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  1. RIP, so sad gone way too young Big fan same as many teens were back in the 90’s, watching home and away. Lost interest after he died on the show and stopped watching then
  2. I recall, as being a teenager myself when home and away started, it was very popular with that age bracket of viewing audience. My parents and other adults I new were just not really into it. i think it had a lot to do with the time slot it was screened, 530pm here (after neighbours which was at 5 or may have been the other way around?) a time slot traditionally when kids watched tellie after school. also in those days we had no internet, phones or social media to occupy us, so TV was so much more popular for young people, and most people would sit down and religiously watch the same shows every day or week. So different to now when we can just watch catch-up episodes on technology when we feel like it. Totally different world really when you think about it.
  3. My favourites, in no particular order Alf, Irene, Ailsa, Pippa, Damo, Shane, Sarah, Bobby, Flathead, Morag, Dodge, Jack, Frank (had a bit of a teen crush on Alex Papps in the 80s) the ones who were least favourite/annoyed me for whatever reason Michael, Angel, Greg, Sam, Roxy, Travis, Chloe, Selina, Tug, Shannon, Sally.
  4. Yes of course the pill was readily available, but the morning after pill wasn’t really an option until the 90s.
  5. I don’t think the Morning after pill was available back then?
  6. Pity we can’t see those years, since the reruns stopped there on 7two. hope to see them screened someday
  7. Noticed jukebox in Siberia by sky hooks today, can't recall that one being played before.
  8. Vicka and Linda's we've started a fire made a reappearance the other day. Seemed to have been used over a long period of time in the early years
  9. Tuckers daughter by Ian moss, used to love that song.
  10. I noticed one episode last week on 7two had the previews for the following episode? It seemed to be a one off. Did this happen each day during the original airing of the episodes? I don't recall it when watching the first time around in the 90's.
  11. I was also wondering if the early years was going to still be on during the olympics?
  12. Really noticing the change in music to a more 90's flavour.
  13. does pippa and michaels house exist in real life somewhere, and is it still standing? If so where is it situated. It is such a beautiful old house. Did the filiming actually occur in this house or was it in a set. I noticed an lovely old wood stove in the kitchen the other day.
  14. the music doesn't seem to be as loud or prominent in the diner anymore. no more loud and repetitive Paul Kelly, vica and linda, jimmy barnes etc (there seemed to only be a limited number of songs that were repetitively played for a long time there)....it seems to have become more modern and more of a background tone to the scenes. I don't recognise a lot of the songs now.
  15. Thanks for that info, wow, that long! It really was an icon of Home and Away then. Along with the burger phone. I would have thought hard to get phones like that anymore.
  16. noticed today when sarah put a song on the juke box, the singles on there were actually on old vinyls! blast from the past. anyone know how long that jukebox was in use and when it was last seen on home and away?
  17. Vika and Linda's song "house of love" seems to be used quite often when there are relationship troubles (ie shane and angel)
  18. Noticed Yothu Yindi's song treaty, and Paul Kelly in today's episode. sometimes the background music is quite loud, find myself singing along with it, because the music from that era brings back many memories from younger years.
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