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A Perfect Match

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Thanks Spotd1, Sarah, CharlieAndBraxLover and RoRo90 for the comments. :)


Charlie, Brax and Daniel along with Bianca, Kaya, Leah, Miles and VJ were walking around the fair and as promised, Brax had bought Daniel candyfloss and a can of pop, and to not make them feel left out, he’d bought the same for VJ and Kaya. VJ and Kaya were now running in circles around the adults, screaming and giggling. “Thanks for hyping them up on sugar.” Bianca slapped Brax’s arm.

“You’re welcome,” Brax laughed as Daniel lagged behind a little, the excitement of the rides and all the walking around becoming a little too much for him. “C’mon buddy.” Brax lifted Daniel up and put him on his shoulders, Daniel resting his hands on Brax’s bald head.

“Oh it’s high up here,” Daniel grinned. “I can see forevers.”

“You is so tall,” Kaya put her hand on Brax’s leg and looked up to him, before giggling at his bald head. “You look silly with no hair.”

“No it doesn’t matter,” Daniel sounded cross at his friend. “We is the same.”

“Yeah,” Kaya exhaled. “Brax looks silly, not you Daniel.” Kaya said, grinning up at the boy as he was on Brax’s shoulders.

“No he don’t.” Daniel answered.

“Mum,” VJ talked over their little quarrel. “Can I go on the spinning teacups again?”

“If you want,” Leah told her son, her hand running over her small bump. “Maybe daddy will go on with you.”

“Will you dad?” VJ grinned up at Miles.

“Yeah of course.” Miles grinned like a big kid before they ran off to join the queue.

“C’mon mummy.” Kaya pulled on Bianca’s hand and she reluctantly went along with her daughter, not really liking the thought of having to ride the spinning teacups again but she wasn’t able to palm her off with her father, so of course needed to sometimes do these things.

“You want to go on, bud?” Charlie looked up to Daniel but he shook his head.

“They spin too much and I get sick feeling,” Daniel rubbed his tummy. “Can we go to the carousel?”

“Yeah mate I love the carousel,” Brax rubbed his leg. “You joining us, Leah?” Brax looked round to her.

“Nah,” Leah shook her head. “I’ll stay here and wait on the others,” Leah said, already holding a teddy her son had won at a game stand, or that Miles had won on behalf of VJ. “You have fun though, Daniel.” Leah smiled up at him and Daniel gave a nod before Brax walked off with Charlie walking along with them.

“You would come on mummy?” Daniel questioned as Brax lifted him down from his shoulders, Daniel stepping in between Charlie and Brax and putting his hands in theirs.

“I sure will,” Charlie answered, standing to wait in the queue for the carousel. Daniel dropped both of their hands and stood a little in front of them. Brax wrapped his arm around Charlie, Charlie bringing her hand up and rubbing his chest. “You bored?” Charlie whispered.

“Not at all,” Brax answered. “I’m having a great time.”

“I promise soon we’ll have some time just the two of us,” Charlie told him. “Most of our dates have been for three and kiddy activities.” Charlie exhaled.

“Yeah and they’ve all been awesome fun,” Brax answered. “Baby don’t worry. I’m loving every moment of being with you and Daniel.” Brax said and Charlie smiled as they shared a quick kiss.


April threw her bag down on the floor before sitting down on the bean bag chair in the corner of Ruby’s room. Ruby stared at the bag for a moment before looking to her friend. “I didn’t say I would do this.”

“Rubes,” April sighed. “You are my best friend. You are supposed to have my back.”

“And I do,” Ruby replied. “Like if Xav ever breaks your heart or if one of the bitches from school spreads crap about you, but not this,” Ruby shook her head. “I’m not going to lie for you. You’ll get in heaps of trouble if Bianca finds out, you’ll get Xav in trouble with his mum and John and me with my mum for agreeing to cover for you,” Ruby exhaled. “I can’t do this.”

“Please.” April clasped her hands.

“No and I....you are rushing into this, April,” Ruby told her. “It’s only been a couple of months. How can you be so sure that Xavier is the one?”

“Because I just know.” April exhaled.

“Have you even said you love each other yet?” Ruby questioned. “Surely you want to be in love with the guy who takes your virginity.”

“Xav is awesome,” April answered. “He’s sweet and kind and caring and I love being with him,” April said. “And I think I am falling in love with him.”

“You think or you know?” Ruby questioned.

“I...” April pursed her lips. “What is this? Are you just jealous that I’m going to do it before you?” April wondered.

“No,” Ruby raised her voice. “I’m trying to stop you from making a mistake.”

“Who says it’s going to be a mistake?” April questioned. “Xav and I want to do this. We feel ready.”

Ruby pursed her lips, knowing she wasn’t going to change her friends mind. And that also, it wasn’t up to her anyways, it was up to Xavier and April what they did and when. “Well at least assure me that you are going to safe.”

“Of course,” April nodded. “Xav has taken care of that,” Ruby sighed as she shook her head a little. “So you’re my cover?” April gave a little pout.

Ruby bit her lip. “What time were you going to go over there at?”

April gave a little shrug. “Maybe in an hour or two.”

“Well I’ll decide then,” Ruby murmured. “I was just about to watch some New Girl if you’re keen?” Ruby questioned, standing up from her desk seat.

“Sure.” April gave her friend a little smile before following her out of her room to the living area.


Charlie ran her hands up Brax’s back and rested them on his head. She giggled as she pulled back from the kiss and looked into his eyes. “Baldness a turn off then?” Brax questioned.

“It’s not that,” Charlie answered. “I just....” Charlie bit her lip. “I like hair to grab.” Charlie mumbled and Brax gave a little laugh.

“Well sorry you can’t grab my hair for a little while,” Brax told her. “But your son needing this,” Charlie smiled as she never broke her gaze from his eyes. She lightly rubbed his cheek, her smiled growing bigger. “What you looking at me like that for?” Brax cocked his head to the side a little.

“No reason,” Charlie bit her lip before placing another kiss on his lips, Brax responding and letting it deepen immediately as he pulled her closer so her body was pressed up against his. “Mmm.” Charlie moaned a little as the kiss became more intense. Brax lightly cupped her bum cheeks from under her skirt, before his hands slid under her panties and onto her bare bottom. Charlie pushed lightly on Brax, resulting in him walking backwards, out of the kitchen and down the hallway towards Charlie’s room. Charlie felt for the bottom of his t-shirt before lifting it up over his head, throwing it down in the hallway and Brax pushed Charlie’s door open with his foot.

“Are you...” Brax whispered as he pulled back, resting his forehead against hers. “Are you sure you’re ready?” Brax questioned. They’d got to this stage before and Charlie had asked to stop, but he had a feeling that tonight they were about to go all the way and he couldn’t help but feeling excited at the prospect of being intimate with the woman he loved for the first time. Charlie gave a little nod as her answer, Brax looking into her eyes and knowing she was ready to take this step with him. He smiled before they met in another kiss as they began pulling at each other’s clothes.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


Charlie gave a little stretch before turning around in her bed, smiling as she watched him sleep for a moment. She traced over his ‘blood and sand’ tattoo with her finger tip, it peeking out from the sheet that covered the rest of him. “That tickles,” Brax kept his eyes shut as he brought his hand up and entwined his with Charlie’s, before they rested them against his chest. “Good morning.” Brax smiled as he opened his eyes, looking straight into her beauty.

“Good morning to you too,” Charlie spoke softly. “I love waking up next to you.”

“It’s alright eh,” Brax teased, his lips curling over into a smile. “Although Daniel is awesome it’s been nice to wake up and just see your face.” Brax lightly rubbed her cheek, most other times he’d stayed over, Daniel ended up in bed with them.

“Well after last night I hope that we can wake up just the two of us more often.” Charlie gave a little grin as she raised her eyebrows.

“I wouldn’t say no to that.” Brax answered.

