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A Perfect Match

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Thanks for the comments. :)


Brax wiped his hands over Charlie’s cheeks, riding them of the tears. “I’m so sorry. That must have been awful....horrible....so hard for you.” Brax spoke softly.

“It was,” Charlie took a deep breath to compose herself. “But it got me my kids and they.....they’re my...” Charlie trailed off.

“I know,” Brax answered. “They are your whole world,” Charlie gave a little nod. “God Charlie I....I don’t know what to say.” Brax exhaled, feeling lousy. Here was Charlie sharing her most personal detail from her life and he didn’t know what to say back to her.

“It’s okay,” Charlie spoke quietly. “I don’t think anyone does when I tell them, I....I just wanted you to know because...well I....” Charlie looked down, running one hand over her other. “It’s not as if I tell hundreds of people either, I mean, it’s only the people I feel closest too. Only....the people I trust.”

Brax gave her a little smile. “Do the kids know the truth?” Brax wondered.

“Ruby knows,” Charlie looked back up to Brax. “She doesn’t believe the whole ‘the stork brought you’ story anymore or that her father is a secret agent working in a hidden destination.” Brax gave a little laugh at the story Charlie had come up with.

“But Daniel does?” Brax questioned.

“For now but I know there’ll come the day he’ll want the truth.” Charlie looked terrified at the thought of Daniel asking more about his father.

“Well maybe you need to find a nice guy who’ll accept Daniel as his own and then maybe he’ll never feel the need to know about someone who has never been in his life.” Charlie stared at Brax for a moment, not saying anything, just looking deep into his gorgeous green eyes. A little smile swept across her face as she saw he was grinning at her. Brax lightly rubbed her cheek with his thumb before leaning in and placing another kiss on her lips.

“Mummy.” Charlie pulled back as she heard Daniel’s little voice. She turned her head and saw him walking down the hall with Theo bear tucked under his arm. Charlie opened her arms out and Daniel climbed up into them, sitting on knee. He rested his head against her chest as he looked at Brax.

“You alright sweetie?” Charlie questioned, running her hand over his hair.

“I feel cold but hot.” Daniel shivered as he spoke, Charlie’s hand going to his forehead, where he did have a bit of a temperature.

“Has he started his pills?” Brax questioned.

“Tomorrow.” Charlie held her arms around her son, hugging his closely.

“I’ve got a chart,” Daniel told Brax, still starting him right in the face. “Mummy let’s take him to see it,” Daniel said and Charlie stood up, Daniel staying in her arms, wrapping his legs around her waist as she held him. Brax followed them over to the fridge, where there was a red and yellow chart on the wall. “Flash colours.” Daniel told him.

“I see.” Brax gave a little nod, smiling as he saw stickers of the Flash on the edges.

“Yeah if’s it red I take my pills and if it’s yellow I don’t,” Daniel told him. “They’ll make me better but I might be really sick for a little while.” Daniel sighed a little, clearly not wanting to be sick.

“Yeah but they’ll make you better soon enough.” Brax said and Daniel gave a little nod, agreeing with him.

“Brax are you having a sleepover with mummy?” Daniel questioned.

“No buddy.” Brax answered.

“Oh,” Daniel looked a little disappointed. “I was going to say we could make a fort and all sleep in there.”

Brax stifled a laugh before looking to Charlie. “Not on a school night,” Charlie told him. “But maybe soon, okay?”

Daniel’s face lit up as he smiled. “And Theo will come. He’s my best bear.”

“Yeah, he’s a good one, huh?” Brax looked down to the teddy in Daniel’s arm. Daniel nodded as he gave a big yawn.

“Right mister let’s get you back to bed,” Charlie rubbed his back. “You can uhm...” Charlie bit her lip as she looked to Brax before looking to the coronas on the coffee table.

“I’ll be right here.” Brax whispered as he rubbed her arm. Charlie smiled and Brax gave her a wink before she walked down the hall with Daniel to put him back to bed.


“So you really won’t give him a chance?” April questioned.

“He doesn’t like me in that way,” Ruby felt like she was saying that for the hundredth time that night. “You’re just seeing things.”

“No, you are not seeing things,” April sighed. “Believe me, Rubes. Dex likes you.”

“Ahh,” Ruby slapped her hands against her face. “No. Xavier likes you. And now, apparently you like Xavier and that’s cool. You are dating, you are having fun but it doesn’t mean you need to throw me and Dex together.”

“I’m not,” April exhaled. “I’m just telling you he is so into you. Give it a chance. Then we could double date.” April grinned.

Ruby shook her head. “Not going to happen.”

April sighed. “Well you will be spending a lot of time together since you and Dex got paired up for that assignment in English class. And I have to say I took a little look in Dex’s direction and he looked pretty darn pleased.”

“April stop,” Ruby held her hands out in front of her. “He’s a mate and that’s all he’ll ever be,” Ruby was adamant that Dex only saw her as a friend. She knew she only saw him as a friend anyways. “I mean, he’s Dex,” Ruby scrunched her face up. “He’s not.....he’s not into me.”

“Okay,” April decided to give up. “Whatever you think. You should probably get home. It’s getting late and you don’t want your mum to start freaking out.”

Ruby looked at her watched and widened her eyes at seeing it was so late. “Yeah. I am so going to be home after curfew tonight. Sh*t. I gotta run.” Ruby jumped up from the couch and picked up her school bag before running out of the house, hoping she wasn’t going to be home to late.

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Thanks. :)


Charlie knocked on the door, hoping she would find him in. She felt herself smiling as the door opened, and it grew into a grin as he flashed her a smile, his little dimples showing. “Hey 6B, Daniel. Nice to see you. How feeling buddy?” Brax looked down to Daniel, he was a white as a ghost. Daniel blinked rather quickly a few times before cuddling into Charlie. She rubbed his back comfortingly.

