Home and Away Spoilers — Evan’s lookalike is his twin brother, Owen!

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Roo spots Evan’s lookalike again, and the whole Stewart family are taken aback when the truth of his identity comes out.

Roo is struggling to get her head around the mysterious man who’s arrived in Summer Bay, and who looks exactly like Evan.

It’s just a matter of weeks since she returned from the city, where she comforted Evan as he saw out his final days in palliative care. They had grown close since he first turned up in Summer Bay searching out Ryder, and his death hit her harder than she would have expected.

Now, having returned to Summer Bay to carry on with her life, she’s starting to think that Evan’s death is having some very odd effects on her.

A grey-haired, bearded man has wandered past her a couple of times now, and he bears an uncanny resemblance to Evan. He looks so much like him that she’s sure he isn’t just a man with similar features, and starts to convince herself that she’s going crazy.

Last week, as she and Marilyn chatted over a coffee in Salt, there he is! He wanders past, looking slightly lost, before disappearing out of the door.

“What’s wrong?”, Marilyn asks, spotting Roo’s shocked face.

“Evan! I’m going mad, I swear I just saw Evan!”, responds a stunned Roo.

“Well, maybe you saw his double.”

“No, it was him. But… I mean, it can’t be?”

Her heart racing, she can’t even begin to understand what she just saw.

Evan and Roo grew very close in the weeks before his death, and she was by his side as he passed away

Marilyn tries to reassure her. They spent a lot of time together, and they were very close to him when they died. So perhaps subconsciously, she’s trying to contact him… or he’s trying to contact her!

Roo certainly isn’t one to believe in ghosts… but she also can’t believe what her eyes are seeing.

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, she sees him again. This time he’s walking along the beach, only to disappear around a corner and out of sight. She confides in Marilyn and Alf, needing some validation that she isn’t in fact losing her mind.     

Marilyn tells the pair that it’s perfectly possible that Roo did see Evan… or his spirit, at least. The ghostly theory is Alf’s cue to leave, giving Marilyn the opportunity to suggest a slightly unconventional way to solve the problem – a séance!

After the third time that she sees him, Roo is convinced; she wants to do it!

As the pair sit at Summer Bay House trying to channel Evan’s spirit, Alf and Ryder chat at the Juice Bar, just as this mysterious man walks in. They’re both stunned, and can barely get any words out when he asks them for directions to the restaurant.

He looks exactly like your dad!” exclaims Alf.

The pair head up to Salt and confront him. Unsurprisingly, he has no idea who they are, and is taken aback by the weird looks they’re giving him. After initially dismissing their claims that he looks exactly like Ryder’s dad, he begins to change his mind when they show him a photo – “It’s like looking in a mirror!

As Marilyn and Roo fail to contact Evan through their séance, they’re interrupted by Ryder and Alf walking through the door… with his doppelganger in toe!

So what’s going on?!

The man’s name is Owen, and it seems some kind of divine intervention has brought him to Summer Bay. He was just driving past the coastal town, and something called out to him and told him to stop.

Perhaps Marilyn’s crystals have more power than even she realised, as it just so happened to be the same town that Evan Slater arrived in a few months ago, seeking a chance to get to know his son Ryder before he succumbed to mesothelioma.

Owen initially freaks out. This is way more than he bargained for when he stopped off at a sleepy beach town for a quick break, and can’t deal with half the town (okay, the extended Stewart family and Marilyn) pouncing on him and trying to convince him that he had a long lost brother he’d never met.

Not only that, Ryder’s theory is that he was was most likely adopted, and that’s why he had no idea about his true past.

Getting over the shock, he eventually decided to stick around and try to get to the bottom of it all, knowing that if he doesn’t then it’ll always be playing on his mind.

The one who’s really struggling with all of this is Roo. Having grown so close to Evan, she’s having a hard time dealing with someone who looks like him, and can barely even stay in the same room as him.

Were her feelings for Evan deeper than she’s letting on?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 21st September (Episode 7396)

Ziggy makes a selfless choice.

Nikau and Bella share a deeper connection.

Will Roo get the closure she needs?

Tane and Ari reconcile their differences.

Tuesday 22nd September (Episode 7397)

Nikau and Bella are separated.

Is Dean ready for the ultimate responsibility?

Roo comes face-to-face with her past.

Wednesday 23rd September (Episode 7398)

Ryder shares a shock revelation with Owen.

Justin is in a dire position.

John reaches a milestone.

Thursday 24th September (Episode 7399)

Angelo delves into Colby’s past.

Will Alf get to Justin in the nick of time?

Friday 25th September (Episode 7400)

Justin’s future hangs in the balance.

Colby builds a cunning plan.

Angelo closes in on Bella.

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