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Miss Diane - hi! :)

I'm good thanks - work is OK, not brilliant but OK.  I've moved within the office and I'm really missing some of the mates I used to work with :(  Awww!  But maybe there's a way I can get the best of both worlds - I'm working on it :)

After working all weekend and the weather being gorgeous, it decides to pee it down when I have a day off!  Typical!  How's you - was Sheffield rainy today?


MR Si-Co,

Miss Diane!! well Di would have done! :P Well at least it's OK and not terrible,I hope you can work it out some how!! to be with some of you mates and be where you are!, I'm okay ta,Yeah typical weather on you days off eh! it rained in the night and it's been very, very nice all day actually.

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I had to read the peeing it down bit a few time's!!, I thought you put you were peeing down a hill!! at first Si! :lol:

Do you remember the original Crossroads?  That was what Benny called Diane - I think he actually named a pig after her!  :



psst... word of the wise. Stating that Miss Diane was a name for a pig is not a great way to compliment a lass :P


Hehe. I'm sure Di will take it in the way it was meant!

Come to think of it, how did I mean it? :lol:


Thank's Jess :) for the support!, yeah come on Si,how did you mean it!! to look!! :lol:

Edited by Di
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