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She Has To Pull Through


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So I've been watching a lot of the OLD Home and Away; Where Sam, Jack, Flynn, Sally etc are all around. And I've come up with an idea, and been thinking it's a perfect way to come back with a story! :)

Story Title: She Has To Pull Through
Type of story: Undecided 

Main Characters: Sally Fletcher, Flynn Saunders, Rocco Cooper, Brad Armstrong, others.
BTTB rating: T
Genre: Romance, Drama, Angst,
Does story include spoilers: No, absolutely not! 
Any warnings: Sexual content, blood, angst.
Summary: In this there was cancer but Flynn overcame it,  Flynn and Sally are still happy. Sally attempting to save Rocco goes belly up, when she gets stabbed by him. Brad, the school principal who happens to feel things for Sally finds her; gets her to hospital... Flynn is there, what goes on? [This is completely different, but similar situations.]

Chapter One: Rocco, you don't need to do this.

Three years had passed since Flynn won his battle against cancer, Sally thanked her lucky stars daily that Flynn still walked this life with her. She put the plates down for their lunch that they had made for each other, Flynn standing and pulling her in for a kiss, "I love you." He whispered. Kissing her again. Since the cancer, and the near death experiences they came close to. They made sure to make moments with each other whenever they could. Flynn ran his fingers along her face, "Should we eat so I can walk you to school?" He teased. 

Sally sighed, "Sure but you're not walking me to school." 

Flynn chuckled softly, and he moved to sit back down. Lunch went quietly for the couple as both then got ready to go off to their respected destinations, Sally had some papers to grade that she fell behind on with having been distracted with Flynn. 

Flynn was starting his rotation on late shift, and saw how quiet the hospital was at the moment but knew not always the case.

Fairing on into the evening, Sally had gone from paper grading to her car to head home. Flynn wasn't going to be done at the hospital until a later date. So she knew she could potter around the house until he came home. She stayed up for him most nights, she missed him when they weren't together. She heard rustling and turned from her car, to see Rocco -- against all of Flynn's hesitations to help Rocco, she couldn't stay away and just let the boy struggle. 

"Rocco?" called out Sally, moving over to him; he was distraught and acting out.

"I'm sorry, I don't wanna do this, please don't hate me." stumbled Rocco, as Sally got closer, trying to ascertain why he was crying and calm him down, she felt him lunge forward and a knife plunge through her stomach. Crying out in pain, she fell to the concrete with painful cries and breaths.

  A few hours passed

Brad was going to the school to make sure he had locked up a file, where he saw Sally clumped over unconscious with blood around her. He dialled for an ambulance immediately. Brad knew it was wrong to love on a married woman, clearly devoted to her husband but he couldn't help how he felt. He followed the ambulance to the hospital. 

Flynn approached the desk, "We have a stab wound victim coming in, female, she's in critical condition." Spoke Zoe, the nurse. As then the ambulance stretcher rushed in and Flynn went to go up to the stretcher when he saw it was his very own wife, "Sal?!" He moved and he touched her face and followed them into the medical bay where he immediately got to work on her. 

His world was running a mile an hour, "Don't do this to me, not now." He whispered, the nurses calling for another doctor to be able to take over once they got here; Flynn shouldn't be working the case.

Flynn already felt his eyes welling up, "Sally no, not now, not after everything." 

Brad had already made the call to Alf, to get some support down at the hospital for Sally. Soon Alf, Ric and Cassie piled through the door going to wait where Brad obviously was being the one who found her. Flynn working desperately to get a reaction from Sally. 

As soon as the other doctors arrived, Flynn had been ultimately kicked from the room where he began to pace the hall until Alf got him to sit down. He couldn't help how he broke down, "She needs to pull through, Alf. I can't live without her."

I don't know how I feel about this.... I really dont....

But does Sally pull through?

I've been away from even writing for over two years, so please go easy. :)

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16 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

Intriguing idea to have Flynn still around when this is going on.Looking forward to seeing where you take it.


