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A Perfect Match

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Thanks Sarah and Spotd1 for the comments. :)


Charlie walked out the lift and down the hallway as she looked for her keys in her bag. “Charlie,” Brax smiled a little as he saw her. “How have you been? How’s Daniel?” It had been a couple of days since they had to return home early from their weekend away and Brax could see Charlie needed some space so he gave her that.

“He’s.....” Charlie pursed her lips. It didn’t feel right to say her son was fine when he was going through cancer. “He’s out of ICU today.”

“Well that’s great news,” Brax said. “What was it in the first place?”

“It was -” Charlie paused mid-sentence. “Look I’m sorry I can’t actually talk. I just came home to pick up his bandana. They want to keep him in the ward for another night and he gets a little self conscious. The other kids there have hair.”

“Poor mite,” Brax exhaled, feeling saddened that she was distancing herself from him. “I could come with you if you liked?” Brax wanted her to know he was still there to support them both. “I’m sure Daniel would be pleased to see me.”

Charlie bit her lip. “I don’t want to start confusing him. It’s best you stay back.”

Brax felt a little confused as he rubbed the back of his head. “So.....are we not together anymore?”

“I’m sorry,” Charlie answered, feeling herself tearing up. “But I need to put all my focus on Daniel right now.”

Brax pursed his lips as he nodded a little, feeling himself getting emotional. “You still need you time.”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “Because I had me time and look what happened,” Charlie replied, putting her key into the door and turning it to unlock, pushing the door open slightly. “I can’t let anything like that happen again.”

“You can’t control this babe,” Brax gently rubbed her back. “You not being with me isn’t going to put a stop to Daniel getting sick or throwing up blood,” Brax exhaled. “It will -”

“Maybe not but it means that I’ll be there with him if it ever happened again,” Charlie replied. “Look Brax you really are a sweet, caring, loving guy whom I adore and Daniel does too, but,” Charlie clicked her tongue. “I’m sorry it’s just not the right time for me.” Brax looked into Charlie’s eyes, seeing this didn’t really seem like what she actually wanted.

“So I can’t even come see Daniel with you as a concerned neighbour?” Brax questioned. “You think it’s fair on him if you just complete cut me from his life?”

“He’s only known you a few months.” Charlie answered.

“Yeah and look how he is with me already,” Brax replied. “How long has he known Angelo? All his life and he doesn’t say peep to him. He connected with me instantly. Don’t you think that’s something special?”

“Yes,” Charlie answered. “I think you are a very special guy but I....I’m sorry, I can’t do this right now.” Charlie said before walking into her apartment before he had the chance to reply.


“Where’s Brax?” Daniel questioned as Charlie tied the bandana onto his head. “He’s no been to see me yet and I been here 3 days.” Daniel held up three fingers.

“I know buddy,” Charlie rubbed his cheek. “But Brax is very busy with work so I don’t think he’ll be able to visit you much right now.”

Daniel gave a sad pout. “But we was being a family. It was fun,” Charlie took a deep breath to keep herself composed. “We can do that when he’s not busy working, ay?”

Charlie exhaled before shaking her head. “No, buddy, the three of us won’t be hanging out,” Charlie ran her hand over his bandana. “Mummy and Brax aren’t going to be together anymore.”

“Why?” Daniel questioned. “Does he not like me anymore?”

“Of course he does,” Charlie answered. “Brax loves you. You’re his little buddy.”

“So then why won’t he still come play?” Daniel pouted sadly as he bowed his head down. “Does he not want to play because I am sick?”

“No no,” Charlie answered. “It doesn’t matter that you are sick and I promise once you feel a little better that you can play with Brax, okay?” Charlie rubbed her sons arm and Daniel gave a sad sort of mumble.

“Does you not love him anymore?” Daniel questioned, looking back up to his mother as he hugged Rocky penguin close to himself.

“I do,” Charlie said. “But right now I only need one man in my life and that’s you.” Charlie lightly pinched Daniel’s nose. Daniel gave a little smile before looking more seriously at his mother.

“Did you not be with him because he has no hair now?” Daniel questioned and Charlie couldn’t help but laugh.

“No buddy, of course not. Why would you think that?” Charlie questioned.

“Because Kasey is girlfriends with Tom now,” Daniel told his mother. “She said she wasn’t mines cos I am bald and she liked Tom’s curly red hair.”

“Aww well Kasey is silly for not wanting to be with you,” Charlie told her son. “You are smart and handsome and funny. You’ll be a great catch for a girl one day.” Charlie rubbed her son’s arm.

“Yeah when I go back to school I will ask Abi to be my girlfriend.” Daniel grinned.

“Abi huh?” Charlie questioned. “Is this the girl that’s just moved over from England?”

“Uh-huh,” Daniel nodded. “She had a funny voice,” Daniel giggled. “But she likes penguins too.”

“Well you’ll need to invite her over so you can show her Rocky hmmm.” Charlie ran her hand over his bandana once again, talking about the picture of the penguin that Brax had adopted from the Zoo for him.

“Will I still get Rocky?” Daniel wondered. “If you and Brax aren’t playing anymore?”

“Mmm,” Charlie gave a little nod. If Brax wanted to stop paying for the adoption of Rocky, she of course would pay for it for her son. “Of course you will bud,” Charlie told him. “Now, Dr Fisher said that we can take you out for some fresh air today,” Charlie smiled as his little face lit up. “How about we get some bread and feed the ducks?” Charlie questioned and Daniel nodded. He’d need to stay on hospital grounds, but there was a lake with ducks there at the bottom of the gardens.

“Yes,” Daniel sounded excited for his little outing. “But will I need to sit in a wheelchair?” Daniel didn’t sound too thrilled at the thought.

“You will,” Charlie told him and Daniel sighed a little. “But we’ll still have lots of fun huh?” Charlie said and Daniel nodded before Charlie smiled, leaning down and placing a soft kiss on her sons cheek.


“Jeeze what’s the rush?” Ruby ran to catch up with April who was walking full speed towards the shops. “I know we are supposed to hate school and want to get away from the grounds as soon as but, this is crazy.” Ruby gave a little skip before she finally caught up with her friend.

“I just have something I really need to get.” April answered.

“What?” Ruby questioned. “Not batteries anyways because you have enough energy.” Ruby joked and April glared at her friend, looking unimpressed.

“Just...I need to get something and I really want you with me, okay?” April questioned, taking Ruby’s hand and Ruby looked into April’s eyes and could see she was scared.

“April,” Ruby exhaled. “What is it?” April didn’t reply but just kept waking, keeping a grip of Ruby’s hand. They walked onto the main street where the shops were and walked about half way down. April stopped outside the chemists and Ruby widened her eyes. “Are you going to buy condoms?”

“Bit late for that.” April mumbled and Ruby screwed her face up, having not heard her friend. She was about to talk when April walked into the shop pulling Ruby behind her. April glanced down the aisles before seeing the one she wanted. She took a deep breath before walking quickly down, Ruby almost running to keep up.

“Holy sh*t April,” Ruby gasped as she saw what was in front of them. “Are you pregnant?”

“That’s what we need to find out.” April mumbled as she picked up a pregnancy test box.

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Thank you Sabrina and Sarah for the comments. :)


Ruby and April were sitting on the bath tub, waiting for the results to come through. April hadn’t said a word since buying the test and going back to Ruby’s apartment. Ruby wasn’t sure if she should wait for April to talk to or if she should say something. “I uhm,” Ruby pursed her lips, deciding she should talk. “I thought you were being safe?”

“We were safe,” April answered. “Ehm....I think it split.”

“And you really only did it the once?” Ruby questioned. She knew April was unsure of taking the step again but never found out if they had or not. April gave a little nod as she pulled at one of her fingernails, needing a distraction. “It’s probably just a scare.” Ruby said, rubbing April’s back as she spoke.

“Why else would I be late?” April questioned. “And I was sick this morning. And yesterday and the day before that,” April exhaled. “Bianca is going to kill me.” April’s voice broke as a tear rolled down her cheek.

“Hey no she won’t,” Ruby answered. “And even if she is mad at first she’ll support you in the end. She’s your big sister and she loves you and would do anything for you.”

“What if she sends me to live with mum?” April questioned. “I don’t want to go live with her. I don’t want to leave here. Or leave Xavier.”

“The last thing she would do would be to send you to live with your mother,” Ruby assured her. “Just....let’s wait for the result and then we can see what we’ll do, okay?”

“I’ve only just turned 16,” April looked terrified at the thought of being pregnant. “Rubes,” April sniffed back as a tear rolled down her cheek. “I don’t want to be pregnant.”

Ruby pursed her lips as she rubbed April’s back. “Let’s not worry till the result is in, yeah?” Ruby said. “And even if you are pregnant you don’t need to....” Ruby trailed off. “Well we’ll discuss that if it’s needed.” April once again let tears roll down her cheek before she took a deep breath to compose herself. She leaned forward and picked up the test, breaking down into a steam of heavy tears as she read the words. Pregnant 3+ weeks.

