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A Perfect Match

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Thank you for the comments. I hope you like where I have taken this now.... :unsure:


One year later.

Charlie pushed the buggy into the diner, Poppy banging her hands off the bar of the buggy in excitement at seeing her mother. “Hello precious,” Leah cooed down at her daughter. “Have you been a good girl for Auntie Charlie?” Leah questioned, bending down and rubbing her daughter’s cheek, Poppy babbling in response.

“We went to the park today and saw the ducks, didn’t we?” Charlie looked down to Poppy, Poppy’s big green eyes widening.

“Maa.” Poppy banged her hand off the bar of the buggy, showing excitement at her day out with Auntie Charlie and the ducks.

“Grab a seat and I’ll bring the coffees over.” Leah said, Leah now finished her shift, hence Charlie and Poppy meeting her at the diner. Charlie pushed the buggy to the back of the room and sat down at a free table. Poppy started to whine so Charlie lifted her out of the buggy, her curly brown locks falling into her face.

“Ah Pop’s look at your head full of curls just like daddy used to have,” Charlie moved them back from her face. “But you look super cute with your curls and little squishy cheeks,” Charlie pinched Poppy’s cheek and the 8-month-old squealed in delight. “You are so cute I could eat you.” Charlie gushed.

“Please don’t,” Charlie looked to her side as she saw Leah joining her at the table with two coffees. “I’d miss her a great deal.” Leah said, taking a seat next to Charlie, Poppy grinning as she reached her hands out to go to her mother. Leah lifted her from Charlie’s knee and placed her on her own.

Charlie gave a little laugh. “I won’t if you don’t tell Brax I am drinking a coffee.” Charlie said, opening two sugar sachets and putting them into the mug, before giving it a stir.

“Don’t get to excited,” Leah replied. “I made you a decaff.”

Charlie stared at her friend looking unimpressed. “Leah.”

“What?” Leah questioned. “It’s for the best,” Leah told her and Charlie sighed, looking unsure. “So, you heard from the boys?” Leah questioned and Charlie shook her head. Brax, Miles, Daniel and VJ had gone away for the weekend on a camping trip.

“Nah,” Charlie answered. “They said they’d call when they got there though,” Charlie said. “Maybe they don’t have reception or they are struggling to get the tents up.” Charlie laughed before taking a drink of her coffee.

“Such faith you have in our men,” Leah laughed. “Besides, I’m sure Brax will be able to put a tent up no problem,” Leah said. “Miles will be the one getting in the way.”

“Or Daniel and VJ.” Charlie mumbled, smiling at Poppy as she was banging her hands off the table.

“Okay so Miles, Daniel and Veej will be getting in way of Brax and his tent building,” Leah said, moving her coffee further into the table as Poppy was reaching out for it. Poppy turned her head to look at her mother, giving a sad pout. “Its hot baby,” Leah ran her hand through her hair. “You don’t want that, no you do.” Leah gently hit Poppy’s nose and the girl gave a giggle of delight. Charlie smiled at the youngster before taking a drink of her coffee, hoping Brax would get in touch soon so she could know that everything was going okay with her son.


April put the bottle into the baby’s mouth as she sat down at the table and looked back down to her biology text book. “I cannot take any of this in.” April sighed, the words on the page not making any sense in her mind. They had some exams coming up and even though they were technically only ‘mock’ exams it was still important for April that she did well.

“Maybe James is on your mind.” Dex teased.

“No,” April shook her head. “I’m not distracted at school,” April pursed her lips before looking to Ruby. “Am I?”

Ruby gave a little shrug. “It’s seems to me that you concentrate even more now.” Ruby told her.

“Well I need too,” April sighed. “I missed school when I had this one.” April said looking down to her son who was taking his bottle.

“Like a month,” Dex sighed. “He was only 3 weeks old when you came back.”

“Well I had too,” April replied. “It’s even more important I make the grades to get into uni now.”

“These are only our year 11 mocks,” Ruby reminded her. “Don’t get yourself stressed over them.”

“If I don’t do well maybe they won’t let me stay on till year 12,” April exhaled. “I need to ace all of them.”

Ruby rolled her eyes as she looked to Dex. “Tell her she is heaps smart.”

“You heaps smart.” Dex said and April gave her friends a thankful smile.

“Thanks, but,” April clicked her tongue. “Ever since Finn arrived I’ve.....my brain has gone to mush.”

“Well even with your baby mush brain you are still smarter that her,” Dex laughed and Ruby gasped as she gave him a steely glare. “Anyways, if you can’t concentrate then we need to take a break,” Dex told her, throwing his pen down on the table. “You going to see James again?” Dex wondered raising his eyebrows.

“I think so,” April gave a shy smile. “He was really sweet and funny and not to mention he is gorgeous.” April widened her eyes before giving her son another glance, his little hands gripping around the bottle as she fed him.

“And he’s cool with little Finnster?” Dex questioned glancing down at the baby who was in April’s arms.

“Uhm,” April pursed her lips. “I haven’t really told him about Finn yet,” April admitted. “But I will,” April added quickly. “Don’t start freaking at me.”

“It’s your choice when you tell him,” Ruby gave a little shrug. “But you know if you do maybe Finn will finally have a male role model.” Ruby said looking down to the boy who was still taking his milk, with great enjoyment it seemed.

“Hey,” Dex gasped as he looked to his girlfriend. “I am a very amazing role model for Finnster,” Dex said as he stood up and walked around the table, taking Finn from April, Finn whining as the bottle fell from his mouth. Dex quietly quietened him by putting the bottle back in his mouth. “Isn’t that right my little Finnster?” Dex cooed down at him. “Uncle Dex is all you need.” Dex said as he walked over to the couch, the girls smiling as Dex cooed over the almost 4-month-old.


Brax hammered the last pole into the ground before standing back, admiring his work. “Think this is well deserved,” Miles handed Brax the beer and the men clinked bottles before taking a drink. “Took a while but we finally got it up.” Miles noted.

“I’m sorry who did?” Brax said as he turned to look at Miles.

“Okay you got the tent up but I passed the things, you know so without my help you couldn’t have done it.” Miles said and Brax rolled his eyes

before looking out to the boys who were playing with sticks, using them as pirate swords.

“Boys the tent is up.” Brax shouted over to them and they came running over, dropping their sticks to the grass as they ran.

“It’s big,” VJ said as they stopped outside the door. “Would fit hundreds of us.”

“No,” Daniel shook his head. “It’s only for 6 people, VJ.” Daniel said before looking up to Brax. “Ay?”

“Yeah.” Brax nodded as he bent down and undid the zip. The boys running inside. They kicked their shoes off, leaving them in the centre area before each of them ran to different connecting areas.

“This is our room.” VJ said turning to look back out to Miles. Miles gave a little nod before throwing the sleeping bags into the tent, VJ starting to pull them out the bags to set up their home for the next couple of nights.

“Well this is ours,” Daniel said and Brax did the same, throwing in their two sleeping bags. “But what about the third room?” Daniel wondered.

“Ah we’ll just put our clothes and food and such in there,” Brax said. “Will leave this middle bit for a little party area, eh?” Brax suggested and the boys laugh.

“We can’t have a party in a tent.” VJ said, glancing up at Brax.

“Of course we can son,” Miles crawled into the tent and Brax followed. “And we can tell ghost stories by the campfire while we toast marshmallows.”

“Toast marshmallows,” The boys gasped as they spoke in unison. “Can we now?” VJ asked.

“Well after dinner when it’s darker,” Brax said. “But we need to go for a little walk in the woods right now so we can get some fire wood.” Brax told them.

“This is gonna be a cool weekend,” Daniel smiled. “But before we go to the woods can we phone my mummy?” Daniel wondered. “She’ll miss us already.”

Brax gave a little laugh. “Sure we’ll give her a call first.” Brax said, reaching into his pocket for his phone, thinking himself he should probably check-in with Charlie, knowing she’d worry if he didn’t.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


Charlie was on her second bowl of ice-cream when Ruby came into the apartment. “Hey,” Charlie smiled at her daughter. “How was studying at Aprils?” Charlie questioned, smiling at Dex as she saw him walking into the apartment behind Ruby.

“Uhm, yeah fine we got a bit done,” Ruby screwed her face up as she put her books down on the worktop. “See you bought more ice-cream.” Ruby gave a little laugh.