“You know I,” Charlie paused for a moment. “I had a different kind of dream last night,” Charlie told him. “You were in it,” Brax smiled at hearing this. “It was me, you and Daniel on a beach somewhere. I think it was somewhere other than Australia,” Charlie smiled. “We eh, I dunno it was nice. We were a family and I....” Charlie pursed her lips. “My other dream, the one Daniel is always telling you about, it’s...” Charlie took a deep breath. “The night Daniel was conceived,” Charlie pursed her lips. “I...I always had that same dream but when you are hear next to me, I....I feel safe, I...” Charlie looked down. “Thank you for making me feel safe again.”

Brax pulled Charlie closer to him, rubbing her back. “That’s my job,” Brax smiled. “Well actually, it’s your job to keep people safe. It’s my job to give people pizza,” Brax noted and Charlie laughed. “Does this have anything to do with why you became a cop?” Brax questioned, lightly caressing her upper arm with his fingertips.

“What, my rape dreams?” Charlie questioned, before pursing her lips. “My father was a cop and I guess part of it was to try to make him proud of me,” Charlie admitted. “But most of it, yeah. After I had Ruby and I looked into her innocent little eyes one day and I.....I thought if anyone even harmed a hair on her head I’d...” Charlie trailed off. “Well if I am out there arresting all the scum then they’re not out there to hurt anyone, are they?”

“Nope,” Brax spoke softly as the door creaked open and Daniel came into the room, rubbing his hands over his eyes. “Hey bud, you have a good sleep?” Brax questioned as he climbed up onto the bed and slid under the sheet, cuddling into his mother. Charlie wrapped her arm around her son as she kissed his bald head as he cuddled into her.

Daniel gave a little nod. “Did you sleep over bald bud?”

“I did.” Brax couldn’t help but grin as he looked to Charlie, still captivated by her beauty.

“Can you stay again tonight and we can build a fort and sleep in the living room.” Daniel suggested, sounding hopeful for the night he’d like to have.

Brax looked to Charlie who gave a little nod. “I sure can.” Brax said and Daniel’s little face lit up.

“Can we go to the zoo today?” Daniel questioned. “Zoo animals are cool.” Daniel looked up to his mother, giving her puppy dog eyes.

Charlie pursed her lips as she looked to Brax. “I don’t have any other plans,” Brax told her. “A day at the zoo sounds good to me.”

“Right,” Charlie nodded. “We can go.” Charlie said and Daniel cheered as he jumped out of the bed and ran out of the room to get ready.

“Someone seems full of energy today.” Brax gestured towards the door where Daniel had just left.

“He’s probably still hyped up on all the sugar you let him have yesterday,” Charlie said slapping her hand against his chest. Brax gave a little laugh. “But if we are going into the city then we need to start getting ready.” Charlie told him.

“We’ll get up in 5,” Brax told her. “I haven’t kissed you good morning yet.” Brax said before pulling her down for a kiss.


April met Ruby on the beach. “Thanks so much for covering for me last night.” April grinned as she sat down next to her.

“I still never said I’d do it,” Ruby pursed her lips. “But uhm....how did it go?” Ruby was curious to find out.

“Meh,” April shrugged. “I uhm....you know in movies everyone is always like ‘it was perfect and amazing and just what I expected it to be?’” April questioned and Ruby gave a little nod. “Well it was nothing like that,” April gave a sort of sigh. “It was awkward and painful.”

Ruby exhaled. “So not enjoyable then?”

“It was getting more enjoyable,” April said. “But then....Xav finished, so....” April pursed her lips as she picked up a clump of sand, letting it fall through the gaps in her fingers.

Ruby raised her eyebrows. “You going to make a habit of wanting me to cover for you then?”Ruby wondered.

“Uhm....maybe,” April exhaled. “We eh are active now so....” April gave a little shrug.

“You don’t really sound pleased about that,” Ruby said, picking up on the tone in her friends voice. “You kinda maybe wishing that you waited a little longer?”

April felt herself welling up. “Yeah,” April answered. “But it’s done now so....” April pursed her lips.

“Ah April.” Ruby put her arm around her friend, April resting her head against her shoulder.

“You know I woke up this morning regretting what we did,” April opened up to her friend. “You were right. It wasn’t the right time. Not at all the right time.”

“Well maybe you don’t have to do it again until you do feel ready.” Ruby said.

“Xav’s wants too.” April sniffed back.

“So that’s why you did this?” Ruby questioned. “Because Xavier wanted to?”

“A part of me did too but......I didn’t want to lose him and I was scared making him wait would make that happen.” April said, once again playing with a clump of sand.

“God April,” Ruby exhaled. “You shouldn’t ever do something that you don’t want to do. Especially sex. If Xav loves and respects you then he’ll wait till you are ready.”

“You think so?”April questioned.

“Of course,” Ruby nodded. “And Xav is a good guy. I’m sure he’ll wait till you are more ready to sleep with him again.”

“I might talk about it with him later.” April pursed her lips, sounding unsure.

“You should,” Ruby advised. “But you guys were safe, weren’t you?”

“Mmm we were safe.” April bit her lip before looking out to the ocean wondering if she should mention anything to Xavier or not.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


Charlie, Brax and Daniel were at the zoo, Daniel on Brax’s shoulders as they made their way to the penguin house. Charlie had noticed since they’d arrived at the zoo that her son’s breathing sounded heavy and a little raspy, like Daniel was occasionally finding it difficult to catch his breath. She put her hand on Brax’s arm and he looked down to her, the both of them sharing a look which let Charlie know that Brax was concerned about his breathing too. “You feeling okay, bud?” Charlie questioned, looking up to her son.

Daniel gave a little nod, exhaling loudly. “I’m fine,” Daniel answered, Charlie hearing the loud short breaths he was taking. “I’m excited to see the penguins.”

Charlie pursed her lips, wondering if he was just trying to contain his excitement. She knew he could have problems with his breathing, but of course was worried it might mean something worse for her son. “Bud, did you know that the Emperor Penguin is the biggest of all penguins standing at 45 inches tall and the littlest is the Little Penguin - also known as the Fairy Penguin here in Australia or the Blue Penguin down in NZ - is only a tiny 13 inches tall.”

“Wow,” Daniel gasped. “I didn’t know that.”

“Check you out with your penguin trivia.” Charlie gave a little laugh.

“Casey used to be obsessed with them. Carried a little fact book around with him for months,” Brax said. “Heath and I heard the same fact’s over and over and over.” Brax rolled his eyes as he walked into the penguin house, bending his knee’s a little as Daniel ducked as they went through the door.

“There they are,” Daniel pointed through the glass to the penguins as they waddled around. “Look at them walk funny.” Daniel gave a little giggle.

“It is a little funny, hmm?” Charlie questioned, looking to the penguins as she put her arm around Brax’s back, Brax wrapping one arm around Charlie.

Yeah,” Daniel took a few deep breaths. “Tell me something else about them, Brax.” Daniel said, his hands resting on Brax’s head.

“Eh,” Brax sucked in his bottom lip. “They spend most of their time in the water and while they are birds, they can’t fly.”

“They like swimming.” Charlie grinned up at Brax.

“They do.” Brax nodded.

“What kinds are these ones?” Daniel questioned, showing an interest in the penguins more than any other animal they’d seen that day.

“These are little penguins.” Brax told him.

“Or blue or fairy penguins,” Daniel grinned, clearing having been paying attention to what Brax was telling him. “Brax can you buy me a little fairy blue penguin?”

“Daniel.” Charlie gasped at her son’s forwardness when it came to asking Brax things.

“What?” Daniel looked down to his mother. “They are cool.”

“They sure are eh.” Brax said. He could watch the penguins all day waddling around and tobogganing into the water.

“So would you get me one?” Daniel asked. “We can keep it in the bath at home so it has water.”

“You can’t keep a penguin in the bath.” Charlie laughed at her son.

“Could so,” Daniel retorted. “And we can take it to the beach so it has even more water and it can get its food. It’ll eat fish eh, Brax?”

“Yeah,” Brax answered. “But I think if you took one little penguin away it would get sad,” Brax told him. “He’d miss all his little penguin friends.”

