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She Has To Pull Through

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Great chapter 

Brad is just ugh so annoying 

Aww Sally and Flynn are so cute together.

Liked Cassie telling Ric to leave Rocco let the police deal with it 

Update again soon :)




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Love this idea. What a great start.

same here omg like i miss then more then words. They deserved better

Caught up on last few chapters Loved Flynn and Sal forever i hate Brad

Super quick with this one but... :)

Chapter Six: Maybe At the Beach.

Sally laid up in bed after the adventure to the diner, Flynn was not settling. Brad had ticked him off, and Sally made a comment about how he shouldn't be so on the nose to tell people about their remarriage. Flynn felt conflicted in that, because he wanted Brad to know it. He wanted Brad to see Sally was very much not available. Sally looked at him sitting restlessly next to her, "Talk to me, Flynn..." 

"I just can't help but feel the anxiety rise in me, when he is over. I know I've got nothing to worry about, and that it's obvious. But it's not you I am worried about," Flynn mumbled, jealous. "He knows you're looked after but he's still trying to look after you, when it's not his place. As far as I was aware you both only work together, not discuss lives..." 

Sally moved her hand up his back to stroke the back of his hair, through his hairs. "I know you're jealous, and sometimes it's cute, but baby, I'm yours." 

Flynn looked at her, "I love you, more than you know." He looked down, "But I see the way he looks at you, he's a man falling hard and fast and I can't help how it unsettles me."

Sally leaned in kissing him slowly and deeply, "I know, and I'm sorry for being so kind. He is a lovely man, but he's never you; Flynn. You've nothing to worry about, now, don't we have a renewal to arrange?" 

"You should be resting, Sal," told Flynn. "It'll all still be here when you wake, I'll even join you for a nap." 

Sally nodded and got into the blankets and watched Flynn get out of his jeans and crawl in, Sally instantly curling into his side and got comfortable. "I do get what you're saying, and I do notice things, but I never react, because you are my love."

She closed her eyes as she listened to her husbands heartbeat, he too falling asleep with her against him. 

Meanwhile Ric had located Rocco, and currently had him cornered.  "You did this to Sally!" He spoke as he threw a decent punch, and beat him up. But left him alive, returning home and trying to hide his bruised and bloodied knuckles. Ric could not live with himself if he let the cops deal with it. Rocco needed to be taught a lesson. 

Nervousness set in, when he saw Flynn and Sally asleep in their rooms, they'd shun him aside for doing what he did. But maybe, somewhere in Flynn, he'd understand and appreciate that Rocco is just in as much pain, maybe less than Sally was.

It'd been a few hours as Sally arose, and pulled out some magazines as she leaned against Flynn's side as he still slept, looking at venues for their renewal. She wanted to go all out, and make it like a real wedding again; because after everything they deserved it. 

Hearing Flynn sudden arise from his nap, with a sharp breath. "You okay, sweetheart?"

"Just had a bad dream, how are you?" he looked at her, then saw the magazines. 

"Browsing ideas for our renewal of vows ceremony waiting for you to get up so we can go downstairs." spoke Sally.

Flynn nodded and helped her up and got her down the stairs to the couch where she sat with all the magazines and Ric and Cassie at the table, "Guys, we have something to tell you." Smiled Flynn.

"Sally asked me to remarry her. We're about to get to planning a ceremony. You guys are totally coming, Ric even be one of my best men." spoke Flynn. Excited, he loved Sally.

Cassie grinned, "That's awesome guys! Of course we'll be there!"

"You're one of the bridesmaids!" hinted Sally. 

There was a knock on the door, and in came Jack in his police uniform. "Hi guys, sorry to intrude, but we have news about Rocco Cooper."

"You finally found him, did he confess?" asked Flynn. 

"Well... we found him, dead. It looks apparent that he's been murdered." spoke Jack.

Ric felt his stomach churn, he beat him, but Rocco was alive when he left? Did he slowly die? What had he done? 

So... drama.

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Great chapter 

Sally and Flynn are super cute

Ric beating up Rocco

Uh-oh Rocco was found dead 

Update again soon :)


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So sorry for the lack of updates! I’ll be posting tonight, and then it’ll be once a week on a weekend for a few weeks if I can’t squeeze in a reply after work, just wanted to quickly jump on and say hey, it’s not inactive yet. I’m getting there. 🥺

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Little or way different to the turn of events...