“He’s not taking too well to this medication,” Charlie sounded upset for her son. “Uhm, I’m keeping him off school but there no’s way I can get of work. I’ve tried so hard but they just really need me today.”

“God your kid has Cancer. Surely they can let you off.” Brax said.

“Not today it seems,” Charlie sighed. “Look anyways, Ruby is at school then she has an assignment to do over at Dex’s and Leah and Bianca are working. I....” Charlie looked down to Daniel before looking back to Brax.

“I can watch him.” Brax told her.

Charlie gave a thankful smile. “It’ll only be a couple of hours. Bianca will come and collect him when she’s finished her work so if you need to be at work ehm...”

“No I’m not working today,” Brax told her. “Uhm....do you want him in here or do you want me to come to your place?” Brax questioned.

“My place.” Daniel mumbled. “It’s got my toys.”

“I don’t think you are up for playing with toys sweetheart,” Charlie ran her hand over his head. She felt awful for leaving him but today she really had no choice. “But if it’s easier for you to come to my place? Maybe he’ll want to sleep and his bed is there and...” Charlie trailed off.

“Sure that’s fine,” Brax nodded. “We’ll have a good time huh bud?” Brax bent down to Daniel’s level and rubbed his arm. Daniel gave a little shrug. “Maybe I could make you some of my chicken soup. Guaranteed to make you feel better.”

“I like chicken soup.” Daniel gave a little smile.

“Well its chicken soup time buddy.” Brax lightly ruffled his hair before standing back up straight, giving Charlie a smile.

“There’s uhm...plenty stuff in the cupboards,” Charlie pointed back to her apartment before taking her key out of her bag. “You’ll need this.”

“Thanks.” Brax smiled as he took the key from her, their hands lightly grazing each others. They both stared into each other’s eyes and smiled. Brax leaned in a placed a soft kiss on her lips. Charlie smiled as she pulled back, looking into his gorgeous eyes.

“I uhm,” Charlie cleared her throat. “I better get to work.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Brax now cleared his throat. “Have a nice day.” Brax gave her a smile as she bent down to her son, rubbing his arm.

“You be good and I’ll home soon baby okay.” Charlie placed a soft kiss on her son’s forehead before she stood up and shared another smile with Brax before she walked off to go to work.


Brax dished the soup into the bowl before taking it over to the breakfast bar, placing it down in front of Daniel. Daniel picked up his spoon and dipped it right in to the soup. “That’ll be hot bud. Give it a few minutes.” Daniel stared up at Brax before putting the spoon down and taking a drink of his milk instead.

“Are you my daddy?” Daniel questioned.

“No buddy,” Brax shook his head. “Just a guy who lives across the hall.”

Daniel pondered this for a moment, sucking in his lips. “Why do you kiss my mummy?”

“I like her very much,” Brax leaned himself down against the breakfast bar. “She’s a very beautiful woman your mummy.”

“Yeah,” Daniel agreed. “She’s the prettiest ever in the world.”

“Right?” Brax questioned and Daniel nodded.

“So, is you her boyfriend?” Daniel questioned, picking up his glass of milk to take another drink.

“No,” Brax answered. “We are just friends right now,” Brax said. “But would be you okay with that?” Brax questioned. “If I wanted your mummy to be my girlfriend?”

“Yes,” Daniel nodded as he wiped away a milk moustache. “I got a girlfriend. She’s in my Prep class at school.”

“Oh wow,” Brax said. “I hope she’s good to you.”

“Yes,” Daniel nodded. “Her name is Kasey and she’s pretty and funny and we share cookies and play together at playtime.”

“Kasey eh?” Brax smiled. “That’s my brother’s name.”

“No,” Daniel screwed his face up. “It’s a girl name.”

Brax gave a little laugh. “Casey can work for both boys and girls,” Brax told him. “Like your mummy. She is called Charlie but boys can be called Charlie too.”

Daniel screwed his face up again. “Mummy is properly called Charlotte,” Daniel told him. “But she not like it. Just Charlie.”

“Ah I see,” Brax gave a little nod. “Well I think Charlotte is a very nice name, don’t you?”

“It’s nice,” Daniel nodded. “My sister is Ruby. Do you like Ruby?”

“It’s a nice name too,” Brax gave a little laugh. “As is Daniel.” Brax though he may as well say it, thinking the boy was bound to ask. Daniel grinned before looking down to his soup.

Can I eat it now?” Daniel asked and Brax gave a little nod. Daniel took a spoonful.

“Mmmm it’s really is yummy.” Daniel took a second spoonful followed quickly by a third and fourth.

“Slow down buddy. Don’t choke on it.” Brax said and Daniel stared at him, his eyebrows furrowed before taking another spoonful.

“Brax?” Daniel questioned. Brax looked at him, rather intrigued at what he was going to say. “If you like my mummy you should ask her to be your wife. Men do that to women they like.” Daniel said and Brax gave a little laugh.

“I think it’s a bit soon to ask her to be my wife,” Brax told him and Daniel scowled a little. “But maybe I could ask her on a date. What do you think of that?”

“Yeah,” Daniel sounded excited. “And maybe if you slept here too mummy would stop having all her bad dreams. She has too many bad dreams, Brax.” Daniel looked upset at his mother’s constant bad dreams.

“Ah,” Brax was a little intrigued at hearing she had bad dreams. “Well we’ll see what I can do about that, huh?” Brax said and Daniel gave a nod before taking more of his soup.


Ruby and Dex were at his place, working on their English assignment. “Oh God this Macbeth stuff is so boring,” Ruby threw her pen down on her workbook and sighed. “Want to take a break?”

“Sure,” Dex rubbed the back of his head. They’d only been working for about 10 minutes but he was with Ruby so wasn’t going to complain. “Do you want a drink or anything?”

