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Desperate Housewives

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Hey guys, just thought I'd start up a thread on DH cos it's fab! :D As you probably all know, there are only 3 episodes left *sob*, and it's been revealed that one of the recurring male characters will be killed off in the last ep. Does anyone have any theories as to who it will be? My money is on Paul (Mary-Alice's scary hubby). I hope it isn't Carlos!

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Thanks for the warnings about spoilers guys, I definitely don't want the ending ruined for me or to ruin it for anyone else! I think some speculation is ok though? Also, the show is getting a bit confusing for little ol' me at the mo, so I was wondering....








...if someone could explain to me how Zach can be both Zach AND Dana at the same time?

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I *love* Desperate Housewives!! It is amazing, one of my favourite shows. I really like Bree, she gets all the best lines! About your question, I don't know either.. I'm sure it will be revealed.

Did someone say that the season finale has just aired in the US? I'm not sure.. but I think the season finished a while back in America.. could be wrong though.

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I love them all, I think Edie gets some great lines, but my favourite is probably Gabrielle. She's hilarious! I like Carlos as well, not so much in the looks department but I think he's a great character and they work well together. I missed the first half of last night's ep due to the football (I'm not normally a footie person but I couldn't help myself), did anything important happen?

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I missed the second half but when I was watching this show everyone had the radio on in the house and couldnt hear it < stupid football, :rolleyes: >

I like Gabrielle and Caros, I like Gabrielle. Shes my thrid favouite because she always as a bigh laugh and I like it when Gabreillie and Caros fright! :lol:

So I missed the whole episode really which really sucks.

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