Charlie raised her eyebrows as she nodded, taking another spoonful. “You two staying for dinner?”

“Uhm, we were actually going to head out to Dex’s,” Ruby told her mother. “He uhm....can I....” Ruby pursed her lips. “Stay over?” Ruby cleared her throat. Although she’d stayed over at Dex’s before and he’d stayed at her place she always found it an embarrassing question to ask her mother.

Charlie closed her eyes as she gave a little nod. “We could always have dinner here first,” Dex suggested. “Head to my place later.”

“No no, you keep your plans,” Charlie told them. “It’ll actually be nice to have the whole place to myself for a night,” Charlie said. “Can have a nice long bubble bath; get through this tub of ice cream...” Charlie gestured to the ice-cream and Dex laughed.

“Don’t give the baby brain freeze.” Dex joked.

“The baby is the one who wants it,” Charlie told him. “So you know, what can I do?” Charlie questioned. “I’m just going to need to suffer through all this ice-cream eating.” Charlie joked.

“You crave ice-cream with Rubes and Daniel too?” Dex wondered.

“With Rubes,” Charlie told him. “Not so much Daniel. I didn’t want to put anything in my mouth when I was pregnant with Daniel,” Charlie remembered her pregnancy with her son, it definitely being the harder to the two, but so far, this pregnancy was a breeze and she hoped it stayed that way. “But craving ice-cream isn’t the worst thing, so...” Charlie trailed off, taking another mouthful.

“I bet not.” Dex replied.

“I’m just going to pack a bag.” Ruby said before she disappeared down the hall to her bedroom.

“So, Rubes tells me that you are looking for a new house?” Dex questioned.

“Yeah,” Charlie nodded. “Got a little cramped in here after Brax moved in and now we’re expecting it’s time to find a bigger place.” Charlie told him.

“Ah yeah,” Dex said. “Seen anywhere worth a look yet?” Dex wondered, the bay of course being small and it was possible nothing much was available right now.

“Yeah we are going to look at a couple places on Monday,” Charlie said. “Hopefully we’ll get something and get moved before I get to big or the baby actually gets here.” Charlie spooned more ice-cream into her bowl.

“Nah you still have plenty time before the bub will arrive,” Dex gave her a little smile and Charlie lightly rubbed her hand across her stomach. “And even if it takes a while to find the right place you have Brax to do all the work anyways.” Dex joked and Charlie gave a little laugh as Ruby came back down the hall with her stuff.

“Ready?” Ruby questioned and Dex nodded.

“I was the one waiting on you, so....” Dex raised his eyebrows as Ruby gave her mother a hug.

“See you tomorrow.” Ruby said as Charlie kissed her daughters temple.

“See you,” Charlie smiled as they made their way to the door. “And Rubes,” Charlie said and Ruby turned back to face her. “Be safe.” Charlie mouthed and Ruby rolled her eyes before closing the apartment door.


April walked into the house, James walking in behind her. “Hey,” April smiled at Bianca who was playing a game with Kaya. “This is James,” April pointed to him and he gave Bianca an awkward smile. “I’ll just need to grab something.” April said before walking over to the moses basket, glancing down at her sleeping son before disappearing into her bedroom.

“I’m Bianca,” Bianca stood up and shook James’ hand. “And this is Kaya.” Bianca ruffled Kaya’s hair as she pulled at her mother’s arm.

“That’s Finn.” Kaya pointed to the moses basket as he started stirring. Bianca walked over and picked him up to settle him. Kaya still wasn’t pleased with Finn being around but she was getting more used to him now.

“Cute name.” James smiled as he looked at the baby in Bianca’s arms.

“No, mummy doesn’t...” Kaya moved her hair from her face. “Uhm mummy doesn’t like him name,” Kaya said as she looked up at James, her little face all serious. “She no named him.”

“Ah okay.” James looked a little confused as he rubbed the back of his head.

“So James,” Bianca exhaled. “What do you do?” Bianca looked him up and down and could see the attraction. He had longish fair hair, Bianca clearly getting the surfer boy image from him.

“I’m an apprentice mechanic,” James told her. “Would love to be out in the surf all day but got to make money somehow huh?” James said and Bianca nodded in agreement as April walked back into the room.

“So we are going to head to the surf club,” April said as she pointed to the door. “I shouldn’t be too late but you’ve got everything under control here, right?” April glanced at Finn and Bianca pursed her lips as she raised her eyebrows.

“No April,” Kaya glared up at her Auntie. “You to take Finn so mummy and me can play more.”

“I’ll be home tonight for Finn so you can play with mummy okay?” April ruffled Kaya’s hair before she looked at Bianca again.

“See you later.” April said as she walked over to the door to leave, James walking after her as Bianca shook her head as she looked down to Finn who as yawning in her arms.


Brax, Miles and the boys were doing a spot of fishing, hoping to catch something for that night’s dinner. “Have you fished before dad?” VJ questioned as Miles threw the line into the river.

“Not for a long time,” Miles answered. “But I’m sure we’ll catch something. Beginners luck and all that, eh?” Miles smiled at his son.

VJ screwed his face up a little. “Brax have you fished?”

“Nah,” Brax shook his head. “But with you and Daniel giving it a go to we are bound to catch something.” Brax said and VJ gave a little smile, his legs dangling over the end of the seat.

“Can we catch a fish for mummy?” Daniel questioned.

Brax and Miles gave a little laugh. “I don’t think she’ll appreciate a fish buddy.” Brax looked to Daniel, smiling now at the sight of a boy, his hair fully grown back and colour in his cheeks.

Daniel screwed his face up a little. “Can I phone her soon then?” Daniel questioned.

“Yeah we’ll call her later.” Brax said and Daniel gave a little smile.

“Can we phone my mummy to?” VJ looked up to Miles and he gave a little nod.

“We can do,” Miles answered. “Daddy wants to talk to Pop’s.”

“Poppy can’t talk,” VJ scrunched his face up. “She’s just a stupid baby.”

“She’s not stupid,” Daniel said. “And I’m going to get a sister soon too.” Daniel grinned, excited for the new arrival.

“Maybe not a sister bud,” Miles told him. “Your mummy might have a boy.”

“No,” Daniel shook his head. “Brax says it’s a girl and I want a little sister too so I can be the same as VJ.”

VJ gave a little laugh. “A brother would be better.”

“Nope,” Daniel shook his head. “A girl, ay Brax?” Daniel looked back to Brax.

“Well I’d like a little girl but I’m sure another little you would be great too.” Brax said as he nudged Daniel and Daniel giggled up at Brax before looking back to the river, hoping he’d catch a fish soon.

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Thank you Sabrina, Spotd1 and Aden_Romeo_Lover2010 for the comments. :)


April pulled back from the kiss, feeling it getting a little too intense. “You okay?” James questioned, lightly rubbing her cheek.

“Mmm,” April nodded. “I just...we uhm, it was getting a bit heavy.”

James stifled a laugh as he looked around the surf club. “We can go to my place if you want?” James questioned softly. “Continue this there.”

“No,” April answered rather bluntly and James widened his eyes at her tone. “Sorry, just...it’s only our second date.”

“True. Sorry I just really like you,” James smiled. “From the moment I saw you on that beach I just....you’re a nice girl.” James told her and April blushed.

“I like you to but we need to take this slow. Are you okay with that?” April questioned and James gave a little smile as he nodded.

“You want me to walk you home?” James questioned and April gave a little nod before they left the surf club, James linking hands with her. April looked up to him and smiled as they walked back in the direction of her place. “So, it’s just you, your sister and the kids then?” James questioned.

“Uhm yeah,” April answered. “Just the four of us. How come?”

“You seem a tight little family,” James smiled. “It must be nice to be close with your family.”

“My sister is pretty much all I have,” April said. “Well of course there’s Finn and Kaya but my parents are both long gone from my life,” April exhaled sadly. “So, I don’t really have a close a family.”

“Well you seem tight with your sister and the kids at least.” James gave her a smile.

“Yeah,” April smiled as they continued walking along the road. She knew now would be the perfect opportunity to tell him about Finn, but there was just something stopping her. “What about your family?”

“Uhm,” James pursed his lips. “I live with my grandmother,” James exhaled. “It’s been me and her for about 13 years now. Mum passed away when I was 6 and my dad took off when I was only a few months old.”