“Nah,” Ruby shook her head. “I uhm....” Ruby pursed her lips. “Look, April has this crazy idea and I...” Ruby paused for a moment looking him in the eye. “Ah never mind.” Ruby shook her head.

“No what is it?” Dex questioned. He was intrigued to know what Ruby was about to say.

Ruby bit her lip not sure if she should or not. She and Dex were friends and she didn’t want to say something that would make it awkward. Dex gave a little smile, thinking how beautiful she looked in that moment. “She thinks you like me.” Ruby spoke quickly, just wanting to get it out.

Dex stared at her for a moment. “Uh I.....of course I like you,” Dex laughed it off. “You are my friend.”

“See that’s what I said,” Ruby hit her hand against the table. “You see me as a friend.”

“Yeah yeah, a friend,” Dex repeated. “That’s it. A friend,” Dex cleared his throat before he stood up from the table. “Excuse me I am just going to use the bathroom,” Dex mumbled before he quickly walked out of the room. He walked into his bedroom and closed the door, leaning back against it. “Idiot. You had the perfect chance...” Dex shook his head at himself, not knowing what to do. He liked Ruby, he really liked Ruby but she was a great friend to him and he didn’t want to do anything to risk losing that.

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Thank you CharlieAndBraxLover, Sabrina, Sarah and Spotd1 for commenting. :)


Kaya was dancing along to the radio, hoping soon her favourite song would come on, Kaya still loving Katy Perry’s Roar. Daniel had felt a lot better after having the soup and was currently playing hungry hippo’s with Brax and Bianca. “Mummy,” Kaya danced over her mother. “I want Katy on.”

“Well you’ll just have to wait and see if she does come on sweetie. I can’t control the radio.” Kaya frowned as she looked at Brax.

“You do it.” Kaya pointed to him before flashing him a smile.

“I can’t control it either, Kaya,” Brax answered. “You really do like that song, huh?” Brax questioned and Kaya nodded.

“She’s a tiger.” Kaya started humming it anyways, dancing around the room again. Bianca groaned as a new song started to play.

“Not a fan of this guy?” Brax questioned.

“It’s my ex-fiancé,” Bianca sighed. “Kaya’s father. He left me when I was pregnant to break into the world of music and hasn’t sent a penny. He probably doesn’t even know if he has a son or daughter.”

“God, I’m sorry,” Brax smiled sympathetically. “She’s a little cracker. He’s missing out big time.” Brax laughed as Kaya continued to dance around the room.

“Yeah,” Bianca sighed a little. “She’s my world. I wouldn’t swap her for anything but I....” Bianca pursed her lips.

“You get lonely,” Brax said. “I understand completely. I’m all on my own this side of Australia. My brothers are still out west.”

“You’re not alone,” Bianca said. “You are slipping in to a great family,” Bianca told him and Brax gave a little smile. “But word of warning,” Bianca held her index finger in Brax’s direction. “She is my best friend and if you hurt her...” Bianca trailed off before exhaling. “Well she’s been through a lot and deserves nothing more than to find a great guy and I think.....I think she’ll have that in you, but just....” Bianca glanced at Daniel who was waiting patiently for the conversation to end so they could continue playing the game. “Don’t hurt her.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Brax answered just as the door opened and they looked up to see Charlie walking into the apartment.

“Mummy.” Daniel ran over to her and wrapped his arms around her in a hug.

“You are home early are you not?” Bianca questioned.

“Yeah I think they felt bad so I got to come home after doing a few hours,” Charlie answered. “How you feeling bud?” Charlie felt his forehead and was relieved to see his temperature had gone down.

“Brax’s soup made me all better.” Daniel beamed.

“Well that’s good. I hope you thanked Brax?” Charlie questioned and Daniel nodded. “You have a good time with him?”

“Uh-huh,” Daniel nodded. “He said Charlie can be a boy’s name too and that you are very pretty and he wants to ask you on a date but it’s too early for you to be his wife.” Daniel said and Charlie raised her eyebrows before looking across at Brax, who had gone red in the face.

“Seems like you two had a good chat then, huh?” Charlie said, walking further into the room with Daniel walking with his little hand in hers.

“Yeah,” Daniel giggled. “You will date him, ay mummy?”

“Uhm,” Charlie pursed her lips, Bianca seeing she too was going red in the face. “We’ll see. Now how about you and Kaya go play in your room for a bit?” Charlie questioned. “Let us adults get some peace.”

“Okay, c’mon Kaya.” Daniel ran through to his bedroom and Kaya skipped after him, still humming Katy Perry’s roar.

“I might actually head off,” Bianca stood up and glanced down the hall to the bedroom. “Now you are back I’m not needed for Daniel. Not that I was anyways. Brax had it all under control.”

“Okay,” Charlie smiled. “I can bring her round to Leah’s later,” Charlie said. Bianca, herself and the kids all meeting at Leah’s after dinner time. “Give her dinner here too.”

“Great, I’ll just say bye to her for now.” Bianca gave her friend a smile before walking down to Daniel’s bedroom to say goodbye to her daughter and of course Daniel. Charlie and Brax shared a smile as Charlie sat down on the couch, snuggling close to Brax as he wrapped an arm around her.

“So, uhm.....would you like to go out with me sometime?” Brax exhaled, sounding nervous.

“Yeah,” Charlie cleared her throat nervously. “I’d very much like that.” Charlie smiled. Brax placed a kiss on her head as she cuddled a little more into him, Bianca smiling from behind before she left the apartment, leaving Charlie and Brax to spend some more time together.


Leah and Bianca squealed a girly squeal, the kids looking up from their game before going back to playing. “Aw you have a date, I’m so pleased.”

“I’m so nervous already and the dates not for another couple of days.” Charlie pursed lips before taking a drink of her coffee.

“Well you haven’t dated since Roman, right?” Bianca questioned. “So like, well a first date, like 12 years ago?”