“We’ll bring him to visit.” Daniel said.

“You can’t have a pet penguin bud.” Charlie told her son.

Daniel frowned. “They look like us,” Daniel pointed to what appeared to be a family of penguins. “The mummy one like mummy, the little baby one is me and that one is the Brax the daddy penguin,” Daniel continued to point as Charlie and Brax exchanged a smile. “Is we a family like them penguins?” Daniel questioned. Charlie and Brax both looked into each other’s eyes, their smiles only growing larger.

“We sure are.” Brax answered before Charlie tiptoed up and placed a soft kiss on his lips before the three of them continued to watch the penguins for a little longer.


Ruby walked down the hall, pretty sure of where her boyfriend had gone. “Dex if I walk into this room to find you playing with that stupid transmonster, I’ll....” Ruby cut off as she stood against the bedroom door, Dex in Daniel’s room, playing with the transformer.

“It’s a transformer.” Dex looked up to his girlfriend, correcting her mistake.

Ruby rolled her eyes. “I can’t believe my boyfriend would rather play with my kid brothers toys than hang out with me,” Ruby muttered. “Must say a lot about how good a girlfriend I am, huh?” Ruby folded her arms across her chest.

“You are a great girlfriend,” Dex smiled up at her. “Daniel just has cool toys.”

“For a 5 year old kid,” Ruby sighed. “Dex c’mon you are 16. You should be more interested in playing with me than playing with stupid transmonsters.”

“Formers,” Dex corrected her again. “And what do you want to play?” Dex asked. “On the Wii? Monopoly? Chess?”

“No,” Ruby sounded frustrated. “I meant....you know,” Ruby raised her eyebrows. “Fooling around.”

“Oh,” Dex looked a little shock. “Look Rubes, I really really like you and all but your my first proper girlfriend and I.....I don’t want to rush into sex.”

“Me either,” Ruby told him. “I wasn’t talking about sex. Just...kissing, holding hands....maybe a little canoodling.”

“We have plenty time for all that,” Dex replied, still seeming more interested in Daniel’s toy than his girlfriend. Ruby sighed, shaking her head lightly before walking into the room, pulling Dex up to standing before pushing him out of the room. “What you doing?”

“You should go home.” Ruby pushed him down the hall, annoyed that he wasn’t spending time with her.

“Rubes,” Dex sighed lightly. “I’ll stop playing with the transformer and we’ll hang out. Watch a movie and snuggle on the couch.” Dex said as Ruby took the toy from him before opening the door.

“See ya Dex.” Ruby said and Dexter sighed before walking out the apartment. Ruby closed the door and leaned forward her forehead resting against the door. She exhaled loudly as she looked to the toy in her hand before throwing it down to the floor in frustration.

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Thanks Spotd1 and Sarah. :)


Brax had worked hard at making the fort. He needed to move the dining table and the arm chair around a little but he’d built a pretty awesome fort. Charlie had brought extra blankets and cushions to form a softer base to lie on and of course, Daniel had brought along Theo bear for the fort camp out, along with his new penguin teddy he’d gotten from the zoo. Also sitting in the fort was a picture of a penguin, with a little information on it, Brax having adopted a penguin called Rocky for Daniel, Daniel sort of getting his wish for a pet penguin. They were now eating a pre-bedtime snack of milk and cookies, Daniel not able to take his eyes off the picture of the penguin. “Can I visit him every week?” Daniel questioned, looking to Charlie and Brax with a milk moustache.

“No,” Charlie answered. “You can’t go to the zoo every week.”

“Why?” Daniel wondered.

“Don’t you think it would get boring?” Brax questioned before taking another cookie from the plate.

“No,” Daniel shook his head as he gasped. “Animals don’t get boring.” Daniel exhaled, his breathing a lot better than the afternoon but it still wasn’t normal yet, something that was still getting to Charlie. “Can I go one time a month then?” Daniel wondered.

“That’s still a lot, bud,” Charlie told him. “But we’ll visit Rocky again, I promise.”

Daniel smiled as he cuddled his penguin teddy close to him, also called Rocky, after his real penguin. “Do I need to go back to the hospital soon?” Daniel asked, his eyes were slightly drawn into his very white face and now that he was bald, it was a lot clearer that he really was a sick little boy.

“You do,” Charlie gave a little nod. “Just on Monday and Wednesday and then you’ll be finished for 2 weeks. Get a little break.”

“So my bad cells haven’t become good yet?” Daniel bowed his head sadly. Charlie rubbed the back of his head before pulling him closer and into a comforting hug.

“Not yet, baby,” Charlie murmured. “But all this medicine is making sure it’ll happen okay?”

“Kay,” Daniel whispered. “Will you come to the hospital, Brax?” Daniel moved his gaze so he was looking at Brax.

“Uhm, I can come on Monday,” Brax told him. “But I’ve got work on Wednesday.”

“But you always come,” Daniel pouted sadly. “You have to come bald bud you do,” Daniel moved from his mothers grasp, crawling over to Brax. “What if it doesn’t work and I die?”

Brax widened his eyes as he looked to Charlie, not knowing how to answer that question. “You won’t die baby.” Charlie spoke flatly even though she tried to sound positive for Daniel’s benefit, but being honest, that thought constantly ran through her mind. What if Daniel didn’t make it through this?

Daniel sucked in his bottom lip as he rubbed the side of his head, like he was considering what his mother said. “Well people die with cancer.”

“But you are Daniel Buckton,” Brax said, Daniel looking back up to him. “You’ll be alright, bud.” Brax ran his hand over Daniel’s little head.

“If you come to my doctors with me,” Daniel said. “You’s got too.”

Brax sighed, his heart strings tugging at how much Daniel wanted him there. “I’ll talk to Angelo and see if I can change my shift but I can’t promise you, okay?” Brax said and Daniel smiled as he nodded his head. “And hey, if I can’t come how about you take Rocky instead? He’ll look after you if I can’t be there,” Brax reached across the fort for the penguin and sat him on his knee. “Mr Brax is right Daniel. I’ll look after you.” Brax put on a funny voice as he moved the penguin from side to side.

Daniel burst into laughter. “Oh Mr Brax you is so funny.” Daniel cuddled into Brax and he smiled as he wrapped his arm around the boy. He looked up to Charlie and she smiled before leaning down and placing a soft kiss on his lips.


Charlie was at the beach with Ruby and Daniel, the three of them building sandcastles. “Daniel,” Kaya was running down the beach. “Hey, Daniel.” Kaya dropped herself to the ground, crashing into her friend.

“Hello Kaya,” Daniel smiled at her. “Are you going to build castles with me?”

“Yeah I can,” Kaya’s little face lit up. “Mummy has my bucket and spade,” Kaya pointed to Bianca, who was on her way down to join them. “Hurry mummy.” Kaya jumped back up to her feet, running to her mother and grabbing the hand, pulling her down the beach.

“The beach isn’t going anywhere.” Bianca mumbled, hurrying her pace a little to please her daughter.

“Hey,” Charlie smiled at her friend as she joined them in the sand. “How it’s going?”

“Same old,” Bianca answered. “How about you? How was the zoo?”

“It was awesome,” Daniel answered on Charlie’s behalf. “We sawed lions and tigers and giraffes and elephants and monkeys but the best was the penguins and Brax bought me a penguin. I really got me a penguin.”

“Ah wow,” Bianca gasped. “You really got a penguin?” Bianca looked to Charlie, looking a little puzzled.

“Yeah his name is Rocky and he is a little blue fairy penguin. I gots a picture of him. Show her mummy.”

“We didn’t bring the picture, bud.” Charlie laughed, running her hand over his head, Daniel wearing a blue bandana to protect his head from the sun.

“Well you come to my house and I’ll show you.” Daniel told her.

“Can I get a penguin?” Kaya wondered, batting her eyelashes as she smiled sweetly at her mother.

“No,” Bianca shook her head and Kaya frowned. “So how has he got a penguin?”

