UK Neighbours Spoilers – Scarlett confesses all, as she suffers 3rd degree burns

In next week’s Neighbours in the UK, the fallout from Ned and Yashvi’s fake wedding sees Scarlett in hospital. As Ned and Yashvi pay her a visit to try and coax out a confession, they’re in for a shock as the truth comes out.

Scarlett has suffered severe burns as a result of her attempted attack on the day of Yashvi and Ned’s pretend wedding. The acid was meant for the “happy couple”, but after Levi jumped in and pulled her away just in time, it ended up all over her own face.

She’s got 3rd degree chemical burns to her cheek, with nerve damage, so is in a pretty bad state.

With Scarlett in hospital, everyone thinks Ned should be over the moon that he’s finally been proven innocent. Yet Scarlett’s reappearance hasn’t just demonstrated to the police that Ned didn’t murder her – it’s the first time that Ned has truly believed it as well.

He wants another session with Beverly, confused as to why he’d have remembered so many dark memories of attacking Scarlett, when she was alive all along. What made his mind invent the attack?

After his meeting, Beverly suggests that his memory was simply trying to fill in the gaps caused by his concussion. This combined with his PTSD caused the memories to be darker than they otherwise might have been, and she suggests he sees another psychiatrist to make sure he can deal with things better in the future.

With Scarlett in hospital, there are still a number of questions to be answered. The investigation into Terese’s van accident has made Levi believe that Scarlett was to blame for the crash that killed her parents when she was a teenager. The steering fluid pipe in Bea’s van had been cut, so if Scarlett did the same thing to her parents’ car, then she’s potentially guilty of murder.

The police set about trying to get to the bottom of it, with Detective Graves interviewing her at her bedside.

Yet it was so long ago, she’s clearly not going to willingly confess to it. When Graves starts his interview by asks her what happened on the day of her family’s car accident, she opens her eyes in shock, surprised that he’s questioning her on that rather than on the acid attack – but still stays silent.

After Yashvi suggests that Scarlett is more likely to open up to someone she’s emotionally invested in, Ned volunteers his services, and he pays her a visit in the hospital. It’s partly to try and get her to confess to her parents’ murder, but partly to give himself some closure.

He just wants to understand why Scarlett would try to attack his girlfriend, when none of this is Yashvi’s fault.

Yet he’s taken aback by her explanation. When he accuses her of trying to attack Yashvi – “You threw acid at her face!” – she corrects him.

“Not at her. At you!” exclaims Scarlett. “You have caused me so much pain since I met you. I just wanted you to suffer too.”

She explains how she knew how painful it would be for Ned to paint her portrait, making it the perfect revenge for her hurt feelings. Yet he wouldn’t even do that, opting to do a rush job. So she framed him. He had her locked in a psych ward after their encounter last year, so it was only fair he be locked up too!

With Grieves in the room to witness it, she confesses the whole thing – the fake CCTV attack, the self-inflicted bruises to make it look like Ned had beaten her – and when he followed her to the maze, she soon realised she could frame him for murder.

She knocked him out, dragged him back to the car, and planted all the evidence necessary to lock him up. The whole thing played out exactly as she hoped – with the lucky addition that Ned’s PTSD caused him to believe it himself.

“How can you hate me that much?” asks Ned.

“I don’t hate you, Ned. I love you,” she confesses. But he didn’t love her back, and that’s what drove her to do what she did. Ned begins to feel sorry for her; she must have been in a pretty messed up state to take things that far.

With Scarlett still staying tight lipped about her parents’ accident, it’s time for Yashvi to try.

Going in hard, she asks Scarlett why someone would deliberately do what she did to her family, knowingly bringing them to her death. As she piles on the pressure, Scarlett screams out: “It was an accident!”

She confesses that her dad asked for her help with his car, but that the whole thing was an accident. Her dad asked her to refill the steering fluid, but she put in coolant by mistake, causing the steering to fail as they were driving, resulting in their fatal crash.

The accident potentially explains how Scarlett has ended up so messed up, and suddenly Ned isn’t the only one feeling sorry for her. Has her repressed childhood trauma provided an explanation for how she came to be who she is?

Meanwhile, Bea is overwhelmed when she learns that it was Levi who stopped the acid attack. It stirs some feelings in her – he was a hero, and could have been seriously hurt in the process. Is she reconsidering her feelings for him?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours episodes in the UK:

Monday 16th November (8480)

Despite falling victim to her own acid attack, Scarlett refuses to co-operate with police.

Seeing Pierce offer his support to Dipi after hearing about what happened to Yashvi and Ned, Chloe is reminded of what a good guy her husband is.

Paul stumbles upon Dipi and Pierce at Lassiters.

Tuesday 17th November (8481)

It’s Nicolette’s birthday, but she’s struggling to enjoy the day with the tension between her and Jane.

Paul is nothing but smug with the knowledge of Pierce’s dirty little secret, wasting no time to use it to his advantage.

Wednesday 18th November (8482)

Exam stress is getting to Harlow. When she finds out she’s too late to apply for special consideration, Hendrix decides to put himself on the line to help her.

Pierce must decide to either come clean with Chloe or sell his share of Lassiters.

Jane and Nicolette finally sit down and talk about everything surrounding Mrs Mangel’s death, both finally finding some closure.

Thursday 19th November (8483)

Audrey keeps trying to wiggle her way into Nicolette’s life, causing Nicolette to snap and admit she has no intention of paying the money back.

Concerned about his grandmother in the wake of her breakup with Clive, Kyle sets up an online dating profile for Sheila.

Terese confiscates Harlow’s phone to remove unnecessary distractions while studying, leaving Hendrix worried that Harlow is upset at him for sending her photos of the exam paper.

Friday 20th November (8484)

Dipi has a close call when Nell finds the diamond necklace in her room. While she’s able to convince Shane it’s just costume jewellery, she begins to wonder how much longer she can keep lying.

Harlow is caught with the photos of the biology exam paper on her phone.

Pierce reveals to Dipi that Paul knows about their affair, but that he’s brokered a deal to keep him quiet.

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