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  1. Loved this now must update mine Loved Colby and Tori moments not to mention how Colby picked up about Lance This friendship deserved more
  2. Sally and Flynn moments so cute Glad Flynn still clear Will Cassie and Ric be in at somepoint?
  3. Love Alf chat with Flynn Brad shouldnt be there Glad Alf, Ric and Cassie were there loved Sally and Flynn moment at the end Cant wait to read more
  4. I hope for more torian romantic scenes and their first l love you
  5. It makes me happy that someone writing a Sally and Flynn fanfic as they were one of my faves couples Love this so far and cant wait to read more
  6. excited im updating now and i hope you do too
  7. Love that Tori and Lance had scenes Love that Colby and Lance are going and keep their promises to Robbo Excited for more and would love to see Tori and Colby have an indivual scene
  8. So glad you love all those moments Hope u update yours soon xx
  9. Chapter 13 Tori knew as it is was getting closer how hard but also how much this she needed this how much the bay needed this to remember then. Tori walked out to the lounge room in a Blue Lace dress to see Lance, Justin and Colby there in suits while Jasmine and Leah also wore dresses. Leah was holding Grace Justin and Colby walked over each supporting one side of Tori as she was struggling and upset after all these were two of the people she was closest too. The group left the house and walked to the beach to see everyone holding candles. Tori took a look around first spotting
  10. Chapter 12 Tori walked out yawning as she spotted Leah and Justin alongside Jasmine who had came for a visit. She decided to ask then now " I want to do something so Robbo and Mason are here forever" Jasmine smiles at this "That sounds amazing but what?" Justin gets an idea "Mason he mentioned once how he and Robbo loved the gym so much that they would always work there" Tori smiles "We could perhaps get John to help and we could change the name of it to make it connected to then" The four agree on this as Leah calls John and the others head out to get it planned for tonight.
  11. Chapter 11 Christian had a million things on his mind as him and Tori walked into the Morgan's after court. He was trying to work out what happened in her past and to connect all these things together but he couldn't and he knew at this point he couldn't push Tori on the subject. Tori sat on the couch and Christian joined her. "I'm glad you were there today" Christian smiles at this before looking into her eyes "Was court the reason you broke up with me? Tori shakes her head as she grabs his hand "Partly but their others and they all still stand I wish they didn't but they do" Christ
  12. You are. I need to know what happens.
  13. Chapter 10 Christian was sitting with Leah and Irene in the courtroom as Tori and the others had to testify. Christian however was surprised when he heard Tori name get called our first as the killers sat with their lawyers out the front. Christian thinks about how hard this must be for her as Tori takes the stand As Tori walks to the stand she is trying to not cry however all she is thinking is how these people killed her best friend and her brother and how much she misses then. The lawyer who wants the killers in jail begin to ask Tori questions "These people were the ones tha
  14. Loved this The fact Christian said what he did and was like im coming yay And Leah too so happy The fact Lance told Tori he is going makes me happy bet jealous Christian will come up Lance, Tori and Justin so sweet Wonder what changes of plans are Please update tonight i need to know what happens next
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