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A Perfect Match

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Thanks for the comments. :)


Brax lifted Georgia from the car seat, Daniel bouncing by his side. “Well my Princess Georgia this is your home,” Brax walked around the living room. “You’ll live here with mummy and daddy and big brother Daniel and big sister Ruby.” Brax cooed down at his daughter and Charlie’s smiled at the scene, sitting herself down on the couch, her eyes still heavy as she yawned.

“Let’s go show her the kitchen.” Daniel shrieked, pulling on Brax’s arm.

“Careful when daddy’s holding the baby bud.” Charlie said before she lay across the couch, hugging a cushion close to her.

“Sorry,” Daniel said as Brax followed him through to the kitchen, little noises coming from Georgia. “This is where mummy cooks. Sometimes daddy and even Ruby but mostly mummy,” Daniel said as Brax followed him around the kitchen table then over to the cooker. “And me and mummy like to bake so when you is old enough you can too.” Daniel walked over to the fridge and pointed to one of the magnets. “And this is the Flash. He is my best superhero. He is so fast,” Georgia squeaked as her mouth opened, her eyes moving around what was in front of her. “Will we take her up stairs?” Daniel looked up to Brax.

“Sure buddy.” Brax smiled at the boy, letting him take lead on Georgia’s tour of her new home. He followed Daniel out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

“These are the stairs to the upstairs of the house,” Daniel said, thumping his way up. “It has mummy and daddy’s room, the bathroom, my room, Ruby’s room, your room and the other bedroom. Daniel ran across the hall and pushed the first door open. “This one is the bathroom. It’s really just me and Ruby cos mummy and daddy a bathroom in their bedroom,” Daniel said. “And these toys in this basket, well you can use them but they are mines really but I will share with you.” Daniel grinned. “I don’t play much with them now cos I’m getting bigger but I still love the bath crayons and the bath stuff I use cos it turns the bubbles green,” Daniel giggled. “Maybe we could find pink stuff for you cos girls like pink ay?” Daniel looked up to Brax.

“Some girls do.” Brax told him.

“I think Georgia will,” Daniel ran out of the bathroom. “C’mon daddy, keep up.” Daniel shouted. Brax looked down to Georgia as he gave a little laugh.

“You’ve got one excited big brother here.” Brax looked into his daughter’s soft green eyes, smiling at the overwhelming rush of love he felt for this tiny human being. He walked out of the bathroom to see Daniel jumping around the hallway outside of the nursery.

“Let’s show her her room now,” Daniel said, opening the door and bursting into the room. The walls were painting a very soft mint green, one of the walls displaying a tree with purple and blue owls, the cot covers, curtains, mobile and changing table all sticking with the owl theme. There was a little purple and tan owl teddy in the cot, waiting for Georgia when she was a little older. “I helped daddy with some painting,” Daniel told her. “And Ruby drawed the tree and owls cos she is a good drawer,” Daniel said. “But I really love this room. Does she love it, daddy?”

Brax looked down to Georgia. Of course not even 5 hours old she didn’t really have any emotions yet, but Brax wasn’t about to tell Daniel this. “Of course she does.” Brax smiled at Daniel and he jumped on the spot.

“Well show her your room now,” Daniel said. “Cos she’ll sleep in there for a bit, ay?” Daniel cocked his head to the side a little.

“Yeah she will.” Brax answered, watching as Daniel quickly disappeared from the room. Brax gave a little laugh at his son before walking out after him, continuing to show Georgia around the house.


April waved to her friend as she walked across the diner and sat down opposite him, Dex already having got April a latte. “Hey and thanks.” April wrapped her hands around the cup.

“No worries,” Dex smiled at her. “You didn’t bring Finnster?”

April shook her head. “Bath time and bedtime,” April told him. “Jay is putting him down.”

“I see,” Dex gave a little nod. “So with a handsome man at home putting your son to sleep, what you doing wanting to meet me?” Dex wondered before taking a drink of his coffee.

April clicked her tongue. “I thought I could talk some sense into you.”

“About?” Dex looked a little confused.

“You know how much I love Finn,” April started. “That little boy is my whole life but being a teenage parent,” April trailed off, shaking her head. “Dex, I don’t want you and Rubes missing out on having your normal teenage years,” April exhaled. “I -”

“Did she put you up to this?” Dex sighed, his head shaking in disbelief.

“No,” April shook her head. “Babies aren’t all giggles and happiness and fun times,” April said. “They are night feeds and colic and crying for no reason and stressful and constant 24/7 work,” April told him. “I....I can’t even find the time between school and caring for Finn to get a job to have money to pay for him. How do you think you and Rubes would manage? Our HSC’s are coming up.”

“She’d still be pregnant then.” Dex shrugged.

“C’mon Dex,” April exhaled. “Are you telling me you want to have a baby that you can’t provide for right now, that would need a lot of care and attention just when you are starting uni?” April wondered. “Wouldn’t you rather wait till you and Rubes are done with uni, have a few years work, hence some money in the bank, your own place to live, be married?” April exhaled. “Because a baby does need that. They need a stable, family home with some income,” April said. “I hate that Bianca foots most of the expenses for Finn and hate even more that I rely on Jay to get me things for Finn. Would you really be happy with Charlie and your dad buying everything? Wouldn’t you rather provide for your baby by yourself?”

“Well, yeah but...” Dex trailed off. “I just love Ruby so much and want to make little humans with her.”

“And you can do that,” April said. “But in the future. When it’s the right time. You and Rubes will be awesome parents,” April reached forward and rubbed his arm as he gave her smile. “I mean right now with all this baby talk you’ve lost her. So what’s more important for you to have right now?” April questioned. “A baby you can’t afford or you’re loving awesome girlfriend?”

“Rubes,” Dex answered. “Of course I want Ruby.”

“Then stop this silly baby nonsense and go get Rubes back,” April told him. “And anytime you want a fix of baby then Finn is available for babysitting. I’m sure Miles and Leah would happily have you babysit Poppy and Rubes has a new baby sister now too, so there are babies all around for you to love and play with.” April said and Dex gave a little laugh.

“But what if,” Dex exhaled. “What if Rubes won’t take me back?”

“She loves you,” April told him. “She’ll take you back.” Dex gave a little smile, feeling a little unsure but hoping that April was right and he could get Ruby to give him another chance.

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Thank you Spotd1 and Sarah. :)


“Charlie, she is gorgeous,” Bianca was holding Georgia in her arms, smiling down at the new baby. “She’s is so like Brax.” Bianca couldn’t believe how much she looked like her father. Charlie's eyes shut as her head rolled forward, Charlie jumping a little, shaking her head to wake herself up.

“Hmmm?” Charlie rubbed her hand over her eyes. “Yeah, she...” Charlie yawned. “Uhm, yeah.”

“You can go sleep if you want,” Bianca told her. “Look like you really need it.”

“She needs fed in about 5 minutes.” Charlie said looking up as Brax came back into the room with the coffee for Bianca and the juice for Kaya and Daniel, who were playing hungry hippos in the corner of the living room.

