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  1. Interesting start, loving this.
  2. Chapter 23 When Colby arrives at the station with Justin the pair are grateful to see Colby's old boss and old bay resident Sergeant Mike Emerson there. The pair smile at him as Emerson leads then to an office. Angelo sees this and watches on curious on what he could be doing back As soon as Justin and Colby sitting down Emerson speaks again "Rosetta cause problems as usual" Justin looks at him "He told my sister he would expose our families part if she didn't admit Colby did this" Emerson wasn't surprised "He tries to threaten people and put wrong people in jail before but can i ask
  3. Chapter 22 "So are you going to tell me?" Tori looks at her boyfriend in fear she is scared he will end up. When Tori doesn't speak Christian decides too "Nothing you say will change the way I feel" Tori shakes her head "It will because this whole time I lied to you" Christian grabs Tori hand and holds it "What do you mean?" To say Christian was confused was an understatement "My name isn't Tori Morgan it Tessa Lee" Christian was shocked but hid it "What?" Tori takes a deep breath "My family and I were in witness protection for years and we had to change our names I was Tessa now I'm Tor
  4. Chapter 21 It isn't too much later when Tori was with Christian when the door again. She opened it shocked to see Angelo "What the hell do you want get out" Tori ignoring the uniform he wearing as she didn't care but Christian he was worried about his girlfriend and what this could do to her "Confess Tessa" The name caught Tori off-guard as Angelo steps forward "I know the truth about your family and I will use that If i have too so confess that Thorne involved" Tori felt Christian grab her hand and she held "No i won't cause he isn't involved in Nixon death now leave my house before i ki
  5. Chapter 20 Dean walks back inside to see Colby and Bella there with Jasmine who had came over "I know his issue" Bella looks at the older man "Which is?" Dean looks at Colby "He hates riverboys. He hated Heath and his family too" Jasmine now speaks "To have an issue with someone for a label is wrong" Dean nods "I agree we just need to hope he will drop this" Jasmine adds "Surely he would have to with the other lead" Dean nods "You would think so" It was a short time later while Tori and Christian were resting when there was a knock at the door. Tori gets up and answers it to see Jasm
  6. Chapter 19 It was later that night when Tori and Christian were laying down in each other arms when Christian asked the question he was dreading the answer too "Should I be jealous of Colby and the guy from today?" Tori shakes her head "Colby and Dean no you shouldn't. They are just friends nothing more they never will be Christian after all I only have eyes for one person and that is you" Christian smiles at this feeling less worried as he looks at his girlfriend the fact she said she only had eyes for him meant so much to him At Bella and Colby place the pair were sitting down with
  7. Chapter 18 It was the next day when Tori spotted Dean walking in the hospital. She walked over to him "You ok?" Dean looks at Tori "Can we talk?" Tori nods "Yes we can follow me" With that the pair walk into Tori office. Tori unaware that Christian had watched the chat between Tori and Dean and was feeling more jealous. The pair walked into the office both sitting down "What going on?" Dean takes a breath "I had a go at Angelo he asked me if I made a choice and I made it clear and had a go at him" Tori smiles "Well he does deserve it" Dean looks at Tori "What if I made things worst?"
  8. Chapter 17 Tori had decided to switch her phone off and focus on Christian for the whole day. After all they were in a new relationship and she was hardly been a good girlfriend or focused on him. The pair lay on the couch in each other arms "What do you see in the future for us?" Tori was surprised at Christian question "I haven't thought about it. I always get burned by guys so I don't think ahead" Christian is surprised "Well it there lost but I'm not then I won't dump you" Tori looks at Christian "You don't know that you could wake up one day and regret been with me" Christian sh
  9. Chapter 15 Tori then walks inside to the smell of a homecooked breakfast "You didn't have to cook for me" Tori smiles at her boyfriend "Well I wanted too" Tori walks over and kisses Christian with passion "You are the best boyfriend ever" Christian smiles at this "Your the best girlfriend" Tori knows she isn't but doesn't say anything instead starts eating her breakfast. Meanwhile Bella and Colby are sitting down at the flat "You know after what Ross put us through you would think we could catch a break" Bella looks at her brother "Yeah but he keeps on haunting us and ruining our liv
  10. Chapter 14 Tori arrived back home to see Christian sitting there "You seemed in a rush earlier" Tori nods "I'm sorry for bailing but my friend needed me" Christian nods "I get it but I need you too I know that selfish but I do Tori" Tori smiles as she moves and sits beside Christian before kissing him "You have me you always will" Christian kisses back and smiles he was so glad Tori said that Tori and Christian talked for hours before falling asleep in each other arms on the couch. Justin woke up and walked out seeing the pair sound asleep. He knew he needed to wake Tori and fi
  11. Chapter 13 It was later that night when Justin, Leah, Christian and Tori were eating dinner. "So how?" Tori knew what her brother meant "Long story" Justin looks at Tori "Fill me in later yeah" Tori smiles "Will do" Christian was so confused he was wondering what huge secret his girlfriend was keeping from him. He knew they hadn't been dating long but he also wanted Tori to let him in to trust him. It was now after dinner and Tori and Christian were curled up on the couch as Leah and Justin cleaned "You know today I never seen you so annoyed. Want to talk about " Tori shakes her head
  12. Chapter 12 It was the next day and once again Tori and Christian had the day to themselves as neither of then were rostered on. They were just about to leave when Tori phone rang "Bella hey" Tori heard the teenagers voice "Angelo been watching us for a half a hour" This is all Bella needs to say for Tori to leave the house as Christian closely follows Tori walks to near the diner and spots Angelo and marches over as Christian watches on "The cops think they have nothing to do with this and they don't so why are you watching then. It is an invaded of privacy" Angelo stands "No it isn'
  13. Chapter 11 It was the next day when Tori and Justin arrived at Colby's to see Colby, Dean, Bella, Willow and Jasmine there "What going on?" Colby turns at Tori voice "We have a plan to make this over once and for all" This makes Justin curious "How exactly?" Dean speaks this time "To lead Angelo in the wrong direction. We all know lots of people had issues with Ross so tip him off make it look like someone else did it" Bella nods "Let's do it" Tori smiles. Everyone was in and they all hoped it wouldn't go wrong. Shortly after they got everything sorted they heard a knock at the door.
  14. Chapter 10 Tori walks back in and sees Christian with Grace standing their quietly watching the pair. She can tell Christian would be a great dad to Grace but another part of her knew she shouldn't think that as Robbo was Grace dad no one else. Tori then goes in and sits beside Christian "How is she?" Christian smiles "Fever gone down. Are you all good?" Tori nods as she looks at Christian "Your good with her" Christian smiles "Thanks. It crazy but I wanted a family my whole life and I feel like i have that with Grace and you" This makes Tori smile as she feels the exact same "I know
  15. Chapter 9 The rest of that night had gone well. The group had talked for hours forgetting what was happening with Ross which was good as it was the first time since this came public that they were able to do that. The next day Tori woke up at 5am to hear her daughter crying she rubbed her eyes and walked to Grace room and picked her up discovering she had a fever. Tori held her trying to calm her down as she grabbed a cold towel for her daughter and headed for the lounge room. She knew she was getting no more sleep tonight. It was less then ten minutes later when Tori heard a v
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