14 hours ago, Kristen said:

Great chapter 

interesting Flynn is around with everything going on

Update again soon :)


Thanks guys for the reply.

Well, I really miss Flynn and Sally, and a friend and I were discussing if Flynn was around through all of this what would happen. I don't remember a lot of what went down so this is my take. :)

I just really hope I do it justice, and that over time my writing improves. I was really impressed with my Zac/Leah stories want this to be just as good. 

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Chapter Two: How am I supposed to live without her?

 Seeing Sally be rushed down into the theatre was the straw that broke Flynn into pieces, he couldn't help how he broke down into tears. Alf rushing over to try and catch him as he crumbled, "Let's go sit down." He tried to get Flynn to sit, which was easier than he thought. Brad sitting over with Ric and Cassie, watching over at Flynn and Alf.

"I can't lose her, Alf. How am I supposed to do any of this without her?" He whispered, "Our baby... needs her. Where is she?"

"Martha has her, with Colleen," assured Alf, he rubbed Flynn's back. 

Flynn stood up and paced before grabbing water from the tank provided at the hospital.  Flynn knew all he could do was wait but it was hard, hard being a doctor and knowing Sally was in a theatre, fighting for her life and he couldn't even be there to help her. "How am I supposed to live without her? Is this how it felt for her? When I almost died from cancer?" Flynn asked Alf. "Is the heart crushing pain of the thought I'll never get to hold her, or have her arms around me again feeling what she felt? Is this it?"

"Sally is a fighter, she has many things she will fight for, you, baby Pippa, the kids, her job. She will come back to you Flynn," reminded Alf.

"But you don't know that, the chances of these surgeries can always go wrong!" 

Brad frowned, seeing how much Flynn was taking this a lot harder than he thought. Flynn sat back down and he calmed down and went quiet. Ric watched how quiet the man went, it was not easy on them. 

Later on that evening Sally pulled through the surgery, and Flynn laid his head near hers at the bed, and slept. Ric, Cassie, Alf and Brad silently sat in the corner. No one really questioned why Brad stayed around, Sally and he spent a lot of time together doing things for the school. 

Flynn woke up suddenly, "Has anyone rung her mother?" He looked to Sally as she laid with the breathing tube down her throat. It was hard for Flynn, being a doctor and seeing his wife laying in a hospital bed seriously injured. 

He moved his hand to hold hers, Alf looked up, "I haven't been able to reach Pippa, I'll give her another go shortly." 

Flynn nodded, and he looked back to his wife. "You should all go home and get some rest, Sal won't want you all here exhausting yourselves." 

"She won't want you doing that either," reminded Alf.

"She did it for me that night, where I was almost dying, she stayed. I'm not going anywhere." murmured Flynn. 

As they all departed Flynn stayed with Sally for the remainder of the night, running his hands along her arm, watching her. As the doctor came to remove the breathing tube and to take some of the sedation off to wake her up, Flynn anxiously watched for her to be able to breathe off of the ventilator. Holding her hand, as hours passed Flynn laid his head back down on the bed beside her head to close his eyes.

"Flynn?" he heard Sally's voice and his name echo through the room, he pulled his head up to see her looking over at him.

"Hey you," murmured Flynn.

"I'm sorry.." Sally murmured looking at him and reaching and running her hands through his hair, always comforting him like he would for her. 

"Baby, you have nothing to be sorry for okay?" he whispered and leaned in and kissed her slowly.

Sally frowned, "I don't know who did this."

"It's okay, I won't let anything happen to you anymore." Flynn assured. 

Sally nodded with a tired gaze to him, "I love you." 

"Sleep sweetheart, I love you too." Assured Flynn

Flynn was more than happy to see that Sally had woken up, as she closed her eyes to sleep and rest like she very much needed, he just wanted to find out who did this to his wife and have them dealt with.

Thanks for all the support so far guys, writing is very rusty. But I'll get there. I have some ideas. :D

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