“She’s really got your eyes.” Bianca smiled at Brax as he put her coffee down on the coffee table.

“Yeah,” Brax grinned. “It’s just like looking at a picture of me as a baby. But a bit more girly.” Brax said and Bianca gave a little laugh before looking back to Georgia.

“How was the first night home?” Bianca said, lightly rubbing Georgia’s back as she was snuggled up against her.

“She must have only slept an hour all of last night.” Brax yawned.

“Yeah,” Daniel looked around to Bianca, his little head nodding. “She cried and she cried and she cried,” Daniel sighed. “I tell her to stop crying but she wouldn’t,” Daniel shook his head. “Then she was just lying in mummy’s arms with her eyes open and she wouldn’t sleep.”

“Oh.” Bianca raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah she didn’t know it was bedtime.” Daniel gave a little giggle before going back to his game with Kaya.

“Aww Georgia,” Bianca looked back to the baby. “You be good and sleep more tonight for mummy and daddy, okay?” Bianca instructed.

Brax gave a little laugh as he rubbed Charlie’s arm as she was leaning against him. “How was your party Kaya?” Charlie questioned. “You have a good day?”

“Uh-huh.” Kaya looked round to her.

“What do you say for your present?” Bianca said, glancing to her daughter.

“Thank you Auntie Charlie and Uncle Brax,” Kaya smiled sweetly at them. “How you no at the party though?” Kaya gave a little pout.

“Cos mummy was having baby Georgia,” Daniel sighed. “I told you that.”

“Babies are stupid,” Kaya scrunched her face up. “They don’t know how to do nothing.”

“Just cos they are brand new,” Daniel exhaled. “They will learn. I will teach baby Georgia everything.”

“Aww so you are going to be a great big brother then?” Bianca questioned, seeing the glow in Daniel’s eyes as he thought about his baby sister.

“I is already,” Daniel said. “Ay daddy, I’ve been helping with her all the time?”

“You sure have bud,” Brax smiled at his son. “Let’s hope the novelty doesn’t ware off huh?” Brax mumbled as he faced Bianca again. “Maybe a few more restless nights and he’ll be wishing her gone.” Brax laughed.

“Aww no you’ll be a little angel for mummy and daddy tonight hmm,” Bianca cooed as she rubbed her cheek. “You need to sleep for some of the night.” Bianca whispered.

“The routine will come I am sure.” Brax looked down to Georgia, smiling fondly at his baby daughter.

“Oh of course,” Bianca said. “She’s only a day old. You can’t have miracles.”

“Would be nice though eh,” Charlie mumbled through a yawn. “Bud you want to come open this present from Bianca and Kaya?”

“Yeah.” Daniel shrieked as he crawled across the floor and pulled at the present, excited to see what gifts Georgia had gotten.


“Hey,” Dex smiled at Ruby as she walked passed him. “I hear congratulations are in order.”

“For?” Ruby questioned.

“You’re mum’s had the baby,” Dex said. “April told me.”

“So then it’s my mum who needs the congrats, not me.” Ruby told him.

“Well you’re a big sister again,” Dex said. “Boy or girl?”

“Girl,” Ruby told him. “Georgia.”

“Like the American state?” Dex laughed.

“Like the girls name,” Ruby scrunched her face. “Look I need to go. I’m picking some lunch for mum and Brax. Too tired to cook something up today.”

“Suppose it’ll be hectic with a day old baby around,” Dex said, rubbing the back of his head. “Will have to come and see her sometime.”

“You know she is my sister,” Ruby said. “She’s not my kid so you can’t -”

“Rubes,” Dex leaned forward and took hold of her hand, rubbing it gently. “I...I’ve seen what it’s like this last month without you and I....I’ve hated every minute of it,” Dex exhaled. “Yes, I would love to have a baby but if I can’t have a baby with you then I don’t want one at all,” Dex told her. “At least not till you are ready.” Dex gave her a smile as he rubbed her hand again.

Ruby gave a weak smile, letting Dex continue to rub her hand, having missed his touch. “And how do I know that in a few months time this won’t come up again?” Ruby questioned.

“Because now isn’t the time,” Dex said. “We’re still in school, not even done uni. We don’t have jobs, we can’t....we’re not ready to be parents.”

Ruby gave him a little smile. “And you really mean it?”

Dex nodded a little. “You are all I want.”

Ruby’s smile grew larger. “I love you,” Ruby said as she placed a soft kiss on his lips. Dex smiled into the kiss, letting it deepen a little as he wrapped his arms around Ruby’s waist. “You can come around now to see her, if you want?”

“Yeah.” Dex gave her a smile, tucking her hair behind her ear.

“We need to go pick up lunch then we go.” Ruby told him, taking her hand in hers and walking with him the rest of the way to the diner.


“Dada.” Finn screeched as James walked into the house. He started shaking in excitement in his high chair.

“Hey little dude,” James walked over to the high chair and ran his hand over his head before he leaned down and greeted his girlfriend with a kiss. “Is it lunch time?” James pulled a seat over and sat down, watching as April fed Finn the puréed food from the jar.

“Bbababa.” Finn babbled as April put more food on the little green spoon. She made airplane noise before putting it to Finn’s mouth.

“What you got today?” James turned the jar in April’s hand. “Vegetable Chicken,” James screwed his face up. “Looks like mushy orange crap to me,” April slapped James’ thigh. “Ouch,” James rubbed his thigh. “What was that for?”

“Don’t say c-r-a-p,” April spelt it out. “You know he is starting to pick up words,” April sighed as she got the last of the puréed mix from the jar. “You can be helpful and go pick him a dessert.” April told him. James stood up and opened the cupboard where Finn’s food was kept.

“Right little dude we have puréed pears, apples, plums or banana,” James read the jars. “What shall we have today?”

Finn looked around to James as he spoke to him, some food still around his mouth. He gave him a grin, showing off his teeth. “Eeeee.” Finn clapped.

“Plums it is mate.” James took the jar from the cupboard and walked over to April, handing it down to her.

“You want to feed him?” April questioned and James gave a little nod, opening the jar and throwing the lid down onto the table before taking the spoon from April. He put some onto the spoon before bringing it to Finn’s mouth. Finn stared at it for a moment before looking back to his mother.

“Uhh,” Finn batted the spoon away. “Naaa.” Finn banged his hands on the high chair tray.

“Aww c’mon little dude,” James spoke softly. “Plums are yummy.”

“Make airplane noises.” April told him. James glanced at her for a moment before doing as suggested. Finn pressed his lips tight together, his hands pushing at the spoon.

“Naa,” Finn squealed. ““Ma,” Finn pouted as he looked to April. “Ma,” Finn held his hands out to go to his mother. “Mama.” Finn said and April squealed in excitement.

“Oh my baby just said mama,” April stood up from the chair and unclipped her son, lifting him out of the high chair. “That’s right baby,” April repeatedly kissed his cheek. “I’m mama. I’m mama.”

