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  1. Chapter 19 Tori didn't know what led her to graveyard the next morning all her troubles or the talks about the past and Robbo. She walked to the grave and put flowers beside it before looking at the grave and speaking "Hey Robbo it me I know it been a while but I'm been busy. I miss you so much, Grace does too. She so much like you Robbo you would be so proud of her. I'm been thinking about you allot recently and how much I wish you were here to see your daughter grow up and for me to be honest I miss my friend I miss you Robbo" Tori stands at the grave for a hour or so before leaving Tori arrives at work to see Jasmine and Christian waiting for her "We have been so worried your never late" Tori looked at her ex "I'm fine I just had to do something and i lost track of time" Jasmine looks at her "You ok" Tori nods "I'm better now I will fill you in later" Jasmine nods as Tori walks away and Christian looks at Jasmine "Your thinking something" Jasmine nods "I think I know where she went" Christian is curious "Where?" Jasmine looks at Christian "It not my place to say" Jasmine walks away Jasmine knocks on Tori's office door "Come in" Jasmine opens the door walks in and then shuts it "So my guess is you went to see Mason or my husband that why you were so late" Tori nods "I went to see Robbo" Jasmine looks at Tori "All this talk about the past have made me think about him" Tori nods "Same I miss him Jas" Jasmine smiles "Me too" Tori looks at Jasmine "I wish he was here to be honest I need him now more then ever" Tori cries as she speaks and Jasmine pulls her into a hug
  2. Chapter 18 It is the next day when Tori sees Christian on beach. He smiles and she returns "So any thoughts re the thing" Tori shakes her head "Not yet" Christian nods "Can I ask you something else?" Tori nods again "Sure what is it?" Christian looks down "Leah told me you kept some huge stuff from me ever since we met" Tori can't believe this "Look it nothing really" Christian doesn't buy that "Tori i know you can you tell me please" Tori shakes her head "It is nothing I have to go" Tori sees Leah talking to Cash in the diner and walks over "What the hell were you thinking" Both Cash and Leah knew she was mad as Leah spoke "I have no idea what you were talking about" Tori looks at her "Telling Christian I kept stuff from him" Cash is now annoyed "You what?" Leah takes a breath "He should know" Tori looks at Leah "It have nothing to do with Christian or you" Tori walks out and Cash following Cash sees Tori sitting on the pier "She had no right Cash" Cash nods "I know" Cash sits down beside her "After everything with Robbo I wanted to forget about and now it all bought up again" Cash grabs Tori hand and holds it "The painful memories are hurting you to think about" Tori nods as she cries and Cash pulls her into a hug
  3. Chapter 17 It is later that day when Leah sees Christian at Salt "Drink my shout" Christian nods "How have you been?" Leah looks at Christian "Trying to move on from Justin and figure your ex out" Christian looks confused "What do you mean?" Look Tori told Cash some huge things. Things she never told you about her life" Christian looks confused "Important things" Leah nods as she takes a sip of her drink "How important?" Christian was curious "It would make or break a relationship" Leah takes a sip and walks away before she can anymore while Christian sits there wondering what is so important Justin and Tori are sitting on the couch "So why did you really not tell Christian" Tori takes a breath "Honestly i didn't need the questions or the judgement besides our lives are dangerous he can't be involved in that" Justin is confused "But Cash can?" Tori nods "Yeah he can. He is a cop his life is dangerous anyway and I trust him" Justin takes a breath "More then you did Christian" Tori nods "Yeah unlike Christian Cash haven't hurt me" Justin can see Tori is getting upset talking about it and pulls her into a hug
  4. Chapter 16 Leah walks in the house to see Justin and Tori and knows what she about to ask Tori won't be happy with "Have you decided what your going to do about Christian?" Tori shakes her head "Let's try an easier question why does Cash know about your past?" Tori was hoping to avoid the subject as Justin spoke "What why does he know" Tori looks at the pair "Because he is my boyfriend and he cares about me" Justin is confused "You were dating Christian but he doesn't know" Tori couldn't believe she had to explain this "It different with Cash he knows about this stuff but with Christian he doesn't" Justin stands up "Because you never told him" Tori looks at her brother "And i never will it my call who i tell about my past" With that Tori gets up and walks out the door She walks down the beach and sees Cash "Leah gave you twenty questions didn't she" Tori laughs as she grabs his hand "Maybe not twenty but close" Cash blames himself "I'm sorry" Tori shakes her head "Don't be all she wanted to know is why you know but I never told Christian" Cash can get where Leah coming from "It your choice who you tell" The pair smile at each other as they walk "I know and I trust you with it I'm just not sure i can Christian" Cash nods "Fair enough besides Christian isn't part of your life anymore" Tori nods "Exactly"
  5. Chapter 15 All Tori could think about was what Christian asked her to do and she wasn't sure whether she could do it or not after all she hates lying although she reminds herself how much she lied to Christian about like he still doesn't know her name is Tessa not Tori. Meanwhile Leah and Cash were walking along the beach "Your worried about Tori" Cash nods "He shouldn't asked that off her" Leah can see Cash worry "I agree but it is Tori call what ever choice she makes we will support" Cash looks at Leah "Does he know about Tori past?" Leah is surprised to hear Cash ask this "No and I'm surprised you do" Cash looks at Leah "She told me a while back but i would say if she haven't told Christian there a reason for that" Leah nods "I know she scared cause of what happened to Robbo and Mason i think that why" Cash nods as the pair keep on walking
