Gibson House


Episode 753 in 1991 saw the introduction of the Gibson House, home to Revhead, his sister Julie (played by future Hollywood star Naomi Watts), and their father Alec. The house was seen sporadically over the next couple of months, with Nick Parrish starting up a shortlived relationship with Julie, Alec’s sudden death from a heart attack, and Karen Dean getting involved with badboy Revhead.

The real-life location is in the Northern Beaches suburb of Avalon Beach, and actually lies opposite the two houses that would become home to the Braxtons and Palmers 22 years later.

The footpath adjacent to the Palmer House (pictured on that page) was also used when Blake followed Karen to the Gibson House, with the nearby bridge over Careel Creek at the rear of the Braxton House being used for a scene between Sophie Simpson and David Croft.


50 Elaine Avenue
Avalon Beach NSW 2107