“No,” Leah answered for Charlie. “She had those dates with Angelo.”

“Oh yeah Angelo,” Bianca bit her lip. “I totally forgot about him.”

“I wasn’t nervous when I went out with him. Why do I feel so nervous now?” Charlie sighed, glancing over at the kids before looking back o her friends.

“Probably because you really like Brax,” Leah suggested. “And you and Angelo have been friends for like.....8 years,” Leah said. “Having a few dates with a friend is different that dating someone you’ve just met and are really into.”

Charlie pursed her lips. “I feel like I’ve known him all my life though,” Charlie told her friends. “He’s....he’s so easy to talk to and I love being around him. I feel so comfortable and I’ve never felt that 100 percent with a guy since what Grant did.”

“Not even Roman?” Bianca questioned. “You were together a really long time and we’re engaged to be married.”

“I loved him and the trust I had for him grew over time, but, I....” Charlie shook her head, not able to understand how she could feel like this about an almost stranger, a man she had known only a few weeks. “Brax is the only one I’ve felt completely at ease with.”

“He’s obviously meant to be,” Leah said, rubbing her stomach. “I think you’ve found your soul mate.”

Charlie sniggered. “There’s no such thing.”

“Of course there is,” Bianca gasped. “You’ve said yourself how comfortable and at ease you feel around him. He’s gorgeous, funny, sweet, amazing with Daniel,” Daniel looked up at hearing his name. “Don’t you think you are meant to be with him? That there was a reason he moved here and happened to get the apartment across from you?”

“You always say there is no such thing as coincidences,” Leah added. “He’s here for a reason.”

“And that reason is you,” Bianca patted her friends shoulder. “And little Daniel will get an amazing father.” Bianca gave a little squeak of excitement.

“Oh my God you would make the most gorgeous bride,” Leah leaned forward, slapping Charlie’s thigh. “And babies. You and hot neighbour would make gorgeous babies.”

“Alright, alright,” Charlie held her hands out. “Do go marrying us and giving us kids just yet we haven’t even had our first date.” Charlie exhaled, everything her friends said just ended up making her feel even more nervous for date number one with Brax.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


Charlie was kneeling down in front of the couch as Daniel lay across it; Theo hugged close to him as a light green blanket was covering him. He’d been on the medication for a few days now as so far he’d be sick because of it. “Don’t go out mummy.” Daniel sounded like he was going to cry. Charlie was supposed to have her first date with Brax that night but of course she had to cancel, there was no way she would leave her son when he was feeling that ill.

“I’m not going anywhere, darling,” Charlie ran her hand over the side of his head. “I’ll be right here with you all night.”

Daniel gave a weak smile. “Can you put my Flash cartoons on?” Daniel mumbled and Charlie gave a little nod, pressing some buttons on the TV remote, his DVD starting to play in the machine. Charlie looked up as there was a knock at the door. She lightly rubbed Daniel’s head before getting up and walking over to the door to answer.

“Brax,” Charlie half expected it to be him at the other side. She looked to his hands to see he had a carrier bag from the Chinese restaurant. “You uhm....you brought take out?”

“I did bring take out,” Brax nodded. “I know we had to cancel the date but well, did we really?” Brax asked. “Maybe going out, yes, but I can still come over and we can eat, right?”

Charlie looked back into the room before looking to Brax. “Sure, come in.” Charlie gestured for him to come in. Brax smiled, leaning forward and placing a kiss on her cheek before walking into the apartment. He walked right over to the breakfast bar, putting the food down before looking over to the couch.

“Hey buddy,” Brax walked over to the couch, bending down in front of Daniel. “You feeling a bit sick again?”

“Uh-huh,” Daniel nodded. “It’s my pills fault. I don’t like them.”

“Remember they are getting rid of the bad cells so you need them.” Brax told him and Daniel exhaled, giving a sort of shrug.

“They make me to sick.” Daniel sighed, cuddling Theo even close to him. Charlie smiled as she watched Brax talking with her son. Brax lightly ran his hand over his head.

“Being sick isn’t good but remember you need to get a little sick before you can get all better.” Brax continued to rub his head as he spoke.

“I hope not for long.” Daniel spoke quietly.

“Me too bud,” Brax told him. “Maybe when you feel better I can take you out on your boogie board. How does that sound?”

“Good.” Daniel answered. Brax smiled at the boy before looking up to Charlie who was watching from where she was standing over at the breakfast bar.

“Well I’ll let you get back to watching The Flash cartoons. Do you think it would be okay if I had some dinner with your mother just over at the table there?” Brax questioned and Daniel smiled a little as he nodded.

“If you sleepover she won’t dream the bad one.” Daniel told him. Brax gave the boy a little smile as he rubbed his head once again, his eyes looking upwards to Charlie who was looking down, her lips pursed.

“We’ll see,” Brax whispered and Daniel smiled once again before setting his eyes back on the TV. Brax walked back over to where Charlie was standing. “You alright?” Brax lightly rubbed her arm as he spoke.

“Yeah,” Charlie looked up to him, looking into his eyes. “I’m fine,” Charlie gave him a smile which he returned. “Now, I am starving so let’s dish this up.” Charlie nudged on Brax’s arm and walked with him round to the kitchen so they dish up their dinner.


Charlie pulled back feeling the kissing was getting a little too intense. “Slow. We need to take this slow.” Charlie told him, Brax nodding in understanding.

“I understand. We can take it as slow as you want.” Brax told her, tucking her hair being her ear.

“It’s just.....my past and.....Daniel’s really sick right now and I....” Charlie exhaled, looking downwards.

“I know,” Brax rubbed her cheek with his thumb. “All that’s fine with me. I enjoy just being around you and little Daniel,” Brax told her. “We’re friends. Really good friends who like kissing and one day will be more than friends.” Brax smiled as he spoke. He would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about being with Charlie intimately, but of course would wait till Charlie felt like it was the right time.