“Rubes?” Charlie’s voice could be heard, in the apartment. “Rubes, you home?” Ruby and April scrambled up from the bath, trying to hide the test, but Charlie was already standing in the doorway, the test having been seen. “Who’s is it?” Charlie questioned, her heart beating faster, hoping it wasn’t Ruby’s, but even if it wasn’t, for April’s sake she was at least wanting it to be negative. She looked to both the girls, seeing no one was about to talk. She took one look at April and knew who the test belonged to. “Ruby.” Charlie gestured for Ruby to leave the room. She pursed her lips as she looked at April before she quickly left, Charlie walking further into the bathroom and sitting down on the side of the bath, April looking down to her before she too sat down.

“She’s going to kill me.” April cried.

“She won’t kill you,” Charlie shook her head. “She might....” Charlie bit her lip. “Once she processes this she’ll be there to support you in whatever you decide.” Charlie said, rubbing April’s back.

“No,” April shook her head. “She’ll be so disappointed in me. I can’t....” April shook her head. “I can’t tell her.” April said before breaking down into tears. Charlie pulled April into a hug, holding the girl, letting her get her tears out.


Grant was on top of Charlie, holding her tightly down. She fought will all her might to get him off her, but he was just too strong. “Please,” Charlie cried. “Stop. Please don’t do this, please.” The tears were streaming down Charlie’s cheeks. Grant gave a smug grin before telling her to shut up, his hand ripping away her panties.

“No, no,” Charlie yelled as she woke up, her heart beating ten to the dozen. She looked around pleased to be in the familiar surroundings of her bedroom. “Welcome back, dreams.” Charlie muttered as she got out of her bed. Since she’s started to date Brax, those dreams had stopped but it seemed without knowing Brax was her boyfriend, she no longer felt safe.

“Hey mum you okay?” Ruby followed her down the hall towards the kitchen. “I thought I heard shouting.”

“I’m fine,” Charlie turned to face her daughter. “Just a stupid dream.”

“You’re having your dreams again?” Ruby questioned, following Charlie to the kitchen. She sat down at the breakfast bar as Charlie got herself a glass of water. “You haven’t had one for a good few months.”

“No well...” Charlie gave a little shrug.

“What were...” Ruby pursed her lips. “These dreams, were they about Grant? You know what he....” Ruby exhaled lightly, knowing by the look on her mother’s face she’d guessed what the dreams were about correctly.

“I’m never going to stop remembering,” Charlie bit her lip. “It’s just something I have to put up with every now and then.”

“You didn’t have them when you and Brax were together.” Ruby observed.

Charlie gave a little shrug. “Yeah well we are not together anymore,” Charlie pursed her lips. “I guess I....I guess I don’t feel as safe without him around.”

“I don’t get why you can’t be together,” Ruby sighed. “How can you just break up with him so easily?”

“It wasn’t easy,” Charlie answered. “I hate that this had to happen but right now I need to be with Daniel. I can’t lose him, Rubes,” Charlie shook her head. “I can’t have any distractions.”

“Brax wasn’t a distraction,” Ruby told her. “He was your rock through this.”

“No, I was away with Brax when my baby was throwing up his blood,” Charlie said. “He was a distraction and Daniel doesn’t need me having that right now,” Charlie said, pushing back hair from her face. “And I don’t want to talk about this, so...” Charlie exhaled, Ruby seeing she was clearly hurting at not being with Brax anymore. “Now after today’s episode with April do we need to be getting you on the pill?”

“No,” Ruby shook her head. “Like I told you, Dex and I are no way close to having sex and what’s happened to April has put me off even more. I don’t need to be having a baby now.”

Charlie pursed her lips, seeing her daughter was speaking the truth. “Do you think she’ll talk to Bianca about this?” Charlie questioned and Ruby gave a little shrug.

“She’s scared,” Ruby told her mother. “I don’t think...” Ruby trailed off, shaking her head a little. “Maybe we should have offered to be there with her when she did.”

“Good idea,” Charlie said. “Tell her tomorrow if she wants us around to help we will be there,” Charlie knew all too well how hard it was to be a pregnant teen and even though their circumstances were different, she understood how April must be feeling right now. “Now I’m going to grab some water and get back to bed,” Charlie said. “Off you go though, you’ve got school tomorrow.”

“You sure you don’t want me sleeping in with you?” Ruby questioned. “I can come into your bed if you want?”

“No, I’ll be fine,” Charlie told her daughter. “Off you go.” Charlie watched as Ruby walked down the hall before creeping over to the door, slowly opening it as to not make too much noise. She stared at Brax’s door, her lips pursing as she thought about how much she wanted him by her side, especially on that night. She took a deep breath as she walked forward, getting to the middle of the hallway before pursing her lips, her head shaking a little. She turned back around and walked back into her apartment, closing and locking the door before walking back down to her bedroom, hoping if she went back to sleep that her dream wouldn’t return.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


“Hey buddy how are you feeling?” Bianca ran her hand over Daniel’s head as he took a seat in the diner next to her, his mother sitting opposite them, next to Kaya. “Okay but sad.” Daniel replied as he bowed his head a little.

“Aww buddy why are you sad?” Bianca wondered, her hand now rubbing his cheek.

“Mummy doesn’t play with Brax anymore.” Daniel exhaled sadly.

“Oh,” Bianca raised her eyebrows as she looked to her friend, Kaya now sitting on her knee. “Why?” Bianca mouthed. “Hey, kids how about you go tell Leah what cake you want?” Bianca questioned. “My treat huh?”

Kaya immediately jumped down from Charlie’s knee and ran off to the counter to pick what she wanted. “Can I get cake mummy?” Daniel questioned and Charlie gave a little nod before he jumped down from the seat and ran off to catch up with Kaya.

“What’s going on?” Bianca questioned.

“It just wasn’t the right time for me to be dating someone,” Charlie said. “And that’s the end of the discussion,” Charlie raised her voice, Bianca deciding not to push at it, for now at least. “So, uhm....how was April when she got home last night?” Charlie wondered.

“She was quiet,” Bianca answered. “Had dinner then went to her room. Never saw her again all night and she was out the door before breakfast this morning,” Charlie pursed her lips, April having obviously not told her yet. “Anything happen at yours?”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “She was mostly in Rubes’ room, so....” Charlie gave a little shrug, playing with the sugar dish. She looked behind her and was glad to see the kids running back to the table.

“We getting chocolate,” Kaya said, climbing back up onto the seat next to Charlie. “Yummy in my tummy.” Kaya rubbed her stomach as Daniel giggled at her.

“Well he’s looking really great today,” Bianca once again ran her hand over his head. “You wouldn’t think he’s just out of hospital.”

“I to go back next week to get more chemo,” Daniel screwed his face up. “It’s so horrible.”

“Aww but it will be making you all better, hmm?” Bianca rubbed his arm.

“I just feel worser and worser,” Daniel sighed. “Oh mummy, will you still let Brax come to the hospital. He is my buddy so he has too.” Daniel said.

“Uhm, not every time bud.” Charlie told her son.

“No,” Daniel scowled. “He is my bald buddy and he said he would always come,” Daniel raised his voice in anger. “Please mummy.”

Charlie shook her head as she exhaled. “We’ll see.” Charlie really felt it best to avoid Brax right now. She loved him too much to be able to see him but not be with him.

“I will come Daniel,” Kaya grinned at him. “We can play, ay mummy?”

“If you want to go one time, yeah,” Bianca nodded. “That is if auntie Charlie will put up with you.” Bianca gave a little laugh.

“Of course,” Charlie said as Kaya grinned angelically up at her. “You can come the next time.”

“Don’t forget.” Kaya waved her index finger at her.

“I won’t.” Charlie gave a little laugh before looking to Daniel, the little life that was left in his eyes, beginning to fade even more. She pursed her lips, hoping that soon, this chemo would have a positive effect on her son.


“So did you tell Bianca?” Ruby wondered as April came out of the bathroom, her third time there since returning home only 20 minutes ago.

“I’m still alive, aren’t I?” April retorted, her hand on her chest, already feeling the need to throw up again.

“April,” Ruby rubbed her friends arm. “You need to tell her.”

“No, no I don’t.” April shook her head.

“What about Xavier then?”Ruby wondered. “He’s the father so you do need to tell him.”

April pursed her lips, looking terrified at the thought of telling Xavier she was pregnant. “I can’t,” April exhaled. “What if I lose him because of this?”

“Xavier?” Ruby questioned. “He’s one of the sweetest guys out there,” Ruby assured her friend. “I’m sure he’ll support you and this baby, if you decide to keep it.” Ruby bit her lip, April hadn’t mentioned abortion but she’d also never mentioned keeping the child either.