“Brax adopted one for him.” Charlie said, watching as her son and Kaya threw the sand into the buckets, seeming like they were having a race to get the sandcastle built first.

“Ah of course.” Bianca gave a little nod as Kaya and Daniel suddenly stood to their feet.

“We just get a little water for a pool by the castle.” Daniel told them before he and Kaya ran off down to the water’s edge.

“Don’t go too far in.” Charlie shouted out, hoping they heard as they ran as fast as their legs could carry them down to the water.

“He seems in great spirits today.” Bianca gestured down to Daniel who was already filling his bucket with water.

“Yeah it’s a good day.” Charlie smiled. Daniel’s breathing was also back to normal today, which took a worry off of Charlie’s shoulders.

“Oh I meant to say,” Bianca put her hand on Charlie’s arm. “Thanks for letting April stay over the other night.”

Charlie looked to Bianca, feeling rather puzzled before looking to Ruby and seeing a pleading look on her face. “It was no problem,” Charlie said. “Like she wasn’t even there.” Charlie glanced back to Ruby as she spoke and Ruby pursed her lips, knowing she would be getting questioned later.

Bianca gave a little smile. “So, how are things with you and Brax?”

Charlie couldn’t help but grin. “They’re moving forward,” Charlie told her friend, raising her eyebrows as she spoke.

Bianca gave a girly squeal. “Tell me everything.” Bianca said.

“If you are going to talk about that I’ll go watch the kids.” Ruby said, gesturing down to her little brother and Kaya who had thrown their buckets to the side and had started splashing about in the water. Charlie gave a nod and a thankful smile as Ruby walked away.

“C’mon, Charlotte. Spill.” Bianca said waiting to hear how things were going between Charlie and Brax.

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Thanks so much for the comments. I'm not to pleased with how this is going... :( Hopefully it gets better soon, thanks for sticking by it though. :)


“So,” Charlie leaned herself against the breakfast bar as she stared at her daughter as she got herself a drink from the fridge, Daniel across the hall, knocking on Brax’s door, seeing if he was home yet. “April stayed the other night, did she?”

Ruby pursed her lips. “I didn’t ever agree to covering for her.” Ruby mumbled.

“Where was she?” Charlie questioned. “Xavier’s?” Charlie guessed, knowing the two were a couple. Ruby gave a little nod. “Ruby I am not going to get caught up in this.....lying.” Charlie said.

“I didn’t say I would cover for her,” Ruby said again. “And it wasn’t you she asked to lie for her anyways.”

“No but she said she was at my place,” Charlie hit her chest. “I would be the adult here in charge. She would have been my responsibility. What if something happen to her, Rubes?” Charlie exhaled. “You tell April this was only a onetime thing, okay?” Charlie said. “If her and her boyfriend want to start getting intimate then she needs to talk that out with Bianca and Gina and get permission to be having sleepovers. Sneaking around is only going to cause them more trouble than it’s worth.”

“I know, I....I’ve told her already it’s not happening again.” Ruby said.

“Good,” Charlie answered. “And while we are on the subject of taking things up a step, are you...” Charlie took a deep break.

“No chance of that happening anytime soon,” Ruby sighed. “Dex is more interested in playing with Daniel’s stupid transmonsters than hanging out with me.”

“Transformers.” Charlie corrected her daughter.

“Ah whatever,” Ruby sighed banging her juice bottle down on the breakfast bar. “I’m not sure about us anymore mum.” Ruby bowed her head down a little.

“You think he’s too immature?” Charlie questioned.

“I guess it is what makes him cute, but, he’s playing with stupid toys when his girlfriend is sitting in her bedroom alone.” Ruby looked back up to her mother.

Charlie raised her eyebrows. “I quiet like the fact he doesn’t want to be in your bedroom,” Charlie said. “I think we should keep him out of there a little longer.” Charlie gave a little chuckle.

“Like I say that’s not going to be a problem,” Ruby mumbled. “It’s more Daniel’s bedroom we need to keep him out.” Ruby sighed.

“Well how about you just stop hanging out here?” Charlie suggested. “Go be outside,” Charlie said. “Go for walks or hit the beach or hang out at the surf club and you can kick his ass at pool,” Charlie gave off some suggestions. “Maybe hang out at his place so he doesn’t have the distraction of kids’ toy’s here.”

Ruby exhaled as she stared up at her mother. “Pretty sure he has an action figure or two at his place.” Ruby said.

“So what, you going to dump him because he likes to revisit his childhood every now and then?” Charlie questioned. “I think it’s pretty refreshing that a 16 year old wants to play with toys. Most 16 year olds are.....well, playing with something else.”

Ruby gave a little chuckle. “I suppose he wouldn’t be the Dex we know and love without his little quirks,” Ruby said. “I just wish sometimes he’d pay more attention to me, you know.”

“I know,” Charlie rubbed her daughters arm. “And believe me, Rubes, he’ll figure it out soon enough,” Charlie said. “Remember you are his first proper girlfriend. Give him time yeah?” Charlie questioned and Ruby gave a little nod as Daniel and Brax came into the apartment.

“I found him,” Daniel beamed running into his mother. Charlie ran her hand over his head as Daniel grinned up at her. “He getting out the lift.”

“Yeah didn’t even get in my apartment, did I mate?” Brax questioned before leaning in and placing kiss hello on Charlie’s cheek. “Found little man sitting in front of my door.”

Charlie gave a little chuckle at her son. “He wants you to have dinner with us.”

“Well I have an idea,” Brax said. “How about I treat you three to dinner at the restaurant?” Brax suggested.

“Oh yes please.” Daniel gave a little jump of excitement.

“I won’t say no,” Ruby answered. “I’m going to go get changed though.” Ruby said before disappearing down to her bedroom.

“Do I need to change?” Daniel questioned looking down at his shorts and one of the many The Flash t-shirts that he owned.

“Nah buddy you are all good,” Charlie gave him a smile. “I’ll go freshen up though.” Charlie said before she too walked down to her bedroom, leaving Daniel and Brax standing in the kitchen.

“Did you ask?” Daniel looked up at Brax, his eyes all serious.

“Ask what buddy?” Brax rubbed his head in confusion.

“Angelo,” Daniel exhaled. “About you being at the hospital with me. You must Brax, you must be there,” Daniel told him. “You are my bald bud. We are together.” Daniel said, taking a hold of his hand.

“Ah yes, I asked him,” Brax said. “I’ll be there buddy,” Brax said and Daniel jumped up as he yelled in happiness. “I don’t know why you are so pleased,” Brax chuckled. “I’m only going to beat you at snakes and ladders again.”

“Uh-uh,” Daniel shook his head. “I will win them all this time.” Daniel said, Brax smiling down at the boy as he kept a firm hold of his hand.

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Thanks Sarah and Spotd1 for the comments. :)


Brax came back into the apartment from having been putting the cases into the boot of his Ute, Charlie and Brax now going away for his birthday weekend. “You all set?” Brax questioned. They’d be dropping Daniel off at Bianca’s place, Bianca happy to look after them so Charlie and Brax could have this weekend away. It was a long weekend, so Rubes was pleased that that mean even though it was a Friday, she’d have no school. Daniel had been off all week anyways, Monday and Tuesday, he’d been extremely sick and although on Wednesday he was starting to feel better and now, Friday morning said he felt completely fine, Charlie was still a little worried about leaving him. Charlie looked to Brax and gave a little shrug.

“I don’t know,” Charlie answered. “What if he needs me?” Charlie glanced at her son who was playing at the coffee table with one of his many The Flash toys.

“Then we can come right home,” Brax told her, placing his hands on her upper arms. “Baby c’mon, we need this,” Brax exhaled. “I need this.”

“What does that mean?” Charlie questioned.

“Daniel is a great kid and I love hanging out with him, but once in a while I.....I think we need some time for just the two of us,” Brax spoke softly. “Let’s go have this weekend and Daniel will be fine. He’s looks a lot better today and he’ll have Bianca watching him and Ruby and April will be there too and we’ll only be one phone call away.”

