UK Home and Away Spoilers – Alex has a proposal for Willow, and Colby seeks help for Bella

Willow (Sarah Harris) and Alex’s (Zoe Ventoura) blossoming relationship hits a huge hurdle this week, when Alex receives a phone call…

The couple have known this day could some at some point in the near future, given Alex’s job as a locum doctor standing in for Tori’s maternity leave at Northern Districts Hospital, and it’s this week when Alex finally hears from the agency who are offering her a new position.

The only problem is, the job is in Queensland.

Initially keeping quiet about the offer to Willow, whose job is currently up in the air following Robbo and Mason’s deaths, Alex subtly tells Willow that she’s sure any gym in the country would be happy to have her experience.

Whilst flattered, Willow points out that she couldn’t leave the bay anyway as her father is nearby. Alex understands and quickly changes the subject, but we can see she hadn’t anticipated Willow’s answer.

The next day Alex calls in on Tori, and sounds her out about whether she’ll be returning to the hospital when her maternity leave is up. Tori is taken aback as to how quickly it’s come around, but ultimately feels she is ready to return to work.

Alex barely manages to hide her disappointment, it looks like she will have to move on after all.

Realising she can’t delay the inevitable any longer, Alex goes straight to Willow and comes clean about the job offer, and the fact that she’d be expected to start in only three weeks time.

As Alex explains that she would be unemployed if she doesn’t take on the job, Willow realises that Alex doesn’t have much choice, and is floored when Alex then asks her to come with her to Queensland!

Torn, Willow talks things over with Mackenzie and debates whether she and Alex could manage a long-distance relationship given that her family is in the bay, but at the same time realises that it could be exciting to make a new start elsewhere

“Willow can’t imagine leaving her ‘family’, including Dean (Patrick O’Connor), Colby (Tim Franklin) and Bella (Courtney Miller), and the life that she has set up for herself in the Bay,” Sarah told New Idea.

When Mackenzie later lets slip to Dean that Alex has asked Willow to leave the bay, Dean confronts Alex, angry that she’s asking Willow to give up everything.

As Alex struggles to explain, a dispondent Dean ends the conversation and asks her to make sure Willow sends him a postcard.

Later that evening, the couple catch up in Salt and Willow tells her that she’s made a decision, she wants to come with her!

Are ‘Willex’ about to leave the bay together?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, following her overdose which landed her in hospital, Colby (Tim Franklin) this week arranges for little sister Bella (Courtney Miller) to see a local counsellor, though Bella is thoroughly unimpressed with the idea.

This is such an important storyline focusing on Bella’s mental health,” Courtney told New Idea. “Bella is in a critical condition at the moment, not wanting to seek help but really needing to do so. Sometimes an external person is needed.”

Bella is damaging everyone else, as well as herself, in being so reluctant” Courtney continued.“It has got to the point where it’s obvious what she needs to do.

However Bella has been burdened with the secret that Colby killed her father Ross last year, and is worried that this could be one of the causes of her deep rooted issues. As a result, Bella refuses to fully open up to counsellor Patricia Henderson (Sharni McDermott).

She is so scared of what she knows,” Courtney added. “In Bella’s mind, a psychologist is someone you tell your secrets to, and she can’t afford to tell her secrets. She’s so worried that she will slip up.

Despite Bella telling Colby that the session went well, when Colby tries to book another appointment with Patricia, she tells him that it wouldn’t be a good idea. Bella obviously doesn’t trust her.

Where will Colby and Bella be able to go from here?

Here’s a full rundown and video slideshow of this week’s episodes:

Episodes 7281-7285

Monday 23rd March
Gemma and Ari panic when they assume that Nikau is in trouble with the law. Alf and Martha enjoy their relaxed staycation. Colby and Bella are given a reality check by a grieving Jasmine.

Tuesday 24th March
Jasmine is haunted by her memories in the apartment. Colby’s best effort to get Bella psychological help is met with resistance. Maggie and Roo begin their own missing persons case for Leah.

Wednesday 25th March
Alex drops a bombshell on Willow that could shape their future forever. A new lead in Leah’s case has deeply disturbed Justin. Aware Colby is struggling, Roo and Maggie step up to help Bella.

Thursday 26th March
Willow makes a shock decision. Ziggy is compelled to support a bereft Justin. Tori begins struggling with single-motherhood. Mackenzie is starting to feel the absence of Colby.

Friday 27th March
Justin finds ways to bring joy to Ziggy and Ryder. Marilyn’s friendship with Ari gets under John’s skin. Mackenzie takes a leap of faith in an attempt to move on.

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