“Mama,” Finn said again, a little grin on his face. “Mama...mama.” Finn pointed to her.

“Ah my big boy.” April kissed his temple as she sat him on her knee, taking a seat back on the chair. She took the jar and spoon from James and brought the spoon to Finn’s mouth. Finn happily accepting the puréed plums.

“You just want mama to feed you today?” James questioned, glad that he’d finally said mama.

“Mama.” Finn grinned, some food falling from his month and landing on his bib. April scooped it up with the spoon and put it back to Finn’s mouth, Finn to busy repeating his new word to finish his dessert.

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Thanks Sarah, Spotd1, Sabrina and ChalieAndBraxLover for the comments. :)


Charlie had Georgia over her shoulder, her hand gently rubbing her back as she winded her after her feed. “Hey, lunch is here.” Ruby called through the house. Daniel ran through to the kitchen, quite hungry so was glad Ruby was back with lunch.

“You want me to finish with her?” Brax questioned.

“No, I’ve got her,” Charlie said. “You go get your lunch. I’ll be through soon.”

Brax gave her a smile as he leaned into her on the couch and kissed her cheek before standing up and walking through to the kitchen. Charlie exhaled lightly as she heard a little burp coming from Georgia. “Good baby,” Charlie smiled as she moved her in her arms, Georgia now laying lengthways, snuggled against her mother. “Now you going to get some sleep, hmm?” Charlie felt herself welling up as she looked to her daughter. “I really need you to sleep.” Charlie squeaked. “You really need yourself to sleep, you must be so tired,” Georgia made a little squeaking sound before she started to cry. Charlie shushed her as she stood up, lightly rocking Georgia in her arms. “We don’t need all this crying,” Charlie sniffed back, feeling a tear roll down her cheek. “Good girl, hmmm. You go to sleep,” Charlie whispered, but Georgia’s cries only got louder. She took a deep breath, trying to keep herself compose before walking through to the kitchen. “She won’t stop crying,” Charlie’s voice broke as more tears rolled down her cheek. “I can’t...I can’t get her to sleep.” Charlie cried as the tears were fast in falling down her cheeks.

“Hey, baby its okay.” Brax walked over to her and rubbed her arms as he looked down to Georgia, the crying from his daughter only getting louder.

“I can’t settle her.” Charlie sniffed back.

“You are just overtired,” Brax took Georgia into his arms as he felt Ruby, Dex and Daniel staring over at them. He looked around to Ruby and she walked across to them, taking Georgia from Brax, and started singing twinkle twinkle little star to her as she walked out of the room. “Why don’t you go lie down,” Brax told her as he wiped the tears from her cheeks with his thumbs. “Get some sleep. Rubes will settle Georgia and we’ll come wake you when she needs her next feed.”

Charlie sniffed back. “You need sleep and you’re not a crying wreck like me.” Charlie wiped away another tear that rolled from her eye.

“But I haven’t just given birth,” Brax spoke softly. “You’re hormones and emotions must be all over the place right now,” Brax rubbed her arm. “Just go up the stairs, have a lie down and sleep.”

“As you say I am probably over tired.” Charlie mumbled.

“Don’t think about it,” Brax said. “Just clear your mind, lie down and you’ll sleep, I promise you,” Brax gave her a little smile as he rubbed her arm. “And we’ll leave you some lunch for when you are ready to eat.”

Charlie gave a little nod. “Okay,” Charlie said. “I guess it won’t hurt to try.”

“No,” Brax shook his head before placing a soft kiss on Charlie’s forehead. “On you go.” Brax said and Charlie gave him a weak smile before leaving the room, walking up the stairs and into the bedroom. She took a deep breath as she cleared her mind of everything before lying down under the covers, her eyes immediately closing as she drifted off to sleep.


“Is mummy okay?” Daniel questioned before taking a mouthful of his lunch.

“She’s just tired buddy,” Brax told him. “Having a baby is very hard work for a woman.”

“Oh,” Daniel gave a little nod before taking a drink of his juice. “I hope she gets a good sleep then.”

“Me too,” Brax gave his son a smile as he joined them at the table. “So, Dex,” Brax looked to the teenager. “You’re eating with us.”

“I am.” Dex nodded a little.

“Hmmm.” Brax looked round to Ruby. Ruby pursed her lips before clearing her throat.

“We got back together,” Ruby smiled. “So yeah he’s here for lunch.”

“Well as long as this doesn’t mean we are about to be grandparents.” Brax muttered and Ruby shook her head as she swallowed her juice.

“No no,” Ruby answered. “That’s all sorted. No babies for us for a while, right babe?”

“Right,” Dex nodded. “But we are available to babysit Daniel and Georgia anytime.”

“Well I’ll remember that,” Brax gave Dex a smile. “And it’s nice to see you two have worked things out,” Brax said. “18 is far too young for babies so I’m glad you’re holding off.”

“Yeah baby Georgia is the only baby we need right now, eh?” Daniel said and Ruby nodded vigorously.

“Completely agree bud,” Ruby ran her hand over her brother’s head. She’d managed to get Georgia down to sleep after about 10 minutes of singing to her. She only been down for about 20 minutes but she hadn’t stirred yet which was already an improvement on her previous naps. “But I am with Dex on the whole babysitting thing when she’s a little older and you guys wants some dates.”

“I’m sure heaps of babysitting will be on the cards,” Brax said, taking a forkful of his lunch. “But probably not for a few weeks yet. I don’t imagine your mum to be one to leave the baby that early.”

“A few weeks?” Ruby laughed. “Oh Brax. It’ll be months before she leaves her even for a hour with anyone other than you and her.”

Brax stifled a laugh. “Well I can’t say I’d like to leave her yet to be honest.”

“Well no she’s like a day old,” Dex laughed. “Bit too soon for anything yet,” Dex said. “Although I do believe you need to wet the baby’s head.”

“What?” Daniel gasped. “Like put water on her head? What for?”

“Nah buddy,” Brax laughed. “Sometimes when a baby is born the dad and his friends go out to have a beer and it’s called wetting the baby’s head.”

“Oh,” Daniel exhaled. “You shouldn’t go out to drink to leave mummy with baby Georgia. That’s not nice daddy.”

“I’m sure mummy wouldn’t mind,” Brax told him. “Anyways I didn’t say I was going too but looks like you’d like to come if I did?” Brax said looking back to Dex.

“Well,” Dex gave a little shrug. “I am 18 now.”

Ruby gave a little laugh. “Bit weird going out to drink with your girlfriend’s sort of step father.”

“It doesn’t have to be weird at all,” Dex said. “We’d only be toasting your new sister.”

“We can do it now,” Daniel suggested. “So we can all be there,” Daniel said holding his glass up. “For baby Georgia,” Daniel grinned as everyone held up there drinks. “We are glad you are here now and we love you and hope you stay sleeping for mummy.” Daniel said before taking a drink of his juice. “My baby Georgia.” Daniel added before taking another drink.

