Reefton Lakes Bank (2008)


In an attempt to fleece Leah Patterson-Baker of her insurance payout following Dan’s death, conwoman Bridget Simmons forged Leah’s driving licence and stole some other forms of ID from the house. With Leah’s existing account being at the Yabbie Creek branch, Bridget visited the Federation Bank in Reefton Lakes in Episode 4768, in order to open a new savings account. Whilst the identification documents provided worked and the account was set up, Bridget stumbled the next day when she was asked to provide her password, or the answer to her security question, to transfer the funds. Feigning a sudden migraine, Bridget made her excuses to the bankteller and left. In the following episode we saw her meet her partner in crime, Brian, in an alleyway behind the bank where she explained what had just happened.

The location used for both bank scenes was the Westpac bank in the Northern Beaches suburb of Avalon Beach, an area commonly used for filming purposes. The alleyway where Bridget met Brian was Patterson Lane, just slightly further along Avalon Parade.


Westpac Avalon Beach
49 Old Barrenjoey Road
Avalon Beach NSW 2107


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