“We can....” Charlie pursed her lips. “We can say we are dating...seeing each other, whatever way you say it. I just want you to know it’s going to be slow right now.”

“I pretty sure you’ve told me that before,” Brax told her. “And I am honestly fine with it,” Brax smiled. “You’re going through a lot with Daniel right now.”

“It’s not just about Daniel,” Charlie answered. “It’s mostly just me having issues when it comes to dating,” Charlie took a deep breath. “You know about my kids’ father and he really mucked me up in terms of dating.”

“I can only imagine,” Brax answered, rubbing her arm softly. “But like I say I’ll take this and slow as you want to and you know I’d never, never hurt a woman like he did.”

Charlie exhaled as she looked into his eyes. She trusted Brax completely already and knew he would never do anything to hurt her. “I know,” Charlie smiled, it very evident to Brax that she did have feelings for him. “Come here.” Charlie whispered and Brax leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips. Charlie smiled into the kiss letting it deepen a little as her arms wrapped around his muscular body. Brax pulled back and looked in her mesmerising blue eyes. He softly rubbed her cheek with his thumb before sitting up and leaning back against the couch, not wanting to go too far with kissing Charlie. He opened his arm out and Charlie snuggled up against his chest as Brax picked up the TV remote searching to see if there was a movie they could watch together. He softly kissed her head as she rubbed his chest, smiling to herself at how much she liked Brax and knew she was about to start something with someone very special.

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Thank you Spotd1, Sabrina, CharlieAndBraxLover and Sarah for the comments. :)


For two months the medication continued to make Daniel sick. They’d decided to take him off the pills and try intravenously instead. Charlie and Daniel were accompanied by Brax to the hospital for his first session. Daniel was sitting on Brax’s knee, Theo teddy making the trip with him. “Brax will it hurt?” Daniel questioned.

“Nah I’m sure it’ll be fine buddy,” Brax told him. “You probably won’t even feel it going in.”

“No,” Daniel shook his head. “Not the special medicine but the needle. I don’t like needles.”

“Oh,” Brax rubbed the back of his head. “Well....” He looked to Charlie, not sure what to say to the boy for the best, not wanting to worry him but not wanting to lie to him either.

“It might nip a little when the needle first goes in,” Charlie told her son. “But Brax and I are here to hold your hand and Theo will help too, hmmm.” Charlie ran her hand over her son’s head and Daniel nodded shyly.

“Yeah,” Daniel nodded. “Theo will always help. He is my best bear.” Daniel kept a tight hold of him, trying to be brave but Charlie knew her son was scared for the IV and truth was she was scared too, for Daniel. She was so thankful she had Brax by her side, helping her and Daniel through. Of course Leah and Bianca had been great too, but Brax had been amazing and was always there for anything, even if it was to help sooth Daniel when he was being sick at 3am. Brax had stayed over a few times but he and Charlie still hadn’t been intimate. Although Charlie was getting more comfortable with a male in her bed again, she was yet to feel ready to take the next step, Brax of course happy to take things at her pace.

“Hey Daniel,” Dr Fisher walked down the corridor. “How are you today?”

“Okay,” Daniel answered. “Dr Fisher will my needle really hurt?”

“He’s a little worried,” Brax told the doctor. “Not a big fan of needles.”

“I see,” Dr Fisher gave a little nod of understanding. “Well Daniel, there will probably be a little nip when we first put the needle in but then you won’t feel anything. We’ll give you some cookies and an orange juice and you can just sit and relax for about an hour so the meds can go into you, okay?”

Daniel gave a little nod. “Can Theo come with me?” Daniel questioned, holding his bear up for her to see.

“Of course,” Dr Fisher nodded. “And mummy and Darryl can stay with you too.” Dr Fisher was eventually told Brax wasn’t Mr Buckton, but Darryl Braxton, Charlie’s boyfriend.

“And it won’t hurt too much?” Daniel questioned. “Just make me better?”

“Yep that’s right. It won’t hurt.” Dr Fisher told him, before glancing up at Charlie. She stood up and took Daniel’s hand, Daniel jumping down from Brax’s knee before Brax stood up. He kept a tight grip of Charlie’s hand as they walked down the corridor, so he could have his first IV session, which hopefully wouldn’t make him as sick as the pills did.


Ruby and Dex were at the diner having milkshakes and cake. “Don’t you feel bit deserted?” Ruby questioned.

“How do you mean?” Dex questioned, screwing his face up a little, unsure of what Ruby meant.

“Well like, April and Xav,” Ruby sighed. “For the last two months they’re always together. I get they are a couple now but we’re still their friends.”

“Am I that bad to hang around with?” Dex questioned sadly, of course Dex still liking Ruby very much, but being pretty sure she didn’t feel the same way, he wasn’t going to say anything. He didn’t want to lose her as a friend.

“No,” Ruby told him. “Just....April is my best friend and she.....she said she’d be there for me. You know Daniel is going through so much right now and every time I try to talk to her she seems too occupied with Xavier to have a proper conversation with me.” Ruby exhaled sadly.

“I’m sorry,” Dex spoke softly. “But there’s always me. I’m here aren’t I?”

Ruby smiled as he was grinning at her. “Yeah, you are,” Ruby answered, moving the straw around her milkshake. “He’s just....he’s so young. It’s not fair he needs to be going through this.”

“I know,” Dex said. “Poor little kid. But he’s a fighter and they caught it early. He’ll be fine.” Dex reached forward and rubbed her hand.

“He’s getting his first IV today,” Ruby sounded worried. “Poor kid hates needles; I don’t expect it to go well.”

“He’s has your mum and Brax there with him, right?” Dex questioned and Ruby gave a little nod.

“And Theo bear.” Ruby told him.

“Ahh well if Theo bear is there with him he has nothing to worry about,” Dex said and Rub gave a little laugh, thinking Dex looked cute when he smiled. A little dorky, but still cute.