“Baby Georgia,” Ruby, Dex and Brax said as they raised their glasses and took a drink, just before Georgia’s high pitched cry could be heard in the room. “I’ll go.” Brax said as he stood up and left the kitchen to see to his daughter.


April and James were snuggled up on the couch, about to watch a movie when Bianca came home. “Oh hello James.” Bianca smiled at him.

“Hey,” James waved his hand up. “How was your night?” James questioned. Bianca had been on a blind date, having been set up by a work colleague.

“Uh.” Bianca screwed her face up and April gave a little laugh.

“I take it there’s not going to be a second date then?” April questioned and Bianca gave a little shrug.

“Probably not but you never know maybe another date with him will make me like him,” Bianca said. “Kaya okay?”

“Yeah she was fine.” April answered and Bianca gave a little smile before looking to the TV to see a movie was starting.

“Well it looks like you two have taken over the living room so I guess it’s off to the bedroom for me.” Bianca exhaled.

“Sorry,” April said. “But we can’t have the movie loud if we watch it in my room because Finn’s asleep.”

“So I’ll just get put out of my own home.” Bianca muttered.

“If it’s a problem we can watch the movie another time,” James said. “You can have the living room. April and I will go to her room.”

“No no,” Bianca shook her head. “It’s started now. I’ll leave you alone.” Bianca sighed before walking through to her bedroom, the door closing shut rather loudly.

“Is she mad?” James questioned.

April shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe the date just pissed her off,” April exhaled. “She’s never had a problem with us being in here before.” April rubbed her forehead.

“Maybe it annoys her I’m always around,” James clicked his tongue. “Maybe we should look for a place of our own.” James laughed and April widened her eyes as she looked into his, not sure if he was joking or not.

“Uhm,” April swallowed nervously. “Are you being serious?”

“Well why not?” James questioned. “We love each other, we hang out all the time anyways, we....maybe it is time for the relationship to move forward.”

“It’s a big step,” April said. “And I know you are great with Finn but you know he’s....it’ll be constant, like we’ll be a proper family and I....I don’t know if I am ready for that and your grams, can you really leave your grams living on her own?” April started breathing heavily, like she was starting to panic.

James exhaled sadly, seeing April wasn’t ready for this sort of commitment, so there was no way she’d be ready for him to propose. “No worries. Forget I mentioned it.” James murmured before turning to face the TV to watch the movie.

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Thanks Spotd1 and Sarah for the comments.


Charlie walked into the bedroom, smiling at the scene of Brax sleeping with Georgia lying sleeping on his chest. She climbed up onto the bed and sat down next to him, her head resting on his shoulder as she gently rubbed her daughters back. “Daniel okay?” Brax mumbled.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” Charlie said.

“You didn’t,” Brax answered. “I was just resting,” Brax spoke quietly. “I just didn’t want to move her now I finally got her to sleep,” Brax said in a whisper. Georgia was now 4 days old and still proving a tough one when it came to sleeping. Charlie yawned as she continued to rub her daughters back. “So you get Daniel back down?”

“Mmm,” Charlie nodded. “He said he wants some earplugs,” Charlie laughed lightly. “Although I don’t think they’d help. Nothing will stop you from hearing her screaming.”

“She’s just making us aware of her presence,” Brax put his hand on top of Charlie’s. “But we know that you are hear now so you can quieten down,” Brax cooed down at his daughter. “Yes you can.”

Georgia gave a little squeak as she moved a little, one of her eyes opening slightly. “No no, don’t wake up.” Charlie spoke softly before giving a sigh of relief as her eye shut again, Georgia remaining asleep.

“How were the other two with sleeping?” Brax whispered.

“Daniel would have slept all the time if he could have,” Charlie gave a little laugh. “Rubes was a little harder to get into a routine though,” Charlie answered. “But she’d still sleep 3 to 4 hours at a time. This one is up every 10 minutes. Even less if she’s not being held,” Charlie sighed. “She just doesn’t want to sleep. I’m worried she’s not getting enough.” Charlie exhaled, sounding worried for her daughter.

“Well she’s got to tire eventually, right?” Brax questioned. “She’s still brand new. She just needs more time to figure out what she’s supposed to do.”

“Yeah.” Charlie gave a little nod before gently lifting her from Brax’s chest.

“You are going to wake her up.” Brax sighed.

“We need to put her in the moses basket. I don’t want her getting used to only sleeping when she is being held.” Charlie got up from the bed and gently lay Georgia down in the moses basket.

“She’s only 4 days old. I’m pretty sure it won’t be a big deal right now and if it means she sleeps I don’t think there is any harm in doing it.” Brax said and Charlie bit her lip as got back into the bed, looking unsure.

“I just think -” Charlie was cut off by Georgia’s ear piercing cries. She made fists with her hands in frustration before getting back out of bed and lifting Georgia into her arms. As soon as Charlie was holding her daughter the crying stopped and Georgia settled back into sleep. Charlie shook her head lightly as Brax shuffled over to her side of the bed before getting out and rubbing her arm.

“You get some sleep,” Brax told her. “I’ll stay up with her till her next feed.” Brax said, taking Georgia into his arms. Charlie didn’t really want to do this. She thought they needed to get her sleeping in the moses basket but she was just too tired to argue. She gave Brax a thankful smile before getting into bed and closing her eyes, Brax watching as she immediately fell asleep. Brax walked over to the rocking chair and sat down, gently rocking back and forth as he watched his daughter as she slept in his arms.


Finn took a few unsteady steps before falling to the ground. He immediately pushed himself back up to standing, swaying on the spot as he stared at his mother who standing at the other side of their bedroom, holding some crackers. “Mama.” Finn reached for her, a little sat pout on his face.

“Walk to mama,” April told him. “I know you can do it.”

“Naaa,” Finn squealed, still swaying on the spot. “Eeee,” Finn reached out for the cracker. April moved a little closer to him.

“C’mon bud,” April held he hands out and Finn took some unsteady steps before falling into his mother arms. “See my clever baby,” April cooed as she kissed his cheek. “You are walking buddy,” April shrieked. “Mama is so proud,” April gave him a squeeze before she kissed him again. “There you go.” April gave Finn the cracker and he grinned as he looked down to it for a moment before bringing it to his mouth.

“Ohh.” Finn gasped as the doorbell rang.

“Oh who’s at the door?” April questioned. “Is it going to be dada?” April lifted Finn into her arms and walked out of her bedroom and over to the front door. “Jay,” April gave him a smile. “Come in just now. We got a bit distracted so we’re not quiet ready.”

“Distracted by what?” James wondered.

“Dada.” Finn offered some of his cracker.

“Nah you eat that up yourself little dude.” James ruffled Finn’s hair before April put him down on the floor as James closed the door.

“You going to show dada what you can do?” April questioned, Finn standing on the spot.