“Oh God I’m sorry.” April spoke softly, with a comforting tone.

James shrugged his shoulders. “I’ve known more of life without my parents so...” James exhaled. “But my grandmother is amazing. I’d be....I’d be nothing without her.”

April smiled. “She seems to have done a great job in raising you.”

“Thanks,” James said. “She has been great. I’d let you meet her but maybe you’ll think it’s too soon for that?” James ran his thumb over her hand as they walked and talked.

“You did just meet my sister,” April shrugged. “Albeit very briefly.”

“True,” James said as they walked up to the path leading to the door of the house. “So, uhm, I had a nice afternoon.” James said, their hands breaking apart.

“Me too.” April bit her bottom lip.

“Well we’ll arrange a third date soon huh,” James lightly rubbed April’s cheek before leaning down and placing a soft kiss on her lips. April smiled into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck. “See you soon.” James smiled down at her, looking into her deep brown eyes that he found gorgeous.

“See you.” April said before opening the door and walking into the house.


Charlie put the bags down on the bed before sitting down herself, kicking her shoes off as she lay back on the bed, her hand going onto her stomach where a small bump was starting to appear. She could feel herself drifting to sleep when she heard her mobile ringing. She pulled it from her pocket and smiled as she saw Brax’s name on the screen. “Hello.” Charlie yawned.

“Hi mummy,” Daniel beamed. “We are packing to come home now.” Daniel informed her.

“Ah yeah, have you had a good time with Brax, Miles and Veej?” Charlie wondered, sitting back up on the bed.

“Yup,” Daniel answered. “We did stories and fishing and me and VJ caught the fish to eat and we cooked them on the camp fire and they were so yummy and we did walking in the woods and played cricket and running and toasted marshmallows....oh mummy it was just so much fun.”

Charlie smiled at hearing the excitement in her son’s voice and knew he’d had a great weekend. “Sounds like you’ve had a great time bud.”

“Yeah the best.” Daniel grinned.

“And you were a good boy for Brax and Miles?” Charlie questioned, although there was no doubts in her mind that her son wasn’t good for Brax.

“Uh-huh,” Daniel answered. “I listened to every word they said,” Daniel told her and Charlie stifled a laugh. “Uhm does you want to talk to Brax?” Daniel wondered.

“Sure,” Charlie answered and she heard some mumbling as Daniel passed over the phone. “Hey.” Charlie said as she heard Brax’s voice on the other side.

“Hey,” Brax said again. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah good,” Charlie answered. “I’ve just gone out and done some shopping.” Charlie pursed her lips, hoping Brax wouldn’t be to mad she’s done baby shopping without him.

“You mean for Pip?” Brax questioned.

“Yeah,” Charlie answered. “But I didn’t get to much, I...I...well I was bored here on my own so thought some baby shopping would cheer me up.” Charlie said.

“Aww well your two favourite boys will be home in a couple of hours,” Brax joked and Charlie gave a little laugh. “I’ve not missed Pip’s first kick, have I?”

“No,” Charlie once again rubbed her stomach. “It’s a bit early for kicks still.” Charlie told him.

“Hmm,” Brax sounded unsure. “Well you just tell her not to kick till I get back.” Brax instructed.

“Don’t worry babe, the bub won’t kick for a least another month.” Charlie said and Brax pursed his lips.

“Well you just keep telling her that she needs to wait for daddy before she kicks, okay?” Brax said as he threw the tent bag into the boot of the car.

“Okay dear,” Charlie laughed. “I will do.”

“And no more baby clothes shopping till I get home,” Brax told her. “I’m supposed to be the one who gets to spoil my little princess.”

“You might get a prince,” Charlie told him. “Don’t hold out for a little girl too much.”

“You had Rubes then Daniel so it’s a girl next. The pattern will follow,” Brax said. Of course he’d be just as happy with a son but he was really hoping for a daughter. He just loved the idea of having his little princess. His little daddy’s girl. “Just you wait. I’m right on this one.”

“We’ll see,” Charlie exhaled as she heard the door open and she heard Ruby’s voice in the apartment. “Anyways I’ll let you get packed and get on the road for home. I’ll see you soon.”

“Yeah,” Brax exhaled. “See you lovely girls soon.”

“See you.” Charlie said before they hung up their mobiles, Charlie throwing hers down onto her bed just as Ruby came in, her eyes widening

at all the stuff her mother had bought.

“Brax will kill you.” Ruby widened her eyes before she started pulling stuff out of the bag, looking at the clothes Charlie had bought for the baby.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


“Mummy,” Daniel came crashing into the room, wrapping his arms around his mother, clearly pleased to see her. “I missed you. You can come next time okay?”

“I’m sure that defeats the purpose of a boys’ weekend sweetie.” Charlie ran her hand through his hair. “But mummy missed you to. I’m glad you are back.”

“Yeah,” Daniel grinned as he pulled back from the hug and ran his hand around her stomach. “Has Pip been okay?”

“Yeah,” Charlie stifled a laugh. “Everything is good with the baby.” Charlie smiled.

“Mum went crazy and bought like a whole shop full of clothes.” Ruby said as she walked down the hall to greet Brax and Daniel’s return.

Brax raised his eyebrows at the news. “I thought you said you didn’t buy much.”

“I uhm...” Charlie rubbed the back of her head.

“I wanna see.” Daniel said running down the hall to his mother and Brax’s room.

Brax and Charlie followed to the room, Daniel already pulling out the baby grows, blankets and towels. “Yeah I don’t think this kid will need anything else until she’s about 2.” Brax laughed.

“You are so exaggerating,” Charlie slapped his chest. “And anyways I didn’t get any of the important stuff like the cot or the pram or anything,” Charlie said. “And I only got gender neutral stuff. So if you do get your girl then you can buy lot of dresses for her.”

“And I will,” Brax grinned before wrapping his arm around Charlie and placing a kiss on her temple. “Anyways, you need to get dinner going right?” Brax teased. “Make it up to me for starting this baby shopping without me.”

“I’ll make it up to you tonight for that.” Charlie whispered before placing a soft kiss on his lips.

“I like the sound of that.” Brax raised his eyebrows before they shared another kiss.


April folded the tabs on the nappy before pulling Finn’s little red shorts back up his legs. She lifted him up, cradling him close to her as she placed a soft kiss on his temple, Finn cuddling into her. She rubbed his back as she walked out of her room and into the living room, where Kaya was dancing around excitedly. “Hey poppet what you so happy about?” April questioned.

“Me and mummy is going swimming.” Kaya twirled around.

“Ah wow,” April grinned down at her niece. “To the beach or to the pool in Yabbie Creek?”

“Uhm,” Kaya scratched the side of her head. “The one in Abby Creek....me thinks,” Kaya scrunched her face up. “Yeah yeah Abby Creek.” Kaya danced around as April pulled her phone from her pocket as it beeped. She smiled as she saw James’ name on the screen.

“Looks interesting.” Bianca raised her eyebrows as she walked into the room with the bag of swimming things.

“It’s James,” April looked up to Bianca. “He’s wondering if I want to go meet him.”

“Well as long as you do some exam revision at some point tonight its fine with me if you go out to meet him.” Bianca said, Bianca of course wanting to keep April on top of her studies.

“Yeah I’ll revise later when Finn is down for the night,” April said. “So you can watch him for a couple of hours?” April questioned.

“No,” Bianca shook her head. “Kaya and I have plans.”

“For swimming,” April screwed her face up. “Surely you can take Finn.”

“Surely you can take Finn out with you and James,” Bianca exhaled. “You’re going to need to tell him he’s your son at one point. Why not now?”

April looked to her son who was staring up at her, his big brown eyes – just like hers – all wide. She smiled softly at him and he gave a babble as he wave his fist out to the side. “Because I really like this guy and don’t want to lose him before we really even start.”

“Then all the more reason to tell him,” Bianca sighed. “You’re only going to let things get more serious then when you do tell him he’ll hate you for hiding it for so long.” Bianca said and April pursed her lips as she glanced at Finn again, her heart melting at his cute little face with his chubby little cheeks, his dark hair sticking up on end. She rubbed the back of his head as she placed a kiss on his forehead.

“Please just take him swimming,” April said. “I just need a few more days,” April sighed. “Please. You are his Auntie.”