“Hey Ruby,” VJ came running across the diner, Leah walking behind him, the starts of a baby bump showing. “We got this new toy for Daniel. He’s doesn’t have it, right?”

Ruby looked down to the Flash figure in VJ’s hand. Her little brother had so many Flash toys she didn’t know if he had it or not. “Nah he doesn’t have that one.” Ruby told him and VJ smiled before Dex looked to the toy.

“Let me see.” Dex took it in his hand, Ruby laughing as he started playing with it.

“Oh Dexter when you going to grow up?” Leah laughed as he nudged his arm.

“Maybe when that one is 16,” Dex said, pointing to Leah’s stomach. “Besides, The Flash is awesome and cool.”

VJ giggled. “Yeah he is.” VJ climbed up onto the spare seat and helped himself to a piece of Ruby’s chocolate cake.

“VJ Patterson-Copeland,” Leah gasped as his rudeness. “You wait till you are offered.”

“It’s fine,” Ruby exhaled. “I don’t feel like eating cake anyways.”

Leah could see the worry on Ruby’s face. “He’ll be fine you know,” Leah said, knocking VJ’s side. He moved along on the chair and Leah sat herself down, VJ going on her knee. “I think IV’s make them feel groggy for only a little bit, it’s won’t be constant like the pills were.”

“I hope not.” Ruby spoke quietly, playing with the straw from her milkshake again.

“Daniel missed school again today,” VJ sighed. “I miss him.”

“Well I’m sure if he’s feeling up to it he’d love to see you later.” Ruby told him.

“Yeah when we take this toy for him we’ll play with it.” VJ said, trying to take the figure back from Dex, but Dex wasn’t quiet finished playing with it just yet. Ruby once again smiled as she looked at Dex thinking she was staring to see him a little differently.

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Thanks :)


Brax was running around with a kid’s size pirate hat on his head, the plastic sword in his hand. VJ was running away from him, Brax the evil pirate who was trying to capture him. “He’s great with kids.” Leah smiled, rubbing her little bump as she spoke.

“Mmm,” Charlie looked to him, her lips pursed. Leah smiled as she saw a new glow in her friend’s eyes. “He’s really is. He’s just been....Daniel loves him.”

“Don’t think Daniel is the only one.” Leah teased, nudging her friend. Charlie went a little red in the face.

“He’s amazing.” Charlie answered. Leah and VJ brought the toy around for Daniel, but he was having a lie down, the IV chemo session having taken a lot out of him.

“Mummy save me.” VJ ran over and hugged against his mother. Brax walked over behind him, taking the hat from his head and putting it down on the coffee table along with the sword. He took a moment to get his breath back before taking a drink of his juice, sitting down next to Charlie, putting his hand on her knee and caressing it gently. “Pirate man.” VJ frowned up at Brax.

“I need a little rest.” Brax told him.

“Okay,” VJ sighed. “I’ll go check on Daniel.” VJ said before running off to his bedroom. Leah smiled as she watched her son run off, her hand still on her stomach.

“Will you find out if you are having a son or daughter?” Brax questioned, his hand still rubbing Charlie’s knee.

“I don’t want to know,” Leah answered. “But Miles does, so we’ll see.”

“Did you find out?” Brax questioned, looking to Charlie.

“No,” Charlie shook her head. “With Ruby, well she was my first and I wanted the surprise,” Charlie told him. “Then with Daniel I was in denial about being pregnant for so long that by the time I faced up to it he was almost due,” Charlie pursed her lips, not liking to remember the times she was pregnant. “I just....I kept telling myself it couldn’t have happened again. I can’t be that unlucky twice,” Charlie took a moment. “But of course as soon as I saw him, I.....the love is overwhelming.”

“I bet,” Brax squeezed her knee. “I don’t think I’d like to know either. I’d want a delivery room surprise.”

“So you’d like kids then?” Leah questioned.

“Oh yeah,” Brax nodded. “Always dreamed of a big family. Lots of kiddies running around, coming into my wife’s and I bedroom in the mornings, jumping on the bed.” Brax smiled fondly.

“What lots?” Leah wondered.

“5 or 6.” Brax answered and Charlie gulped before reaching forward and taking a drink of her iced tea. “But we’ll see what happens. That’s just in my dreams. Maybe reality will only give me one or two, maybe even none. All depends on what my partner wants too.”

“Of course,” Leah nodded. “I’d think I’d be happy once this one is born. Two kids are good. The world seems built for a family of four but Miles would probably have more.”

“That’s because Miles gets to have all the fun making the baby then you have to carry it,” Charlie glanced at her friend. “I hate being pregnant.”

“End result must be worth it, though?” Brax questioned. “You have two amazing kids.”

“Of course it is.” Charlie replied before she pursed her lips. “I’m going to go check on the boys.” Charlie said before standing up and walking down the hall to Daniel’s room.


“Mum,” Ruby walked into the apartment. “Can we talk about something?” Ruby wondered.

Charlie looked up from slicing the carrots for dinner. “Sure, what is it sweetheart?”

Ruby took a seat at the breakfast bar, picking up a slice of carrot and putting it in her mouth, crunching down on it. “Where’s Brax?”

“He’s working.” Charlie answered.

“Is he coming over later?” Ruby asked.

“I think so,” Charlie said. “Why?”

“Just wondered where he was,” Ruby answered. “So, anyways, you and Angelo dated a little and...I....well he’s your friend right?” Ruby questioned and Charlie nodded, a slightly confused look on her face. “But then you started dating but he was better off just a friend and then you....I....” Ruby sighed.

“What are you trying to say, sweetie?” Charlie looked completely confused.

“How did you know you liked him as more than a friend?” Ruby questioned.

“Well I didn’t really,” Charlie answered, putting the chopped up carrots into the pan of boiling water. “That’s why I stopped seeing him. We worked better as friends.”