James glanced down at Finn, who was chomping on the cracker. “Aw wow,” James gasped as Finn took some steps before he fell on his bottom. “You’re walking alone,” James scooped Finn into his arms, blowing a raspberry on his stomach as Finn giggled. “Such a clever little one.”

“Now the fun really begins huh,” April gave a little laugh as James put Finn down, Finn choosing to crawl over to his toys. “You want a drink or anything?”

“Nah I’m good.” James said as he took a seat on the couch.

April pursed her lips as she walked over to the couch and sat down next to her boyfriend. “Jay are we okay?” April questioned tentatively.

“Why wouldn’t we be?” James answered.

“I don’t know,” April shrugged. “I just feel for the last few days you’ve been.....quiet.”

James watched Finn for a moment as he pulled at his building blocks before looking back to April. “I love you and I want us to make some sort of commitment to each other,” James exhaled. “But you just shot down the moving in idea and I....” James gave a little shrug. “I want everyone to know how committed we are to each other.”

“You change my baby’s smelly nappies,” April laughed. “That’s commitment.”

“Hun be serious.” James sighed.

“I am being serious,” April moved closer to him on the couch and took his hand in hers. “When we started dating I had a baby. You were only 19, you had a young and carefree life and you still chose to be with me. With Finn. With us,” April exhaled. “How many nineteen year old guys could stick around and be as committed to Finn as you are?”April wondered. “You aren’t even his biological father and you are still here,” April smiled as he squeezed his hand. “That shows me you are pretty committed.”

James gave a weak smile as he looked into her gorgeous brown eyes. “But don’t you want this relationship to move forward?”

“Of course I do,” April answered. “But moving in together is a huge step and I want to make sure that it’s the right time, especially for Finn’s sake,” April said, her hand rubbing his. “Babe, I love you so much and I am never, never letting you go,” April told him. “But right now I’m happy with the way things are between us.”

James exhaled as he gave a little nod. “We’re doing pretty good.” James grinned at her. Of course he wanted to move in or even propose but if April wasn’t ready for that step, he’d wait, of course knowing she was worth waiting for.

“We are,” April nodded before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on James’ lips. “Now, how about we take Finn to the park like we planned?” April said and James gave a little nod before they stood up to get ready to go out for the day.

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Thanks. :)


Daniel ran into the house, throwing his school bag down on the floor. “Hey buddy how was school?” Charlie questioned, Georgia snuggled up in her arms.

“Fine,” Daniel ran over to the couch and climbed up next to Charlie, smiling down at his sister as he ran his hand over her forehead. “How has baby Georgia been?” Daniel questioned.

“Is it alright if I go for a lie down?” Brax yawned as he rubbed his hands over his eyes. Charlie looked up to him and saw how tired he looked. Brax always let Charlie rest and had spent restless nights with Georgia, letting Charlie get rest so she was able to feed her and be with her through the day.

“Of course.” Charlie told him. Brax gave her a smile before walking out of the living room.

“So how has she been?” Daniel continued to rub her forehead, Georgia moving her head a little as she wriggled in Charlie’s arms.

“Well she’s cried a lot,” Charlie yawned. “She’s had lots of milk and even two big poops.” Charlie widened her eyes and Daniel giggled.

“Smelly baby Georgia.” Daniel pinched his nose and Charlie gave a little laugh.

“She’s not smelling right now bud,” Charlie ran her hand over his hair. “She’s freshly changed.”

“Can we give her a bath?” Daniel wondered. “She liked it in the water.”

“Not right now,” Charlie said. “Before her bedtime, hmm,” Charlie smiled and Daniel gave a little nod as he grinned. “You can hold her if you want though,” Charlie said and Daniel grinned as he held his hands out for her. “Watch her head.” Charlie said as she placed Georgia in his arms.

“She’s really little.” Daniel said, smiling down at his sister.

“Hmmm,” Charlie nodded. “She’s going to grow quickly though I bet,” Charlie said, wrapping her arm around her son. “You kiddies always do grow up so fast.”

“Yeah I am already seven,” Daniel exhaled. “But Ruby is even bigger. She is 18 already.”

“Ah don’t remind mummy that one.” Charlie said and Daniel gave a little giggle as he glanced at Charlie’s hand, looking to her engagement ring.

“When are you and daddy going to get married?” Daniel wondered. “You’ve been engaged for the longest time and you have baby Georgia. You should be married.”

“I know buddy,” Charlie ran her engagement right around her finger. “We’ll get married when Georgia is older. Maybe one or two.”

“Oh no no,” Daniel shook his head. “Mummy that is to long away,” Daniel sighed. “You should get married really soon, okay?”

“We’ll see,” Charlie exhaled. The last thing she needed right now was to be planning a wedding. Settling into life with Georgia and getting her into a routine was something that was much more important right now. She saw Daniel giving a sad pout. “We will get married one day sweetie, I promise you that.”

“Then he will really be my daddy because he is married to you.” Daniel said.

“He already is your daddy buddy,” Charlie told him. “We don’t have to be married for that to happen.”

“No,” Daniel shook his head. “Cos then we’d all be the same name so it will be more better,” Daniel said and Charlie gave him a little smile as she rubbed his cheek. “You should have the same name as your mummy and your daddy cos she is baby Georgia Braxton, right?” Daniel questioned and Charlie gave a little nod. “So, we is all different,” Daniel sighed. “We all need to be Braxtons.”

“I see,” Charlie exhaled. “Well like I say, one day buddy.” Charlie said before smiling down at the scene of Georgia snuggling into Daniel as she drifted off to sleep.


James and April were sitting on the grass area near to the park. Finn was standing up wobbling around in front of them. “Eee.” Finn squealed before falling to the grass with a bump. He giggled before standing right back up again, taking some unsteady steps over his mother. He put his hand on her shoulders as he grinned down at her.

“What you wanting bubba?” April questioned.

“Mmmmm,” Finn babbled as he banged his hand against her shoulder. “Mama mama mama.” Finn screeched.

“What you wanting bud?” April pulled Finn down onto her knee, hugging him tightly as she kissed his forehead.

“Dada,” Finn held his hands out and James took him onto his lap. Finn grinned as he put his little hand on James’ cheek. “Dada dada.”

“You are in a funny mood.” April laughed at her son.

“You are just showing of your words, huh little dude?” James tickled his sides and Finn giggled loudly.

April smiled as she watched how James was with Finn. Anyone else watching them would think that Finn was his child. Think that they were father and son. Her smiled grew larger as James looked down to her. “What?” James questioned of her look.

“Nothing,” April shook her head. “I just....I love how amazing you are.”

“Thanks,” James grinned. “But it’s you and Finn that make me feel this amazing,” James told her. “Knowing I have you two in my life, I...it’s better than I could have asked for.” James told her and April smiled before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on his lips. James smiled into the kiss, letting it deepened a little. They pulled apart as a little hand went onto each of their cheeks. April turned to face her son, smiling as she looked into his deep brown eyes. Finn made a kissing pout with his lips and April gave a little laugh before she kissed her son on the lips. Finn grinned before looking to James and going to kiss him.