“And you are his mother,” Bianca raised her voice. “I’m sorry and I know you really like James which is why the sooner you tell him the better,” Bianca said before glancing down at Kaya who was staring up at her mother and Auntie as they spoke. “C’mon sweetie.” Bianca held her hand out and Kaya took her mother’s hand before they house. April exhaled as she once again looked at her son who was giving her a gummy grin.

“James is going to love you huh?” April questioned. “How can anyone not love you?” April cooed, lifting him above her head. “My little snuggle bug.” April lightly rocked him from side to side and Finn babbled in delight. April pulled him close to him again before taking her phone back in her hand, agreeing to meet James.


“You sure you’re mum or Brax won’t be home?” Dex questioned as they walked into the apartment after having been to the surf club for a couple of games of pool after school.

“No,” Ruby answered. “They are looking at houses.”

“Don’t you want to look at the houses too?” Dex wondered, thinking she would want a say in the new place.

“As long as I get my own room I don’t mind,” Ruby answered. “Besides, mum and I like the same kinda places so I am sure if she likes it, I’ll like it.” Ruby threw her schoolbag down in the room as Dex did the same.

“Fair enough.” Dex exhaled.

“Mmm,” Ruby nodded. “Anyways, don’t you prefer me being here, with you?” Ruby raised her eyebrows as she wrapped her arms around Dex’s neck, Dex stepping in a little closer to his girlfriend.

“I very much do.” Dex grinned as he placed a soft kiss on her lips.

“Well then,” Ruby pulled back before kissing his lips. “What you questioning it for?” Ruby kissed him again.

“I really don't know.” Dex said before he kissed her again, this one becoming more passionate as they made their way over to the bed.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


April pushed the buggy across the grass, smiling as she saw James sitting waiting on the bench, looking out to the ocean. “Hey.” April smiled as she parked the buggy at the front of the bench before she sat down, pulling the buggy a little closer, looking at her son as he stared out at them.

“Hey,” James replied before looking down to the boy, pulling a funny face at him and Finn gave a little giggle. “Babysitting the nephew?” James questioned.

April pursed her lips as she leaned forward, unclipping the buckle and lifting her son out and putting him on her knee. “Not quiet,” April exhaled. “He’s not my nephew. He’s....I’m....” April bit her lip, wondering if by the look in James’ eye that he’d figured it out himself. “Bianca is not his mum. I am.” April exhaled.

“Oh,” James widened his eyes. “Uhm....why....why didn’t you tell me right away?” James brought his hand forward and lightly rubbed Finn’s cheek, Finn looking down to his hand.

“I was scared,” April shrugged. “I...I really like you and I didn’t want to lose you. I,” April pursed her lips before leaning down and placing a soft kiss on Finn’s head. “I just wanted a chance.”

“I’d still have given you a chance,” James told her. “You’re a really sweet, gorgeous girl and I want to see where we can go.” James said and April looked up to him, giving him a smile.

“But you know that Finn is my life. He’s always -”

“I know,” James said before rubbing Finn’s cheek again. “But he’s a little cutie. I’m pretty sure I have room in my life for both you and Finn.” James told her and April felt her heart flutter as his acceptance.

“And I....I didn’t want you thinking I was some slutty teenager who slept around,” April pursed her lips as she looked up to James, his green eyes looking a little shocked at her thoughts. “But I....I do see now you wouldn’t think that.”

James gave a little shrug. “Accidents happen.”

“Yeah,” April exhaled. “But he was a good accident. A great one even.”

“Of course,” James said before once again glancing down at the baby. He held his hand out and Finn looked down to it, bringing both his hands forward and wrapping them around James index finger. James gave a little laugh before looking back to April. “Can I hold him?” James questioned.

“Sure,” April answered glancing behind James as she saw Xavier staring at the scene as he walked towards the beach with his surf board under his arm. She quickly broke eye contact as she passed Finn to James, James noticing the change of mood in April. He turned his head to see Xavier walking down the beach. “He left me when I told him I was pregnant,” April said, seeing James already figured out who Xavier was. “Hasn’t cared to come see Finn or even pay for one nappy.”

“What a douche,” James exhaled as Finn stared up at him intently taking in the new face. “How can anyone not want to be in their kids life?” James shook his head a little. “I’ve never understood why my dad walked out,” James looked back down to Finn who was sitting happily in his arms. “I mean look at the little cutie,” James cooed. “He’s adorable. How can anyone not want him in their life?”

April gave a little shrug. “He’s missing out but I’m not about to force him into something he clearly doesn’t want to do. And Finn is doing good. He’s got me and my sister, Ruby and Dex and Irene spoiling him.” April said and James gave a little laugh.

“What about cousin Kaya?” James questioned.

“She still needs convincing.” April laughed.

“Well I’m sure she’ll come around soon enough,” James said. “How can anyone not like this little dude?” James cooed at Finn and he gave a gummy smile. “Wanna go for a coffee?” James questioned and April nodded as she stood up, expecting James to pass Finn to her, but James stood up keeping hold of Finn. April smiled at James’ complete acceptance of Finn as she pushed the buggy towards the diner as James walked beside her, Finn staying in his arms.


Charlie, Brax and Daniel were at the surf club, Daniel and Charlie getting a gelato after the house viewings. “Brax do you not want ice-cream?” Daniel questioned.

“Nah I think your mummy is eating enough for me, herself and the baby.” Brax laughed.

Daniel scrunched his face up before taking a spoonful of his ice-cream. “But it tastes so good,” Daniel put a generous amount on the spoon. “Take some.” Daniel held his spoon out and Brax took the ice-cream in his mouth, screwing his face up at the coldness.

“Well at least you share buddy,” Brax looked to Charlie who was ramming the ice-cream into her mouth like it was the last tub on earth. He gave a little laugh as he rubbed her back. “So, what did you think of the houses?” Brax questioned.

“I liked the second one,” Daniel answered. “It had a big garden to play in and the room for me was already blue.”

“I liked the second one best to bud,” Charlie smiled at her son. “It had a bigger room for the nursery and we would get an en-suite,” Charlie said as she glanced at Brax. “That’s pretty cool to have.”

“Yeah,” Brax said. “Won’t need to fight Rubes out of the bathroom in the morning.” Brax laughed.

“Oh,” Daniel giggled. “I’m gonna tell her you said that.”

“Ah buddy don’t rat me out,” Brax teased. “Us guys are supposed to stick together.”

“We is sticking together but I’m still telling Ruby what you said.” Daniel told him before taking another spoonful of his ice-cream.

Charlie gave a little laugh as she ran her hand over Daniel’s hair as Brax shook his head, still mocking disappointment. “You’re not working tomorrow are you?”

“Nah.” Brax shook his head.

“Good because Daniel has his hospital appointment at 4.30,” Charlie told him. “I have work till 4 though so can you pick him up from school and meet me at the hospital?”

“Yeah,” Brax nodded. “We’ve been over this a million times, Charlie.” Brax laughed, Charlie going through a forgetful stage in her pregnancy.

“Of course,” Charlie rubbed the back of her head. “Well just as long as we both know the plan.”

“It’s in here,” Brax tapped the side of his head. “Don’t worry.”

Charlie gave him a smile before taking another spoonful of her ice-cream. “Brax?” Daniel questioned. “Can we play pool?” Daniel questioned.

Brax looked over to the table, seeing it was now free. “Sure. Go rack ‘em up,” Brax gestured to the table and Daniel jumped down and ran across, putting the triangle on the table before collecting all the balls and placing them in the triangle. “Don’t worry about tomorrow,” Brax whispered as he rubbed Charlie’s back. “The appointment will go fine.” Brax placed a kiss on her temple before going over to the pool table to play with Daniel.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


Brax, Daniel and Ruby were at the mall in Yabbie Creek, Brax having taken them after school. Daniel and Ruby had milkshakes and they were all sharing a bowl of chips as Brax had a coke. Daniel picked up a few of the chips before throwing them back to the bowl. “Ouch.” Daniel waved his hand out in front of him.

“Eugh Daniel.” Ruby sighed as she picked up a fork and took a chip onto it.

“Thems were hot.” Daniel frowned before taking a drink of his milkshake.

“Just give them a few minutes buddy.” Brax told him before putting a couple of chips into his own mouth.