Charlie pursed her lips, of course understanding where Brax was coming from but at the end of the day, her son was still a very sick little boy, he had cancer whether he felt ill or not. “I just don’t need other parents judging me for going away for a weekend with my boyfriend when my son is sick.” Charlie felt bad for saying it. Of course she wanted some time away with Brax but she just wasn’t sure if right now what the right time.

“Any parent of a kid with cancer will understand how much you need a break,” Brax replied. “We can just go for one night if that’ll make it easier,” Brax said, hoping once he’d got her away she’d stay the whole weekend. “We’ll phone to check up on him all the time.”

Charlie once again glanced at Daniel. He was white, but of course he always was right now. “What do you think buddy?” Charlie questioned. “Are you okay with mummy going away for the weekend?”

Daniel looked up to his mother before running over to her. “With Brax?”

“Yes,” Charlie bent down to her son’s level and put her hand over his forehead, he didn’t feel like he had a temperature. “Are you okay with that?”

“Can you get me a Flash toy?” Daniel questioned.

“I think we could manage that,” Brax bent down next to Charlie, one hand rubbing her back as his other rubbed Daniel’s arm. “And you will have fun with Bianca and little Kaya, huh?”

Daniel gave a little nod. “But buddy,” Daniel pulled Brax a little closer to him and put his hand on his head, Brax’s hair starting to grow back, Daniel of course still get chemo so he was still completely bald. “You need to shave it off again,” Daniel rubbed his head. “Cos we still gonna be the same, right?” Daniel cocked his head to the side a little.

Brax looked at Charlie as he gave a little laugh. “I’ll shave it off again,” Charlie raised her eyebrows as she rubbed his bald head, secretly she was liking the fact his hair was growing back, but of course loved him for making Daniel feel better about his baldness. “So, we taking him to Bianca’s?”

“Hmmm,” Charlie pursed her lips as she nodded her head. “One night, right?” Charlie questioned and Brax sighed lightly before giving a nod.

“One night,” Brax mumbled as he stood up, of course still hoping Charlie would change her mind once they got away. “Right, let’s get going.” Brax lifted Daniel up and flung him over his shoulder, Daniel giggling Brax walked him out of the door. Charlie took a deep breath, telling herself everything would be fine with Daniel and Brax deserved this time away. She picked up the keys from the breakfast bar and walked over to the door, hoping the nagging feeling at the back of her mind was going to be nothing more than a mother just worrying too much about her child.


Kaya was dancing around April’s room to Katy Perry’s Roar. “Oh my God if I need to listen to this song one more time.” Ruby muttered as she fell back onto the bed.

“You’ve only been here for a few hours,” April replied as she finished applying mascara to her eyelashes. “Bianca and I have had to put up with it for months, isn’t that right trouble?”

“You’re gonna hear me roar,” Kaya sang as she danced around, oblivious to April speaking to her. “Rooooar.” Kaya jumped around.

“She just not letting go of that song,” April sighed. “We’ll need to trying to get her hooked on something else,” April put the mascara down and picked up her eye shadow. “Although the other day she did actually keep singing one of Liam’s songs,” April raised her eyebrows as she looked to her friend from looking at her mirror. “Bianca would rather it was Katy Perry for another 6 months than anything from him.” April said.

Ruby widened her eyes, it not a secret to her that while Bianca was extremely mad with Liam for walking out on their family and the life they had, she was still far from being over him. She opened her mouth to reply but her phone beeped, distracting her. She looked down to see it was Dexter texting her. “The boys are already at the movies.” Ruby said, looking back up to her friend.

“Well as girls it’s our job to be late,” April answered, doing the finishing touches to her makeup. “They’ll wait.”

“Well the movie starts at 8.20,” Ruby said. “And if we are not there I really don’t think the cinema people will wait on us.”

“Fair enough,” April turned to face her friend. “I’m ready anyways. C’mon Kaya.” April switched off her music player and Kaya gave an almighty scream.

“No,” Kaya stomped her foot. “I was singing my Katy Perry,” Kaya ran out of the bedroom. “Mummy, mummy,” Kaya squealed. “Mu-mm-y.”

“Shhh,” Bianca brought her index finger to her mouth, standing up from kneeling down in front of the couch where Daniel was laying, hugging both Theo teddy and Rocky penguin. “Daniel’s not feeling too good.” Bianca said.

“Aww poor buddy.” Ruby walked over to the couch and bent down in front of her brother. She put her hand onto his forehead, feeling for a temperature.

“Ruby will you stay?” Daniel mumbled.

Ruby looked up to April and exhaled sadly. Of course she wanted to go out with her friends and boyfriend, but her little brother didn’t feel well and he couldn’t get his mother, there was no way she could leave him too. “Of course I’ll stay,” Ruby told him. “You’ll let Dex know, right?”

“Sure,” April nodded, not about to argue Ruby staying with Daniel when he had cancer. “You ready to drive me?” April said, looking to Bianca for a lift to the movies. “They are already waiting.”

“I’ve been ready for the last half hour,” Bianca mumbled, grabbing the keys from the hanger. “Kaya you coming or staying?”

“I’ll stay.” Kaya said running back to April’s room and putting the music player back on, screeching in happiness as Katy Perry could be heard again. Bianca rolled her eyes at her daughter before leaving with April to drive her to the movies. Ruby sat down on the couch, Daniel sitting up and cuddling into her.

“When won’t I be ill?” Daniel questioned sadly.

“Soon baby, I promise you’ll be all better soon.” Ruby placed a soft kiss on his head as she rubbed his side, hoping she was able to comfort him just like their mother would.

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Thank you for the comments. :)


Charlie walked out of the bathroom in only her underwear, Brax ginning at the sight. “Maybe we should skip dinner altogether.” Brax raised his eyebrows as he walked up behind Charlie, wrapping his arms around her and softly kissing her neck. Charlie shrugged away and walked over to the wardrobe, taking out a dress.

“We have reservations at 8,” Charlie told him as she put her dress on. “Can you zip me?” Charlie asked. Brax nodded as he walked over to her and zipped up her dress.

“Look Charlie,” Brax exhaled, knowing Charlie wasn’t happy being away. Despite the fact they’d taken a nice boat trip out on the lake and even tried a spot of fishing, Charlie was extremely quiet. Brax knew that even though she was trying for him, she didn’t want to be away from Daniel right now. “If you want to go home then -”

“No, no,” Charlie shook her head. “You need this break. You need time without a kid always pestering you. We must stay.” Charlie took her shoes out of the wardrobe and put them on her feet.

“Baby,” Brax took a lightly grip of her arms. “If you want to be with Daniel right now we can go home,” Brax sounded deflated. “We don’t need this weekend away.

“That’s not what you said this morning.” Charlie replied pulling herself away from his grip.

“Okay fine,” Brax held his arms out to the side. “If I am being selfish for wanting time away with my girlfriend then fine, I’m selfish.”

“I didn’t say you were selfish,” Charlie replied. “But my son has cancer. My baby. My little boy. He’s ill. What the hell am I doing spending a weekend away from him when he might....he might not have many weekends left.” Charlie started to well up.

“Hey no,” Brax shook his head. “Don’t think like that. He’s going to be okay. He’s got another round of chemo in a couple of weeks time and he’ll get through this. He’s a Buckton, Charlie.”Brax lightly rubbed her arm as he spoke, trying his best to reassure her.

“I just...I need to talk to him, I need...where’s my phone?” Charlie questioned. Brax looked to the bedside table and saw it laying there. He walked over and picked up, before walking back over to Charlie, handing the phone to her. She scrolled through to Ruby’s name before hitting the call button. “Rubes.” Charlie said as there was an answer.

“Hey mum,” Ruby said as she was still sitting on the couch, Daniel having fell asleep against her, cuddling into her plus his two teddies. “How’s the trip?”

“Yeah fine,” Charlie answered. “How’s Daniel doing? Can I talk to him?”