April shook her head a little as she looked down. “I uhm....I can’t,” April looked back to her friend. “And I don’t want to talk about this.”

“Not talking about won’t make it go away,” Ruby said. “You’re pregnant, April. There’s a baby growing inside you right in this moment.” Ruby put her hand onto April’s stomach but April was quick to bat her hand away.

“I’m going to the bathroom,” April stood up rather quickly from the couch. “If you don’t want chucked out when I get back then I suggest you find a new topic of conversation for when I return.” April said before quickly disappearing through to the bathroom. Ruby sighed as he sat back in the couch, knowing April must be in a hard place right now, but she knew that by not wanting to tell anyone, that wouldn’t make the baby disappear.


Charlie walked out of the lift trying to balance four brown paper shopping bags in her arms. She got to the door of her apartment and bit her lip, wondering how she was going to get her key from her bag. She leaned down, putting the bags on the floor before getting her key from her bag. “How’s Daniel?” Charlie pursed her lips as she heard his voice. She took a deep breath before turning around but not daring to looking into his gorgeous eyes.

“He got out of hospital today. He’s around at Leah watching a DVD with VJ.” Charlie told him and Brax gave a little nod.

“Want a hand to take that in?” Brax gestured to the shopping bags and Charlie shook her head.

“No no it’s fine,” Charlie answered quickly. “You should probably just go do whatever it was your left your place for.” Charlie murmured.

“Gym will still be there in 20 minutes,” Brax said once again glancing to the bags, seeing Charlie couldn’t keep her eyes off of one of them. “We can still be friendly neighbours, right?” Brax exhaled sadly. Of course he wanted to be more than friendly neighbours but Charlie made it clear right now that wasn’t an option.

“Eh.” Charlie gave a little shrug.

“C’mon,” Brax stepped forward and picked up two of the bags before pushing Charlie’s door open. She bit her lip as she picked up the other two bags and walked in behind him, putting the bags down on the breakfast bar. “Ah comfort food huh?” Brax chuckled as he took the ice-cream and chocolate from the bag.

“You don’t have to unpack,” Charlie said. “I can do it. You should go to the gym,” Brax exhaled before reaching his hand in the bag again. “Brax.” Charlie yelled at him before her eyes widened at seeing what he’d lifted from the bag.

“Are you?” Brax rubbed the back of his head as he looked to the pregnancy test. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t know if there is anything to tell yet,” Charlie leaned forward and snatched the test from his hands. “I probably just panicking.”

“Wow,” Brax exhaled, feeling his heart beating a little faster at the prospect of a child. Sure he would love a child, and he would love it even more if Charlie was the mother, but he didn’t want her being pregnant when they were broken up. “I’m staying with you.”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “I’ll take the test in my own time and let you know the result.”

“Charlie,” Brax exhaled. “I want to be here when you find out.”

“Fine,” Charlie pursed her lips. “Wait there then.” Charlie said as she walked down to the bathroom to take the test, hoping for a negative results because right now, the last thing she needed to be dealing with was pregnancy.

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Thank you Sarah, Freakie42, Spotd1 and Sabrina for the comments. :)


Charlie and Brax were sitting on the edge of the bathtub, Brax staring at the stick as it was resting on the side of the sink. “Staring at it won’t bring the result on quicker.” Charlie mumbled.

“How long does it take?” Brax questioned. “It feels like we have been sitting here for hours.”

“Three to five minutes.” Charlie gave a little shrug.

Brax gave a little nod. “So, were you not going to tell me if I hadn’t seen the test?” Brax questioned, turning to face Charlie.

“If I was pregnant of course I’d tell you,” Charlie answered. “But not if it was just a scare.”

“Why?” Brax wondered. “We are a couple. You should include me in things.”

“We are not a couple anymore,” Charlie mumbled. “It’s my problem to handle.”

“Because you would have made the baby all on your own, right enough,” Brax muttered. “And is a baby really a problem?” Brax questioned.

“We were together only a few months and my son is fighting cancer so what do you think?” Charlie said, looking at Brax for the first time since she’d taken the test. “Right now couldn’t be more the worst time.”

“So if you are pregnant....” Brax trailed off.

“We’d have a baby together obviously,” Charlie told him. “But I just really hope not. It’s not the right time for me to be having a baby. Daniel needs me to concentrate fully on him right now.”

“Look Charlie,” Brax tentatively put his arm around her. “Maybe it won’t be as bad as you think. And a new baby might work in Daniel’s favour. He’ll be that excited about a new sibling that -”

“What that he’ll magically get better?” Charlie but in before looking to her watch. “It’s probably time.”

Brax took a deep breath before picking the test up and bringing it to his eye line. “It’s negative.” Brax sounded a little disappointed as Charlie gave a sigh of relief. “I’m glad someone is happy.”

“Ah c’mon, Brax,” Charlie exhaled. “You can’t seriously think right now would have been a good time for us to have a baby.”

Brax gave a little shrug. “Maybe it would have let you see sense,” Brax replied. “See that we are meant to be together.”

“Getting back together because I was pregnant wouldn’t have been the right thing.” Charlie told him.

“Well us breaking up wasn’t the right thing either,” Brax spat. “I love you Charlie and I love your little boy with all my heart. I shaved off all my hair for that little guy,” Brax pointed to his bald head. “I want....” Brax pursed his lips. “I just want you back, all of you, I want you all back.”

“I can’t give you what you deserve right now,” Charlie sniffed back. “I’m sorry and I know you’ll be hurting because I am too,” Charlie wiped a tear away as it escaped her eye. “But right now I need friends around me more than I need a boyfriend.”

“But Charlie we -” Brax took her hands in his, gently rubbing them with his thumbs.

“No,” Charlie pulled her hands away. “I think you should leave.” Brax stared at Charlie for a moment before shaking his head sadly. He stood up as they let their hands part before the stormed out of the bathroom, Charlie jumping in fright as she heard the door slamming shut.


Bianca walked out of Kaya’s bedroom after having put her to bed. She looked over to the door of April’s room before pursing her lips and walking across. “April,” Bianca knocked softly on the door. “Can I come in?” Bianca waited a moment but wasn’t met with a reply. She pursed her lips before walking in anyways. “Hey.” Bianca walked over to the bed where April was sitting, her laptop on her knee and her earphones in her ears. April pulled them out before closing her laptop and looking up to her sister.

“What’s up?” April wondered.

“That’s what I want to know,” Bianca sat down on the edge of the bed, facing her sister. “Everything okay with you?”

“Mmm.” April pursed her lips as she nodded.

“You know you can tell me anything, right?” Bianca questioned. “If something was bothering you at school or if things with you and Xaiver weren’t great.”

“I know.” April answered already feeling herself welling up, which didn’t go unnoticed by Bianca.

“April,” Bianca sounded a little worried. “You’re my baby sister and I know you better than anyone in this whole world. What’s bothering you?”

“I....” April needed a moment. Bianca was the person she was most scared to tell. She had been there for her more than their mother had and she hated to think how much she was about to disappoint her. “I’m pregnant.” April spoke quietly not looking at her sister.

“You’re what?” Bianca stood up from the bed, her voice raised. “April Scott,” Bianca scolded. “You’re sixteen years old. I.....I gave you the sex talk. I told you about abstinence and the pill and condoms.” Bianca rested her hand against her forehead and she exhaled, shocked at April’s revelation.

“We used a condom,” April got up from the bed, her eyes stinging with tears. “It split.”

“Then you should have got the morning after pill.” Bianca yelled.

“I was too embarrassed to get it.” April told her.

“But you could go buy a pregnancy test?” Bianca spat. “Jesus April, I....” Bianca shook her head. “I’ll make an appointment for you.”

“An appointment for what?” April questioned.

“A termination.” Bianca told her.

“It’s not for you to decide if I terminate or not.” April replied, a little shocked that Bianca could think this.

“April you are sixteen years old,” Bianca retorted. “You are still in high school, you have no job. How the hell are you going to raise a baby?”

April gave a little shrug. “I thought Xavier could maybe leave school and work so we can afford the baby.”

Bianca laughed loudly. “Oh April,” Bianca shook her head. “You really think the school principle will let her son leave school at 16 with no qualification to get a crappy job to pay for his kid?”

“Well at least he’d be stepping up to fatherhood.” April replied.

“He’s 16,” Bianca said. “You are not old enough to be parents.”

“Well we are old enough to have sex so we are old enough to deal with the consequences.” April spat.

“You are no way ready to be parents,” Bianca said. “You are not having this baby April.” Bianca told her before she left the room, the door slamming shut, letting April know of her anger at this situation.


Charlie was sitting in the hospital in Dr Fisher’s office. Daniel had had some blood work taken before he’d got his chemo and they wanted to talk about the results. “Charlie,” Dr Fisher walked in and took a seat at her desk. “Just you today?”