“So,” Ruby exhaled. “Why did you bring us here?” Ruby wondered.

“And there has to be a reason that I take my kiddies out for chips and a milkshake?” Brax questioned.

“Nah but there probably is one.” Ruby said as she dipped the chip into the tomato sauce before eating it.

“Okay,” Brax gave a little laugh. “There was something I wanted to ask you two.”

“Oooh,” Daniel widened his eyes as he touched the chips again before picking one up and putting it into his mouth, waving his hand in front as he bit it, still finding it a little hot. “What is it?”

“Well,” Brax took a deep breath. “I was thinking maybe it was time I asked your mummy to become my wife.” Brax said, glancing from Daniel to Ruby.

“Yeah,” Daniel gasped. “You mean to have the wedding and be married?”

“That’s what I mean,” Brax smiled. “So what do you guys think?”

“Yes, yes, oh yes,” Daniel shrieked. “Aye Ruby, yes, yes, we say yes?” Daniel looked up at his big sister his eyes all wide as his face showed excitement at the idea.

“Hmm,” Ruby pursed her lips. “Well you did knock her up so I’d say it’s about time that you pop the question.” Ruby said as she smirked.

“Yeah,” Brax grinned. He knew he’d get the kids acceptance no problem but he still wanted to ask before going ahead and choosing the ring and of course asking Charlie. “You think she’ll say yes then?”

“Of course,” Daniel raised his voice. “Oh Brax please you have to ask her,” Daniel looked like he was going to burst in excitement. “My mummy would be the most prettiest bride in the whole wide world ever seen.”

Ruby laughed as she ruffled Daniel’s hair. “So, you want me to help pick the ring?” Ruby questioned watching as Daniel stuffed chip after chip into his mouth.

“You’re advice would be most appreciated,” Brax told her. “Don’t choke on them,” Brax laughed as he glanced at Daniel. “And don’t tell your mum that I got you chips so close to dinner.”

Daniel gave Brax a cheeky grin. “Does this mean you is going to proper be my daddy now?” Daniel wondered.

“I’m already your dad bud.” Brax told him and Daniel gave a big grin before looking up at Ruby.

“And Ruby’s?” Daniel questioned. “You will be Ruby’s dad too?”

“Of course,” Brax said glancing at Ruby who was smiling at him. “Now let’s get these chippies eaten so we can look at the rings before we need to get you to the hospital.” Brax said, watching as Daniel and Ruby were taking a drink of their milkshakes, smiling at the little family he had that was only going to get stronger once he and Charlie married and of course the baby arrived.


April placed a soft kiss on her son’s temple before laying him down in his cot. She smiled fondly down to him, just watching him sleep for a moment before walking over to her desk, sitting down and opening the math book, needing to do some revision for her up and coming exams. Just as she was about to start, there was a soft knock at the door and April turned her head as Bianca walked into the room. “Was just coming in to see if you wanted me to put Finn down so you could study,” Bianca spoke in a soft whisper. “But I see you’ve got it all under control,” Bianca glanced into the cot, Finn with one arm out straight above his head as his other curled around, his hand touching his ear. She smiled fondly at her nephew before walking over to April’s bed and taking a seat. “So, you’ve yet to tell me how it went with James yesterday,” Bianca said. “Or is your silence on the matter an indication of how it went?”

“He was fine with it,” April smiled. “More than fine, really,” April exhaled. “He’s a natural with kids. New just how to hold him and made him laugh.” April told her sister and Bianca gave a little smile, glad James was big enough to stay with April and accept she had a son.

“So he still wants to date you?” Bianca gathered and April nodded, a rather large smile appearing on her face. “So, tell me a bit more about him. All I know is his name and I should know more, considering he is going to be around not only my sister but my nephew as well.”

“What else do you want to know?” April questioned.

“I dunno,” Bianca gave a little shrug. “The usual things. Age, surname... that stuff.”

April screwed her face up a little. “He’s 19. His name is James King and he lives with his grandmother who’s raised him since he was 6. He’s an apprentice mechanic who loves surfing.”

“Hmm a little older....” Bianca raised her eyebrows.

“What?” April laughed. “Think he’ll be a bad influence and lead me astray?” April said. “Cos I’m not sure getting myself knocked up at 16 could be beaten.”

“True.” Bianca exhaled.

“And I am 17 so it’s not like he is heaps older and I thought you liked him when you met him?” April questioned.

“I only talked with him for....seconds,” Bianca said. “But he does seem like a keeper,” Bianca gave her sister a smile as she stood up from the bed. “Anyways, I’ll let you get on with your revision. Kaya and I will be in the garden if you need me.” Bianca said and April gave a little nod before Bianca left her to study.


“Mummy.” Daniel jumped down from the seat and ran down the hall and into Charlie’s arms.

“Hey buddy,” Charlie kissed Daniel’s temple. “You have a good day at school?”

“Yeah was okay.” Daniel said as he and Charlie walked hand in hand back down the hall. Charlie leaned down and gave Brax’s a quick peck on the lips.

“How was work baby?” Brax wondered as Charlie sat down next to him, Daniel climbing up onto her knee.

“Alright,” Charlie gave a little yawn as she leaned her head against Brax’s shoulder. “How was your day?”

“Good,” Brax said as Daniel looked up to him, a grin on his face. Brax gave him a sly grin before looking back to Charlie. “How’s Pip been today?” Brax questioned. “Not missed the first kick, have I?” Brax sounded a little panicked.

“No,” Charlie answered. “Like I keep telling you, it’s too soon for kicks.” Charlie told him, before running her hand over Daniel’s head, Charlie clearly a little worried for his appointment.

“Today is going to go fine you know,” Brax assured her. “He’ll still be in remission. He’s got heaps more energy now, his immune system is so much stronger....” Brax trailed off. “I know you’re a worrier but the little bud is going to be fine.” Brax spoke softly, rubbing her arm.

Charlie pursed her lips as she looked at her son. He did have more energy, more colour in his face and he hardly ever complained of feeling sick anymore. “Yeah I am sure you’ll be right.”

“Am I going to get needles in me today?” Daniel wondered, Charlie seeing fear in his eyes.

“They might want to take another blood test,” Charlie told him. “But me and Brax will be there with you, okay?” Charlie assured him and Daniel gave a shy nod before cuddling into his mother as they waited for Dr Fisher to come for Daniel’s appointment.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


Charlie and Brax were relaxing on the couch, Daniel already tucked up in bed and Ruby in her room doing some revision. Charlie was cuddled into Brax, Brax’s hand on her tiny bump, rubbing it ever so gently. “What about Shay?” Brax questioned.

Charlie glanced up at him, assuming he was talking baby names. “What about no.”

Brax scrunched his face. “What about Matilda?” Brax gave a little smile, liking the sound of the name. “She can be Tilly, Mattie or Tilda.”

“Don’t you think it’s a little early to be talking baby names?” Charlie questioned.

“Don’t you think it’s a little early to be buying a shop’s worth of clothes?” Brax retorted, a cheeky grin etching on his face.

“A handful of onesies, 2 blankets and a towel is hardly a shop’s worth of clothes,” Charlie sighed. “But since we are talking baby names what about Aiden?” Charlie questioned.

“Nah not going to need Aiden,” Brax shook his head. “Will suggest Tabitha though.”

“And I will take your suggestion and put it in the trash pile.” Charlie stifled a laugh as Brax frowned.

“Baby we need to get a name for little Pip.” Brax sighed.

“You know I’m only 13 weeks,” Charlie told him. “Don’t stress out. We have plenty time to get the right name,” Charlie rubbed his chest. “Ruby wasn’t named till she was a few hours old and poor little Daniel went near a week before I named him.”

“Well I am telling you now little Pip is no way going to be in this world a week with no name,” Brax told her. “We are naming her before she even comes out of there.” Brax said.

“But what if we agree on a name then see her and think she doesn’t look like her name?” Charlie wondered.

“Of course she’ll look like it,” Brax answered. “It’s her name.”

Charlie didn’t look so sure. “Well we have plenty time, so don’t stress.” Charlie told him again as she rubbed his chest. “Like you say you want the perfect name so it’ll take time to get the right one, right?”

“Hmmm.” Brax nodded as he rubbed her arm before they heard a creak from the floorboard. They turned their heads to see Daniel walking down the hall. He climbed up onto the couch, sitting half on Brax and half on his mother.

