Home and Away Spoilers — Justin collapses at the garage!

In the latest Home and Away Spoilers for the UK, Justin collapses at the garage after ignoring the pains in his back, while Dean meets his son for the first time.

These episodes will air in the UK from Monday 21st to Friday 25th September.

Dean meets his son, but with conditions

Dean was living a pretty happy life up until a matter of days ago. His days as part of the River Boys gang are long behind him, he’s running two successful businesses in the form of Ben’s Boards and his surf lessons, and things with Ziggy are stronger than ever.

Then the news that Ross’s body has been uncovered started a series of events that have changed his life forever. He’s already wracked with worry, having visited the location where he and Colby buried Ross on a number of occasions whilst pumped on sleeping pills, and is terrified he’s left some DNA at the scene.

Now, with Bella missing, he was all set to head to the Blue Mountains to help hunt her down before Angelo issued a warrant for her arrest.

So the news that he’s got a 5 year old son, whose existence Amber had kept hidden from him, has completely turned his world upside down.

Amber blurted out the news just before Dean was due to head to the Blue Mountains with Ari and Tane, searching for runaways Bella and Nikau. Not wanting him to put himself in danger and risk never knowing the truth, Amber decided that now was the time to let Dean know about his child.

He’s flabbergasted. The pair had only hooked up a few times, back when he was living in Mangrove River, and he’d barely given Amber a second thought in years. Finding out that she’d had his son, and kept it from him for so long, is just unbelievable.

Remarkably, Dean gets over the shock pretty quickly, helped by the fact he’s got Ziggy’s blessing to get to know his son.

He confided in Willow first, worried over how his girlfriend would react. When he finally opens up to Ziggy, she doesn’t explode as he thought she might… but tells him he needs to sort things out before she can figure out where she fits in. She kisses him, leaving him knowing that she’ll be there for him… but only once he figures out this new part of his life.

Much to Amber’s surprise, he’s keen to meet his newfound son as soon as possible.

Jai (River Jarvis) – named after Amber’s brother, the same one who Colby left for dead after a car accident – has been staying with Amber’s mum while she’s been in Summer Bay, so he’s not far away.

The only condition that Amber has is that they keep Dean’s identity secret. She’ll introduce him as her friend, and forbids him from telling Jai that he’s actually his dad. Dean is reluctant, but doesn’t have any choice but to agree.

When the two meet, there’s an instant connection. They bond over their love of footie, and Jai very quickly warms to this mysterious new man in his life.

Yet can it really all be this good? As Ziggy watches on, she’s secretly worried about how this new revelation is going to affect her and Dean.

Sure, Dean loves her, she doesn’t doubt that – but he’s also the most loyal person she knows, and now that he’s got a kid in his life, will she end up getting pushed to the sidelines?

Justin collapses at the garage

Justin has been struggling with a few mysterious ailments in the last week or so. While he’s been writing them off as just general aches and pains, it looks like something more worrying may be afoot.

He started complaining of headaches a couple of weeks ago, before suffering from back ache whilst at the diner. Having spent a lot of time hunched over a computer studying for his management course, he thinks it’s nothing more than an overdue trip to the physio, and isn’t worried.

A few days away visiting Ava have been enough to relax him, and when he struggles to get up from his chair whilst chatting with Leah and Tori, the trio just laugh it off as him being stiff from the long drive back to Summer Bay.

Yet the aches and pains aren’t the only symptoms that suggest something is wrong. He’s beginning to get forgetful; he totally forgets about a rush job that he had on at the garage, having to rely on Ziggy to remind him of all the important details.

At first, when Justin began behaving a little differently, Leah didn’t make too much of it,” Ada told New Idea when the scenes aired in Australia back in August.

But lately she had become a bit more worried about him. He seems to have been so overworked and stressed, and simply wasn’t his usual self.

This week, Justin continues to ignore the symptoms, and ends up putting his life in danger as a result.

The rush job at the garage involves stripping rust from an old car, using Hydrofluoric Acid. The acid is highly corrosive and causes serious burns if it comes into contact with skin, as well as throat irritation and lung injury if inhaled.

He suits up and puts on heavy gloves ready to gets to work, totally alone in the garage due to Ziggy’s time off. When the acid makes him cough, he puts on his mask – but unfortunately it’s little protection from what’s to come.

Just as he’s about to start, he gets a twinge in his back, strong enough to knock him off his feet. As he falls, he grabs for anything to stop him, knocking the canister of Hydroflouric Acid off the workbench in the process!

As he hits the floor, he knocks himself out. While unconscious, the acid begins seeping out of the canister and flowing towards his arm. Within minutes, his upper arm is lying within a puddle of the highly corrosive substance.


Thankfully, Alf arrives shortly after, and is shocked to find Justin collapsed on the floor with chemical burns to his arm. He calls an ambulance and gets Justin to hospital, whilst soothing the burns by dousing them with water.

When Justin first gets to hospital, there’s no suspicion that anything is seriously wrong, with Justin just thinking he passed out. He’s on painkillers and bandaged up from the burns, and thinks that’s the end of it.

Yet Tori is concerned; he’s a bit of a mystery, and his recent symptoms make her think that there’s something she’s missing.

Eventually, he’s taken for an MRI and the truth comes out. Justin is suffering from a spinal cavernoma, a cluster of abnormal blood vessels which are pressing on his spine and causing his twinges of pain.

Without surgery, Justin could have to deal with these painful spasms for the rest of his life. But knowing the risks involved could leave him paralysed, spinal surgery is the last thing he wants. What will he do?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

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Nikau and Bella share a deeper connection.

Will Roo get the closure she needs?

Tane and Ari reconcile their differences.

Tuesday 22nd September (Episode 7397)

Nikau and Bella are separated.

Is Dean ready for the ultimate responsibility?

Roo comes face-to-face with her past.

Wednesday 23rd September (Episode 7398)

Ryder shares a shock revelation with Owen.

Justin is in a dire position.

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Thursday 24th September (Episode 7399)

Angelo delves into Colby’s past.

Will Alf get to Justin in the nick of time?

Friday 25th September (Episode 7400)

Justin’s future hangs in the balance.

Colby builds a cunning plan.

Angelo closes in on Bella.

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