“It’s just me,” Charlie replied as she looked to the spare seat next to her, wishing Brax was there, holding her hand. “Is it.....” Charlie cleared her throat. “Is it bad?”

Dr Fisher pursed her lips before looking down to the results sheet. “I’m afraid that Daniel’s blood count is at the lowest it’s ever been,” Dr Fisher said as she looked back to Charlie. “We would usually see the chemo having some sort of positive effect by now, but....” Dr Fisher paused for a moment, not wanting to give Charlie too much information at once. “He not’s improving, I’m sorry to say. He’s declining.”

Charlie felt her eyes welling with tears. “So what does this mean?”

“It’s no use giving him anymore chemo. It’s not leaving him feeling the best and it’s not doing him any good,” Dr Fisher exhaled. “We need to put Daniel on the register for a stem cell transplant.”

“Oh wow,” Charlie’s heart was beating ten to the dozen. She put her hand on her chest and took a few deep breaths trying to stay calm. “What about me?” Charlie questioned. “Can’t I...can’t I give him the bone marrow?”

“We can test you,” Dr Fisher told her. “As well as Daniel’s father and siblings.”

“His sister can’t,” Charlie said. “She uhm,” Charlie wiped a tear from her cheek. “She’s diabetic, I think I told you.”

“Yes I remember.” Dr Fisher handed Charlie the box of tissues, Charlie pulling a few out.

“But you can test me?” Charlie said. “You can test me right now?” Charlie wiped the tissue over her eyes as she spoke.

“I’ll get it arranged.” Dr Fisher said, standing up and leaving the room, understanding that Charlie wouldn’t want to waste a second in finding out if she could help her son.

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Thank you Sarah and Spotd1 for the comments. :)


Ruby knocked softly on the door of Charlie’s room before walking in. She smiled as she saw Daniel lying cuddled into their mother, fast asleep. “Hey sweetie you alright?” Charlie questioned as Ruby got into the bed, sitting at Charlie’s other side.

“I couldn’t sleep,” Ruby answered. “Did uhm...you thought you were pregnant?” Ruby looked up to her mother and Charlie widened her eyes a little, wishing Ruby never knew.

“How did you...” Charlie rubbed the side of her head.

“I knocked the bin over in the bathroom,” Ruby answered. “The test flew out.”

“Ah,” Charlie pursed her lips. “I’ve felt a bit off the last few days and I haven’t had my period in a while so thought it best to take a test.”

“It’s probably just because of all this stress we are going through with Daniel,” Ruby said and Charlie gave a little nod. “I uhm, I’m sorry I can’t be a donor.” Ruby bowed her head a little, hating that she couldn’t help her little brother when he needed it most.

“It’s not your fault you are diabetic.” Charlie wrapped her arm around her daughter.

“They’ll find him a match though, right?” Ruby sounded scared at the prospect of Daniel not actually getting a transplant because they couldn’t find a match in time.

“I hope so,” Charlie answered. “I get my results tomorrow so hopefully we don’t need to look anywhere else.” Charlie said glancing down at Daniel, feeling herself welling up as she looked at him, seeing he really was sick.

“What if we do?” Ruby questioned. “I could ask Dex and Xav to get tested for him. I’m sure they’d help out.”

“Well like I say hopefully it doesn’t come to asking around the bay for support,” Charlie said. “I’m his mother and I should be able to help him.”

“I know,” Ruby said. “But please...” Ruby pursed her lips. “Don’t think it’s set in stone that you’ll be a match because there’s a chance that you won’t be.”

Charlie clicked her tongue. “I know that, Dr Fisher already went over that with me. She uhm....she wants to ask.....you know she wants me to see if his father would be willing to get tested.”

“Oh,” Ruby widened her eyes but wasn’t really that surprised. Of course Grant would be questioned if it meant finding a match for Daniel. “Well I know that he hurt you a lot, but, if he could save Daniel’s life, maybe....” Ruby trailed off, her lips pursing.

“Then he’ll know about Daniel and probably find out about you,” Charlie said. “I don’t want that to happen. We’ll get my results, check the register and if people in the bay are willing to get tested first. Then if there is no match, we contact the prison to see if he is a match.”

“Fair enough,” Ruby said understanding why Charlie would only go to him as a last resort. “But I’m sure it won’t come to that.” Ruby tried to sound positive as all she hoped for was finding a match for Daniel.


April clutched onto the toilet bowl. It felt like she’d been throwing up for hours. Kaya came running into the room and crouched down next to her auntie as she rubbed her back. “Oh poor April,” Kaya said. “Poor April, eh mummy?” Kaya looked up as Bianca walked into the room, holding a cup of tea and some dry crackers.

“I’m not so sure,” Bianca muttered as she sat down next to April. “Here.” Bianca handed her the tea and crackers.

“I don’t want it,” April said. “I’ll just be sick again.” April felt herself gagging, her hand going up to her chest.

“You need to put something in your stomach,” Bianca told her. “This’ll help,” Bianca held them out again and took them, taking a bite of the dry cracker before sipping on the peppermint tea. “I was the same with her,” Bianca gestured to Kaya. “Seems us Scott girls get the morning sickness bad.”

“I remember that,” April said. “Seemed you spent the first 3 months of your pregnancy in the bathroom,” April gave a little chuckle. “Not looking forward to that. Or telling Xavier.”

Bianca pursed her lips. “Well maybe you don’t have to.” Bianca said.

“What?” April screwed her face up. “Bianca I am not getting an abortion.”

“April,” Bianca sighed as she put her hand on her sisters arm. “Please consider this. I just want the best thing for you and right now I don’t believe that’s having a baby. You’re sixteen, practically still a kid yourself. You don’t have the financial means to support this baby. Do you think this baby deserves a teen mother with no income?” Bianca questioned. “And what about you wanting to be a doctor?” Bianca said. “You’re kid will be 2 by the time you are in uni. You think you’ll have time to study when you have a toddler to look after?”

“Xav will help.” April shrugged.

“What makes you think he’ll stick around?” Bianca asked. “You just said you were scared to tell him. There must be a reason for that.”

“Well yeah but,” April put her hand on her chest as she swallowed. “I’m sure he’ll support me and this baby even if he is shocked at first, but I....I need your support to Bianca. I need my big sister.” April looked like she was going to cry at Bianca’s lack of support.

Bianca shook her head as she stood up. “I can’t give you my support. Not when I think having this baby right now would be the biggest mistake you could ever make,” Bianca told her. “Kaya,” Bianca gestured over to Kaya who pulling silly face’s in the bathroom mirror. “Let’s finish getting you ready for day care,” Bianca said. Kaya jumped down from her little step before running out of the bathroom, Bianca looking back at April who was once again throwing up in the toilet bowl. “You need to start getting ready for school as well.” Bianca said before leaving the bathroom, April wondering how she was going to get through school if this vomiting was going to continue much longer.


Bianca and Kaya had popped over to Charlie’s apartment after work. “Auntie Charlie.” Kaya jumped up and Charlie hugged Kaya close.

“Hello precious,” Charlie kissed her cheek. “How was day care today?”

“Fun,” Kaya beamed as Charlie put her down. “I like playing in the sand.”

“Ah yeah I bet that is fun huh.” Charlie ruffled Kaya’s hair as she nodded.

“Is Daniel here?” Kaya looked around the room, looking a little confused as she couldn’t see him.

“He’s having a little lie down,” Charlie said. “You can go see him but quiet play only, yeah?” Charlie said and Kaya nodded before running off to Daniel’s room.

“Hey,” Bianca hugged her friend. “How is he?”

“He’s a bit under the weather,” Charlie replied. “You want a coffee?” Bianca gave a little nod before they walked over to the kitchen, Bianca taking a seat at the breakfast bar as Charlie put the kettle on to boil.

“So did you get the results of your tests?” Bianca wondered.

“Mmm,” Charlie gave a little nod. “I uhm.” she shook her head as she took the mugs from the mug tree.

“Oh God Charlie, I’m sorry.” Bianca spoke softly, knowing Charlie must be crushed that she couldn’t help her son.

Charlie took a deep breath and Bianca knew she was trying to keep herself composed. “I just have to concentrate on finding him a donor.” Charlie said as she put a spoonful of coffee into each mug.

“Of course,” Bianca nodded. “What’s next? There’s a register thing, right?” Bianca questioned.

“Yup,” Charlie answered. “There has to be someone out there who’s a match for him, hmm.” Charlie turned to face Bianca, leaning herself back against the worktop as she waited for the kettle to boil.

“I’d say so,” Bianca said. “I....I’m going to go. I’ll get tested.”

Charlie gave her friend a thankful smile as she felt herself welling up with tears. “Thank you.” Charlie squeaked and Bianca got down from the stool and walked around the breakfast bar and into the kitchen, pulling Charlie into a hug.