“You alright bud?” Charlie ran her hand over his hair.

“I just woke up and can’t sleep now.” Daniel sighed, leaning back into his mother.

Charlie wrapped her arms tightly around her son, glad that his appointment went well. Daniel’s test results came back all clear, the boy still in remission, which greatly relieved Charlie and Brax. “Well you have school tomorrow buddy so you shouldn’t really be up.”

“Brax,” Daniel exhaled as he looked up to him. “Tell mummy I should stay up.”

Brax stifled a laugh. “I think you should be in bed, bud.” Brax told him and Daniel frowned.

“You said we boys is apposed to stick togethers,” Daniel sighed. “So you should say the same as me.”

Charlie gave a little chuckle. “Well he’s going to side with mummy on things like this,” Charlie said. “But Brax will take you back to bed and maybe read you a quick story huh?”

“Will you Brax?” Daniel questioned. “A Flash one?”

“What else would I read you buddy?” Brax wrapped and arm around Daniel as he stood up, Daniel being lifting up with him, dangling by his side. “I won’t be long.” Brax whispered down to Charlie before he took Daniel back down to his bedroom.


April placed Finn down for his nap in the moses basket that was in the living room. She gave a yawn, having had a hard day at school but knew she needed to keep working and do some revision. She reached for her phone as it beeped and smiled as she saw James’ name on the screen. Hey hun, hope school was good today. Want to meet later for a bite to eat? Maybe Angelo’s? Little dude is most welcome too. Xx

She gave a smile and went to reply but was distracted by the sounds of the doorbell. She put her phone down before walking over to the door and was completely shocked to see Xavier standing at the other side. “Xavier.” April spoke coldly.

“Can I uhm...” Xavier cleared his throat as he rubbed the back of his head. “Can we talk?” April pursed her lips before gesturing for him to come into the house. Her eyes instinctively went to the moses basket before looking back to Xavier who was keeping his eyes away from the baby.

“Well?” April questioned, feeling awkward in his presence. They’d never really talked since the break up, Xavier preferring to keep a distance.

“I,” Xavier took a deep breath. “I want to see him,” Xavier told her. “I want to see my son.”

April pursed her lips as she glanced at the moses basket once again. “Why now?”

Xavier gave a little shrug. “I saw you on the other day. I....he....” Xavier stopped talking. “When you told me you were pregnant I was scared. I was so young and -”

“And what about for me?” April butted in. “I was just as young, I was just as scared if not more so because I was the one who was pregnant. I was the one who had to deal with everything. And on my own. I....” April felt herself welling up. “Where was that sweet caring boy who stood up for me with Scott? I thought you’d be supportive.”

Xavier bowed his head. “I’ll be here now,” Xavier told her. “I’ll be here for you and for Finley.”

April scoffed. “His name is Finn.”

“Right,” Xavier pursed his lips. “Well I want to be a family April, I do,” Xavier stepped forward and tried to take her hand but April stepped back, shrugging away. “Please just give me a chance.”

April lightly shook her head. “Why now?” April questioned and Xavier shrugged. “Because of James?” April wondered. “I know you’ve seen me about with him. Seen him with Finn.”

“Well I should be Finn’s father, not him. It’s my name on that birth certificate. He’s has my name,” Xavier said, hitting his chest with his index finger. April once again scoffed as she walked over to the cabinet and went into the bottom drawer, fishing threw some documents. She found the paper she was looking for and handed it to Xavier. “Father is blank,” Xavier sounded confused as he looked back to April. “Why would you do that?”

“You dumped me for being pregnant,” April told him. “You didn’t come to any hospital appointments, you weren’t there to help me through the birth, you’ve not given me a cent for him. Why would I put you on the birth certificate?”

Xavier opened his mouth to talk but no words came out. He glanced at his name and pursed his lips as he read his sons full name. “Finn Joseph Scott.” Xavier spoke out loud.

“Joseph was my grandfather,” April told him before once again glancing at the moses basket. “Look I...for Finn’s sake I’m not going to stop you if you want to be in his life but we’re not...we’re not going to be a we again,” April told him. “Ever.” April said. She didn’t think she’d ever forgive him for leaving her to deal with the pregnancy on her own.

“But April, I -” Xavier started to talk but April shook her head and spoke over him.

“No,” April raised her voice. “If you want to be in Finn’s life then we’ll figure something out but if you are only here to get back with me then you are wasting your time,” April told him. “And given the fact you haven’t even looked at Finn yet I’m pretty sure I know where you stand,” Xavier glanced at the moses basket before looking back to April. “Just go Xavier.” April said and Xavier stared at her for a moment before walking over to the door, leaving as requested.

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Thank you Spotd1 and Sarah.


Daniel ran into the bedroom and climbed up onto the bed. “When you asking my mummy to marry you?” Daniel asked as Brax took his work shirt from the wardrobe and put it on.

“Uhm, I’ll ask at the weekend,” Brax told him. “I’m going to take your mummy for a nice day out.”

Daniel pouted sadly. “That’s too long away,” Daniel sighed. “I want to tell her.”

“No no,” Brax shook his head. “You have to keep it a secret.”

“I’m not saying,” Daniel sighed. “But I just wish she could know.”

“It won’t be long, I promise,” Brax ruffled his hair as he sat down on the bed next to Daniel. “You excited for me to marry your mum?”

“Oh yes,” Daniel nodded. “And my baby sister and the new house,” Daniel grinned. “We will be a great family, huh?”

“Yeah.” Brax had to agree.

“Can we plan hungry hippos tonight?” Daniel questioned. “Me, you, mummy and Ruby?”

“I have to go to work buddy,” Brax told him before glancing to his watch. “But mummy will be home any minute so I’m sure she’ll play with you.”

“Oh,” Daniel rubbed the side of his head. “What about Ruby?”

“She’s out with Dex,” Brax told him. “But just you and mummy will be fun, huh? Daniel and mummy time?”

“Mummy is the best to be with,” Daniel grinned. “But you is second for me now Brax. You is like a daddy to me because my real daddy doesn’t love me,” Daniel pouted sadly as he bowed his head down. “Not even when I was sick.”

“Aww buddy,” Brax wrapped his arm around Daniel and pulled him into him. “I’m the only daddy you are ever going to need, okay?” Brax told him, leaning down and placing a soft kiss on his head.

“Can I call you daddy?” Daniel questioned.

Brax widened his eyes in surprise. “Wow, uhm,” He felt his heart beating faster at the request. “You’d need to ask your mummy that one.”

Daniel once again pouted. “Ask mummy what?” Charlie questioned as she walked into the room.

“Mummy.” Daniel beamed as he jumped down from the bed and ran into her arms. Charlie seemed to hug him extra tight and with extra warmth and Brax seemed to notice this.

“Is everything okay?” Brax stood up and walked over to Charlie, who stood up, keeping a hold of Daniel as she wrapped her other arm around Brax, Daniel getting a little squashed in the middle.

“I uhm.” Charlie took a deep breath.

“Mummy mummy,” Daniel said. “Can I -”

“Hang on just now buddy,” Brax said as Charlie put Daniel down. “Go watch some cartoons huh,” Brax lightly pushed on Daniel’s back and Daniel sighed before running out of the room. “Charlie what is it?” Brax looked into her eyes, seeing something wasn’t right. “Is it the baby?”

“The baby is fine,” Charlie exhaled. “I am fine and the baby is fine,” Charlie repeated. “I uhm...” Charlie pursed her lips as she looked into Brax’s eyes, seeing he was worried by her body language. “Okay so I uhm....” Charlie took a deep breath. “There was an accident and work today.”

“Well what was it?” Brax questioned. “Charlie you are scaring me. Just tell me what happened.” Charlie took a deep breath before going to tell Brax what happened.


April buttoned up the little white and blue shirt before lifting her son into her arms, walking out of her bedroom and into the living room. “Have you seen my phone?” April put Finn down on the play mat and hit the rattle, Finn babbling in delight as it moved.

“No but you two are all dressed up pretty,” Bianca glanced down at Finn before looking to April who was wearing a red skirt with a white sleeveless top tucked into it. “Got plans?”

“Uhm yeah,” April threw the cushions from the couch, trying to find her phone. “We are going out for dinner with James.”

“Watch Finn doesn’t eat too much then,” Bianca joked. “You know what he can get like.”