Chapter Seven: Whatever Did Happen to Rocco?

Watching Jack leave their house, Flynn looked to everyone. "Well that... ruined the happy mood." Ric looked at him, and then looked away trying to process this, how did this happen? Would they know how he was murdered? He beat him, he didn't do as much damage that he wanted too, but clearly he had if Rocco died from his injuries. "Can people die from being beaten?"

"What did you do?" asked Flynn. "Yes, they can, blood asphyxiation, or internal hemorrhaging. Even Hypovolemic shock can do it."

Ric looked down and frowned, "I knew his location, I told the police his location and they didn't show... so I followed him back to his hideout, and I confronted him. He kept talking like his life was better than Sal's and I hit him, a few good times... But he was alive when I left. He was..." 

Sally shook her head and simply went up the stairs, she had no words, she didn't really know how to feel. Flynn watched her go with a concerned look, before he looked at Rocco, "We need to call Jack, you need to be honest." He spoke. "There is a chance this wasn't you, but for now, we need to be honest about this. Think about every detail, and I'm going to go check on Sal, and when I'm back we'll either go in or call him over alright?" 

Flynn simply disappeared up the stairs, when he heard Cassie blatantly ask Ric why he did what he did when she told him to leave him be, and let the police deal with it. 

Entering their room, he saw Sally sitting on the edge of the bed, "Baby?" he asked softly. 

Sally looked up at him, "As much as I want to hate Rocco for what he did to me, his brother made him do so. And now, he's dead because of all this."

"He did what he was told, because his brother is his family, Sal." reminded Flynn. "You couldn't stop him from this, no one clearly could. The boy didn't want to be saved. I'm angry he's dead, but a part of me is also relieved, because it means he can't hurt you and target the one I love anymore." Flynn spoke. 

"I know you wanted him to face jail, and that's kind of you," she spoke. Flynn leaned in and kissed her, she kissed him back. 

"I just want to feel better, and be over with.... Ric, could have killed him. And I don't know what to feel, I am angry and disappointed in him."  explained Sally. "I just had no words, because I would have regretted it." 

Sally and Flynn talked for a bit more before they came back down to Jack being here already, "Ric called us..." 

Ric looked to them, "I've told them everything." As police officers came to arrest him. "The cause of death is unknown right now so they're arresting me." 

Flynn looked to him, "We will get Morag on the case, don't worry kid, we will have you home soon." Sally agreed with Flynn. 

They all knew Ric wouldn't be home with them tonight but it was stressful, Cassie took off to go to a friends leaving Sally and Flynn home alone. Alf had offered to take  Pippa a few nights ago to a little play out in the city and had still wanted to do so to get some distraction, and Pippa was already so excited. 

They ate their dinner in silence, before Sally spoke up. "If I had of just listened to you in the first place and not got involved with Rocco this would not be happening." 

"You cannot blame yourself, baby, it's not your fault." Flynn spoke, "If you blame yourself, then it won't ever be able to let go... I love you so much, I don't like seeing you like this." 

Sally leaned in and kissed him, deeply as a knock on the front screen protector happened but she didn't pull away straight away. 

Sighing as she saw Jack there, "Everything okay?" 

"More evidence has come to light, and unfortunately Ric's fingerprints were all over the scene no sign of anyone else, Ric's been charged with Murder, I tried to get them to wait for Morag to arrive, but the law is the law." 

Another blow to their family, Sally's head fell against Flynn's shoulder, "How is this fair?" 

There was not much that could be said other than defeat, Ric may have killed Rocco and now one of their own is facing jail time because Rocco tried to kill Sally, and the guilt really began to eat at her.

"All we can hope for is more evidence comes forward to prove that may be it was not Ric after all." hoped Flynn.

This is a crap chapter, but I have plans for the next ones.... draaaaama. not just with Ric.

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Great chapter 

no it’s not a crap chapter 

Sally and Flynn so sweet.

poor Ric did he really kill Rocco?

Update again soon :)



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Updating tomorrow!! Training for work has finished, on job training starts Monday but I’ll have more time now. I’ve been so exhausted. Just did first aid today or I would jump on my laptop now but... tired

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