Ruby rubbed her forehead. “Do you think two people who are really good friends could be more?” Ruby asked.

“Yeah,” Charlie nodded. “If there is a little spark with them. Brax and I started off as friends, didn’t we?”

“Yeah but you’ve not really known him long. Like you weren’t friends for years like you and Angelo were and you two didn’t work.” Ruby sighed.

“Well no but.....it worked for Monica and Chandler.” Charlie screwed her face up a little.

“That’s a TV show of course it’ll work,” Ruby retorted. “I’m talking about real life here. Real life.”

“Okay,” Charlie pursed her lips. “And are you talking about any two people in particular?”

“Promise you wont laugh?” Ruby questioned.

“Cross my heart.” Charlie drew a cross over her heart.

Ruby took a deep breath. “Me and Dex.”

“Dex,” Charlie raised her voice in surprise. “Dex Walker? Dexter Walker?”

“Yes, him,” Ruby exhaled. “He’s......I think he really likes me and we did kiss a couple months ago and April said he’s really into me now and just the last couple of weeks he’s....he’s been there for me with Daniel stuff and.....he’s so sweet.”

“He is very sweet and you could do a lot worse than Dexter Walker,” Charlie told her daughter. “If you like him and are sure he likes you then give it a go. There’s nothing wrong with trying and if it doesn’t work then you can always go back to being friends.”

“You sure it won’t be awkward?” Ruby questioned.

“It’s not with me and Angelo.” Charlie told her daughter. Ruby clicked her tongue, thinking about what her mother said. Dexter was extremely sweet and caring and Ruby knew he’d treat her with nothing but respect.

“Thanks,” Ruby gave her a smile. “Give me a shout when dinner is ready.” Ruby jumped down from the seat and walked down to her bedroom, leaving Charlie to get on with making the dinner.

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Thanks for the comments. Feel I've lost my way with this a little but hopefully it sorts out soon.


Charlie opened the door, giving her boyfriend a soft smile. “Hey, how was work?” Charlie questioned as he walked into the apartment.

“Quiet,” Brax answered. “How’s the little guy?”

“He was still complaining he felt sick but he’s not been so far. He’s sleeping right now though.” Charlie told him and Brax gave her a smile before placing a soft kiss on her lips.

“That’s good to hear,” Brax walked over to the couch with Charlie following. “What’s this?” Brax looked down to the drawing on the table.

“VJ drew it for evil pirate man.” Charlie gave a little laugh as Brax looked to the picture of what he figured was supposed to be pirates on a ship.

“Ah isn’t that sweet,” Brax gave a little laugh as he put the picture back on the coffee table. “Miles isn’t VJ’s biological dad, is he?”

“No,” Charlie answered. “Why?”

“Just wondered. You’d think he was. He’s amazing with him.” Brax said and Charlie gave a little nod.

“He’s raised him since he was almost a year old,” Charlie told Brax. “Vinnie - VJ’s father, Leah’s first husband - died in a car crash just before VJ was born. Miles is the only father he’s ever known.”

“VJ. Vinnie Junior.” Brax finally understood the name VJ.

“Vincent really, but yeah.” Charlie exhaled.

“Hmm not sure I like the whole junior thing,” Brax scrunched his nose. “Can you imagine we call our first kid DJ?” Brax gave a little laugh and Charlie widened her eyes.

“I didn’t realise we were at the talking about our kids stage,” Charlie mumbled moving herself a little on the couch and Brax could see she was uncomfortable. “I mean we haven’t even had sex yet and you are planning how many kids we’ll have and what they’ll be called. Or not be called, in this case.”

Brax exhaled lightly. “I thought I made you a little uncomfortable before,” Brax put his hand out and rubbed her arm. “Look babe we were just talking. Surely you had dreams of the family you wanted. You probably still do have dreams. That’s all this is right now.”

Charlie pursed her lips. “I feel wrong for wanting a child that I plan. I....I didn’t plan Rubes or Daniel and I....” Charlie paused, looking downwards. “What gives me the right to feel excited about a pregnancy when I couldn’t for theirs?”

“Oh Charlie,” Brax continued to rub her arm. “You love them more than anything. Anyone can see that. What happened during their pregnancies, it doesn’t matter now because you’d give anything for those kids.”

Charlie looked up to Brax, her lips still pursed. “Roman and I planned to have a family. I....I do want more children. No way 6 though.” Charlie looked terrified at the thought and Brax gave a little laugh.

“Six is a big number,” Brax said. “But children are so far off for us right now it’s not really something we need to talk about,” Brax tucked her hair behind her ear. “At least we know we both want them. We are on the same page at least.”

Charlie gave a little smile before hearing a floorboard creak. She turned around to see Daniel walking sleepily over to them. “My tummy is sore,” Daniel climbed up onto the couch and cuddled into his mother. She ran her hand across his head before staring up at Brax as they noticed a clump of it falling into her hand. “You need to make the soup, Brax.”

“It’s a bit late for soup buddy.” Brax told him and Daniel frowned a little looking up to his mother.

“Tell him.” Daniel said.

“No sweetie, Brax is right. It’s too late to make soup,” Charlie moved her hand from being on his head. “You need to be in bed. Sleep off this sore tummy.” Charlie put her hand under his pyjama top and started rubbing his stomach gently.

“Can I stay in your bed?” Daniel asked.

“Of course you can sweetheart.” Charlie kissed his temple.

“Is you staying?” Daniel questioned, looking to Brax. “You still can. Mummy’s bed is big enough for us all.”

Brax looked to Charlie before looking back to Daniel. “Yeah, I’m staying.”

“Cool,” Daniel grinned. “Now mummy won’t have her bad dreams,” Daniel said and Brax heard Charlie’ exhaling. Daniel often mentioned his mummy’s bad dreams and Charlie had never expanded on his statement and Brax felt it wrong to ask. “Oh and maybe tomorrow if I am better we can go to boogie board at the beach, eh?” Daniel looked excited at the thought.

