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Tobias Atkins (Henry Hunter) on Fresh Act Friday | Today Show

Guest Jen

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September 19, 2014:

Entertainment editor Richard Wilkins catches up with one of our best and brightest… the fabulous Missy Higgins! Plus it’s Fresh Act Friday, we take a look at Tobias Atkins.

"I would describe our sound as a progressive sort of twist on the experimental music of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Dip that in a big bucket of reverb and add Barry White-esque vocals, and you've kind of got what we have."

Watch the brief interview here: Video link


Apparently, Henry Hunter is all grown up.
I can still recognise his face anywhere. (Which sounded less creepy before I typed it.)
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Thanks for that Jen, I actually really like that sound. He hasn't changed a bit well not in the face anyway, I HATED that they got rid of Henry, I wasn't sure if Tobi left or was axed but it was a random and pathetic exit and the most unrealistic in the history of the show, just as they were establishing those teens as the new teen group they get rid of him and Henry and Cassie would have been a hot couple anyway I'm kind of heading off topic, well done Tobias.

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It was Tobi that decided to leave to concentrate on his education.

Thanks Dan, it's a shame they didn't Dick Sargent him, sometimes a recast works better then an abrupt exit and "It's a shame Henry couldn't make it to the funeral/wedding/graduation" isms.

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