“Sorry to break up this cute family moment,” April and James looked around as they saw Xavier standing behind them. “Hey little buddy.” Xavier rubbed Finn’s cheek as he stared up at the stranger.

“Dada.” Finn went all shy and leaned into James, James lightly rubbing the boys back.

“Did he just call him dada?” Xavier questioned. “He’s not his dada, I am.”

“I don’t think you are, mate,” James glared up at Xavier. “You’ve never been around for him. You’re not his father.”

“He has my DNA.” Xavier scoffed.

“DNA doesn’t make you a father,” April told him. “Raising the child does.”

“I’ve told you plenty of times I want the three of us to be a family,” Xavier sighed. “You just need to get rid of this loser,” Xavier said as he gestured to James. “Then I can be his father.”

“He’s not the loser around here,” April retorted. “Those shoes Finn has on,” April gestured down to her son’s feet. “Jay bought him them. He’s changes his nappies, he feeds him, reads to him, plays with him, bathes him, settles him when he can’t sleep....” April trailed off. “He is the only man who has the rights to say he is Finn’s father.”

“I could do all that if you just gave me a chance.” Xavier sighed.

“And I’ve told you plenty times that we are never going to be a we again,” April exhaled. “You can be there for Finn all you want, but, us...” April shook her head. “I’ve well and truly moved on to a much better man.”

Xavier looked at James before looking back to April, he knew he’d lost her for good and he was never going to win her back, not even if he proved himself with Finn. “Ah well I’ve moving to Melbourne after High School is over so,” Xavier shrugged. “He’s a cute kid, but,” Xavier shook his head. “I’m still a teenager hey. And anyways, I’m off to Melbourne after High School. Going to be a cop. I’ve no time for a child.” Xavier said before turning and walking away.

April exhaled lightly as she watched him leave before turning back to look at James. “You okay?” James questioned and April nodded as she rubbed her son’s back before leaning into James, the three of them snuggled up together on the grass.

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Thanks for the comments. There are only a few chapters left but I have idea's for a sequel if you are still interested. :)


“Daniel was just asking me when he was going to become a Braxton.” Brax said as he walked into the bedroom, from reading Daniel his bedtime story. He sat down on the bed next to Charlie who was looking down to Georgia as she fed from her mother.

“He was asking me that before as well,” Charlie replied. “But the last thing I need right now is to start planning a wedding. This little madam is top of my priorities right now.”

“Of course,” Brax ran his hand over Georgia’s soft dark hair. “But once you do become Charlotte Braxton, he can....he’ll be a Braxton too, right?”

“Mmmm,” Charlie nodded. “I uhm...” Charlie bit her lip. “I sorta looked into adoption,” Charlie looked up to Brax, seeing his eyes widening. “But I dunno if it was something that you would -”

“I’d be honoured to adopt him,” Brax grinned. “Can we make this happen?”

“We’d need to prove that Gr....” Charlie trailed off before taking a deep breath. “That Grant was an unfit parent. I know he’s not on the birth certificate but we’d still need to terminate his parental rights and this would mean him finding out about Daniel and I.....I never want him to know.” Charlie shook her head.

“I see,” Brax sounded disappointed. “Well, I am the boy father anyways. I don’t need a piece of paper to say it,” Brax said. “And he’d still get my surname after we marry, right?”

Charlie nodded. “I wish there was a way around this,” Charlie pursed her lips. “Not only for you and Daniel, but for my piece of mind,” Charlie pursed her lips. “I want to know...I mean if....” Charlie took a deep breath. “If I were to not be here anymore I wouldn’t want Daniel to get taken from you.”

“Nothing is going to happen to you, Charlie.” Brax rubbed her arm as he spoke.

“Probably not but you never know what’s coming,” Charlie bit her lip. “I just want to ensure Daniel stays with you.”

“Then you put that in your will and he’ll stay with me,” Brax told her. “But this adoption thing, I....we should look into it. Maybe because Grant is a crazy psycho rapist who is in jail it will change things.

He could be a danger to Daniel so maybe they can terminate his rights without him knowing about his existence.”

“Would be a long shot.” Charlie mumbled, glancing down at Georgia who was still feeding.

“But it still could happen,” Brax told her as he too glanced down at Georgia. “I’d love nothing more than to make me being Daniel’s father official.” Brax smiled before he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Charlie’s lips.


April slipped into the bed next to James. “You’ve been quiet since we got back from the park. You okay?” April questioned, her hand rubbing his chest.

“I’m fine.” James mumbled.

“Jay,” April exhaled. “What have I done?”

“You haven’t done anything,” James answered. “I just....Xav’s knocking around again and I....I love you and little dude so much but I don’t want to stand in the way of you being a family.”

“I have the family I want right here,” April said, continuing to rub his chest. “You are the only father Finn is ever going to need. I thought....I thought you wanted us to move in, I....I thought you were happy.”

“I am,” James told her. “I just....what if in years to come Finn wants to know his real father?”

“You are his father,” April said. “Why would he want to get to know someone who abandoned him before he was even born and then only tried to get me back?” April questioned. “Xav isn’t interested in having a relationship with Finn; he only wants to get me,” April exhaled and James pursed his lips, his head bowing. “And babe, I only want you.” April told him, leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

“I know, I just....well sometimes I wonder what a super hot smart chick like you is doing with someone like me.” James exhaled.

“Someone like you?” April questioned. “You mean a sweet, kind, caring guy?”

“A scruffy hair surfer.” James shrugged.

“I love your scruffy hair,” April ran her hand through the golden blond locks. “I’m thinking of not getting Finn’s hair cut for a while so he can be a little scruffy hair surfer just like you,” April laughed as she nudged his chest. James stifled a laugh. “C’mon baby, Xav is never going to be a threat. I’d be stupid to leave a guy like you for a guy like him,” April said before leaning up and placing a soft kiss on his lips. “I love you.” April whispered before placing another kiss on his lips, James smiling into the kiss, letting in deepen as he wrapped his arms around April, pulling her closer to him so their bodies pressed together.


Charlie stood at the door of the nursery, watching as Brax dressed his daughter. “Ah good girl only leaving a wet nappy for daddy,” Brax cooed. “Mummy gets all the stink ones, remember that’s our deal, yeah?” Brax spoke softly as he wiped her bum, his one hand holding her little legs up. “You know what princess Georgia, we are going into town today,” Brax told her. “You’re first trip in, hmmm,” Brax took the clean nappy from the drawer, placing it under his daughter before lifting it up and folding down the tabs. “We are going to see Auntie Leah, Uncle Miles and Veej and Pop’s,” Brax cooed. “I bet you and Pop’s could be good friends huh?” Brax made sure the tabs were on tightly before lifting his daughter into his arms, her little white dress with little yellow flowers on falling back down her body. “Now Irene will be at the diner and she is a lovely woman then there’s Colleen,” Brax exhaled. “I’m just going to be sorry now,” Brax said and Charlie laughed resulting in Brax turning around to face her. He gave her a smile before walking over to her. “Has mummy been eavesdropping on daddy and Princess Georgia time?” Brax questioned. “Naughty mummy.”