April gave a little chuckle. “I’ll limit him to the one course,” April walked over to the toy box and started pulling out all of Kaya’s toys, wondering if it had been cleared away in there. “I swear I just had it,” April rubbed her forehead as she pouted up at her sister.

“Well I don’t know where you put it.” Bianca shrugged as Kaya came running out of her bedroom, frowning at seeing all of her toys over the floor.

“I just clean them up.” Kaya sighed as she ran over to the toy box and started to clean them away again.

Bianca chuckled at her daughter before looking back to April. “So you’re taking Finn on your date?”

“Yeah,” April nodded. “James was the one who said he could come,” April smiled. “I uhm, I guess it’s important that he gets used to Finn anyways. You know if things go well for us,” April exhaled. “Can you please call my phone?” April sighed and Bianca rolled her eyes before reaching for her phone and calling her sister. April followed the ringing into Kaya’s bedroom, finding her phone on her bed. She sighed as she picked it up and walked back into the living area. “Kaya,” April sighed down at her. “What you been doing with my phone?”

“Oh,” Kaya stood up from putting her toys away and glanced up at her Auntie, moving her hair from in front of her face. “I phoning the hospital.”

“What you phoning the hospital for?” Bianca laughed at her daughter.

“Uhm to take him back.” Kaya pointed to Finn who was still lying on the play mat, the rattle now stopped but he was still staring up at it in awe. Bianca bent down and knocked it again, Finn kicking his legs out excitedly.

“He’s not going back to the hospital,” April told her. “He’s my little boy and he’s staying here with me.”

Kaya scowled. “He been here long enough.” Kaya stomped her foot.

“Well sweetie if you just gave Finn a chance you’ll see that he’s a lovely little guy,” Bianca said and Kaya frowned as she shook her head before running back into her bedroom. April walked over to the play mat and picked up her son. “So James is alright with Finn coming along?”

“Yeah,” April answered. “He was the one who said he could come,” April opened the door and put Finn in the buggy. “He’s accepted him, it’s nice.”

“It is nice to see,” Bianca smiled as April put her phone into the pocket of the nappy bag before hanging it over the handles of the buggy. “Better than his father already.” Bianca mumbled.

“Speaking of him,” April exhaled. “He came over this afternoon.”

“Oh,” Bianca raised her eyebrows. “What did he have to say for himself?”

“Wants me and Finley back.” April told her.

“Finley?” Bianca raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah,” April exhaled. “Anyways I’m going to be late to meet James but I’ll talk to you later.” April said and Bianca gave a little nod as April left the house to go on her date.

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Thank you CharlieAndBraxLover and Spotd1 for the comments.


Charlie led Brax over to the bed and they sat down on the edge. “We were raiding a drugs operation out by Mayers Point,” Charlie pursed her lips. “There was more guys than we expected there,” Charlie exhaled. “They uhm...guns were fired and....I was shot at,” Brax widened his eyes as his hands went onto her arms. “I’m alright, clearly,” Charlie said. “It grazed me in the lower back but I had a bullet proof vest on.”

“So you were actually shot?” Brax raised his voice in shock.

“It grazed my left side,” Charlie answered. “But like I said I had a bullet proof vest on and I was checked over by the medics. Me and the baby are fine.”

Brax exhaled as he stood up and paced the room, running his hand through hair. “How can you sound so calm?” Brax questioned. “You we’re shot at, Charlie,” Brax shouted. “I...” Brax shook his head as he trailed off.

“But I am okay,” Charlie exhaled as she stood up. “Babe, things like this, it comes with the job. It’s a risk that’s always going to be there.”

“Yeah and what if the next time you don’t have a bulletproof vest on?” Brax questioned, his voice staying raised. “You’re life, the baby’s life. Our baby, Charlie,” Brax sighed. “I....” Brax shook his head as he rubbed his forehead. “I forbid you to do this anymore.”

“You can’t forbid me to do my job.” Charlie raised her voice.

“I can,” Brax replied. “And what about the rest of the officers?” Brax questioned. “How did you get shot from behind? Was no-one backing you up?”

“They came from behind. We didn’t think anyone was back that way,” Charlie exhaled. “Look, Brax I really am okay. I have bruising and it’s stinging a little but there’s no tissue damage, there’s no internal bleeding, cracked bones, I’m fine, the baby is fine and isn’t that the most important thing?” Charlie questioned.

“Nah,” Brax shook his head. “You’re job, it’s too dangerous. I don’t feel comfortable anymore with you being out there. With our baby being out there.”

“There’s just as much risk of me going out there and getting hit by a car or being in some freak accident than there is me being hurt on the job,” Charlie spat. “I understand your concern but what I do for my job is not up to you.”

“Maybe it is when you are carrying my baby,” Brax retorted. “Charlie I...” Brax pursed his lips. “Can’t you just do office work?”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “I’ll do what I want and I’m not about to take orders from my boyfriend. You knew I was a sergeant when we started dating so if you want me then you need to accept the job too.”

“But can’t you see it’s dangerous?” Brax questioned. “You are putting our baby at risk. I always worry about you being out there but ever more so now you’re pregnant.” Brax’s voice was getting louder and louder.

“Life is a risk, Brax,” Charlie yelled. “I’m not letting one little accident like today’s stop me from doing what I love,” Charlie said. “And it’s not my problem if you can’t deal with that.” Charlie muttered, Brax’s breathing sounding heavy, like he was angry.

“But Charlie -” Brax was cut off by the sounds of Daniel yelling.

“Stop it,” Daniel ran back into the room. “Just stop shouting. You’re not apposed to shout to each other,” Daniel sounded like he was going to cry. “Stop it.” A lone tear rolled down Daniel’s cheek before he ran from the room, his bedroom door slamming shut.

“I need to go to work.” Brax mumbled before walking out of the room. Charlie stood for a moment her lips pursed before she jumped at the sounds of the door slamming shut. She took a deep breath as she ran her hand over her stomach before walking out of her bedroom, going to comfort her son.


“Sorry I’m a little late,” April said, stopping outside the surf club. She stood on her tiptoes and James leaned down and kissed her. “I couldn’t find my phone. Turns out Kaya stole it in the hope to call the hospital and sent Finn back.”

“Not the little dude,” James gasped as he grinned down at Finn who was staring up at him from his buggy. “Kaya being a mean big cousin?” James cooed and Finn grinned at him. “Anyways you’re not going to need your phone. I’m here to entertain you.”

“True,” April raised her eyebrows. “But I always need to have it with me, you know just in case.” April glanced at Finn and James gave a little nod.

“Who by the way looks a little cutie tonight,” James smiled. “Look at little dude all dressed up for our date,” James leaned down and tickled Finn’s cheek with his finger. “And mummy looks gorgeous too huh?” James raised his eyebrows as he looked up at April, giving her a smile.

“You scrub up well too.” April said as he stood back up, putting his hand on the buggy handle and walked into the surf club. April followed after him and lifted the end of the buggy so they could get it up the stairs to get to the restaurant. James pushed the buggy inside as April walked in after him. She glanced around the restaurant and bit her lip as she caught sight of Gina and John in the corner table. She followed James as the host showed them to a table, James parking the buggy in the corner, spinning it around so Finn could see.

“Can I take him out?” James questioned and April nodded as she turned her head and once again glanced at Gina and John, Gina having caught sight of her. James lifted Finn out of the buggy and placed him on his knee before glancing over to where April was looking.

“Finn’s grandmother,” April cleared her throat. “Well no, she uhm...she doesn’t have anything to do with him. Xavier doesn’t want to be in his life so she thought it best to stay away too,” April pursed her lips. “But now....” April trailed off. “Well Xav came round this afternoon. He wants us back.”

“Oh,” James widened his eyes. “Uhm and what do you....” James cleared his throat, not really wanting to stop seeing April, but if it meant Finn’s parents would be together maybe he would have to step back.

“I don’t want him back,” April shook her head. “I hate him. Well no, I...he gave me Finn so I love him for that but as my boyfriend, I...” April clicked her tongue. “We’re not going to happen again.”

“Are you sure?” James questioned. “I don’t want to get in the way of anything.”

“I’m like a million percent sure,” April exhaled. “I want to see where we can go.” April smiled and James grinned as he looked into his gorgeous deep green eyes.