“He’s sleeping,” Ruby answered. “We were running around outside and he tired himself out.” Ruby said.

“Oh,” Charlie sounded disappointed. “But he’s okay?”

“Fine,” Ruby pursed her lips, knowing if she told her mother he was complaining of not feeling well that she’d come home and she knew that her mother needed this break away with Brax. “I’ll call you in the morning so you can talk to him,” Ruby said. “But you just enjoy your time with Brax and stop worrying. Everything is great here.”

Charlie looked unsure. “Okay. But you call me if anything changes okay?”

“I will,” Ruby said. “Now, go and have a nice time with Brax.”

“Yeah I will. Bye darling. Love you.” Charlie said.

“Love you too.” Ruby replied before they both hung up. Charlie looked up to Brax, her lips pursed.

“Everything okay?” Brax questioned.

Charlie gave a little nod. “She said he is asleep.” Charlie told him.

Brax looked down to his watch. “Must have tired himself out playing with Kaya,” Brax gave a little smile. “So, you a little bit more assured now?”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “But we will miss dinner reservations if we don’t leave now.” Charlie sighed, picking her bag up from the bed and walking over to the door. Brax followed after her, exhaling lightly, hoping that Charlie’s mood would change soon.


April and Ruby were in April’s room, sitting on the bed. April had filled her in on the night and had said that Dex was mad at her for making him the third wheel. “Well it’s not like I gave him a lame excuse,” Ruby sighed. “My brother needed me. My brother who has cancer.”

“I know,” April said. “I think it’s more just the fact he was sad not to see you.”

“Yeah,” Ruby pursed her lips, thinking that most of the time when Dex does hang out with her he’ll chose to ignore her in favour of Daniel’s toys, but maybe now he was going to try to make more effort. “Well I’ll make it up to him.”

“Ooh,” April raised her eyebrows. “You wanting to step it up already?”

“No no,” Ruby shook her head. “I just mean I’ll spend time with him. Tomorrow we can do something,” Ruby said.

“Yeah,” April answered. “Xavier and I have his place to ourselves again tomorrow.” April grinned as she raised her eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

Ruby looked a little confused. “I thought you didn’t want to do that again yet?” Ruby questioned.

“Well I didn’t and he said he was fine with that but,” April shrugged. “I kinda want to do it again. I’ve just....over the last couple of days....you know, got the urge.” April said.

“Well if you are going to then just be careful, okay?” Ruby said. “Maybe it’s an idea that you talk to Bianca and get yourself on the pill.”

“Oh my gosh no way am I talking to Bianca about this.” April gasped in horror at the thought.

“Why not?” Ruby questioned. “It’s not like she is your mother. Aren’t you better to talk to your sister about these kinds of things?”

“Well maybe, but,” April pursed her lips. “Still weird.”

“Better to have a weird conversation with your sister than wind up with a kid at 16 is it not?” Ruby questioned.

“I guess but,” April shook her head. “No, I’m not talking to her.”

“Okay.” Ruby sighed. She couldn’t exactly force her.

“And anyways I am 16 so I can get myself on the pill.” April said.

“I suppose you can,” Ruby said. “I just thought maybe you’d want to talk to her about this. You’re close with her so it’s not like it’s a crazy idea.”

“I know it’s not,” April answered. “But she is super protective and will most likely freak at me and it’ll just cause unnecessary troubles,” April said. “I’ve got my bestie here looking out for me and making sure we’ll be safe so that’s all I need right now.” April said, patting Ruby’s shoulder. Ruby gave April a smile before she gave a yawn.

“Think it’s time for bed.” Ruby said mid-yawn as she got off the bed and unzipped her bag, picking up her pyjamas and her toothbrush and walking to the bathroom to get herself ready to sleep.

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Thanks for the comments.


Charlie and Brax walked back into the hotel room, Charlie throwing her bag to the bedside table. She kicked her shoes off before turning to face Brax, giving him a smile. “Thanks for a wonderful night.” Brax told her, wrapping his arms around her waist. Charlie really had made an effort at the restaurant, even laughing with Brax.

“Well it is your birthday,” Charlie replied. “I’m sorry for before. I just....well he’s my whole world. If anything happens to him, I...” Charlie trailed off of course not even wanting to think it, let alone say it.

“I know,” Brax rubbed her cheek, his other arm staying around her waist. “But Rubes and Bianca will take good care of him,” Brax said. “Leaving you free for just one little break. One little weekend,” Brax told her. “And we get to celebrate your toy boy’s birthday.”

“Hardly my toy boy,” Charlie laughed. “You are only two years younger. Although technically right now people could say it’s only a year. You know, you are 29 and I am 30.”

“I’ve not even been 29 a day yet,” Brax replied. “And you baby will be 31 in less than 2 months. No way can people say it’s year.”

Charlie gave a sad pout. “Maybe you could?”

“Ha no way,” Brax shook his head. “You are two years older.”

Charlie pouted once again before leaning up and placing a soft kiss on his lips. “Well that means I’m the boss then.”

“That was never in doubt for a second,” Brax mumbled and Charlie slapped his chest. Brax laughed before he placed a soft kiss on Charlie’s lips, Charlie smiling into the kiss as it deepened. Brax ran his hands down her back before cupping her bottom. The kiss intensified as they made their way closer to the bed, Charlie starting to unbutton Brax’s shirt, before running her hands over his bare chest. “Mmm.” Brax moaned hungrily as he unzipped her dress, their kisses only becoming more passionate and intense as their tongues darted around each other’s mouths. Charlie threw Brax’s shirt to the ground, her hands immediately going back to the feeling of his muscular body. Charlie pulled back for a second as Brax lifted her dress over her body and threw it away to the side before they once again met in a passionate embrace.


Ruby was cleaning her teeth when she heard a banging on the bathroom door. “I’m gonna be sick,” Ruby heard gagging sounds and ran to open the door, Daniel running passed her and leaning over the toilet, getting there just in time before he vomited. Ruby rushed to his side and bent down, rubbing his back to sooth him. “I want mummy.” Daniel cried.

“Aww buddy,” Ruby rubbed his back as he threw up again. “Mummy’s not here right now.” Ruby pursed her lips, feeling awful for her little brother.

“Get her,” Daniel cried before he threw up again. “Please Ruby,” Daniel pleaded as he looked up at his sister, Ruby widening her eyes in alarm as blood was trickling down his chin. She looked to the toilet to see that Daniel was in fact throwing up mostly blood.

“Oh God,” Ruby raised her voice in a panic. “Bianca....Bianca,” Ruby screamed as Daniel threw up more blood. “Bianca quickly.” Ruby looked to the door, hoping she would come.

“Shhh you’ll wake Kaya,” Bianca yawned. “What is it?” Bianca appeared at the bathroom door to see Ruby clearly in a state over her little brother.

“Blood,” Ruby said, still rubbing her brothers back. “He’s throwing up blood. Lots of blood.” Bianca widened her eyes as she looked at Daniel and saw the blood on his chin and on his pyjama top.

“I want mummy,” Daniel cried. “Ruby please,” Daniel spoke threw tears. “Get me mummy.”

Bianca put her hand on her chest as April appeared behind, a phone in her hand. “Do I call an ambulance?”

“No,” Bianca shook her head. “I’ll drive him to hospital. You stay with Kaya,” Bianca looked to April and April nodded before moving out of the way, letting Bianca past. Bianca picked her car keys up from the cabinet before running out to the car as Ruby walked out with Daniel, her heart going a hundred miles an hour in worry for her little brother. Of course he was sick but throwing up blood was never a good sign.

“No hospitals,” Daniel cried. Of course he’s been to the hospital a lot lately and didn’t like what happened when he was there. “I just want mummy. Just get me my mummy.” Daniel demanded as tears were rolling down his cheeks. Ruby held him close to her trying to comfort him the best she could.

“I’m going to call mummy,” Ruby told him. “But we really need to take you to the hospital first.” Ruby got into the back of the car with him, Daniel feeling cold to the touch as Bianca sped off in the direction of the hospital, the worry she had for Daniel very evident on her face.