“Maybe we could get Georgia to show Colleen those wonderful lungs she has,” Charlie laughed as she rubbed her daughters back. “Cos you’ve surely showed mummy and daddy them this first week you’ve been here huh.” Charlie took her daughter into her arms, placing a kiss on her temple. She held her daughter out in front of her and Georgia gave a little squeak as her eyes scanned around her.

“Ah we’re not going to cry much anymore, are we?” Brax ran his hand over Georgia’s soft fine hair. “You’re going to be as good as gold from now on, isn’t that right?” Brax said as Charlie held her daughter close to her.

“We should be so lucky,” Charlie said. “She’s all Braxton in the looks department so that spells she’ll be trouble like daddy.” Charlie joked and Brax gasped, mocking offence.

“Well my Princess Georgia we are offended aren’t we?”Brax took her back in his arms. “Maybe daddy isn’t going to go by mummy a nice push present anymore.” Brax said before he left the nursery.

“Present?” Charlie widened her eyes. “What present.” Charlie said, running out of the nursery after Brax.

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Thank you Spotd1. :) This is the second to last chapter.


The next three weeks went past in a bit of a blur for Charlie and Brax, Georgia’s sleeping habits seeming to only get worse. Charlie yawned as she leaned into Brax. “I don’t like this.” Charlie mumbled. They were trying the controlled crying technique, where they’d leave Georgia to cry it out, not giving her attention.

“It’s only our first time trying it,” Brax rubbed her arm as he kissed her head. “And I hate it too, hearing her little cry and we are just ignoring her but the nurse suggested we try it.” Brax’s heart was breaking at ignoring his daughter but he knew it was the right thing to do in the long run, even if it didn’t feel like it right now.

“But she’s only a month old,” Charlie sounded like she was going to cry. “It’s cruel to ignore her like this.”

“Babe we’ve spent the last month surviving on very little sleep,” Brax said. “And Georgia too, so for all of our sakes we need to try this.” Brax spoke softly as he could feel Charlie’s head shaking against his chest.

“She’ll feel unloved,” Charlie said, looking up to Brax. “This could damage her.”

“No it won’t,” Brax shook his head. “Do you remember what you did when you were a month old?” Brax stifled a laugh.

Charlie shook her head. “But some people say things like this is damaging for a baby.”

“People will criticise every technique out there,” Brax told her, smiling a little at hearing Georgia’s cried soften. “That’s why we pick one, try it and if it works for us then it doesn’t matter what anyone else things.” Brax continued to rub her arm as he spoke.

“Well this one isn’t working for us.” Charlie sighed, going to stand up to see to her daughter.

“Charlie,” Brax pulled Charlie back down on the bed. “It’s our first night trying this. We need to give it a chance,” Brax exhaled, before listening for a moment, Georgia cries now a soft whimper as opposed to a full blown cry. “She see’s quietened down already.”

“Just let me check her. I won’t pick her up,” Charlie said, getting out the bed and leaning over the moses basket. Georgia was looking to the side, her whimpers lessening as he legs kicked a little. She could see her eyes were falling any knew she would fall asleep any minute now. “Good baby.” Charlie whispered before getting back into her bed.

“See this is going to work.” Brax grinned, excited at the thought of being able to get sleep again. He’d missed sleep.

“Hmm,” Charlie still sounded a little unsure. “Well as you say it’s only the first night.”

“It’ll work, I can feel it,” Brax smiled. “And tomorrow she has her first birthday party to attend,” Brax said, tomorrow being Finn’s first birthday. April planning a barbeque on the beach to celebrate her son turning a year old.

“Can’t believe he is already one.” Charlie said.

“I know,” Brax exhaled. “She’s done fantastic with him though.”

“Yeah,” Charlie agreed, April was doing a great job with Finn, Charlie believing April was just made to be a mother. “He’s a little cracker.”

“Mmm,” Brax agreed. “Shhh listen.” Brax put his index finger on Charlie’s lips this time.

“What, I don’t hear anything.” Charlie scrunched her face as her eyebrows furrowed.

“Exactly,” Brax grinned. “She’s asleep.” Brax said and Charlie glanced at the moses basket, giving a smile. Charlie turned to face Brax again and he smacked his lips against hers, giving her a celebratory kiss before they both lay down in the bed, their eyes closing so they too could finally both get some much needed sleep.


April walked out of her bedroom and squinted her eyes at the light hitting them. “What you still doing up?” April questioned.

“Fixing up this girlie toy for little dude.” James answered.

“It’s not a girlie toy. Don’t be so sexist,” April slapped his arm as she sat down next to him, picking up the little frying pan. April had bought Finn play kitchen for his birthday, along with a heap of new clothes. “Most of the world’s top chefs are male. He could be the next one.”

James raised his eyebrows looking unsure. “Well I think he’ll like daddy’s cars better.”

“I know my bubba,” April said. “He is so going to want to play kitchen over playing with that stupid toy car.” April put the frying pan down on the hob before pulling the plastic wrapping from the spatula, hanging it up on the little hook, before picking up the spoon and taking the wrapping off.

“We will see.” James gave her a cheeky grin.

“Mmm,” April raised her eyebrows. “You’re grams is coming tomorrow, right?” April questioned, continuing to take all the wrapping off the different cutlery.

“Of course,” James answered. “She’s not miss little dude’s first birthday.”

“Good,” April smiled. “He loves Granny Olive,” April said, looking at the little fried egg James was holding in his hand. “Aww see he’s going to be pretending to make us eggs and everything,” April exhaled. “He’s going to love this.”

“Hmmm,” James still sounded unsure. “As I said we’ll see,” James exhaled. “And hey, even if he doesn’t like it I’m sure we can keep it. Maybe one of our future babies will be a girl.”

April raised her eyebrows as she gave him a smile. “I could totally imagine you with a daughter. You’d spoil her rotten.”

“Of course,” James smiled. “She’d be my little dudette.” James joked.

April laughed before pulling James by the hands, the pair of them standing up. “Come back to bed. You can finish this in the morning.” April grinned seductively at him, pulling him close to her. She leaned up on her tiptoes and placed a kiss on his lips, the kiss getting more passionate as she walked backwards, dragging James back to bed with her.

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Thank you so much Spotd1 for your continued reading. :D This is the last chapter but I have a sequel planned if you would like to read it.


Everyone was at the beach for Finn’s first birthday. Daniel, VJ and Kaya were down in the water with Miles and Brax as Charlie, Bianca, Leah and the babies were just sitting chilling. April, James, Dex and Ruby were playing cricket and Irene and Olive looked after Finn. “I can’t believe he is one already,” Olive said, Finn throwing sand at her feet. “Seems like just yesterday he was this little four month old visiting me in the hospital.” Finn looked up to her and smiled as he crawled in between her and Irene, sitting down in the middle of them.