“And what do you think little dude?” James looked down to Finn, who stared up at him, his big brown eyes all wide. Finn gave a babble as he brought his little hand up and rested it against James’ cheek. “I think he’s keen?” James laughed.

“He likes you,” April smiled before glancing at her watch. “He’s needs a feed.” April mumbled as she leaned forward and pulled the buggy a little closer to her and opened the nappy bag and took out the bottle.

“Can I?” James wondered and April gave a little nod as she passed his the bottle to him. James took the top off before putting it to Finn’s mouth, smiling down at the boy as he took the bottle. April watched the scene and felt her heart melt a little, feeling herself question what she did to deserve someone like James coming into her life.

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Thanks Sarah, Spotd1 and Aden_Romeo_Lover2010 for the comments.


“Buddy,” Charlie walked into Daniel’s room, finding him curled up on his bed. “Mummy’s sorry. She didn’t mean to upset you.” Charlie sat down on the bed and lightly rubbed Daniel’s side, Daniel sitting up and shuffling close to her.

“Why you shouting?” Daniel sniffed back, wiping tears from his cheeks.

Charlie clicked her tongue. “We just disagreed on something.” Charlie said as she rubbed her sons back.

“It’s not nice to shout,” Daniel pouted sadly. “You shouldn’t.”

“I know, but -” Charlie exhaled, running one hand over her other.

“Don’t break up,” Daniel spoke over his mother. “He can’t move out. You are having the baby and we are getting the house and I want to call him daddy so you can’t...you can’t.” Daniel cried.

“Look sweetie sometimes boyfriends and girlfriends will shout at each other,” Charlie told him, rubbing his back gently. “But we aren’t going to split up. We’ll still get the house and we’ll have the baby and we’ll still be the same happy family that we’ve always been.” Charlie said, wiping away tears from his face.

“But no more shouting?” Daniel sniffed back.

“I can’t promise that. Sometimes Brax and I will shout at each other but it’ll be nothing for you to worry about,” Charlie assured him. “I promise that.”

“Okay.” Daniel exhaled.

“And what’s this about calling Brax daddy?” Charlie wondered.

“Uhm,” Daniel sniffed before looking back to his mother. “I want to call him daddy because he is being a daddy to me but he said that I need to ask you first.” Daniel said and Charlie gave a little smile as she rubbed his cheek.

“Well if that’s what you want then its fine with me,” Charlie said and Daniel’s little face lit up. “I’m just glad you and him get on so well.”

“Oh mummy he is more than well,” Daniel told her. “He is just the best ever man. Nicer than Angelo too,” Daniel said and Charlie gave a little chuckle. “But is you two going to say sorry and kiss and be friends again?”

Charlie bit her lip, not really feeling like she needed to apologise. “We’ll make up.” Charlie told him and Daniel grinned.

“Good,” Daniel said. “Because you is gonna be married soon so you can’t shout to your husband and wife,” Daniel said before gasping as he covered his hand with his mouth. “Oh no.” Daniel muttered.

“Daniel Buckton, what did you just say?” Charlie spoke questioningly as she cocked her head to the side.

“Oh no really mummy you can’t tell him I told you,” Daniel gasped. “Mummy please.”

Charlie pursed her lips, trying to hold back the smile that was etching on her face. “I won’t say a word.” Charlie said as Daniel sighed in relief.

“I no want to spoil it for you mummy,” Daniel said. “He’s gonna have a nice day for you.” Daniel told her and Charlie smiled as she rubbed his cheek.

“I sure he will,” Charlie said, her heart beating a little faster at the thought of a proposal. “Now, I think it’s time that we have some dinner, huh?” Charlie questioned and Daniel nodded as he jumped off his bed.

“I go watch cartoons till you get it ready yeah?” Daniel said and Charlie gave a little nod as he ran out of the room. She looked down at her left hand and ran her hand over her wedding ring finger, the smile only growing on her face before she stood up and left the room to get her and Daniel some dinner.


James glanced down to Finn who was sound asleep in his buggy. “I can’t believe I ever thought he was Bianca’s child,” James said. “He is the spitting image of you.” James looked back up to April who was also admiring her son. He watched her watching him for a moment, pure love very evident on her face.

“Guess I should be thankful he doesn’t look like his father, eh?” April muttered as she looked up to James.

“Oooh,” James cocked his head to the side. “Cold.”

“Well no I,” April pursed her lips. “It wouldn’t be the end of the world if he looked like Xav, but you know I...” April trailed off. “Well I don’t really know what I am saying.” April gave a little laugh. James smiled at her before taking a drink.

“How about I offer you dessert?” James questioned. “Change the subject away from your unknown sayings?”

April stifled a laugh. “I couldn’t eat another bite.” April shook her head.

“Not even sharing?” James questioned. “I really fancy that cheesecake.” James gave her a little pout and April raised her eyebrows.

“We can share some cheesecake,” April said before taking a drink of her water. “I’m just going to nip to the toilet.” April spoke quietly as she stood up although she was unsure to why it came out so quietly.

“Make some room for this cheesecake eh?” James joked and April playfully slapped his shoulder as she walked passed him, out of the restaurant and into the bathroom. She gave an awkward smile before making her way over to the cubical.

“He seems like a very nice young man.” Gina said and April pursed her lips before turning to face Gina.

“Head and shoulders above my ex.” April mumbled and Gina raised her eyebrows.

“You have a very lovely little boy, April,” Gina told her. “You should be very proud.”

“Well one of his parents needs to be, right?” April replied.

“I tried to get him to stand by you,” Gina told her. “But he was young.”

April sniggered. “And I wasn’t?” April said. “I...do you know Xavier came to see me today?” April questioned and Gina nodded.

“Maybe he’s just ready to accept his responsibilities now.” Gina exhaled and April scoffed.

“Well he’s about a year to late,” April sighed. “And the way I saw it today he only wants me back, not Finn, so....” April shrugged. “He’s not ever going to get me back. I’m not going to stop him or you being in Finn’s life but if he’s only using Finn to get me, then,” April shook her head. “Anyways, I’ll let you get back to John.” April said before walking into the cubical, not really wanting to continue the conversation with Gina.


“I can see where he is coming from though.” Leah said as she handed Charlie the tea. Charlie being at her friend’s house and having filled her in on the argument with Brax the night before. She sat down on the couch next to her friend, glancing down at Poppy who was crawling around the floor in the living room.

“I know but,” Charlie shook her head. “He can’t dictate what I do.”

“He loves you. He just doesn’t want to see you or the baby getting hurt,” Leah told her as she rubbed her friends arm. “Did you talk more last night?”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “But I hardly see him on a Thursday anyways. I’m out at work first thing in the morning, I get home and he has to go out to work,” Charlie pursed her lips. “I was already in bed when he got home.”

“Because you normally are or because you wanted to avoid him?” Leah questioned. Charlie held her hands tightly around the hot cup as she looked down.

“I was tired,” Charlie cleared her throat. “I’d had an eventfully day.”

“Well that’s fair enough,” Leah said, looking down as she felt Poppy’s little hand on her ankle. She smiled as she saw her daughter grinning

up at her, her two teeth on show. She lifted her daughter up and placed her on her knee. “But Charlie, don’t let this get out of hand,” Leah told her. “I know what you can get like. You’re as stubborn as a mule,” Leah laughed. “But fix this, yeah?”

“Mmm,” Charlie nodded. “All Brax has to do is apologise.”

Leah exhaled. “Charlie.”

“I have nothing to apologise for,” Charlie retorted. “All I was doing was my job.”

“Charlie,” Leah sighed. “You need to see this from Brax’s point of view,” Leah spoke softly as she lightly bounced Poppy on her knee. “You’ve accepted this kind of thing might happen but Brax is trying to deal with that. Cut him some slack, yeah?”

Charlie clicked her tongue before shaking her head a little. “I don’t see that I need too,” Charlie said. “Did he ask me if I was okay? Did he attempt to comfort me after I’d been shot at?” Charlie questioned. “No,” Charlie answered herself. “So maybe I’ll cut him some slack when he shows me a little bit more concern.” Charlie’s voice was raised a little and Poppy stared up at her, her eyes widening at her tone. Leah rubbed Poppy’s curly locks before placing a soft kiss on the top of her head, seeing that Charlie did have a point.

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