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  1. Chapter 25 Tori and Christian walked along the pier as Tori speaks "I get that you don't get why Justin and Colby protective or why I don't want to be in a relationship Christian but I do care about you " Christian smiles he didn't think Tori did and the fact she did meant allot "I care about you too" Christian puts his arm around Tori pulling her close and she smiles she feels safe with him. Meanwhile at Jasmine apartment she and Colby were shocked by the return of Lance after all everyone thought he was dead but he explained how he heard the plan and they understood. Lance then loo
  2. Chapter 24 It is a day later and Christian is doing even more thinking of a way to prove to Tori he won't hurt her and that he will be in the for long haul he just wished he knew how to do this but it not Jasmine or anyone else was giving him hints on how to do this. It was later that day when Christian spots Tori and Colby in the diner he could see Tori looking happy and he wished that was with him. Tori and Colby were hanging out when she saw Christian walk in she smiled at him and he did back she knew what Justin and Colby said but also knew she couldn't avoid him all togethe
  3. Chapter 23 It is the afternoon when Christian arrives at work immediately spotting Jasmine and walking towards her "A word" Jasmine nods she knew this would have to do with Tori and wanted to help Christian in anyway she could. The pair walked into Tori office and Jasmine shut the door then Christian speaks "How bad is Tori past? I spoke to her and she said her past was a factor a big reason she doesn't trust guys" Jasmine looks at him "Anyone she dated dumped her and left and as for her life it hardly a normal one she been through more then anyone would see fair which probably got a
  4. Chapter 22 The next day Christian have the day off work and decided to spend the morning at the beach. He was walking down the beach when he spotted Tori doing yoga "Hi" Tori looked up and smiles before going back to her yoga. Christian walked closer to Tori "Look I know what Justin and Colby told you" Tori keeps doing her yoga "They are right and besides I don't date guys" Christian sits down beside where Tori doing yoga "I know that but not all guys are bad there are some good guys out there like Colby and Justin and from all accounts me" Tori nods "I know there a few good guys bu
  5. Chapter 21 It is the next day and Tori is home alone having a relaxing day watching movies. Justin had taken Grace out which Tori was grateful as she finally got time to herself. It was a little while later when Tori heard a knock on the door "Come in" Tori heard the door open and turned around to see both Jasmine and Christian there. She was surprised Jasmine would bring Christian with her. "You guys cannot be here I'm sorry" Jasmine shakes her head "Nice try Tori but the hospital is madness we need you back" Christian adds "Your the glue that holds it together" Tori looks at the pa
  6. Chapter 20 Colby arrives at Tori's he hands her the paperwork before smiling at the doctor and speaking "You should know something" Tori can sense his worry " What is it?" Colby sits beside Tori "Jasmine thinks it good Christian likes you and i also think she knew before I told her" Tori is shocked she didn't even think they were that close. "Well I need to talk to her but not today" Colby nods as he pulls a rug over Tori to keep her warm. Christian smiles at Jasmine later that day as the pair head for lunch "Can I ask you advice?" Christian knew that perhaps Jasmine could help him w
  7. Chapter 19 Jasmine sees Colby walking into the hospital and walks over "You ok?" Colby nods "Getting stuff for Tori" Jasmine is confused "Why can't she herself?" Colby gives Jasmine a look and the pair walk in the office with Jasmine closing the door "Justin's surgeon likes her" Jasmine is still confused "So that a good thing?" Colby shakes his head "No it isn't Tori doesn't even like him and she said it herself she only trusts certain people" Jasmine can't believe this "He is a good guy I trust him and i was the one who lost the love of my life" Colby knew that but he knew this was what
  8. Chapter 18 Tori knew that in case Justin and Colby were right she needed to stay away from Christian after all they were good at sensing these things far better then Tori was. That was when Tori called work and let then know she was taking time off as she figured if she did that she could avoid Christian Jasmine walked in the diner and saw Christian sitting alone "You good?" Christian shakes his head as Jasmine sits beside him "I'm jealous of Tori and that cop they are so close" Jasmine knows who he talking about "Colby and Tori always been like that but you don't need to worry as th
