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She Has To Pull Through

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Love this idea. What a great start.

same here omg like i miss then more then words. They deserved better

Caught up on last few chapters Loved Flynn and Sal forever i hate Brad

On 23/01/2021 at 14:55, torian said:

Hating Brad just like i did in show

Love Sally and Flynn

Glad to see Cassie and Ric appear

I didn’t like Brad either. I missed Flynn, I still miss Sally and Flynn. 

Will be updating tonight. 

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3 hours ago, InfantryAlex said:

I didn’t like Brad either. I missed Flynn, I still miss Sally and Flynn. 

Will be updating tonight. 

same here omg like i miss then more then words. They deserved better

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Again guys, thanks for the support.

Chapter Five: Homeward Bound.

Sally finally had been discharged to go home, with light duties, which meant rest while everyone else helped according to Flynn. Sally insisted she could look after Pippa, and do things for her. But Flynn only wanted his wife to heal and be on the mend for good this time and wanted to not delay recovery time. Flynn helped her over to the couch, all whilst Ric took Sally's bag up to her room. "Madge will be over later with Pippa, for now, you're to rest here and watch some television." assured Flynn.

"Can't you get Pippa now? I miss her." Spoke Sally. 

"Sal, please. It's two hours, she's having a day out with Madge, she was excited." promised Flynn. "Two hours and she'll be home and on the couch with you." He leaned down and he kissed her. 

Sally returned the kiss, she loved him so much, she had been the exact same after his operation to have his cancer removed once he had been strong enough from chemo to handle it. Sally wouldn't let him do a single thing, and as frustrated as he was, she could see he appreciated it and how it helped. Now she knew exactly how he felt.

Sally leaned back into the couch and flicked through the channels picking a random sitcom to watch, whilst she heard Flynn go into the kitchen and begin preparing lunch for all of them. Flynn was super happy to have her home. 

Hearing a knock on the door, he moved to open it to see Brad on the other side. "Hello Brad." Mumbled Flynn, the uneasiness coming over him. 

"I just wanted to drop some things off for Sally to keep her occupied so she didn't fret," he spoke, Flynn raised an eyebrow, wouldn't he be able to do this himself? Why did Brad have to? 

Sally looked over, "Come in and show me!" 

Brad grinned and bypassed Flynn and went and took a seat next to her on the couch and Flynn watched him with a glare, and went back to lunch for his wife and the kids, not Brad. Ric came down to see Flynn being all staunch in the kitchen and followed his gaze. 

Brad looked at her, "Just some magazines and word puzzle books to make it seem like you aren't going crazy just resting up." 

"Thank you, but I do have plenty of help to help me not go crazy. I have Pippa, Flynn, Ric and Cassie but these will help when Flynn's at work." spoke Sally. Flynn felt his heart melt, the guy clearly fancied her and she took no notice. He saw her look over to him and smile at him, he smiled back, knowingly. 

Brad grinned, "You like this show?" 

"Oh I just turned it on for noise, but it seems good. I intend to curl into Flynn when he's done running about after everyone." spoke Sally. Brad sighed, he didn't wanna hear about her plans with her husband, he wanted to find issues.

Flynn bought over a ham, lettuce and tomato sandwich for her and himself and slipped in behind her on the couch gently putting her plate down and his own. He immediately felt Sally move into his side leaning her back against his chest and her free hand finding his leg.

Sally looked to Brad, "Thanks for these, and thanks for coming by." 

Brad took that as he was to leave and got up, "Hope to see you back at school soon, Sally." 

Flynn waited until he was gone, "He makes me uncomfortable." 

Sally looked at him, "And why is that?"

"He fancies you, Sal, and I mean he fancies you." Flynn spoke. 

Brad walked into the school and into his office, he would have to wait until Sally was back at school to really make an effort to get into Sally's head and make her see she was better off with him, than Flynn. 

Super short chapter this time, I apologise. I've got some ideas, but they are being taken in stages. :) 

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2 minutes ago, Kristen said:

Great chapter 

Glad Sally is home

Brad really shouldn’t be there

Nice to have Ric and Cassie in this story.

Update again soon :)


I know right? Brad is a pain! I feel like Flynn wouldn't have particularly approved of him in the show... So I think that's where I've got the idea that Flynn won't like or warm to Brad. Sally's just being nice Sally.

Yeah they need to be there, they're Flynn and Sally's family. :)


Thanks for the support.

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Sorry for being so slow. Work is massively understaffed and ugh. 

Chapter Six: It's Really Only You, Flynn.

Sally could see tension brewing in Flynn each time Brad popped around, she knew he was uncomfortable with the man but Sally honestly didn't think Brad was flirting with her, especially when she would mention her husband almost always. Sally didn't mind the odd visitor, but she also noticed Brad was getting more frequent daily and Sally could understand when Flynn got annoyed. 

But so far, the day had been Brad free, and news free. They had not located Rocco, Flynn was meant to be going back to work soon but had requested leave to look after his wife whilst she recovered and until Rocco was behind bars. He wasn't taking any chances, not after the Summer Bay Stalker, Zoe, had taken Sally hostage. Flynn finished tidying up the house and came down the stairs and saw Sally looking at the movie collection. 