“Seems like just yesterday I was visiting him at the hospital the day he was born,” Irene said, running her hand over Finn’s hair. Finn gave her a big open mouthed grin, Irene grinning back at the boy. Although Finn’s biological grandparents had nothing to do with him, he still had two wonderful women in his life with his ‘Nana Reen’ and ‘Gamma Olive’, both of the woman doting on the youngster. Irene and Olive had struck up a great friendship over the last few months, much to April and James’ delight. They loved that their families got along so well, even Bianca and Kaya being asked places with Olive, James, April and Finn. “Hmm you are growing up to fast.” Irene said, Finn still staring up at her and grinning.

“Mama,” Finn pointed down to the beach to April. “Mama.” Finn said again.

“That’s right that’s mama,” Irene smiled. “And who I am?” Irene hit her chest. “Am I nana?”

“Na-n-a.” Finn clapped.

“That’s right,” Irene grinned and Finn gave a happy little giggle as he cuddled into her. “It’s really nice seeing April this happy,” Irene to Olive. “James has been wonderful and so accepting of Finn.”

“Well he’s a lovely little boy.” Olive pinched Finn’s cheek and he giggled up at her.

“That’s all credit to you,” Irene gave her a smile. “If this little one turns out half the man James is we’d all be proud.”

“Oh,” Olive blushed. “He had his mother’s heart.” Olive said, watching as James chased April, catching her from behind and wrapping his arms around her stomach, placing a kiss in the crook of her neck.

“Well she must have been a pretty amazing woman.” Irene said, glancing out at the scene, not being able to wish anything better for the young woman who she loved like she was one of her own.


Ruby swam over to the rock, pushing herself up to sit next to Dex. “Hey,” Ruby smiled at him, her hand going onto his thigh. “What you doing all the way over here?” Ruby wondered.

“Just thinking.” Dex exhaled.

“About?”Ruby questioned.

“Just how happy I am,” Dex smiled. “How gorgeous my girlfriend is. How kind, sweet, funny, sexy she is.” Dex looked around to Ruby, giving her a smile.

“Well she sounds like a right catch. You’ll have to let me meet her sometime.” Ruby joked and Dex gave a little laugh.

“You ever think about where you want to go for uni?” Dex wondered. “Almost time for our exams then school is over.” Dex said, sounding a little scared at the prospect of no more high school, of having to leave for a new school where he’d once again need to find friends, something his quirkiness sometimes struggled with.

“Uhm,” Ruby pursed her lips. “I think I am just going to go to Northern Districts,” Ruby answered. “You know it would be nice to stay here with mum and Brax and Daniel and little Georgia. Don’t think I could cope living far away from them just yet.”

“Ahh,” Dex gave a little nod.

“Why?” Ruby questioned. “Do you want to go further afield?”

“Indi really wants me to join her in Perth,” Dex said. “I dunno I....I was looking at the uni there and it looks great.”

“You want to move to Perth?” Ruby widened her eyes and Dex gave a little shrug.

“It’s an option,” Dex said. “But dad does want me to stay here. Reckons Northern Districts is as good as any for their medical department and said he can get me shifts at the hospital to get some experience,” Dex told her. “But I dunno, I think it might be nice for the two of us to go have an adventure somewhere else.”

“Well,” Ruby pursed her lips. “I guess it could be but why go to the other side of the country when you can do the same right in your home town?” Ruby said. “Why not do uni then once we’ve got our degrees we can travel the country together.” Ruby suggested.

“Why stop at the country?” Dex said. “Let’s travel this world together,” Dex told her. “Asia, Europe, America....” Dex trailed off. “What do you say to that?”

“Sounds good to me,” Ruby smiled. “But of course if you did want to go to Perth then I’m not going to stop you. We can manage long distance for a while, right?” Ruby questioned, looking up to Dex.

Dex shook his head a little. “I wanna be wherever you are,” Dex said before he leaned in a placed a soft kiss on her lips. “I love you Rubes.”

“I love you too.” Ruby said before smiling into the kiss, letting it deepen.


“Finn,” April pulled at her son, Finn squealing as he put his hands on the edge of the kitchen, not wanting to move. “Buddy it’s bath time.”

“Naaaa.” Finn squealed as he hit the hob of his toy kitchen.

“Ah would you look at that daddy,” April grinned around at James. “He’s played with that kitchen ever since we’ve got home for the beach. “Not even looked at silly little car.” April joked as he gave James a cheeky grin.

“It’s still early days,” James said. “I’m sure he’ll soon figure out cars are heaps more fun that kitchens.”

April laughed as James walked over to them, wrapping his arms around April and giving her a kiss. “Hey little dude you going to make me an egg?” James bent down to Finn’s level. Finn stared at him for a moment before looking to the kitchen. He picked up the frying pan and handed it to James with a toothy grin.

“Think that means you need to make it yourself.” April laughed. James took the frying pan into his hand before putting it back on the hob.

“Naaa.” Finn squealed, handing it back to James.

“I don’t know what he wants me to do with it.” James murmured up at April.

“Pretend you are eating.” April said and James gave her a funny look. “It’s a toy kitchen, of course he’ll pretend to cook, duh.” April rolled her eyes and James lightly slapped her side before he pretended to eat from the pan, Finn giggling in delight.

“Eee.” Finn clapped before taking the frying pan from James and handed it to April. April pretended to eat too, setting Finn off into more giggles.

“Right bub I know you are having fun but you can come back and play with your kitchen again before bed, deal?” April put the frying pan down on the hob as she lifted her into her arms. “C’mon daddy, bath isn’t going to run itself.” April said as she walked over to the bathroom. James watched them leaving for a moment as a smile etched onto his face, James having never been happier. He smiled to himself before getting up and walking to the bathroom to start the bedtime routine with Finn.


Charlie, Brax, Daniel and Georgia were all snuggled up together on Charlie and Brax’s bed. “Today was so much fun,” Daniel grinned, having enjoyed his day at the beach with his friends. “Can we do that for baby Georgia’s first birthday?” Daniel questioned, sounding hopeful.

“Uhm sure we can,” Brax said, Georgia being in his arms, her little eyes scanning the bedroom. “Did you have fun today?” Brax questioned, lightly rubbing his daughters cheek. Georgia gave a big yawn as she moved a little in her father’s arms.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Brax cooed, Charlie smiling at how much his face lit up as he spoke with his daughter. He really was besotted with her. “And hopefully all that fresh sea air will mean you will sleep like a little angel tonight,” Brax said, running his hand over her forehead.

“I hope she does too,” Daniel said. “I love baby Georgia but she does like to cry at night.”

“Don’t we know it,” Charlie ran her hand over her sons head as he cuddled into her. “But we wouldn’t change her for anything, would we buddy?”

“Maybe just make her quieter a little.” Daniel suggested and Charlie gave a little as she looked to Brax. He smiled at her before leaning in a placing a soft kiss on her lips, the family then cuddling together relaxing before bedtime.

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