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Chloe Richards - Kristy Wright

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Im surprised there isn't one for Chloe.

what did you think of her?

I loved her when her rape storyline occurred and the birth and deaths of Olivia and Lachlan.

what else?


Also, do any of you think that her return for Alfs Party in 2005, was just a way to write Jesse out of the show after he quit.


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I just watched bits and pieces of her on the show;

1) Chloe kissing Jess before they were caught out by Marilyn

2) Tension between Selina and Chloe. I bet it is something to do with Chloe and Jess kissing.

2) Chloe giving birth to her daughter Olivia

3) Chloe feeding Olivia in public

4) Chloe breaking down in James' arms after learning of Lachie's death

5) Chloe crying and begging Joel Nash to find her daughter and bring her back after Diana had kidnapped her

That's all I can remember when I watched her on-screen.

And yes I did watch her return to the show in 2005 and I never liked it how they brought her back just to kill her off a few days later.

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3 hours ago, Trudy Heine said:

I wish she never died so she could return with Olivia,

She (Kristy Wright) has wanted to return but they killed her off for the departure of Jesse and drama to Alfs 60th, which could've had a better storyline (the Jesse thing)

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20 hours ago, dncllpyk said:

They could always still have Kristy return. Maybe as a look alike cousin of Chloes. They have done it before with Laurie Foell who played Angie then later Angie's look alike cousin Josie. 

Or she could return as Chloe, we didn't see her dead body and from what I can remember, I'm pretty sure there was no funeral. She might be in witness protection!

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7 minutes ago, Blaxland 89 said:

Yes maybe because that Troy guy was after her. That could be linked to something bigger. 

It could actually fit in well if they did do that especially for Olivia they could take her down the road of self harming to cope with her mum suddenly being alive and being confused about it.

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