Home and Away’s UK Season Finale to air Friday 20th November

The final episode of Home and Away in the UK will air on Friday 20th November, Channel 5 have confirmed.

The show takes a winter break each year to ensure it doesn’t catch up with the Australian broadcasts. In the UK we’re currently around a month behind the Aussie airings, with next Friday’s “UK finale” episode having aired down under on Thursday 22nd October.

We don’t yet know when the show will return in 2021, but as it typically takes a six week break, we can probably expect it back on our screens in early January.

The final week of episodes will see some dramatic developments, as Colby’s world closes in on him, and Dean makes a big decision about his and Jai’s future.

Dean is struggling to come to terms with Amber’s decision not to allow his mum into Jai’s life. When Amber’s own mum Francesca’s behaviour gets more and more erratic, he ends up being pushed to the brink.

He goes to visit his son at her house, but is stunned when he finds the kid there alone, with Francesca nowhere in sight. Unable to believe that Amber’s mum would be so stupid, he makes a big decision – he’s going to take Jay away.

Bundling Jai in the car and promising him an adventure, Dean goes off the radar. He has essentially kidnapped his own son and leaves Amber frantically trying to get in touch with him.

Will he see sense and return to Summer Bay before he risks losing access to Jai forever?

You can view a trailer of Dean’s huge move above, which aired before the Australian airing of the storyline.

Australia also takes a summer break each year (the Australian summer coinciding with the British winter, just in case you’re confused!), with the show typically off the air from mid to late November until late January or early February.

The date of the final Australian episode hasn’t yet been confirmed, but could just be a couple of weeks away.

Australian viewers are currently seeing two big stories play out, which are sure to feature heavily in the season finale. Colby’s world is unravelling as more and more of the Bay’s residents discover he killed Ross Nixon, as a mysterious witness provides the evidence leading to his arrest.

Meanwhile, the Paratas are facing a bleak future after Tane gets caught up in a drug deal gone wrong. Now the whole family are in danger as the drug dealers seek revenge.

Will we have a shock Summer Bay return before the Australian season finale?

How the stories will conclude is yet unknown, but we look set to see one major returnee help sort things out before the end of the year, as Heath Braxton gets involved in the Parata brothers’ sticky situation.

We’ll update you as soon as we hear the date of the Australian season finale.

Last year, we got to celebrate Christmas with the cast of the show, as they took us on a tour of many favourite Summer Bay locations

Last year saw a series of behind the scenes Christmas specials air in both countries over the festive break. ‘Home and Away : Christmas in Summer Bay‘ took us back stage and gave us an insight into how the cast would be spending the festive period, as well as providing us with some clues as to what was in store for the year ahead.

Unfortunately it looks like we won’t be treated to the same thing this year, meaning we’ll have 6 empty weeks with no Summer Bay drama.

Meanwhile, Neighbours fans are eagerly waiting to see whether Channel 5 will be filling Home and Away’s slot with extra episodes of the Melbourne-based soap.

At the end of March, the coronavirus pandemic caused Channel 5 to reduce both Home and Away and Neighbours down to 2 days a week, after production of the soaps was temporarily halted. They both returned to three episodes a week in late April, before going back up to five days a week in mid-May.

The break left Neighbours three weeks behind the Australian airings, marking the first time that UK airings of Neighbours had been out of sync with the Aussie airings since Channel 5 began airing them on the same day back in 2018.

That move marked the first time in the show’s history that it had aired in both countries on the same day. The break has left many fans unhappy to be out of sync again, and they’ve since been hoping that Channel 5 would try to catch up.

With Home and Away off air for around six weeks, many fans are now hoping that the channel will use the opportunity to air double episodes of Neighbours until the two countries are back in sync. We reached out to Channel 5 for comment, but have been told that the situation hasn’t changed.

They repeated a statement which was put out earlier this year, when the show initially returned to five days a week:

Due to COVID-19 and uncertainties around production, we initially took to the decision to reduce the number of Neighbours episodes on Channel 5, ensuring dedicated viewers could continue to enjoy the soap for as long as possible.

We’re pleased to now once again be offering Channel 5 viewers their usual weekday dose of drama on Ramsay Street.

Our priority has been on getting Neighbours back up to five days a week and it is too early to determine when its TX on Channel 5 will catch up with 10 Peach’s scheduling of the soap in Australia.

The schedules for Monday 23rd November onwards will be released in the coming days, so we’ll soon find out whether Channel 5 intend on airing double episodes. As soon as we find out, we’ll let you know!

UPDATE: It’s being reported that Friends will replace Home and Away in the 6:30pm slot on Channel 5 from Monday 23rd November, meaning no double episodes of Neighbours for the time being. It looks like we’ll have to wait even longer for Neighbours to catch up.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 16th November (Episode 7436)

Christian delivers the news.

Tane’s in hot water.

Tori’s date is disastrous.

Tuesday 17th November (Episode 7437)

Tori overanalyses her date.

Ziggy tries to put out spot fires.

Justin makes the toughest decision.

Wednesday 18th November (Episode 7438)

Angelo makes a new discovery.

Jasmine faces her fears.

Colby is heartbroken.

Thursday 19th November (Episode 7439)

Angelo sets a trap.

Nikau’s choices are confusing.

Dean fights for his son.

Friday 20th November (Episode 7440)

Dean makes a rash decision.

Mac’s intervention increases tensions.

Ari tries to support Nikau.

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