Neighbours Spoilers – Des Clarke returns! Can he fix things with Jane?

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In the latest Neighbours spoilers for Australia, Toadie’s new assistant may not be all she seems, while Jane and Des are forced to talk things over… and reach a decision about their relationship once and for all.

The Neighbours storylines below will air in Australia from Monday 24th August, and in the UK three weeks later from Monday 14th September.

Here’s Trouble

Toadie Rebecchi’s (Ryan Moloney) new assistant may not have the best of intentions…

It’s been a while since Toadie’s former assistant Piper Willis (Mavournee Hazel) left Ramsay Street to unite with ex lover Tyler Brennan, and now, months later, it finally seems as though it is time for a new recruit at his legal practice.

Now that Toadie’s brother Shane (Nicholas Coughlan) is battling a drug problem and his work commitments are piling up, Toadie feels that now in the right time to hire.

Unsure of who the right candidate is, Toadie strikes gold when a miracle rescuer arrives in the form of Rose Walker (Lucy Durack).

It quickly becomes clear that she is a great fit for the role and Toadie makes the impromptu hire.

He loves her propensity for practical jokes, and finds it hilarious when she places a whoopie cushion under his chair within just days of starting her new role.

Exclaiming “you, my dear, are a breath of fresh air“, it’s clear he loves having a more relaxed assistant in the office. It’s about time he had some fun back in his life, and he even claims that Rose “could just be the best PA I have ever hired.

However, within days of starting, a problem ensures and Rose makes a mistake. Instead of owning up, she takes the bold option of blaming high school student and wannabe solicitor Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stones), leaving her with a bitter taste in her mouth.

It appears that all is not as it seems when it comes to Toadie’s new assistant.

Can Mackenzie make Toadie see reason?

Yet that’s not the worst that’s to come. A new trailer is currently airing on Channel 5 in the UK teasing some of the storylines coming up over the next month, and it reveals that Rose does indeed have an ulterior motive, as she’s seen trying to break into Toadie’s computer.

Thankfully, she’s caught in the act by Hendrix, who walks in to find her taking photos of one of Toadie’s files.

So if I call Toadie, he’ll be cool with you taking photos of his files?” he asks her, after catching her in the act in Toadie’s office. Later, he confronts her in the Waterhole, telling her that she has to come clean.

Will she do as Hendrix says, or will Hendrix have to take matters into his own hands?

Des-tined to Be?

Jane Harris (Annie Jones) and Des Clarke (Paul Keane) come face to face…

For the past few weeks, Jane has been holed up in Erinsborough, living her life, attempting to bury the failed marriage she had with Des.

The pair, who married in a symbolic ceremony during the Lassiters Wedding Expo in March, ended things not long afterwards due to an ongoing feud between Des and his step-daughter Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes).

However, this week, Nicolette asks Des to visit her mother in attempt to help them mend their relationship.

Although it is no secret that Nicolette has never liked her step-father, it is beginning to dawn on her that her mother is distraught without him.

Des is a bit nervous at the thought of seeing Jane, as things didn’t end well in Perth. He’s worried about hurting her,” Paul told TV Week.

It’s natural that when Jane finds Des on her doorstep, she’s shocked – the pair have barely been in contact since she fled their marital home in Perth.

Despite her initial hesitation, she’s happy that the pair can finally put all their cards on the table and be open and honest with each other.

Jane is torn between wanting to maintain her decades-long friendship with Des and not hurting him further,” Annie stated to TV Week.

After his arrival, the pair talk and comes to a conclusion…

Will the pair continue their relationship or part ways?

Here’s the full Neighbours spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 24 August (Episode 8435)

Shane & Dipi’s anniversary is in full swing, but Dipi doesn’t know the truth about Shane yet.

Mackenzie is furious that Richie was the one who started Shane on this addict spiral.

Tuesday 25 August (Episode 8436)

Dipi struggles with Shane’s admission.

Yashvi is embarrassed as she watches Levi interview her father.

Mackenzie is overwhelmed by Richie’s betrayal and the actions of Shane, deciding not to apply for the youth advisor to the council position.

Wednesday 26 August (Episode 8437)

Harlow announces she’s applied for the youth advisor position.

Levi and Yashvi share their suspicions about Dax, realising they’ll need to track down Shane’s dealer to get more evidence.

Paul tells Nicolette that her mother is still suffering from her breakup with Des.

Thursday 27 August (Episode 8438)

With Fay away with Aaron and David, Nicolette gets up to something mysterious, inviting Chloe in on the fun.

Between his work and family commitments, Toadie hires a personal assistant, the bubbly and energetic Rose Walker.

Nicolette invites Des to Erinsborough to help make things right between him and Jane.

Friday 28 August (Episode 8439)

To stay in Toadie’s good books, Rose blames a mistake she made on Mackenzie, only making Mackenzie suspicious.

Hendrix and Jane notice that Nicolette and Chloe are up to something.

Although grateful to hear Toadie’s update about Shane, Dipi struggles with the distance Shane has put between them.

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