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Thank you Sarah and Sabrina for the comments. :)


Daniel was lying in the hospital bed, an IV being fed into him through his vein. Charlie was running her hand over his forehead, her eyes stinging with tears that wanted to fall. “You don’t need to be sad.” Daniel spoke quietly, his breathing raspy and his eyes looking even more drawn into his face that usual.

“I do,” Charlie sniffed back. “Because mummy should have been here for you. She should never have gone away.” Charlie hated that Daniel had to go through that without her by his side.

“I got you now.” Daniel held onto her hand tightly.

“You know it still would have happened,” Charlie turned her head as she heard Brax’s voice. “Whether you were with him or not he....” Brax trailed off. “There’s nothing you could have done to stop it,” Brax offered Charlie the cup of coffee but she shook her head before looking back to Daniel. Brax put the cup on the bedside table, watching Daniel as he let out a big yawn. “You tired bud?” Brax questioned. Daniel gave a little nod, his eyes looking all heavy.

“You go to sleep baby.” Charlie told him.

“You will stay?” Daniel questioned.

“Mmm,” Charlie nodded. “I’m not going anywhere.” Charlie continued to rub his forehead as her other hand was still being held tightly by him.

“Has Dr Fisher came back yet?” Brax questioned.

Charlie shook her head, her gaze staying on her son. “You don’t need to wait with me. You can go home.”

“I want to be here,” Brax told her, putting his hand on her shoulder, showing support. “I want to be here for you and Daniel.”

“I don’t want you here,” Charlie spoke monotonously not looking around to Brax. “Go home, Brax.” Charlie shrugged her arm and Brax’s hand fell from her shoulder. He glanced at Daniel who was already half asleep before exhaling sadly, bowing his head down.

“I’ll see you later then.” Brax said, lingering for a moment but upon figuring he wasn’t about to get a reply he slowly left the room, glancing back at Charlie with her son before walking out into the corridor, Ruby and Bianca looking up from the chairs where they were waiting on news. Ruby opened her mouth to talk, but on knowing what she was going to say, Brax spoke over her.

“Nothing yet,” Brax shook his head, both girls obviously dozing a little as they waited. “I’m heading home. Do you want me to take you home Rubes?” Brax questioned. “Looks like you need your bed.”

“No I need to be here,” Ruby yawned. “For Daniel and mum.”

“You won’t be much good for Daniel when you are like that,” Brax told her. “And Bianca can stay and be here for your mother, right?” Brax glanced at Bianca and she nodded in reply.

“Sure,” Bianca smiled at the teen. “You go home and rest.”

Ruby pursed her lips before looking to Brax. “Why are you going home anyways?” Ruby questioned. “Don’t you want to stay for mum and Daniel?”

“Of course I want to stay,” Brax answered sadly. “But your mum doesn’t want me here,” Brax exhaled. “So, I’m going.”

“You’ll call me if anything happens, right?” Ruby said, facing Bianca.

“I will,” Bianca nodded. “Go get some sleep.” Bianca rubbed her arm and Ruby stood up and walked over to Brax.

“Is everything okay with you and mum?” Ruby questioned. Brax put his hand on her shoulder as they walked out of the hospital, not knowing the answer to the question he’d just been asked.


Bianca walked into the room, seeing Charlie sitting on the chair next to Daniel’s bed, her body leaning forward, her head resting against the side of the bed. “Charlie,” Bianca spoke softly. “Charlie.” Bianca shook her shoulder lightly.

“Mmm,” Charlie sat up. “Sorry. I dozed off,” Charlie yawned looking to her watch, seeing it was almost 2am. “What are you still doing here?”

“We didn’t want to leave you alone.” Bianca lightly rubbed her friends back.

“Who’s we?” Charlie questioned.

“Me, Rubes....Brax,” Bianca pursed her lips. “We thought someone should stay.”

“So it’s only you here?” Charlie asked and Bianca gave a little nod. “He’s out for the count,” Bianca gestured to Daniel. “Why don’t you go home to? Get some rest?”

“Dr Fisher said she’d let me know as soon as she gets his results back,” Charlie told her friend. “I can’t leave.” Charlie ran her hand over her son’s forehead. “I shouldn’t have ever left him in the first place,” Charlie spoke quietly. “I was selfish and put myself before him.”

“Charlie you weren’t being selfish,” Bianca rubbed her arm, trying to comfort her friend. “You wanted to go and have some alone time with your boyfriend. After all you’ve been through these last few months, I’d say you both deserve it.”

“I’ve been through nothing compared to this little one,” Charlie’s glance never strayed from her son. “He must have been so scared. Throwing up blood, feeling so ill and the one person who is supposed to there for him....I....I wasn’t there,” Charlie felt awful that she wasn’t there for her son. “Well from now on baby I promise I’ll be there, focus 100 per cent on you, no going away for the weekend, no distractions....just me being here for you, I promise.” Charlie continued to rub Daniel’s forehead. Bianca watched the scene of mother and child, her heart going out to Charlie. She knew she’d feel the very same if anything was to ever happen to Kaya and she wasn’t there for her. In fact she couldn’t imagine being as strong as Charlie had been through all of this, although she put some of that down to the support she’d be getting from Brax. Bianca opened her mouth to say something but stopped as the door opened and Dr Fisher walked into the room. Charlie stood up from the chair and stared at her, hoping the news she was about to receive wasn’t that bad.


Ruby knocked on the door hoping he would answer. She smiled a little as she heard footsteps before the door opened. “Ruby,” Brax rubbed his eyes. “Are you okay? Is it Daniel, Charlie?”

“Mum’s still at the hospital,” Ruby told him. “I uhm...I couldn’t sleep.” Ruby was tired but the worry for her little brother was keeping her awake.

“Come in.” Brax gestured for her to come into his apartment and walked over to the couch as she followed, Brax hitting the light on the way passed. They took a seat and Brax once again rubbed his eyes.

“It’s my fault.” Ruby pursed her lips, not making eye contact with Brax.

“Hey no,” Brax shook his head. “Rubes, you are not to blame for this. No one was at fault here.”

“But I told mum he was fine,” Ruby sniffed back. “I should never have said he was fine because he felt sick. He told me he wasn’t right and I didn’t tell mum.”

“Regardless of that Rubes, Daniel would still have ended up at the hospital. Even if Charlie was looking after him, he still would have been sick. Nothing would have stopped it.” Brax tentatively put his hand onto Ruby’s arm, giving it a squeeze of support.

Ruby shook her head a little as tears filled her eyes. “She’s going to be mad at me for not telling her.”

“I think she’s going to be too busy being mad at me,” Brax exhaled sadly, his hand staying on Ruby’s arm. “She’s not going to take this out on you Rubes.”

Ruby pursed her lips as she looked up at Brax. “She shouldn’t be taking it out on you either.”

“She needs to direct her anger over this somewhere.” Brax told her, sighing lightly. He knew Charlie was mad at herself for going away and leaving Daniel and knew that she wasn’t happy with him either.

Ruby gave a little nod. “I uhm....I just want Daniel to be okay.” Ruby burst into tears, clearly worried for her little brother. Brax shushed her as he pulled her into him, enveloping her in a comforting hug as the tears rolled down her cheeks.

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Thank you Sarah and Spotd1. :)


Charlie walked into her apartment, managing a weak smile as she saw Ruby sitting at the breakfast bar. “How is he?” Ruby questioned. She looked at her mother, seeing she’d had little sleep.

“I’m just here to shower and change then I’m going back to the hospital.” Charlie told her daughter, making her way to the bathroom.

“Okay, I’ll come too,” Ruby jumped down from the breakfast bar. “But how is he?” Ruby asked. “What’s....why was he throwing up blood?”

“Eh,” Charlie turned to face her daughter, rubbing her forehead. “Gastrointestinal haemorrhage,” Charlie pursed her lips, seeing Ruby’s confused face staring back at her. “Bleeding from his digestive system.” Charlie told her daughter.

