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  1. My favourites, in no particular order Alf, Irene, Ailsa, Pippa, Damo, Shane, Sarah, Bobby, Flathead, Morag, Dodge, Jack, Frank (had a bit of a teen crush on Alex Papps in the 80s) the ones who were least favourite/annoyed me for whatever reason Michael, Angel, Greg, Sam, Roxy, Travis, Chloe, Selina, Tug, Shannon, Sally.
  2. Yes of course the pill was readily available, but the morning after pill wasn’t really an option until the 90s.
  3. I don’t think the Morning after pill was available back then?
  4. Pity we can’t see those years, since the reruns stopped there on 7two. hope to see them screened someday
  5. I enjoyed damo and Shane’s friendship, they got up to some humorous mischief together. also Sarah and angel in the early days
  6. Really missing my morning ritual of racing home to watch early years, after I have dropped the kids off at school. Hope it comes back
  7. Of course.....rap and hip hop were all the rage and very cool back then, and carrying the tape deck around lol can definitely feel a shift toward more modern times in the show, with computers and more technology, except for the Ross household which seems to be stuck in a time warp with the same old decor, do they still have the relic kombi? the whole lead up to Shane's death and the storyline was cleverly planned and written, so unexpected, yet it all ties together with the bike accident, because losing his spleen meant he was unable to fight off the infection. Ironic that being knocked off his bike didn't kill him, yet something so small like a cut hand did. Its quite surreal watching it again 20 years on, still just as sad I Liked the way organ donation awareness was brought into it, and good on Angel for consenting to it at such a difficult time. Its a pity he collapsed in such a remote spot at the lookout, with no one around at first to get help immediately. In that era when not too many people carried mobile phones to ring an ambulance. fantastic acting by Dylan at such a young age, he did a great job. Very moving scenes today with the ashes being scattered off the boat. good to see Damo back, dreadlocks and all
  8. Finn was so nasty to Marilyn, anyone would think she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth the way she carries on. Unsure how I feel about surrogacy, I know people desperate to have children will go to all sorts of extremes to achieve it, plenty of people go through ivf successfully. I would not judge unless I was put in that position myself to know how it feels. interesting storyline with the plane wreck and introduction of Simon.... I hate Kelly and travis as a couple, they just don't seem to gel......and going on about kids ad nauseum is the quickest way to drive a guy away so early on in a relationship, she is carrying on as if they have been married for years, slow down Kelly!
  9. I am not looking forward to the big changes ahead either, change of an era really, quite sad It is disappointing to see the change in jacks character, from a generally happy kid who was very likeable, to teenager with major attitude and massive chip on his shoulder. I guess anyone who has had teenagers knows how they can turn quite quickly into monsters seemingly overnight. I wish he and sally had never started a relationship, it has really destroyed their onscreen chemistry, they used to be so close. It was a surprise when he struck out at Michael, surprising how calmly he reacted really, when natural reaction may have been to whack him back. seems the psychological damage from growing up in a DV household is really affecting him and coming out now. I still think the show is screaming out for some comic relief, seems to be just one drama after another and so intense all the time, and it is going to get worse
  10. ...was also funny that at the time the radio announcer broke the story on ailsa, everyone just happened to be listening to their radios simultaneously
  11. Noticed jukebox in Siberia by sky hooks today, can't recall that one being played before.
  12. Enjoying the storylines, very dramatic when Curtis fell from the silo, With the scary sound effects. saul getting sleazy with Selena was rather sickening to watch, glad she came to her senses and ran away from him, what a smooth talker he is, easy to see how cult leaders like him suck people in. Wow that radio announcer came down pretty hard on ailsa, I am pretty sure hiv positive health care workers did have restrictions placed on them back then involving invasive procedures such as suturing though? Attitudes have changed these days, but who could forget those scary and graphic grim reaper adverts! Shame on that nurse for breaching confidentiality as well, the summer bay gossip mill going strong as ever Kelly has as much right to privacy as any other patient. I am liking Jacks haircut too. Sam is such a trouble maker, lying to cause trouble
  13. I find it interesting that Was good to see shane wake up, and angel has not lost the baby. Losing both of them at once would have been quite cruel and too much to cope with for Angel. strange to see fisher being so drunk that he doesnt remember what he did, I always thought he was a teetotaller, didn't he get really upset when they spiked his drinks at a party a while ago? so funny how the beach house is totally different, and no one has even mentioned it I will miss those lovely green depression glass dishes across the shelf. I also love that big old lead light cabinet in the lounge room at travis' house.
  14. Vicka and Linda's we've started a fire made a reappearance the other day. Seemed to have been used over a long period of time in the early years
  15. Tuckers daughter by Ian moss, used to love that song.
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