“It’ll be alright.” Bianca said as she rubbed her friends back.

“Yeah,” Charlie cleared her throat as she pulled back. “So uhm....how are things with you? How’s your home life?” Charlie questioned.

“I’m great,” Bianca answered. “I....do you already know about....” Bianca could sense that Charlie already knew about April’s pregnancy.

Charlie pursed her lips as she gave a little nod. “I walked in on her with the test,” Charlie told her friend. “She was so petrified at the thought of telling you.”

Bianca sniggered. “Yeah well she should have been,” Bianca replied. “The stupid little girl.”

“Accidents happen,” Charlie said. “Just...” Charlie bit her lip. “You’ll support her, right?”

“If she wants to keep this baby I can’t,” Bianca shook her head. “I....I think she should get an abortion.”

Charlie widened her eyes. “It’s not what you think that matters. It’s April’s choice to make and if she wants this baby she is going to need you, Bianca. She’s going to need her big sister’s support. You’re all she’s got in life. Don’t make her feel alone,” Charlie told her. “I know how hard it is to be a pregnant teenager and it’s not easy.” Bianca pursed her lips as she thought about what Charlie said. She knew deep down that it wasn’t her choice to make and that she did need to put her thoughts to the side and just be there to support April in whatever choice she made.

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Thank you Sarah and Spotd1. :)


Xavier sat down on the sand next to April. She shuffled herself away from him a little, before bringing her knee’s up to her chest, her hands wrapping around her knees. “Have I done something wrong?” Xavier wondered. “You’ve been off with me the last couple of days.”

April shook her head. “Well maybe,” April pursed her lips as she looked round to her boyfriend. She looked beyond him seeing a couple with a baby, the dad looking besotted as he lifted his baby high into the air, the baby’s legs wriggling. She gave a little smile as her hands went onto her stomach. “I...we ehm....” April cleared her throat.

“Babe,” Xavier rubbed her shoulder. “Are you going to break up with me?”

“No, I....” April bit her lip. “Xavier I’m...” April took a deep breath. “I’m pregnant,” Xavier opened his mouth but no words came out. “Say something.” April said, feeling herself welling up with tears.

“We uhm....we used a condom?” Xavier sounded confused as he looked to April.

“We both know that split.” April took a deep breath.

“Wow uhm....” Xavier rubbed the back of his head. “Well then why didn’t you do anything about it?” Xavier questioned. “Isn’t there a pill you could have taken?”

April gave a little nod. “I was....embarrassed to go get it.” April admitted.

“Well it won’t be as embarrassing as being pregnant and still in a school uniform,” Xavier replied. “God April didn’t you think about anyone here?” Xavier said. “I’m not being a 16 year old father. I want kids in like at least another 10 years when I’m done with school and have a house and a decent job,” Xavier said. “I’m not......I can’t.....” Xavier shook her head as he stood up. “I can’t stop you from having this baby, but, I....I’m not ready to be a father so if you want the baby then....I’m sorry.” Xavier said before walking off the beach, leaving April sitting alone as a tear rolled down her cheek.


Charlie walked into the restaurant, scanning the room and feeling a little relieved that she couldn’t see Brax. She walked up to the bar, smiling as Angelo greeted her. “Hey Charlie,” Angelo smiled. “How are you? How’s the little guy?”

“Uhm,” Charlie shook her head. “He’s on the list for a donor.” Charlie spoke quietly, knowing if she spoke to loudly she’d get emotional and most likely cry.

“Oh God,” Angelo put his hand on his heart. “Charlie I....anyone can get themselves tested, right?” Angelo questioned and Charlie gave a little nod. “Okay, well, I’ll go. If I can help save him, I...”Angelo walked around the bar as a tear rolled down Charlie’s cheek. He pulled her into a hug and Charlie rested her head against his shoulder as he rubbed her back.

“Thank you.” Charlie squeaked.

“Hey c’mon,” Angelo continued to rub her back. “He’ll be okay.”

“This is the first time that I’ve that really doubted that,” Charlie confided in him. “I...it’s really real now, it’s.....even through the chemo, I....I couldn’t see his end but now...he really is ill.” Charlie pulled back and Angelo wiped the tears from her face. He looked to one of the waiters who was standing by the kitchen door and he gave a little nod before Angelo took Charlie’s hand and let her through to the office.

“I know it’s a tough time right now but there will be a donor out there,” Angelo rubbed her arm as he spoke. “You eh...you want me to go get Brax?” Angelo questioned. “He’s in the kitchen.”

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “We uhm....we’re finished.”

“What?” Angelo sounded shocked. “I thought things were going great with you two.”

“They were, but,” Charlie paused. “It’s just not the right time for me to be dating. I need to focus on Daniel right now.”

“And having a loving father in his life would be the best thing you could ever do for Daniel,” Angelo told her as he gave her arm another rub. “Don’t lose the man you love.”

“I...” Charlie pursed her lips. She opened her mouth to speak but the door opened and one of the waiters poked his head in the room.

“You’re pizza is ready,” The boy told her and Charlie looked back at Angelo before walking out of the office, her eyes widening a little as she saw Brax standing there with the pizza box in his hand. “Thank you.” Charlie cleared her throat as she took the pizza from Brax. She lay it down on the bar and took the money from her purse.

“You okay?” Brax questioned. “You look like you’ve been crying.”

“Fine.” Charlie told him, not making eye contact.

“And Daniel?” Brax wondered. “He’s doing good?”

“Eh keep the change. I have too...” Charlie trailed off as she picked up the pizza and left the restaurant, Brax looking around as Angelo walked out of the office.

“What’s wrong?” Brax asked, hoping Angelo would give him the answers.


April was lying on her bed in the foetal position as Bianca walked into the room. “So are these tears because of this pregnancy or something else?” Bianca wondered as she sat down on the bed, rubbing April’s back as she spoke.

April looked up to Bianca as she wiped tears from her cheeks. “I told Xavier about the baby after school.”

“Oh yeah,” Bianca said. “Well these don’t appear to be tears of joy,” Bianca rubbed April’s arm as she spoke. “What happened?”

“He ended it,” April cried a she sat up on her bed. “He doesn’t want to be a father yet.” April sniffed, once again wiping tears from her eyes.

“Well that doesn’t surprise me that he’s not ready to be a father,” Bianca muttered. “You are only 16,” Bianca pursed her lips. “But it’s not fair on him to leave this all for you to deal with,” Bianca exhaled. “Look, I.....I made you an appointment -”

“I’m still not getting a termination.” April told her.

“I’m aware of that,” Bianca said. “I made you an appointment for an ultrasound. We’ll see how far along you are, make sure everything is developing as it should be,” Bianca said. “I....I can’t say I am happy about this but I will support this choice that you have made,” Bianca told her and April managed a weak smile. “I know how hard it is to be a single mother and I....I’m going to be here for you, okay?”

“Thank you.” April smiled appreciatively at her sister.

“But there are a few rules I have for you,” Bianca said. “I want you to get a job, at least until you are too big to work,” Bianca told her. “Get waitressing or something. Save the money you earn to be able to buy at least some things for the baby.” Bianca pursed her lips, knowing she was going to need to pay a lot for this new baby.

“I will.” April nodded.

“Most of Kaya’s things are still in the garage,” Bianca said. “Her pram, the buggy, clothes, highchair.”

“The high chair is pink,” April said. “And a lot of the clothes are pink and dresses. What if I have a boy?”

“Then he’ll have a pink highchair,” Bianca answered. “Clothes, we’ll have to change but for the first few months he can wear the neutral things,” Bianca said and April gave a little nod. “This is going to be really hard, April. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I can’t abort my baby.” April said her hand on her stomach as she spoke.

“Well as long as you put one hundred and ten percent into this, then, so will I.” Bianca told her before pulling her sister into a hug.

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Thanks for the comments.


Charlie was in the hospital with Daniel, Daniel getting some chemo. Rocky penguin and Theo bear were on his knee as Charlie read to him from the latest edition of The Flash comic strip. “Mummy Uncle Miles is here.” Daniel said, pointing up to the window on the door, where Miles was waving from.

“I’ll be right back,” Charlie told him, giving Daniel the comic strip so he could look at the pictures. She walked outside and smiled as she saw Miles, Irene, Marilyn and Angelo standing in the corridor. “Hey,” Charlie smiled at her friends. “What’s......”

“We all got tested,” Miles told her and Charlie’s heart fluttered with love for her friends. “Leah sends her love. She wishes she could get tested too but unfortunately she can’t right now.”

“Well of course not,” Charlie said. “She has the baby to think about. But you guys, I...” Charlie exhaled as she stepped forward and rubbed Angelo’s arm. “Thank you.”