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  7. Chapter 14 It is the next day when Tori sees Christian at work "Feeling better" Christian nods "Yeah but we should talk" Tori nods after all she knows she can't avoid him forever as much as she did want too. The pair walk into Tori's office "So what up?" Christian takes a breath "My sister coming to town" Tori looks at Christian still not getting it "I haven't told her we broken up" Tori then is starting to understand why he is telling her this "So what exactly are you asking me to do" Christian looks at her "We need to pretend we are together why she is here" Tori looks down "I don't think I can lying is not my thing" Christian grabs Tori hand "Talk it over with Cash but please for my sake think about this. I don't want to have to leave the bay and we might not be together but if i was forced to leave how would you feel" Tori looks at Christian "I will think about it" With that Tori leaves the office It is later that day when Tori sees Cash and grabs his hand as the pair begin to walk along the beach "So Christian sister coming to town" Cash looks worried "You worried you will get grilled for moving on from Christian" Tori shakes her head "She doesn't know we broke up" Cash is surprised "What?" Tori looks at him and rests her head on his shoulder "He wants us to force been together when she here" Cash is worried it will be hard on Tori "And do you want to do that" Tori isn't sure she does "I don't know I get why he haven't told her about the breakup and why he is asking for my help but I don't want to get hurt again or old feeling to come resurface" Cash pulls Tori into a hug "Whatever you do is your choice not his. It is your decision Tori" Tori smiles at Cash knowing he is right
  8. Chapter 13 It is later that day when Tori arrives for work at the hospital and Jasmine sees her "Is Christian ok?" Tori nods "Why wouldn't he be?" Jasmine looks at the doctor "Because he called in sick and you know as well as I do he isn't one to call in sick" Tori nods "I'm sure he will be fine he is a doctor after all" With that Tori walks away and heads to her office Cash is in uniform when he walks in the diner and spots Leah "Hey" Leah smiles "Hey can we talk" Cash nods as Leah ushers him out the back "What is it?" Leah takes a breath "Yours and Tori plan her ex I'm worried he will do something dumb" Cash wonders if there more too this "If anything he will finally realize what an amazing person he lost and that is a good thing" Leah nods she knows he is right but it is killing her seeing Cash so happy with Tori and wishing it was her
  9. Chapter 12 Tori and Cash are at the Morgan's when Justin walks in and sees then together "So it actually true your dating the cop that arrested me you are unbelievable" Justin goes to his room and slams the door shut as Cash looks at Tori "You ok?" Tori shakes her head "Can we just get out of here?" Cash nods as the pair get up and leave Tori head is buried in Cash's chest as they walk along the beach when Cash spots Leah talking to some guy he never seen before "Hey Leah" This causes both Leah and the guy to turn around and walk over "Hey" They spoke in union before Christian speaks again "You ok Tori?" Tori smiles "I'm fine Cash this is Christian my ex" Cash smiles as the pair shake hands before Tori makes a quick excuse saying her and Cash need to be someone As both Leah and Christian watch Tori and Cash in each other arms it hurts but Leah keeps that she is hurting hidden and focuses on Christian "You ok?" Christian shakes his head "I need a drink" Leah nods "Me too my shout" Christian smiles at this "Sounds great to me" The pair then head up to Salt to drink away their sorrows
  10. Chapter 11 It is the next day when Cash arrives at the Morgan's and is greeted by Tori who invites him in "How Justin?" Tori smiles grateful he cares about her family "He isn't good he gone for a surf and Leah" Cash smiles at the mention of her name "She hates that she hurt him but doing ok" Tori looks at Cash curious "You like Leah right?" Cash nods "I do and I think she just as jealous as Christian" Tori smiles "Well looks like the plan is working for us both" Cash nods "Yeah I think it is" The pair smiles before cuddling each other and watching a movie. Justin is coming out of the surf when he spots Christian "You ok?" Christian nods his head "Totally time Tori moved on forgetting about me" Justin looks confused "What?" The pair sit down "Yeah she is dating Cash the new cop" Justin is hurt "The one that arrested me Wow. I'm sorry for mate that blows but don't give up on her cause I know she does love you" Christian smiles "It doesn't feel like that to me" Justin looks at his friend "Well she is she is just hurting" Christian nods "I know but how can I fix things when she is with someone else?" Justin gets up and looks at his friend "Just don't give up on her" Christian nods as Justin walks away
