Pia Miller (Kat Chapman) opens up after her Home and Away Season Finale death

Yesterday’s season finale saw Kat Chapman killed off in dramatic fashion as she and Robbo attempted to make their escape from Summer Bay, only to have their car smashed into by newcomer Jasmin (Sam Fox).

While the repercussions will continue long into 2018, there was no 4-week wait to find out Kat’s fate, as viewers saw Tori Morgan deliver the news to a heartbroken Ash that both his ex-girlfriend and unborn baby perished shortly after the accident, bringing to an end Pia Miller’s three years on the show.

Shortly after the episode, Pia took to Facebook in a live video, taking viewer questions and discussing her time on Home and Away, why she left, and what it was like to play a cop for the first time.

View the video below, or scroll down to read a full transcript of the chat. Home and Away returns in January, and keep with Back to the Bay over the Christmas period as we bring you all the latest on what we know is coming up in 2018.


Kat Q& A

Posted by Pia Miller on Monday, 18 December 2017

Why did I leave?

I came on the show knowing it was going to be a 3 year contract, so it was always going to be three years, though it didn’t make it easier at all coming towards the end of it and obviously knowing that my character was going to depart the way that she did. It was really heartbreaking. But yeah, that’s the answer to that.

What’s next after H&A?

I’ve actually started working on a new show on channel 9 called Bite Club, so that’ll be on next year, so you’ll have to tune into that.

What was the highlight of being on Home and Away?

I really enjoyed Kat’s drunk storylines. I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed filming them. I felt a tremendous amount of freedom as an actor to play drunk and to do some of the crazy shit that she did like rock up to Marilyn and John’s wedding and just mess stuff up and throw a drink at Bonnie Sveen’s character Ricky. I felt like it was really fun to do that sort of crazy explosive stuff.

I really enjoyed all of my storylines with George Mason, Ash, we had a really good time together, we’re good mates, so it didn’t even feel like we were working, it just felt like we were hanging out.

Surprise appearance on Home and Away next year?

Look, maybe, as a ghost? Who knows?

I’m glad that you liked the drunk storylines too, Jessie, because yes, they were really fun for me to film.

Where’s my top from?

My top is from Victoria Woods

Is it quite fun filming on the beach?

Oh my gosh, as you can imagine we get to film in one of the most beautiful places in Australia, you know, Palm Beach, and yeah it’s incredible. Like, we just go out there sometimes and we just sit there and we’re like, oh my gosh, we get to work here, this is amazing. It’s yeah, it’s quite an epic office.

Who was my favourite cast member to work with? 

Like I said earlier, I really enjoyed all of my stuff with George. I also really loved Kat and Phoebe’s relationship, Isabella’s a good friend of mine so we had a lot of fun working together. And also Kat’s stuff with Billie, Tessa de Josselin, is another good friend of mine, so yeah, all of those storylines centering around Kat and Ash and Phoebe and Billie, that was a really fun time for me.

How cold was the coldest day filming at the beach? 

Well, Well! It’s always summer in Summer Bay, even if it is the middle of winter in Sydney! It, gosh, it gets freezing, and sometimes we’re shooting at 5am and it’s freezing cold, we’ve got hot water bottles and big parkers on and everything, but yeah, y’know, we’ve just gotta smile and suck it up, because like I said, it’s always summer in Summer Bay!

There are a lot of people saying they’re going to miss Kat, and yeah, I’m going to miss her a lot too. I’m really glad that I was able to bring a character to life that really resonated with people and that people really enjoyed watching, and I’m gonna miss her too.

What’s your favourite scene twist over the years? 

I also enjoyed my storylines with Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, that was with Kat and her ex-fiancé Dylan. She was in a bit of an abusive relationship with him, and she had the opportunity to sort of turn around and kick his ass, and that was really cool and really fun. I really enjoyed that stuff, and for her to just turn around and finally say no, and say enough.

That was cool, and Jeremy was a really cool and generous performer, and I think that we were able to do some really cool stuff together, so I really enjoyed that storyline.

What was my worst scene besides dying?

It’s funny, because now that it’s over all of the really good stuff and the stuff that I loved sticks out in my mind and I can’t think of any moments where it was horrible or that I had a worse scene or anything like that.

Obviously I really enjoyed all of the location stuff, so all of the stuff we got to shoot outdoors. Although we got to do a lot of stuff in studio as well, which was cool, but not as exciting for me as our location stuff.

How did I feel when I played a cop for the first time?

Well. I’ve never been a cop before, so I had to do some research and I had to watch a lot of cops and spend time with a lot of cops and try to understand, y’know, just things like moving in that uniform, or just sort of, cops have really gone through so much training to be where they are today in law enforcement, so naturally it was, I felt like these are really big shoes to fill. Literally, they were big boots as well.

But I learnt as I went along and it was really daunting, because it was something I’ve never done before, and I don’t have any close friends who are cops or anything like that, so I just had to go and spend some time at some police stations and get to know some cops and do my best, and yeah I hope that I did it justice, and I’m sure there are moments that I didn’t, y’know I had to learn how to hold a gun for the first time and shoot a gun and the technicalities around that. So yeah, it was actually a really cool and really fun experience and something that I will never forget for as long as I live.

I think that’s it, I think I’ve pretty much covered everything. So I’m going to sign off now. But thank you guys for watching me live, and I appreciate it. But goodnight, and Merry Christmas!

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