“You don’t need to thank us,” Angelo wrapped his arm around her and rubbed her back. “And you know Bianca got tested too right? This morning before school.”

“I know.” Charlie gave a little nod.

“It’ll be alright Charlie,” Angelo told her placing a kiss on her head. “There’s gotta be a match between us here.”

“Yeah,” Charlie took a deep breath. “I just feel....he’s my baby and I can’t do anything to help him,” Charlie felt herself tearing up. “I...” Charlie buried her head into Angelo’s chest and he tightened his grip on her.

“It doesn’t matter who it’s from love,” Irene stepped forward and rubbed her back. “As long as that little boy gets his transplant then nothing else matters.”

“She’s right you know,” Miles said. “Daniel getting better is all that matters. Not how he gets there.”

“I know,” Charlie pursed her lips as she looked back to her friends. “It’s just....it breaks my heart to have to see my little boy go through this.”

“Just look to the future,” Angelo told her. “When all this is over and you’re healthy little boy is back.”

“Yeah,” Charlie wiped her hands over her eyes. “Anyways, I’m going to get back to Daniel,” Charlie pointed back into the room. “Thank you all so much for this.”

“No worries love.” Irene gave her a smile before they all left her to get back to her son.


April glanced at the clock, glad her final class of the day was almost over. She’d felt awful all day and couldn’t wait to go home and have a lie down in her bed. “Okay, that’s enough for today,” Bianca looked at her class who were supposed to be writing a short essay in Italian about their family members but it seemed that most people had already given up anyways. She rolled her eyes as she stood up from her desk. “Please learn your vocab over the weekend because there will be a test next week,” Bianca said as the bell rang, the students quickly scrambling out of the room. “Xavier, can I have a minute please,” Xavier looked at Bianca before glancing at April, who was putting her books into her bag. He sighed as he threw his bag back down to the ground and leaned back against a desk at the front of the room. “April,” Bianca gestured to the door and April glanced at them both for a moment before she left. “So,” Bianca walked around to the front of her desk and leaned herself back against it, folding her arms across her chest. “You ready for this test next week?”

“Uhm,” Xavier gave a little shrug. “I have time to revise.”

“Mmm,” Bianca pursed her lips. “And this essay due?” Bianca questioned. “You know all the words you need?” Bianca asked. “I assume you’ll be writing about your Madre Gina and your Patringo, John. You’re fratelli – Hugo and Brendan.”

“Well they are my family so....yeah,” Xavier screwed his face up. “What’s the point in this discussion?” Xavier asked. “School’s over and I’d kinda like to get home.”

“Don’t want to mention your bambino?” Bianca questioned. Xavier pursed his lips as he looked down.

“Look, I.....I don’t want a baby, I....” Xavier shook his head. “And April and I....we’re finished.”

“So you knock my sister up then you dump her?” Bianca yelled, her head shaking in disbelief at the boy. “How about you man up and take some responsibly for your actions.”

“It wasn’t my fault.” Xavier argued.

“What so she got pregnant all by herself, did she?” Bianca raised her voice. “It takes two to make a baby,” Bianca told him. “And I really didn’t think you were the kind of boy to abandon a girl once you have helped put her in this kind of situation.” Bianca said.

“I’m 16,” Xavier said. “No one is going to be calling me daddy for a long time,” Xavier said. “Now if there is no actual reason for you keeping me behind then I’ll be going,” Xavier picked up his school bag and threw it over his shoulder. “I want April to get an abortion,” Xavier said. “But if she keeps this baby then I won’t be involved.” Xavier walked off out of the classroom as Bianca followed. He glanced at April who was waiting in the corridor before striding off out of the building.

“What did you do?” April questioned, knowing by the look on her sisters face that she’d had some angry words for him.


Brax took a deep breath before knocking on the door. “Brax,” Charlie sounded a little surprised as she answered. “Uhm, what can....”

“I heard about Daniel,” Brax told her. “When you were at the restaurant the other day upset and talking with Angelo, I...” Brax paused for a moment. “Angelo told me what’s going on and I -”

“It wasn’t his business to tell.” Charlie said, not giving Brax direct eye contact.

“C’mon Charlie it’s not as if he was telling strangers,” Brax said. “It’s me, I....I hate that you are pulling yourself away.”

“I’m not exactly happy with how we are at the moment either,” Charlie said, feeling herself welling up. “But I can’t give you all you deserve.”

“I just want you and Daniel,” Brax told her. “I know he comes first. I know he’ll always come first. We can....I just want to be here for you both. In any way possible, please just....let me still be here for you.”

Charlie pursed her lips as she looked into his eyes. She felt her knees weaken as her heart fluttered with love for him. “The best thing you can do for me and Daniel right now is to leave us alone,” Charlie’s voice squeaked as she spoke, it very clear to Brax that she didn’t really want to be saying the words, but for some reason, she believed it was best that they broke up and nothing could change her mind it seemed. “I’m sorry but I can’t be selfish right now. I can’t ask you to have to go through this too.”

“But you aren’t asking me,” Brax sighed. “I want to be with you. I want to support you and Daniel.”

Charlie pursed her lips as she wiped a tear from her cheek. “I’m sorry.” Charlie whispered before closing the door shut, Brax bowing his head a little as he turned and walked back over to his apartment.

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Thank you Sarah.


Ruby and Dex were hanging out at his place after school. “So,” Dex walked back into his bedroom, handing Ruby the glass of juice. “Did April tell you what happened between her and Xav?” Dex questioned, sitting down on his bed.

“Uhm,” Ruby pursed her lips. “I know but....” Ruby trailed off. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to be telling people.”

“I’m not people,” Dex exhaled. “I am your boyfriend. And Xav and April’s good friend.”

“Well since you are Xavier’s best friend maybe you should wait until he tells you.” Ruby said before taking a drink of her juice.

“Rubes, boys don’t talk,” Dex said before he gave her a pout. “Please tell me. It’s not like I will go telling anyone.”

Ruby sighed a little. “April is pregnant,” Ruby said and Dex opened his mouth wide in shock. “You heard me right.” Ruby spoke again, knowing Dex was thinking he’d misheard her.

“And he dumped her?” Dex widened his eyes. “What a bast....” Dex trailed off as he rubbed the back of his head.

“He sure is,” Ruby agreed. “But this just makes me not want to have sex for even longer,” Ruby said and Dex gave a little nod, Ruby glad they were still on the same page when it came to that. “Poor April though.”

“Is she keeping the baby?” Dex wondered. Ruby gave a little nod and Dex raised his eyebrows, feeling a little surprised, given her age. “Brave girl.”

“Hmm,” Ruby gave a little nod. “God she’s going to have it tough at school when she gets a bump.”

“Never mind at school what about actually having a baby at 16?” Dex said. “I know she’ll have Bianca’s support and we’ll be there for her to but, it’s going to be difficult,” Ruby gave a little smile. “What’s that look for?” Dex questioned.

“Just because you want to be there for April,” Ruby smiled. “It’s sweet and she’s lucky to have you as a friend.”

“Well Auntie Ruby and Uncle Dex will be there all the time,” Dex smiled. “Especially if daddy isn’t going to be around.” Dex muttered.

“He’s probably just scared. It would be a shock and maybe he just needs time.” Ruby said, hoping Xavier would come around to idea, for the baby and for April if nothing else.

“I hope so for the kid at least,” Dex replied. “Maybe we could do things with April though. Baby shopping, hospital appointments, that stuff. Make her see she won’t be alone.”

Ruby’s smile grew larger as she stared at her boyfriend. “You are so sweet. I did wonder if the situation was reversed and it was me and you going through this how you would be but....” Ruby pursed her lips.

“I’d be right there with you and our baby,” Dex told her. “But for the record I’m glad it’s not us going through this right now.”

“Me too,” Ruby gave a little laugh before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on Dex’s lips. “But we can still be there for April.”

“Of course.” Dex smiled before once again sharing a kiss with Ruby.


April, Bianca and Kaya were at the hospital waiting to get a scan. Kaya was sitting in the middle of April and Bianca looking from her mother to her auntie with a curious look on her face, her little eyebrows furrowing. “Why is we here?” Kaya wondered.

“Because I am going to be having a baby.” April told her and Kaya gasped.

“No mummy,” Kaya looked to Bianca. “Not another baby.”

“Mummy isn’t having the baby, Auntie April is,” Bianca ran her hand over Kaya’s hair as she spoke. “So you will be a big cousin.”

“I no wanna be a cousin,” Kaya screwed her face up. “Just me, you and April,” Kaya said. “That’s all.” Kaya held her hands out to the side, wanting her little family to stay that way.

“Aww I’m sure you’ll love being a big cousin,” April put her hand on Kaya’s shoulder as Kaya looked around to her. “Helping out with the baby.”

“No no no,” Kaya shook her head. “No babies.”