"Fancy a movie?" asked Sally. "Or at least let us go to the diner for cake?"

Flynn looked at her, a concerned look ran over him, but he relaxed, she could do with an outing and it wouldn't be overly strenuous. "Only to the diner, for cake and coffee, and we come back here. You still need to be resting, but I know how important a change of scenery is." 

He grabbed his keys and a jacket for Sally helping her into it, and then helping her slowly to the car.

Arriving into the diner, he found a booth and took her to it and helped her settle in, "Chocolate cake?" she asked.


He went up to the counter, and ordered two slices of chocolate cake and two cups of coffee and returned to Sally. "Irene will bring it over." 

Flynn took her hand, and fiddled with her fingers with love. It was something he always had to be doing, holding her. Sally gripped his fingers. She looked at him, "Flynn?"

"What is it sweetheart?" he asked, wondering what was suddenly on her mind.

"When I was stabbed I thought I was going to die, I was so close too... and I was scared, scared of leaving Pippa, the kids, and you." she whispered.

"But you're still here," murmured Flynn.

"It made me realize how much I appreciate you, and our kids, and how much I love you." She whispered, "Marry me again, Flynn. There's nothing more than I want right now, than to marry you again." She had been thinking about this since waking up in the hospital and the feeling only got stronger daily, Rocco nearly took her from this world and she wanted to make sure Flynn knew exactly how much she loved him.

He was floored by her question, "Sweetheart, of course I will." 

Leaning across the table, kissing softly. "I have only one request, no horses."

Irene brought over the coffee and cake, "here you go darlings." 

"Thanks Irene," smiled Sally. "Look at that cake!" 

Irene smiled, "It's good to see you out and about Darl." 

"It's nice to be out, I still feel really down and sore, but I'm getting there. This is a treat, so I don't drive Flynn here nuts." she teased.

"Not at all!" rebutted Flynn.

"Where's little Pippa?" asked Irene.

"Madge came and picked her up early this morning, she has her every few days to let Sally have a day of complete rest. This is a treat, then Sal will be resting up." smiled Flynn.

"It gave me the perfect chance to ask Flynn to marry me again," smiled Sally as she gripped his hand. 

"Oh my god that's amazing! Can't wait! Well I better get back, enjoy the cake!" she grinned. 

Sally moved over and hinted for Flynn to change over to next to her and he did, and he fed her her piece of chocolate cake. "Sooooo good!" she smiled and then began to feed him, he loved doing the feeding thing with her, but he overly didn't enjoy being on the other end of it. 

Flynn looked at her, "You look tired, should we head soon?" 

Sally smiled, "Once coffee is finished."

Sally looked over as Ric came in, seething. "They still haven't got him, and the creep was hanging around the boat sheds and you're telling me I can't beat his ass for what he did to Sal?"

Cassie following him in, "Oh I am mad too! But you going to jail too isn't going to help Sally or Flynn is it? Ring the police tell them Rocco's location, it's the sensible thing! The best thing we can do for them is not get ourselves into trouble." 

Flynn felt his heart beat pick up, that was just down from the diner, and Rocco was close. Sally wasn't at home where he could make sure she was safe. "I need to get you home." 

Sally knew instantly why, hearing Cassie name Rocco. But she didn't move, "No. Flynn, sit back down. Rocco isn't destroying my life, we gave him a chance and he blew it. Let the police get him, we can still enjoy our time out without having to live in fear, I do not want to live in fear again. I did with Zoe, Rocco isn't breaking me."

Flynn sighed, and looked to Ric calling the cops and putting Rocco's location to the police, "How come he is still lurking around and the cops have not found him? They do not care. They would only give more of a shot if you had actually died and it's disgraceful." 

"Flynn." sighed Sally.

Brad entered and saw Sally out and about and grinned and went and inserted himself opposite the both of them, "Sally you're out and about."

"Flynn took me for cake, we're just finishing up our coffee before heading home, I feel very tired." spoke Sally. 

Flynn inwardly sighed at his presence. Brad smiled, "Rest is important, don't wear yourself out trying to do too much." 

"This isn't too much, it's exactly what I wanted," assured Sally, feeling like he was being invasive. 

"You can only do so much and you need to focus on --" 

"She knows, and she's in good hands. I'm a doctor, in case you forgot." snapped Flynn. 

Brad ignored him but did change the subject, "Have you finished the word puzzle books would you need more?"

"I have, Flynn grabbed me some more lastnight when he got home from shopping for Pippa." smiled Sally gripping her husbands leg.

Brad felt himself growing annoyed, that was his thing to bring her. "Oh.. I had heaps I was willing to give to you."

Sally felt Flynn getting highly uneasy but she was only being nice, "Thanks for the offer but it's okay." 

Sally looked to Flynn, "I think I want to go home now, I think I wanna just fall asleep lying against you if that's okay." 

"Don't have to even ask, I intend to hold you, after all, you did just ask me to remarry you."

Flynn wanted the last jab into Brad, he wanted him to know she isn't and will never be his. 

Building this slowly, a slow burn into dramaaaaa.

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