  9. Chapter 17 It was now a day later and Christian had arrived at work surprised to see the staff weren't on edge this surprised him and then it clicked was Jay the reason if so how are they connected. However Christian didn't care about that right now as all he wanted to do was find and talk to Tori. Meanwhile Tori was in her office with Colby "So with all that been happening with me i hadn't asked about Ross" Colby grabs her hand "He got nothing and the cops told him to stop looking into me." Tori stood up and hugged Colby she was happy to hear that and even happier she wouldn't lose
  10. Chapter 16 It was the next day when Christian spotted Tori on the beach with the guy from last night who he hadn't met and Bella who he ran into last night. He watched the trio hang out and felt a bit of jealously he wasn't sure if it was because Tori wouldn't let him in or if it was because they seem like such a family something he had always wanted and hoped he would have with Tori. Christian decided he couldn't watch this any longer and walked towards Salt when he spotted Justin "Hey how you feeling?" Justin was on edge after last night "Yep good" Christian didn't buy it "Come on
  11. Chapter 15 It was later that night when Bella walked into Salt once again spotting Jay and she began to freak out she was scared he would see her and do something to her. She makes a quick exit and bolted down the stairs running into someone in the progress "I'm so sorry are you ok?" The man nods "Fine you look shaken those. " Bella shows a sincere smile "Believe me it not because of you um" Christian smiles "Christian" Bella clicks "Bella and I heard your name you operated on Justin" Christian nods "That right. Do you know him?" Bella nods "Everyone knows everyone around here" Christian
  12. Chapter 14 It was later that day when Christian spotted Tori standing in one of the hospital rooms and walked in. Tori looked behind her and breathed a sigh of relief when she spotted Doctor Green which he clearly noticed "Ok are you ok? Cause everyone on edge today" Tori looks at him "Some stuff happened but it nothing you need to worry about" Christian had a sense Tori wasn't coping and grabbed her hand as he led her out of the room and outside Tori was confused but also relieved someone had taken her out of the hospital as today more then ever been here made her think of her last
  13. Chapter 13 The pair sat together on the beach as it began to get cold something that didn't happen often in Summer Bay. Tori regretted not bringing a jacket but wasn't going to say that. She then saw Christian takes his jacket off and put it on her "Thank you but won't you get cold" Christian shakes his head as the pair stand up and starts walking towards the Morgan's They arrive back at the Morgan's to hear yelling and Tori knows it isn't good. Tori needs to get in there "I need to sort this" Christian nods "I had a good time" Tori smiles "Me too" With that Tori walks inside and Chr
  14. Chapter 12 When Tori and Colby arrived back to the bay the pair went there separate ways. Tori arrived home to see both Justin and his surgeon there "Everything ok?" Justin nodded "I should be asking you that where have you been?" Tori knew he was worried "Colby and I went to see Robbo" Justin had a sad expression on his face so did Tori and this made Christian wonder who he was. Justin got up and hugged Tori before walking out. Christian looked at Tori "So how have you been since you bailed?" Tori knew he was hurt but didn't get why after all he was Justin's surgeon and they ki
  15. Thank you for all your amazing feedback. Got so much planned for this story and cant wait to reveal the rest to u
  16. Chapter 11 Shortly after Tori walks back to Christian "Is your friend ok?" Tori nods "He will be" Tori felt bad she knew she was using Christian to forget that Jay was out there but she couldn't anymore "I am so sorry but I need to do something" Tori walks away leaving an confused Christian. Jasmine sees Christian as she walks in the diner and walks over "You good?" Christian smiles "I told Tori I'm moving to the bay" Jasmine nods "And we were having a great chat and time until" Jasmine looks at him "Until she went to check on her friend and pretty much bailed as soon as she got back
  17. Chapter 10 It is the next day when Tori is sitting on the beach alone clearing her head. Christian spots her and walks over "Want some company?" Tori knew she didn't but he saved Justin's life so she knew she needed to be nice "Sure" Christian smiles as he sits beside her. "The bay is an amazing place" Tori smiles as she knows she wouldn't be anywhere else even with what happened "I know. I wouldn't live anywhere else" The pair smile at each other. Soon after they decide to go for a walk along the beach "So are you enjoying the bay?" Christian nods "I am. I'm even thinking about stay
