see Hendrix sitting by himself in the grounds.

They discuss how he was in class, and ask Curtis Perkins, one of Hendrix’s teachers who just so happens to be celebrating his first day at Erinsborough High as well. Understanding Hendrix’s struggles, Curtis offers to go and have a chat with him.

Curtis tries to talk to Hendrix.

When he sits down, Curtis receives a frosty reception. He gently probes Hendrix about how his day is going and suggests he go spend his lunch in the year 12 common room. Hendrix isn’t having a bar of it – he’s got no friends, and the current year 12 cohort probably think he’s a joke. They were talking about him in class after all.

Curtis admits he didn’t hear anything, opening up Hendrix’s opportunity to make a joke – Curtis is hard of hearing, and has a cochlear implant. There’s a hint of a smile as Curtis wears the quip.

Curtis points out his cochlear implant.

However, the brief moment of happiness for Hendrix doesn’t last long. As the afternoon progresses, things go from bad to worse.

High school bully Louis, who Hendrix used to cross paths with, calls him out for becoming a loser.

Louis confirms Hendrix’s suspicions.

What’s more, his now ex-girlfriend Harlow sends him a text telling him to leave her alone – “Thank you for your apology but I am trying to move on so please don’t message me again.”

A text from Harlow pushes Hendrix to breaking point.

This, coupled with the fact that someone has graffitied ‘loser’ on his locker, sends Hendrix over the edge.

“Loser” is written on Hendrix’s locker…

The teen explodes, punching the wall and kicking a bin, and storms out of Erinsborough High. Is his return to high school over before his second day has begun?

…and he explodes when he sees it!

Meanwhile, a feud between cousins is brewing that will threaten to tear apart one of the Ramsay Street families forever.

Bea consumes the poisoned roo pie.

Due to an honest mistake by Roxy, Kyle Canning’s famous roo pies were poisoned with a noxious gravy, made using death cap mushrooms. The pair thought they were able to seize all of them back… but they missed one.

And that one was consumed by Bea.

Bea’s not feeling the best as Karl delivers the bad news.

Ever since, Bea has been battling the risk of organ failure in hospital. This week, it looks as though things are on the up, until suddenly, Bea’s condition deteriorates.

Unfortunately for Bea, time could be running out with Karl explaining that it’s definitely the onset of renal failure.

Karl reveals the truth about Bea’s worsening condition.

The toxins have re-emerged,” the doctor dictates solemnly.

As the question of Bea’s survival rests firmly on the lips of her loved ones, her boyfriend Levi is beginning an investigation of his own. He doesn’t believe that Bea was responsible for her own poisoning, and he sets out to find out who was behind it.

As Bea struggles, Levi is on the lookout for information.

The first sign that makes Levi suspicious is that Bea stated that she found the mushrooms in her front yard. However, when he goes to inspect this, there are no fungi in sight.

Next, Levi realises that Kyle has taken the roo pie off the menu at The 82. Levi’s inquisitive – for something that was supposedly a hit, why would it come off the menu? And then all the pieces begin to fall into place.

Back at the hospital, with Bea’s malaise worsening, Levi confronts his cousin. He’s figured out the puzzle.

You did this, didn’t you?

Look Out For!

Nathan Borg is the first actor on an Australian drama to have a cochlear implant. He’ll be hanging around in Erinsborough as a recurring guest. For more on Nathan and his journey, be sure to check out his Instagram.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 22nd February (8543)

Toadie is excited about his date with a former Erinsborough local, but Paul finds it hilarious.

Chloe decides she wants no more secrets between her and Nicolette, so Nicolette comes clean about her part in revealing Pierce and Dipi’s affair.

Jane offers to take care of Clive’s beloved Maidenhair Fern while he’s away, but she loses his house key.

Tuesday 23rd February (8544)

Terese is feeling good about Lassiter’s decision to step away from Australia Day celebrations, but Tim Collins soon exposes her previous stance on the day.

Aaron and David are stunned that Brent was hiding in their shed, beginning to search for him when he flees.

Paul’s had a terrible day, so when he finds Brent in the Complex, he sends him on his way.

Wednesday 24th February (8545)

Emmett shows up looking for Brent.

After a long day of back and forth jabs, Nicolette and Paul agree to a ceasefire.

Shane suggests that Amy and Yashvi spend some time together.

Thursday 25th February (8546)

Harlow learns that Hendrix has sold the Christmas present she bought him, the anger and hurt flaring.

Aaron and David reunite Brent and Emmett and offer Brent a room at their place.

Hendrix struggles with his first day of school, and new teacher Mr Perkins attempts to lend a helping hand.

Friday 26th February (8547)

Guilt is eating away at Kyle and Roxy.

Hendrix’s emotional outburst surprising everyone, including himself.

Levi notices inconsistencies in Bea’s memory, and when he learns that Kyle has taken to roo pie off the Tram menu, he begins to suspect who is to blame.

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