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Don Fisher storyline dropped in 2015-2017 (more details)


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I'll never understand the current producers clearly avoiding returning characters. It's like they're ashamed of the shows history. We had 0 returns for the shows 30th anniversary  - which also contained the 7000th episode. Nothing to celebrate the shows history or characters.  Next year is the 35th anniversary and will feature the 8000th episode. I highly doubt we'll get any returning characters once again.


I don't understand this mentality of ignoring the past to focus on the future. It doesn't have to be one or the other. Its very odd.


Also, I wish they'd bring the opening credits back but I know that's never happening. I accepted that like 10 years ago lol

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Whilst I share the disappointment in the network refusing to acknowledge the show's past outside of nostalgic documentaries, I can't say I'm particularly up in arms about the fact that they weren't able to bring Don Fisher back just to put him through more pain and misery and then kill him. Are they incapable of coming up with a return storyline that isn't depressing?

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^Or they could have just had a positive story where, if the catalyst was Marilyn's amnesia, he could have just come back and helped her come to terms with what her life was like now, which would have been a nice reversal of both Don's utterly depressing 2007 return and the 2010 retcon that Marilyn refused to see him when he turned up for a big reunion. But no, they had to say "And while we've got him, let's kill him."

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