Home and Away reveals the identity of Witness X!

In the shock move of the year, Home and Away have revealed the identity of the unknown figure who will bring down Colby Thorne.

Two recent trailers have made it clear that one ‘Witness X’ will be the key to Colby’s downfall, and we, along with the rest of Home and Away’s fans on social media, have been actively discussing the potential suspects ever since.

Tonight in Australia, as part of a triple bill of episodes, their identity was revealed. It’s someone we never would have expected, and the repercussions are sure to affect many Bay favourites well into 2021, with friendships torn apart.

Is it Ziggy, whose relationship broke down as a result of Dean’s part in the murder? Dean is sure that it isn’t; she’s too loyal, and still has feelings for him, so wouldn’t want to risk her ex facing jail time as well.

Could it be Taylor, who Colby has spent the past few months wooing, in a failed attempt to get some inside gossip on the case? Or Nikau, who has seen first hand the impact this secret has had on Bella and may want to put a stop to it all?

Mackenzie, who recently found out the truth when Ziggy slipped up? She has no real reason to want Colby to land in jail, but she also has a moral compass and can’t believe he’d do what he did – “murder is murder!”

Dean or Willow? Well those two are in the clear; they’re Colby’s closest mates, and as two ex members of the River Boy world, helping cops isn’t exactly in their nature. What would possibly be in it for them?

In this week’s episodes, Colby has been granted bail, giving the gang have a little more time to figure out what’s happening before the court case.

Colby believes that Dean and Willow are the only two he could trust – suspicious of Mackenzie, Nikau, Ziggy, and to a certain extent his own sister. He knows finding this witness is key – presumably hoping he and his friends can scare them into silence if they can just identify them. Yet it’s taking its time to come through, and the wait is killing him.

Finally, the witness list comes through. Taylor is on there, but that’s a given – Colby isn’t worried; after all, he never told her anything about what he did, and she’d be perjuring herself if she just made it up.

Yet one witness’s name has been redacted. Underneath the title of ‘Witness X’ are just black lines, hiding the details of the person who could land him in jail.

Colby is devastated. His final glimmer of hope is gone. It all rests on ‘Witness X’ being one giant bluff, or them only having circumstantial evidence.

Senior Constable Colby Thorne made his debut appearance back in 2018… but is this the end of the line for the cop?

In the final moments of Thursday’s triple bill, Colby accepted the inevitable, spending one final evening surrounded by his friends and family before facing court the next day. He knows this could be the final evening he spends with his friends, before facing perhaps decades behind bars.

On the balcony outside their apartment above the Surf Club, Colby takes a breather. He has a heart to heart with Willow, in which he discusses everything. He tells her he’d put so much hope on that witness list, but that it came to nothing.

He’s been wasting his time, putting a noose round his neck. Nothing worked. The affair with Taylor, the lying, it all made things worse. Yet none of it changes what he did, as he reminds her: “I killed Ross, and everything that I’ve done from that moment has led me here.”

He shows remorse for the first time, finally feeling all of the guilt that he’s been suppressing for years. As Willow asks him why he’s feeling this now, he responds that he’s in love with Taylor. He can’t keep denying it to himself, he loves her but he deserves what he gets.

As Willow leaves and Dean heads to bed, Colby spends his final guaranteed night of freedom watching a movie with Bella, trying to relax for one final time.

Yet just meters away on the beach, something else is going down.

In the final seconds of the episode, Angelo waits, eagerly anticipating someone. “You did the right thing,” he tells them. As they get closer, their face is made clear.

A figure emerges from the shadows… Willow!

It’s Willow!

On the verge of tears, she lifts up her top and undoes a listening device that she had strapped around her midriff. She’s recorded Colby’s confession, and hands it over to the detective!

But why?

“There’s your stupid confession.”

As he thanks her, she spits: “I didn’t do it for you!”

Walking away, she bursts into tears, knowing she’s just secured Colby’s guilty verdict.

Next week sees Willow take to the dock, watched on by Colby, Dean and Bella!

In a trailer for next week’s huge episodes, we see Colby in his day in court, as “the prosecution calls… Willow Harris!

As she walks into the courtroom, Dean and Bella can’t believe their eyes, as Colby closes his – he knows he’s ruined. Willow knows everything, so if she confesses all to the court then there’s no way he can avoid jail.

The promo’s voiceover announces “She betrayed her best friend. What she’s about to do could ruin his life. She can’t keep it a secret forever.”

Why would Willow betray one of her closest friends, and risk putting Dean behind bars as well? Is she really just fed up of the toll the situation is taking on those around her, or does Angelo have something over her? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Minutes after the triple bill aired, the show found itself trending on Twitter, with fans reacting to the revelation that Willow has stabbed one of her closest friends in the back.

TJ Hamilton (@T_J_Hamilton), one of the show’s Script Coordinators, tweeted that she was proud to see it trending:

Other fans took to the social network to express their shock at Willow’s move, with some of them less than impressed at her decision to turn on her River Boy family. There’s a few that we won’t repeat, their passion brimming over in the form of some explicit language, but here are some of the cleaner comments:

Colby’s trial will play out next week, starting Monday. How will Dean and Bella react to Willow’s decision, especially if it lands Colby behind bars?

Is this the end of their friendship, and if so, does it leave Willow with much left for her in Summer Bay? We’re certainly in for an exciting final few weeks as Home and Away edges closer to the Australian season finale.

These episodes will air in the UK in early 2021.

Here’s the full Home and Away spoilers for next week’s episodes in Australia:

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Monday 16th November (Episode 7461)

Colby’s trial begins with a bombshell. Marilyn hides the true reason she’s on a dating app.

Tuesday 17th November (Episode 7462)

Colby takes the stand. Marilyn’s plan to make John jealous backfires. Can Angelo and Taylor rekindle their relationship?

Wednesday 18th November (Episode 7463)

Mackenzie has a plan to get rid of Leon. Justin lashes out at those who care. Ryder gets caught in the middle of John and Marilyn.

Thursday 19th November (Episode 7464-7466)

Will Mackenzie be able to drive home her plan? Is Tane’s advice the only thing Ziggy wants? Justin and Christian are at odds with Tori. Alf asks questions he doesn’t want answers to.

Bella and Dean struggle in their own ways. Fears grow as Justin’s future hangs in the balance. Ryder makes a hard choice. A mysterious letter arrives for Martha.

Dean puts his heart on the line. Martha is harbouring a secret. Tane comes to Ziggy’s aid.


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