“But is he going to be okay?” Ruby felt herself choking up.

Charlie shook her head. “I don’t know. He’s uhm....he’s on an IV but they eh....” Charlie let a tear roll down her cheek. “They’ve moved him to ICU.” Charlie’s voice broke as she spoke, more tears rolling down her cheeks.

“ICU?” Ruby widened her eyes? “Is it that bad?”

“I guess it can be,” Charlie answered, wiping away her tears. “But I think it’s more of a precaution. He already has the leukaemia so they need to be safe.” Charlie said and Ruby nodded, understanding this.

“Okay well you go get a shower and changed and I’ll go let Brax know,” Ruby said. “I’m sure he’d like to come to the hospital with us.”

“No you won’t,” Charlie raised her voice at her daughter. “I don’t need him around right now,” Charlie mumbled. “Now I’ll have a quick shower then I am getting straight back to Daniel.”

“But don’t you think -” Ruby started to talk but was cut off by her mother.

“No, Rubes,” Charlie butted in. “Don’t say a thing.” Charlie said before turning to walk down the hall to the bathroom. Ruby sighed lightly as she watched her mother leave before going back to the breakfast bar to finish her breakfast.


Dex smiled upon opening the door to see his girlfriend at the other side. “Hey,” Dex leaned forward and kissed her cheek before letting her into the house. “How’s Daniel?” Dex questioned as they walked into the living room to take a seat.

“They’re keeping him in ICU for another night but he’s responded well to the IV.” Ruby gave a weak smile.

“Well that’s good then, right?” Dex questioned. “I’m sure he’ll be home fine in no time.”

“Well he won’t exactly be fine,” Ruby sighed. “He’s still going to have the cancer, isn’t he?”

“I guess,” Dex pursed his lips. “But you know what I meant.”

“Yeah,” Ruby nodded. “I just don’t understand why this had to happen to us. To Daniel,” Ruby pursed her lips as she felt herself welling up. “My mum’s not exactly had the easiest of lives with mine and Daniel’s dad, thinking she found true love and the one with Roman but they ended and now this,” Ruby exhaled. “I wish she could catch a break.”

“She will,” Dex assured her. “She just needs to get through this rough ride first then she’ll get her happy ending with Brax, you, Daniel and I dunno, maybe you’ll get more siblings.”

“It would be the least she deserves.” Ruby said.

“Speaking of your dad, well....” Dex pursed his lips. He knew Ruby had recently told April about her father but wondered if she’d ever tell him about her father.

“Dex,” Ruby put her hand on his thigh. “I uhm...I’m not ready to talk about him yet.”

“Okay,” Dex felt a little saddened that she didn’t want to open up to him but knew he couldn’t push it and that when she was ready, she would talk about him. “But you know if you did want to talk to me about him -”

“I know,” Ruby interrupted. “But I don’t,” Ruby pursed her lips before leaning down into her bag and pulling out a gift wrapped box. “So, I got you a present.” Ruby handed the box to Dex and he looked at her, surprised.

“You’re not celebrating some 3 month mark or something are you?” Dex questioned.

“No.” Ruby gave a little laugh.

“So, what is it for?” Dex wondered.

“Just open it.” Ruby sighed, slapping his side.

Dex ripped at the paper, intrigued. “You bought me a transformer.” Dex laughed as he looked down to the present.

“Well I figured this way you could play with the stupid thing here till your heart’s content then when you came around to my place you wouldn’t need to go into Daniel’s room and play with his.” Ruby said and Dex smiled before laughing again.

“It’s great, thanks.” Dex leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on Ruby’s lips. Ruby smiled into the kiss, letting it deepen a little before they both pulled back, both of them knowing they wanted to take this slowly.

“You are welcome,” Ruby smiled. “So what have you got planned for me today?” Ruby questioned.

“Well I was going to take you on a countryside walk with a picnic but now you’ve given me this, I think I’ll need to take a rain check on those plans.” Dex joked as he looked down to his transformer.

Ruby gave a little laugh as she stood up from the couch, taking the box in her hand and throwing it to the side. “That’ll still be here later,” Ruby said pulling Dex up to standing. “Let’s go.” Ruby said. Dex gave her a smile as he picked up his bag pack which he’d already packed with some food and drink before they left the house.


Charlie put the coins into the machine, hitting the button for a latte. “Charlie, hey,” Leah walked across to her, VJ and Miles close behind. “I thought you were away for the weekend?”

“Yeah we had to come back,” Charlie took the cup from the machine and looked around to her friend. “Daniel wasn’t too good.”

“Aww I’m sorry,” Leah rubbed Charlie’s arm. “Is he okay now?”

Charlie gave a little shrug. “Gastrointestinal haemorrhage,” Charlie spoke quietly. “Uhm, they’ve got him sorted but he’ll spend a couple of days ICU.” Charlie pursed her lips, feeling herself welling up. All this was just too much for her to cope with.

“Hey,” Leah rubbed her arm again, seeing she was distressed. “I’m sorry but the main thing is he is going to be okay and he’s in the best possible place right now.”

“Can I go see Daniel?” VJ’s face lit up as he looked up to his mother.

“Uhm yeah I’m sure he’d love a visit from you,” Charlie tried her best to put on a smile for the boy. “But he’s hooked up to machine and won’t be able to talk to you but maybe you could tell him what he’s been missing at school lately, huh?” Charlie questioned and VJ looked a little shy at the thought of seeing Daniel now, but gave a little nod anyways. “Maybe daddy will take you along now.” Charlie said and Miles gave a little nod, gently pushing on VJ’s back so he walked forward. Miles gave Charlie’s shoulder a comforting squeeze on the way passed as they left Leah and Charlie to talk.

Charlie exhaled as she walked over to a table, Leah taking a seat next to her. “How’s he doing?” Leah questioned, her hand rubbing her bump.

“He sick a lot more lately,” Charlie pursed her lips. “I know that no one was really to blame for this but I just feel....I’m mad at myself for going away and I’m mad at Brax because he pushed me into this weekend away.”

“This would have happened either way,” Leah said. “So, you can’t be mad or angry for...for what was going to happen anyway.” Leah leaned forward and rubbed her friend’s hand.

“I am angry,” Charlie said. “I’m angry at him getting sick in the first place. I...” Charlie took a deep breath. “I just want this all to be over for Daniel’s sake. I want him to be a little 5 year old again, running around with VJ and Kaya and pretending he’s The Flash and playing with his transformers,” Charlie sniffed back. “I just want this to stop.”

Leah pursed her lips, not beginning to imagine how hard this must for Charlie right now. “It’s going to be a difficult few months,” Leah said. “But just remember that when this finally comes to an end, you, Daniel, Rubes and Brax can be a family. That’s something you’ve always wanted. A father for the kids, most especially little Daniel. Yes, right now it’s hard but if you go through things being tough for a while at the end of it all you’ll get you’re happy, healthy little boy back and that is all that matters.” Leah continued to rub Charlie’s hand and Charlie gave her friend a thankful smile, knowing that Leah was right and things did have to be tough for a while, but at the end of it all they’d get the gift of Daniel’s full recovery.

“Yeah,” Charlie gave a little nod as she wiped her hand across her eyes. “So, uhm, what are you in for?” Charlie questioned. “I hope everything is okay with the baby.”

“Perfect,” Leah smiled, passing the scan picture for Charlie to see. “Just had my 20 week scan, everything is how it should be and baby is doing great.”

“That’s great,” Charlie smiled. “Did you find out what you were having?”

“Nope,” Leah shook her head. “Although VJ put up a good fight to find out,” Leah laughed. “But I don’t want to know.” Leah rubbed her bump again.

“I wouldn’t either,” Charlie replied, before looking down to her watch. “I should get back to Daniel.” Charlie said as she stood to her feet.

“I’ll walk you along,” Leah also stood up. “Collect my boys.” Leah said as she and Charlie walked back to the ICU building.

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