Bianca rolled her eyes at her daughter as the technician walked over to them. “April Scott?” April gave a little nod as she stood up. “Right this way,” The technician smiled. Bianca stood up after her and lifted Kaya up into her arms, walking down the corridor with April and into the room. “Okay so you’ll need this and you can change behind that screen there,” The technician pointed to the screen at the other side of the room. “And be sure to keep your panties off.” The technician told her.

“I’m sorry what?” April widened her eyes. “Don’t I just sit on that bed and you put the stick thing on my stomach?” April wondered, looking from the technician to Bianca and back to the technician.

“It’s too early to use a transducer,” The technician told her. “We’ll need to use a vaginal probe.”

“A what now?” April gasped. “I uhm...we’ll just wait till I am further along,” April looked horrified. “Eh, yeah.” April put the gown down on the bed and turned to walk out the room but Bianca stepped in her path.

“April you have had your boyfriend’s penis in there,” Bianca told her. “I’m sure a vaginal probe won’t be a problem,” Bianca said. “Now, go on, we need to confirm and see how far along you are and if things are developing okay.”

April sighed lightly before picking up the gown and walking off to get changed behind the screen. “Oh and by the way he is my ex-boyfriend.” April told her from behind the screen.

“All the same it’s been in there.” Bianca mumbled.

“What has mummy?” Kaya questioned, still in Bianca’s arms.

“Nothing sweetheart.” Bianca answered, taking a seat on the chair and sitting Kaya on her knee, waiting for April to be ready so she could have her scan.


Charlie and Daniel were back at the hospital, Daniel getting another round of chemo. “Mummy?” Daniel sighed as he looked up to her.

“Hmm?” Charlie ran her hand over his head, slightly moving his blue bandana.

“Well you said Brax would sometimes still come,” Daniel pouted sadly. “Is you not letting him?” Daniel wondered, hugging Rocky penguin close to him.

“I....” Charlie bit her lip. “It’s very hard right now sweetheart,” Charlie said. “Mummy needs more time away from Brax because she loves him so much that it hurts mummy when she sees him but can’t be with him.”

Daniel screwed his face up. “Why can’t you?”

“Because mummy needs to be with you right now,” Charlie told her son. “We need to get you better, don’t we?” Charlie questioned and Daniel gave a little nod.

“But Brax wants that too,” Daniel said. “He’s got no hair now for me,” Daniel rubbed his head, his bandana moving even more out of place. “He can be here too. You and him for me,” Daniel told his mother. “He was the nicest ay.”

“I know he was but -” Charlie stopped talking mid sentence as Dr Fisher came into the room, having spoken her name.

“Sorry to interrupt but we have some news regarding Daniel’s transplant.” Dr Fisher told her. Charlie felt her heart beating faster as she stood up and walked closer to Dr Fisher.

“Have you found a match?” Charlie tried not to sound too hopeful but her heart was pounding faster and faster through her chest.

“We have a match.” Dr Fisher smiled and Charlie screamed out in relief.

“Ah buddy you hear that?” Charlie shrieked as she faced her son. “You have a match baby,” Charlie bent down and rubbed her son’s cheek as she grinned widely from ear to ear. “Who ehm....is it one of my friends or is it from the register?” Charlie said turning back to face Dr Fisher.

“It’s a friend,” Dr Fisher told her. “Why don’t you go outside and see who it is.”

“They’re here?” Charlie widened her eyes and Dr Fisher nodded as Charlie almost ran from the room. She got out into the hallway and gasped as she saw Brax standing there. She put her hand onto her mouth as she stared at him for a moment before running forward and crashing into him, Brax wrapping his arms around her and placing a soft kiss on her head as she cried with joy.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


“Brax,” Daniel’s little face lit up as Brax walked into the room with Charlie. “Did you go get him for me mummy?” Daniel wondered.

“No he was already at the hospital,” Charlie told him, bending down at the side of her son as Brax bent down in front of him and ruffled his bandana. “He uhm....he got some very great news.” Charlie wiped her hand across her face, removing some tears.

“Then why you crying?” Daniel wondered.

“They’re good tears,” Charlie told her son. “They are the best news tears ever,” Charlie looked to Dr Fisher, as if asking for permission to be able to tell her son. Dr Fisher gave a nod as she smiled down at Charlie. “Sweetie,” Charlie squeaked. “You know how you need to get some special medicine that comes for another person?”

“Yeah.” Daniel gave a little nod.

“Well Brax here has the exact medicine inside him that you need so he’s going to give you some.” Charlie said and Daniel gasped as he looked at Brax, a big grin on his face.

“See I told you mummy he would help me get better,” Daniel said and Charlie stifled a laugh before pulling Daniel into a hug, holding him tightly for a moment. “I did say so,” Daniel said, his eyes staying on Brax who was grinning at him. “You the best man for me Brax.”

“You’re the best kid to buddy,” Brax sniffed back, feeling himself getting a little emotional. “When uhm,” Brax cleared his throat as he looked to Dr Fisher. “When can we do this?”

“Let’s not waste any time,” Dr Fisher said. “We can schedule him in for next week.”

“Next week?” Charlie gasped as she looked up to the doctor.

“That’s a good thing, right?” Brax questioned. “This is good for Daniel. It’s what we want. It’s what he needs.” Brax leaned forward and rubbed Charlie’s arm.

“I know I...It’s just....” Charlie exhaled deeply.

“It’s overwhelming,” Dr Fisher said and Charlie gave a little nod. “But this is the beginning of the end now,” Dr Fisher said, rubbing Charlie’s arm in support. “I’ll leave you three to it right now but we’ll talk more after Daniel’s session is over.” Dr Fisher said and Charlie gave a little nod before Dr Fisher left the room.

“Do uhm,” Brax rubbed the back of his head. “Do you want me to go to?”

“No,” Daniel answered on behalf of his mother. “You need to stay with us.” Brax smiled at the boy before looking back to Charlie. She bit her bottom lip before giving a little nod, Brax looking down as he left her and taking his and squeezing it softly. He smiled at her before looking back to Daniel, Daniel already starting to tell him all the things they could do together when he was all better because of Brax’s medicine.


Ruby and Dex sat down on the couch at Bianca’s place as April took a seat on the armchair. “We got you this.” Dex handed out the bag for April to take. She looked a little puzzled as she reached into the bag and pulled out a little yellow baby onesie with ‘my uncle is a dork’ written on it in orange writing. April gave a little laugh before looking up to them.

“You told him?” April questioned.

“Sorry,” Ruby exhaled. “But he was going to find out anyways,” Ruby argued her case. “And look,” Ruby pointed to the onesie. “He’s gonna be an uncle.”

April looked back to the onesie, giving another chuckle. “It’s cute. My first baby thing.”

“You know we are here for you,” Dex told her. “Auntie Ruby and Uncle Dex will always be here to help. Unless it’s like 4am and he’s screaming bloody murder for no good reason or his nappy is stinky, but other than that.” Dex grinned.

“Thanks,” April smiled. “And I’m glad that the baby will have a guy to look up to,” April said. “Even if it does have to be Dex.”

“Hey,” Dex sounded offended. “I’ll be great for that kid.”

“You still play with kids toys yourself.” Ruby told him.

“Exactly,” Dex said. “Little peanut will always have fun Uncle Dex to play with,” April smiled as she felt her eyes stinging with tears. “Ugh don’t go all pregnant lady on us already.” Dex said, seeing a tear roll down April’s cheek.

“Sorry,” April wiped her hand across her cheek as Ruby moved so she was kneeling down in front of April. “I just....I wish....”

“I know,” Ruby rubbed her knee, knowing April wished she had Xavier’s support. “And he might come around. Maybe he just needs a little bit of time.” Ruby said, hoping herself Xavier would end up at least being there for his baby.

April gave a little shrug. “We might not have him but we have you two,” April smiled thankfully at her friends. “I love you guys.”

“We love you too.” Ruby pulled her friend into hug, April looking at Dex and giving him a big smile, thankful she wasn’t going to be totally alone.


Brax carried Daniel through the apartment, kicking open his bedroom door with his foot and gently laying him down. He was often sleepy after his chemo but today Charlie hadn’t even left the car park at the hospital and he was already asleep. Brax had followed back to the apartment block in his car and had offered to carry the boy back up to Charlie’s apartment. “Thanks.” Charlie smiled at Brax as he walked back down the hallway.

“No worries eh.” Brax rubbed the side of his head as he spoke, watching as Charlie put the kettle on to boil.

“Uhm,” Charlie pursed her lips. “I’m making a coffee if you want one?” Brax gave a smile and nodded as he walked over to the breakfast bar. “And thanks for.....I didn’t even know you’d gotten tested.”

“You didn’t seriously think I wouldn’t get tested, did you?” Brax questioned.

