Home and Away Spoilers – Tori’s disastrous week with Dr Christian

This week on Home and Away in Australia, Tori finally bags herself a date with the sexy new doctor, but it doesn’t go quite as well as she hoped.

Tori Morgan’s (Penny McNamee) world has been thrown into chaos in recent months, with the news that her brother Justin (James Stewart) has been suffering from a spinal cavernoma, which culminated in him collapsing at Summer Bay Auto.

One positive that came of it was the arrival of Dr Christian Green (Ditch Davey), one of the region’s best neurosurgeons who was rapidly drafted in to operate on Justin.

He managed to convince a reluctant Justin to go ahead with the operation, and Tori managed to pull some strings to get him straight to the top of the list.

The surgery was touch and go, with Dr Green having to call Tori in to make a split-second decision on whether to try to remove the cavernoma in full. Doing so meant risking serious complications and possible paralysation, whilst leaving a section of it in place gives the risk of it growing back. Tori ended up opting for the second option – leaving some of it in place – not wanting to make the call that could potentially paralyse her brother.

Justin is recovering well so far, and Tori was ecstatic at the great job Christian did with the surgery. So much so that in her joy, she mistook a move the attractive new doctor made while the two of them shared a lift. As Christian leant over to press the floor button, she mistook his move for more, and planted a kiss firmly on his lips.

Tori was dying of embarrassment, but it seemed Christian wasn’t put off by her clumsy move, and the chemistry and tension between them has been slowly growing ever since.

Seven recently aired a trailer previewing the next steps in Tori and Christian’s romance, and it seems Tori is set to face a series of embarrassing setbacks and clumsy moves as she deals with her crush on the hot new doctor. 

Writing on Instagram, Penny McNamee wrote:

I dedicate this trailer to all the ladies who have ever liked a guy, but mis-read the signals.
I stand with you in solidarity. 🙋‍♀️❤️

(P.S Thank you @louise.bowes for creating such a brilliant storyline for @ditchdaveyofficial and me!)

Christian invited Tori for a drink at the end of last week’s episodes

This week, the pair finally accept that there’s something between them, as Christian invites her to share a drink with him at Salt. Although it’s a stilted start, with her initially trying to get out of it, he all but forces her to accept and orders them two glasses of wine.

Things start off really well. Tori bares her soul, recounting everything she’s been through with Robbo and baby Grace, and it seems Christian is impressed with how well she’s coped with everything.

Yet the date comes to an abrupt end when Ziggy calls her. Dean has been looking after Jai on his own for the first time, but something’s wrong – the kid is burning up. When he can’t get hold of Amber, who’s out partying, he’s forced to turn to his now ex-girlfriend Ziggy, who in turn gets in touch with Tori.

Reluctantly, she leaves the date to head to work – duty calls.

The next day, Christian turns up at her house, wanting them to carry on where they left off. However, Tori is busy preparing the house for Justin’s return from hospital and totally fumbles the encounter, leaving Christian confused.

It’s not the end of her bad luck. She later heads to Salt, where she sees Christian and Jasmine seemingly sharing a drink together. Of course, nothing is going on and the pair are simply chatting – but her paranoid mind reads too much into the situation, and worries she’s already messed things up and he’s moved on.

With everything against her, she’s angry when she discovers that Justin has blabbed to someone about her crush.

As shown in the above trailer, in scenes set to air later this week, she comes home and rips into him. “How could you blab about my crush on the hot doc?” she asks. “You violated the bro code, the friend code… plus, I don’t even know if I like him yet“.

She’s startled to hear an “oh” from behind her – and of course, there’s the doctor, sitting right behind her! He’s come to check up on his patient, and Tori has managed to make an even bigger fool of herself.

With Tori unable to do anything but put her foot in it, it’s down to Christian to put a stop to their games and cement their relationship.

When she next bumps into him in the lift at Northern Districts Hospital, which seems to be their regular meeting point, she goes to put him straight. “Look, about everything…“, she starts.

But before she can go any further, he stops her. “Look, I hope you don’t mind, but I just really need to do something.”

He leans in, and this time he’s not going for a lift button – he kisses her passionately, answering once and for all whether he’s interested in her.

Is this the start of happily ever after?

Here’s the full Home and Away spoilers for this week’s episodes in Australia:

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Monday 5th October (Episode 7425)

Dean faces his first challenge as a parent.

Christian tries to woo Tori.

Angelo digs around.

Tuesday 6th October (Episode 7426)

Tori’s head is in a spin.

Dean’s backed in a corner.

Colby’s recklessness continues.

Wednesday 7th October (Episode 7427)

Tori reads into a situation.

Taylor tries to justify past actions.

Colby lodges a formal complaint.

Thursday 8th October (Episode 7428)

Amber and Dean butt heads.

Bella warns Taylor.

Owen comes to a decision.

Ari pushes Mac for an answer.

Nikau’s devastated by Bella.

Roo and Owen seek new adventures.

Justin continues to improve.

Ziggy hides her disappointment.

Mac’s devastation is deep.

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