UK Preview – Is It Over?

Episodes 6561-6565
Monday 13th to Friday 17th February 2017 on Channel 5

This week, Heath (Dan Ewing) is reeling after Bianca (Lisa Gormley) served him with divorce papers. Heath tries to argue his case with Bianca but she’s had enough—she’s exhausted of having to carry the whole family when Heath shuts her out.

Refusing to sign the papers, Heath storms out and takes his anger out on wire fence at the beach, cutting himself in the process.

After Heath talks with Irene (Lynne McGranger), she sympathises and tries to convince Bianca that Heath really wants to make their marriage work. But Bianca’s mind is made up, she has nothing left to give.

As Heath struggles to cope, he turns back to the alcohol. Later in the week, as Bianca prepares to leave the bay, Irene informs her that John and Alf found Heath passed out drunk on the beach—she stresses to Bianca that she can’t leave whilst Heath is in such pain. Bianca relents and goes to speak to him.

As the couple start to have a heartfelt discussion on what went wrong, Heath realises that Bianca is referring to their marriage in the past tense—she still wants the divorce. Heath tells Bianca to go to hell. Are they past the point of no return?

Later, a clearly incoherent Heath weaves along the road in his car—Nate (Kyle Pryor) is heading the other way on his motorbike—this isn’t going to end well….who will end up in hospital?

Elsewhere in the bay, after being in witness protection for over seven years, it seems the Morgan family’s ordeal is nearly over. When their protection officer Atticus Decker (John Adam) arrives back in Summer Bay this week, he reveals that he’s finally identified the dirty cop, and is preparing to take down the Syndicate once and for all.

Decker is finally able to spend some time with his daughter Raffy

However what they haven’t banked on is policewoman Kat (Pia Miller) still sniffing around. When Justin (James Stewart) tells Decker that Kat has been asking questions about their past, Decker realises it could have dire consequences. If she’s asked her police colleagues about the family, she could have blown everything.

Decker later arranges to meet Kat under the cover of darkness in an attempt to warn her off. As Decker tells her that her questioning is putting the family in danger, she finally realises what’s going on. But when she tells him that she’s only told people on the force, Decker is dismayed – she’s potentially put all their lives in danger.

As Decker tries to explain just how high the betrayal goes, a shot rings out and Decker slumps to the ground—is it already too late?

In other news, Matt (Alec Snow) and Evie (Philippa Northeast) find themselves confused about their feelings for one another when they kiss, leading Matt to make a decision about his relationship with Zoe (Kat Risteska)….

And with gossip spreading amongst their work colleagues, Tori (Penny McNamee) and Nate finally go public with their new relationship.

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