Charlie pursed her lips as she gave her head a little shake. “Still I uhm....thank you so much for....I don’t know how to....” Charlie paused, not able to have the words to say how grateful she would always be to him for what he was doing.

“You don’t have to say anything,” Brax told her, walking around the breakfast bar and standing close to Charlie. He brought his hand up to her arm and rubbed it gently. “Maybe just...” Brax trailed off as he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Charlie responded for a moment before pulling back. “I miss you.”

“I know,” Charlie said. “I do to. But right now, I....I just need you to be a friend.”

“What about a friend who you occasionally have sex with?” Brax questioned and Charlie gave a little laugh as she slapped his chest.

“I not saying never again with us, I.....I’m just saying not now,” Charlie told him. “I just need to get through all this stuff with Daniel first then I can concentrate a bit more on me. On us.” Charlie looked up to him, Brax feeling his knees weaken as he looked into her gorgeous sparkling blue eyes.

“So you expect me to just wait till you say the word then come running?” Brax questioned.

“Well no, I....I don’t expect that you should wait I....” Charlie looked down, looking saddened.

Brax stifled a laugh. “I already know that you are worth this wait,” Brax told her and Charlie looked back up to him, a smile forming on her face. “But we can hang out? As friends. I can chill with the little dude?” Brax questioned and Charlie gave a little nod before she wrapped her arms around Brax in a hug, Brax placing a soft kiss on her head as he rubbed her back.

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Thank you Spotd1, Sarah and CharlieAndBraxLover for the comments. :)


Charlie walked into the room, smiling as she sat down on the chair. She took his hand into hers and rubbed it gently. “Hey, how you feeling?” Charlie questioned.

“I’m drugged up so...” Brax turned to face her. He’d had the operation to remove his bone marrow and had been recovering for near an hour before Charlie had come in to see him. “They said I could be bruised and I might experience pain in my back for a week or two but as long as Daniel get’s what he needs I’ll take the pain as long as I need to,” Brax answered and Charlie gave another smile as she ran her other hand over his hair. “What are you doing here anyways?” Brax questioned. “Shouldn’t you be with Daniel?”

“They’re just getting things set up. And Ruby is with him,” Charlie told him. “How long do you need to stay?”

“They just want to keep an eye on me for a couple of hours,” Brax told her. “How long does Daniel’s IV take?” Brax questioned.

“They said 3 to 5 hours.” Charlie told him and Brax gave a little nod.

“So maybe if it was okay with you I could come along and say hello.” Brax wondered.

“You can say more than hello,” Charlie told him. “He’d love to see you,” Charlie said. “I think he’s a little worried so you’d probably help calm him down if you did come.” Charlie ran her thumb over his hand, Brax smiling at her.

“Well I’ll need to ask the nurse if I am allowed to come down but I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Brax told her and Charlie gave a little nod. “Are you okay?” Brax questioned, seeing the scared look as he looked into her eyes.

“I just want this day to be over,” Charlie confided in him. “I’m scared for Daniel and I know he’s in great hands and odds are that the transplant will go fine but you know I...” Charlie pursed her lips.

“You worry,” Brax spoke softly and Charlie gave a little nod. “Anyone would but just keep thinking positive,” Brax told her. “This is almost over.”

“Yeah,” Charlie felt a little smile forming on her face. “And I promise once Daniel is cleared from this horrible, horrible illness then me and you, we can start a fresh.” Charlie told him and Brax gave a little smile.

“No,” Brax shook his head and Charlie widened her eyes worried that Brax no longer wanted to be with her. “Me, you, Daniel and Rubes will be a family.” Brax said and Charlie relaxed into a smile before leaning down and placing a soft kiss on Brax’s lips.


“Hey,” Bianca said as she walked into the garage, finding April going through a box of Kaya’s baby clothes. “Hunting stuff out already?” Bianca questioned, picking up a little yellow sundress and running her hand over the top as she smiled, fondly remembering when Kaya was a baby like it was just yesterday.

“I’m going to be a mum.” April said, choking back tears. Bianca laughed at her sister getting emotional. She rubbed her back as she placed a kiss on her temple.

“Enjoy it because they grow up quick,” Bianca told her as Kaya marched into the garage. “Hey trouble.”

“What yous doing?” Kaya questioned, picking up one of her old t-shirts.

“Looking at your old baby clothes,” Bianca looked down to her daughter. “April is going to take some for her baby.”

“No,” Kaya shook her head. “These my clotheses,” Kaya held the t-shirt close to her. “Not for the baby.” Kaya scrunched her face up.

“Aww you are normally very good with sharing,” April said as she glanced at her niece. “Poor baby will need clothes.”

“Then buy some,” Kaya retorted. “You no getting mines.” Kaya grabbed some more clothes, keeping them close to her and away from April.

“Kaya Scott,” Bianca raised her eyebrows at her daughter. “Mummy bought these clothes and if she wants to give them to April for her baby then she will, okay?” Bianca said and Kaya furrowed her eyebrows as she shook her head.

“I will wear them.” Kaya told her mother.

“They won’t fit you anymore.” Bianca told her and Kaya scowled at her mother.

“Then I take ‘em for my dolly.” Kaya said before she ran out of the garage, holding some of the clothes close to her chest.

“Good luck to giving her a sibling.” April mumbled, rolling her eyes as she pulled a couple of gender neutral onesies from the box.

“Ha.” Bianca scoffed.

“You don’t want any more kids?” April questioned.

“Kinda hard to have a baby without a man,” Bianca answered. “I’d like to have more kids, yes but maybe we’ll concentrate on me finding a decent guy first who will stick around to be with us this time,” Bianca exhaled as April bowed her head down. “Oh sorry I wasn’t referring to Xavier there, I was...well you know what Liam did.”

“We sure can pick ‘em, eh?” April questioned.

“Well we’ll always have each other.” Bianca said and April gave her a thankful smile before sharing a hug with her sister.


Dr Fisher looked down to Daniel. “Are we ready?” Dr Fisher questioned, everything now set up and good to go, but it was important that Daniel said he was ready for the treatment to start.

Charlie looked at her son, his lips trembling as his little nose flared. “Hey, buddy what’s wrong?” Charlie questioned, getting off the seat from where she was sitting and bending down in front of Daniel, rubbing his knee.

“I’m scared.” Daniel spoke quietly as a tear rolled down his cheek.

“Aww sweetie,” Charlie pulled her son into a hug. “It’s going to be okay. This is only going to help you get better. Mummy promises you that, okay?” Charlie rubbed his back as he held tightly onto her, Dr Fisher watching as she waited to insert the needle.

“No,” Daniel cried. “What if it hurts?” Charlie pulled back from the hug and wiped her thumbs across his cheeks, wiping away the tears.

“It’s not going to hurt you,” Charlie told him. “It’s just the very same as when you got your chemo, except instead of your chemo medicine it’s Brax’s special medicine going into you,” Charlie said. “So it’ll be red instead of clear.”

Daniel tried to compose himself as more tears rolled down his cheeks, Charlie and Ruby watching him, both of them feeling their hearts breaking. “I just don’t want any more needles,” Daniel cried. “It does hurt me.” Daniel wailed and Charlie pursed her lips, feeling herself welling up at her son’s very evident distress.

“I know it must be horrible but it’s only getting rid of all the bad cells you have and leaving good ones,” Charlie said. “We need to be a big brave boy and do this just one more time,” Charlie told him. “Then you’ll be all better.”

“Promise?” Daniel questioned.

“Yeah,” Ruby answered on behalf of Charlie, who needed a second to compose herself. “You just need to be brave for that little bit longer,” Ruby said. “You’ve been so brave so far, the bravest little boy I know.” Ruby said and Daniel managed a weak smile.

“Can I sit on your knee mummy?” Daniel questioned and Charlie looked to Dr Fisher who gave a little nod before looking back to her son.

“Of course you can buddy.” Charlie once again wiped away tears from her son’s cheeks.

“And Ruby you will hold my hand and never let go?” Daniel wondered.

“And never let go.” Ruby told him as Charlie sat down on the chair, sitting her son on her knee as Ruby took a hold of his hand, Rocky penguin and Theo bear being placed on his knee.

“You to be gentle okay?” Daniel looked up to Dr Fisher who gave a little nod before wiping Daniel’s arm with a sterilised wipe before gently putting the needle into Daniel, who winced as he turned away, his head burying into Charlie’s chest. Dr Fisher attached the drip before pushing some buttons on the machine, Ruby watching as the blood started to move down the tube and go into Daniel. She raised her eyebrows a little as she felt Daniel’s grip on her get tighter. Charlie placed a soft kiss on his head as she rubbed his back, taking a deep breath as he felt his little body trembling as he stayed cuddled up against her.

“I’ll be back to check on him in about 30 minutes.” Dr Fisher said and Charlie gave a little nod before Dr Fisher left the room, leaving the family alone.

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