  11. Chapter 10 The pair arrived in Salt and after ordering a drink and sitting down Leah decides to ask the question that she was wanting to know the answer "You and Tori is it real or just an act?" Cash was surprised by the question and took a sip of his drink before deciding to be honest with Leah "If I tell you the truth you can't tell anyone" Leah nods "I won't say a word" Cash nods that good enough for him "It is all an act to make Tori's ex jealous and realize what he's lost" Leah nods "I must admit I didn't think Tori would do something like that to get back at Christian but I understand why you both are doing but just tell me do you like her" Cash nods "Yeah I do as friends maybe even best friends but I have my eye on someone else" Leah surprised to hear this "Can I ask who?" Cash shakes his head "Not yet I am keeping it to myself for now but when there are developing I will let you know" Leah smiles "Thank you" Christian knocks at the Morgan's door and when Tori opens it he sees the house is a mess "What happened here?" Tori looks at her ex "Leah and Justin broke up and he was upset. Anyhow what are you doing here?" Tori looks at Christian waiting for an answer "We need to talk" Tori shakes her head "I moved on Christian and I'm happy maybe it time for you move on too" Christian is upset "I'm sorry but it too late" Tori then shuts the door in Christian's face as he leaves and tries to figure out how to win Tori back before she loves Cash more then him
  12. Chapter 9 Tori smiles as she walks down to the beach and sees Cash. She kisses him and he returns it after all they need to keep the act up. Tori smiles as she looks at Cash "Our plan is working Christian is jealous" Cash smiles "Good we just need to make sure he is more jealous until he realizes what he have lost" Tori smiles as she wraps her arms around Cash "And that we do" Cash kisses her and she returns it. Tori is secretly enjoying making Christian jealous and to make it even better Cash is attractive and a great kisser. Leah arrives home to see Justin "Leah I'm sorry" Leah crossed her arms "You need to listen to me. I can't take this anymore we are over" Justin is shocked "Leah we can fix this" Leah shakes her head "We can't this relationship is too broke to repair" With that Leah walks out as Justin sits on the floor crying losing the love of his life Tori arrives home shortly after to see her brother on the floor crying she kneels down beside him and grabs his hand "What wrong?" Justin looks at Tori as the tears keep flowing "Leah ended it said our relationship is beyond repair. The whole time she said we would get through it together and then she dumps me I don't understand" Justin keeps crying as Tori holds him tightly Leah is walking to the Surf Club when she spots Cash "Hey want to go for a drink" Cash nods he could use the company and he could see how upset Leah was "Sure. I'm guessing you ended it" Leah nods "I did and I feel better for it but I hate seeing him hurting" Cash nods understanding "Your allowed too. You care about him but you did the right thing putting yourself first" Leah smiles "I know" Cash hugs Leah and she returns it
  13. Chapter 8 It was the next day when Leah saw Cash in the diner "So you and Tori your together?" Cash nods and notices Leah looks upset "Are you ok?" Leah nods "Yeah it just i wish i was as happy as you guys" Leah knew she had to cover after all no one could find out she was falling for Cash. Cash gives Leah a smile "Your not happy with Justin" Leah can see his concern "Honestly no" Cash can see she is hurting and that pains him "How about we go for a walk and you can fill me in" Leah smiles "I would love that" Cash smiles as Leah tells Irene she is taking her break The pair are now walking side by side "So how long have you felt this way?" Leah can't believe she finally admitting this to someone "Since the addiction started. There been times he scared the hell out of me. I haven't felt love all I felt in pain" Leah knows she getting upset as Cash pulls her into a hug "Your allowed to feel that way by advice is to do what makes you happy not Justin" Leah looks at Cash as she returns the hug "And if it hurts him more?" Cash gets where Leah is coming from "You need to put yourself first not Justin" Leah nods "I know your right. I suppose I better go home and face him after all he got bail" Cash smiles "Good luck" Leah smiles back "I am going to need it" Leah walks away Meanwhile Christian knocks on Tori's office door "Come in" Christian opens the door to see Tori and Tori is surprised she seeing him "You and Cash it true" Tori was surprised and wondered how he knew so quickly "Jasmine told you" Christian nods "But I want to hear it from you is it true?" Tori nods "It is" In that moment Tori can see Christian looks heartbroken and knows hers and Cash's plan is working
  14. Chapter 7 Tori and Cash are walking along the beach holding hands when Jasmine runs up to then "So you two your a thing" Tori looks at Cash who nods as he kisses her before looking at Tori who speaks "I think you just got your answer" Jasmine nods as she looks at the doctor "You should tell Christian" Tori shakes his head "We broke up it none of his business who I see" Jasmine can't believe Tori doesn't cares "He loves you" Tori grabs Cash hand and they walk a bit away from Jasmine before Tori turns around "Well I moved on and I'm finally happy" With that the pair walk away from Jasmine When they are further enough away Cash looks at Tori "I won't lie I enjoyed that" Tori smiles "I did too. I think we are going to have some fun with this" Cash nods as he hugs Tori who returns it " I think we are too" The pair stay there for a while enjoying the view and each other company Jasmine is at Salt when she sees Christian and deciding he deserves to know the truth she walks over to him "You have a minute" This makes Christian look up and nods "Yeah is everything ok?" Jasmine shakes her head "There something you need to know" Christian is now worried "Is it Tori is she ok?" Jasmine takes a breath "I just saw her with Cash and she admitted they are seeing each other I'm so sorry" Christian was a mess he couldn't believe this he had lost her and he knew that now but he loved her so much and wasn't ready to give up on her
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