  18. Chapter 9 Tori had now called Leah, Justin and Colby telling all of then she needed then. Colby was the first to arrive at the Morgan's and he hugged Tori as Justin and Leah walked in. The group took a seat as Tori handed Colby the letter and the group read it "Jay out" That was all Tori said and the three of then were crying as Colby held Tori close knowing how scared she was cause he was too. Meanwhile at the hospital Jasmine spotted Christian and walked over. "So how did things go with Tori?" Christian smiles at the nurse "Pretty good" Jasmine was glad she just hoped Tori w
  19. Chapter 8 It was the next day when Tori decided to bail on work. She wasn't up for it and she knew she should take time off but she needed to. Tori was at home and happy to have to house to herself as she needed to cheer her head when there was a knock at the door. She opened it and saw no one there instead seeing a letter on the ground before opening it she was shocked with what she read and went as pale as a ghost as she grabbed her keys and headed for the hospital as she needed to speak to Jasmine. Tori arrived shortly after and she spotted the blonde nurse talking with her
  20. Chapter 7 Tori ran up to the flat without food and Colby knew something happened "What happened?" Tori says one word "Angelo" Colby was annoyed to say the least as Tori grabbed his hand "Don't worry i yelled at him" Tori smiled as Colby and Jasmine laughed. Jasmine knew she needed food and that they all did as she went out the door and downstairs. Jasmine smiled as she walked in the diner and ordered before walking over to a table as she had spotted Christian "You ok?" Christian looks up "I'm worried about Tori she going through alot with Justin then yelled at a cop" Jasmine didn't
  21. Chapter 6 Christian and Jasmine were sitting in the diner when Jasmine spotted Angelo at the corner of her eye. She really wanted to get up and yell at him for trying to ruin Colby's life as well as hers, Bella, Dean and Tori lives but sat still. Christian looked at the nurse "You ok?" Jasmine focuses back on the doctor "He just makes a friend of mine life hell" Christian was worried what if this person was Tori. He knew he had to ask "Tori?" Jasmine could see that Christian clearly cared for Tori "No Tori ok I promise" Jasmine knew in that moment Christian liked Tori "You like Tori?" Chr
  22. Chapter 5 It was later that afternoon when Tori finished her shift and was heading home. She walked in the lift with her head down as she was text Colby before she heard a voice "Deja lift" Tori knew it was Christian but was confused on what he meant after all she had a lot on her plate right now "Sorry?" Tori didn't even look up as she spoke before Christian began speaking again "You, me confided space such fond memories" Tori knew what he meant there mistaken kiss the one she had at the back of her mind "I told you that was an accident and that it won't be happening again" With that the
  23. Chapter 4 It was now the next day and Tori had woken up better and had agreed to have breakfast at the diner with Colby as she hadn't seem him in a while and she heard about what went down with Ross and she knew he wouldn't be coping. Tori walks in the diner and sees Irene at the counter before smiling and walking over to Colby who immediately stands up and hugs her "It have been way to long" Tori smiles "It have. I missed you" Tori meant that she missed her friend and her last link to Robbo "Well I missed you too Tori" They both smile as they pull apart and sit down. Tori can s
  24. Chapter 3 Tori arrived home with puffy eyes not even taking in her surrounding as in her mind she was still at the gravesite with Robbo. Leah is first to spot her and walks over and hugs her "I could of came with you" This made Christian and Justin to turn around and Christian could see she had some form of cold however Justin knew the truth "Tori bed now" Tori nods as all she wants to do is be alone. As Tori walked away Christian couldn't help that worry. He hated seeing her this way already and they weren't even together. He never worried about someone this much but to him Tori was
  25. Chapter 2 Tori woke up the next day and decided to call in sick. She knew she wasn't but last night made her think about Robbo as well as her past and she knew she needed to do something and if she didn't now she would end up regretting it later. Tori walked out in a black dress to see Justin have a look of worry on his face. He had barely been out of hospital a day yet was worried about Tori "What wrong?" Tori knew she would need to tell Justin where she was going "I need to see Robbo" Justin knew Tori missed him everyday but he also knew there was more to this "I know you miss him
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