Home and Away Spoilers – Jasmine’s ultrasound shock, as the Astonis get the paternity test results

Excited mum-to-be Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost) finally goes for an ultrasound this week, but has she set herself up for a huge fall…?

After feeling under the weather for some time, recently widowed Jasmine had put her ailments down to stress. Irene (Lynne McGranger) had also relayed her concerns about Jasmine’s wellbeing, noticing she hadn’t eaten properly since Robbo’s (Jake Ryan) funeral. But it wasn’t until Jasmine saw an expectant mother in the gym that she had a lightbulb moment.

Checking her period tracker app, Jasmine was shocked to discover she was 47 days overdue. Suddenly all of her symptoms made sense, and she excitedly told Irene (Lynne McGranger) that she was pregnant.

Over the past few weeks Jasmine has embraced the idea of becoming a mum to Robbo’s child—his final gift to her—and was quick to reveal the news to friend Tori (Penny McNamee) that baby Grace would soon have a little brother or sister.

She is becoming very excited, and loves talking about her pregnancy with Irene (Lynne McGranger) and everyone else in the Bay,” Sam told New Idea magazine. “The town is thrilled for her, but at the same time I think everyone is a bit cautious. It is still early days and people are a little worried for her.

Jasmine has seen a renewal in energy, and Tori commented that it seemed that Jasmine was having the perfect pregnancy with none of the bad side effects. They’ve both been excited for what the future will hold for both their children, being able to grow up with a sibling.

While Jasmine is naturally devastated that Robbo can’t share this journey, the thought of becoming a mother is bringing her so much joy” Sam continued. “It is absolutely a blessing.

Jasmine is hanging on to this pregnancy for dear life, because it’s the only thing that is going to get her through the grief that she has been immersed in. She absolutely wants this baby.

However, up until now the young nurse has been relying on her own medical instincts to diagnose herself, without actually taking any sort of pregnancy test for confirmation.

She also has yet to tell Robbo’s parents, Ian (Frankie J. Holden) and Wendy (Amanda Muggleton) that they are expecting another grandchild, with Jasmine worried about what their reaction may be.

But Jasmine has nothing to be worried about, they are just as excited is she is to learn of the big news, and this week Jasmine receives a surprise visit as she prepares for her first hospital appointment.

Heading for her first ultrasound appointment with Tori and Wendy by her side, Jasmine can’t wait to see her child for the first time.

But no-one is prepared for what Jasmine is about to learn, as the ultrasound technician has to break some shocking news that rips Jasmine’s world apart…

Jasmine’s not pregnant, and she never had been. She’s been experiencing a phantom pregnancy.

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Elsewhere in Summer Bay, the time has finally come for the Astonis to learn the truth about Ziggy’s (Sophie Dillman) paternity.

The family have been on a rollercoaster ride since Ben’s (Rohan Nichol) brother Marco (Tim Walter) turned up in Summer Bay, having barely seen him following a fallout over twenty years ago.

Wanting Ben to invest in his family business, Marco blackmailed Maggie (Kestie Morassi) to ensure that Ben would be willing to stump up the cash—either convince him, or he tells Ben that he and Maggie had once slept together, before Ben and Maggie were married.

In the end, just before Ben was ready to sign on the dotted line, Maggie realised she couldn’t live with the guilt and was forced to come clean.

Although Maggie and Ben were on a break at the time, Ben was still devastated to learn the news, and the fact that Maggie had kept it from him for all these years.

However when daughter Ziggy learnt that Maggie and Marco’s fling was less than a year before she was born, she had the shocking realisation that Marco could be her real father!

Maggie was stunned that Ziggy could think such a thing, but deep down knew that it was a possibility, and the whole family agreed to go through a paternity test to find out the truth.

As last week’s episodes came to a close, the results were delivered to the family home. With both Ben and Ziggy continuing to give Maggie the cold shoulder, they both took their copies of the results away to open by themselves.


As Dean (Patrick O’Connor) went to find Ziggy, she admitted that she was too scared to open it, what if Ben wasn’t her father?

In this week’s episodes, the truth is finally revealed.

And Ziggy’s father…. is Ben!


As Ben and Ziggy embrace in their relief, Marco visits Maggie at the farmhouse wanting to “celebrate the good news”, but she tells him to get out.


Marco is smug in knowing the damage that has been caused, and when Ben sees him in the surf club later on, he orders him to leave and never come back. Marco asks if that’s any way to speak to his brother, but Ben coolly replies “I don’t have a brother


So with the paternity hurdle now overcome, will the family be able to move on and repair the fracture?

It seems it’s not going to be that simple, as when Maggie tries to make amends, Ben has no interest in listening to what she has to say.

As far as Ben is concerned, it’s not so much the act itself – it’s not the fact that Maggie spent the night with his brother 20 years ago – but more that she kept it from him all this time,” Kestie told New Idea. “Ben now feels that their entire marriage has been a lie.

Maggie, on the other hand, certainly doesn’t view it this way,” she continued. “While she couldn’t regret her actions more – and wishes she had been upfront with Ben from the beginning – she wants nothing more than for Ben to understand that everything they have shared has been real. But he just can’t seem to get past it.

It’s not only Ben who’s struggling though, as daughter Ziggy still hasn’t come to terms with her mother’s betrayal.

This continues to be a huge trial for Ziggy and her family to go through,” Sophie told New Idea. “Everything could fall apart.

Here’s the full spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 4th May (Episode 7319)
Marco makes admissions beyond Maggie’s comprehension. Ziggy and Ben finally see the positive in their life. Leah’s walls start to come down.

Tuesday 5th May (Episode 7320)
Leah and Justin are right where they’re supposed to be. Maggie hopes her threat will drive Marco out of town once and for all. Jasmine and Tori grow closer.

Wednesday 6th May (Episode 7321)
Maggie fails to create a dialog with Ben. After an altercation, Leah pleasantly surprises Justin with her progress. Jasmine has a surprise visitor.

Thursday 7th May (Episodes 7322-7324)
Jasmine struggles. Mackenzie counsels Colby about his growing anxiety over Bella. Leah’s reconciliation with Justin leads her to a happy realisation.

Jasmine focuses on Grace. After receiving bad news, Gemma refuses to accept more charity. Ziggy shuts Maggie out. Colby does a payback prank.

Has Ari pushed Nikau too far? The icy Astoni dynamic thaws a little. John’s best intentions are misinterpreted.

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