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1995 - Your Thoughts

Dan F

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With the 1995 finale airing tomorrow morning, we've now completed the first eight seasons of the show on 7TWO!

So what were your thoughts on the 1995 season as a whole - did it live up to the hype (or your own memories) of being part of the 'golden era' of the show?

Such points to consider could be your favourite storylines, the storylines which didn't work so well, any character developments that you found interesting, what you thought of character arrivals/departures...even any points about new underscores/locations/opening titles etc. are all welcome.

If you need a quick reminder of all that's happened, you can take a glance through the preview article we published this time last year

Please only post your own reviews in this thread, one post per member, any discussion on the episodes themselves should continue in the 1995 discussion thread.

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1995 was a year that epitomised Home And Away. Shane and Angel, Curtis and Shannon, Michael and Pippa, Jack, Don, Marilyn, Irene, Alf and Ailsa, and Bobby (as a ghost).

Fave 1995 storyline was Ailsa's breakdown and Bobby's reappearance.

Donna Bishop left too early I think, she was an underrated character and written as a character who was from Summer Bay originally.

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Another enjoyable year, 

highlights for me included the Changing of the guard in a way to the new teen group, and the friendships and relationships they formed.  Shannon and Curtis seemed to blossom with their acting.  Always loved jacks character and acting, not so much Selena but she had her moments.

marilyn entrenching herself as a regular character again in summer bay with her beauty parlour and at the beach house.

the continuing stability of the long time senior characters of alf and ailsa, Pippa and Michael, and Don, they really underpin the whole early years era for me, 


Not looking foward to any of them being killed off or leaving:( 

the return of damo with the dreadlocks:lol: 

Dylan being incorporated into family life with Shane and angel transitioning to married life, with the leukaemia storyline thrown in which was a sad twist.

the dodge and Steven drama which culminated in them going over the cliff.

........so many good storylines, which seemed to incorporate a more serious and dramatic nature, maybe a touch too serious and not as much comic lighthearted fun as in previous years which I missed a bit.

looking forward to 1996, that year I was 22 and had my first child, so I used to watch it while I was on maternity leave.

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By Far the Best Season!

Home and Away at its Freakin' Zenith. Drink iiiiit iiiiin man.... (Chris Jericho is infectious) :D

Lot of Tempany Bikini scenes. Not complainig, she really does look nice in swimwear as does Isla. :wub::wub: Shame we never really got to see Kristy showcase her figure in that one beach scene. Back to Tempany, she seems decidedly thinner this season, not that she was ever fat.

Talking of Kristy, she improved on her initially regular run after a guest stint. Looks cute in those overalls

The Bushfire, Mud, Dodge, Saul. Definitely the year of the Bad Boys!

Still got laughs out of Don, Jack, Alf, Selina and even Pippa at one point "He's talkin' through his flamin' hat!"

The Lynches were good. Joe should have stayed, he would have integrated with the group well. He and Selina could have had a sort of brother-sister dynamic and Curtis was cool with him which got up Jack's nose a bit.

The Homecomings of Mazza and Stevo were brilliant.

I'm glad they tied Travis into Stevo's backstory. It is feasible they would have known each other during Steve's time at SBH (1988-90).  The house managed to stay for 20yrs before being blazed down (and undergoing an address change from 6 Bailey Street, to 12 James Street during that time). And Travis is a great friend to Curtis.

I like Kelly, she seems to be serious but likes a laugh (nowhere as uptight as some women in her age group.

As stated before for older women, Lynne McGranger and Diane Craig have great legs at this point!

The school rumble was one of those shocking moments, not so much Alf whacking Don but Don having the strength to send Alf into those lockers. I can just see after "Cut!" is Yelled

Norman: Ray, are you okay?

Ray: Yeah, fine. Jeez, that was a fair push!

Leigh (Director): Okay, guys. One more take!

Ray: *"WTF expression?"

I crack me up :D

Isla was on form this year. She deserved a few awards.

Top 5 episode appearances this season..

5. Donald Fisher - 140

4. Curtis Reed- 145

3.  Selina Cook/Roberts - 151

2. Shannon Reed - 153

1. Jack Wilson - 159

Records are fairly accurate... I missed about 30-odd eps.

In short H&A went back into its past but built up for the future.

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