“Yeah we could do.” Brax answered and Daniel smiled, excited at the thought of surfing with Brax.

“I like being out with you and mummy,” Daniel told him and Brax gave him a smile, happy that the boy got along with him. “We have so much fun and you is good to me just like a daddy,” Daniel put his hand over Charlie’s as it continued to rub his stomach. Brax felt his heart tugging a little. He looked to Charlie and she smiled at him as she raised her eyebrows. “Will you be my daddy one day?” Daniel questioned. “I’d love you to be.”

“Daniel,” Charlie answered before Brax could. “We don’t ask things like that.”

“Yes,” Daniel frowned. “He would be your husband. He makes you smile. He does, mummy.” Daniel tuned his head to face her and gave a little nod, strengthening his point.

“I know he does,” Charlie said. “Mummy likes Brax very very much, but let’s not talk about husbands and him being your daddy just yet, it’s too early for all that, okay?”

“Kay.” Daniel frowned before he gave a yawn. He cuddled more into his mother, Charlie still rubbing his sore stomach. Brax looked at Charlie and gave her a smile as he rubbed her arm. He wouldn’t object at all to being known as Daniel’s daddy, but of course knew Charlie was right and that after only two months of dating his mother, all that stuff was too early. His smile grew larger as Daniel moved slightly, half cuddling into him, half cuddling into his mother. He leaned forward and gave Charlie’s lips a kiss before they rested their head together, sitting on the couch with Daniel laying against them.

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Thanks for the comments. :)


Charlie looked out as Brax was showing Daniel how to do the boogie board. “He’s a natural with kids,” Charlie looked up as she heard his voice. “Hey,” Angelo gave her a smile as he sat down next to her. “Taking a liking to Brax anyways,” Angelo watched as Daniel giggled as Brax did a funny kind of dance in the ocean. “I couldn’t get a word out of him.”

“I know, it’s kinda weird.” Charlie said.

Angelo gave a little shrug. “The kid probably just knows he’s the one for you,” Angelo said. “Hows it going, you and Brax?”

“It’s good. Really good.” Charlie said but it wasn’t really needed. The smile on her face was enough for Angelo to know just how good it was going.

“I’m glad you are happy.” Angelo smiled.

“What about you?” Charlie questioned. “Any girls on the scene?”

Angelo laughed. “No, not at the moment. So, how’s the little one doing?” Angelo watched as Brax and Daniel were running into the ocean with their boards.

“He has his days,” Charlie answered. “Today he is good but yesterday he was sick. He uhm....he’s starting to lose his hair and I....it’s making it seem even more real and I never thought that would be possible.” Charlie bowed her head, her finger tracing lines in the sand.

“I’m sorry,” Angelo rubbed her arm in comfort. “If you ever need a break, an afternoon off, I’ll be happy to watch him for you. Go have a nice lunch with Brax or catch up with Leah and Bianca. You know I’m always here, right?”

“I know.” Charlie gave him an appreciative smile.

“It would be pretty quiet but I’d still do it.” Angelo said and Charlie gave a little laugh.

“Thanks, I’ll keep the offer in mind,” Charlie told him. “So how’s business?”

“Great now,” Angelo smiled. “Brax’s ideas have paid off big time. Busiest it’s been in a long time,” Angelo sounded glad his business was doing well. “You still working?”

“Not so much,” Charlie told him. “I’m down to 2 days a week now. Obviously I need to be around for Daniel more.”

“Of course.” Angelo said, looking back out to the ocean to see Daniel and Brax walking back up to them.

“Mummy,” Daniel panted, sounding out of breath. “Did...you....see?” Daniel questioned between breaths.

“I did,” Charlie nodded. “Looking good out there buddy.” Daniel smiled as he sat down on her knee, getting her all wet.

“I.....can’t.....breath......right.” Daniel was breathing heavily.

“You’re just a bit out of breath,” Charlie rubbed his back. “Just take a little rest.” Charlie said and Daniel nodded as he cuddled more into her, Charlie noticing a little bald patch forming on the back of his head.

“So you looked like you had fun out there mate,” Angelo smiled down at Daniel. Daniel stared up at him and gave him a little nod. “Well I will go,” Angelo exhaled as he stood up. “But you remember what I said, yeah Charlie?” Angelo bent forward slightly, rubbing her shoulder.

“Yes I will thank you.” Charlie gave him a smile.

“See you later mate.” Angelo waved to Brax who gave him a nod before Angelo walked off the beach.

“What did he say?” Brax questioned, moving a little close to Charlie.

“Nosey,” Charlie slapped his bare chest. “He just offered to watch Daniel so we could have a bit of a break. Go out for lunch or whatever.”

“Well that was nice of him.” Brax smiled, wrapping his arm around Charlie.

“Yeah,” Charlie smiled. “But it’s not like he’s an evil guy. He is lovely and so sweet.” Charlie said, smiling as she thought about her good friend.

“Just as long as you think I am lovelier and sweeter.” Brax gave her a cheeky grin.

“Hmm still need to decide that one.” Charlie teased and Brax laughed before placing a soft kiss on her lips.


Ruby and Dex were at Ruby’s apartment, chilling out after having been to the movies. April and Xavier had accompanied them to the movies but then went back to Xavier’s place, Ruby and Dex not being invited. “Dex,” Ruby sighed as she stood in the bedroom doorway. “Please stop playing with that stupid toy.”

“It’s not stupid,” Dex replied. “It’s cool.”

“It’s my 5 year old kid brothers,” Ruby sighed. “Seriously if you are just going to play with that stupid transmonster then just go home.”

“It’s a transformer,” Dex corrected. “And it’s not stupid, these are pretty cool.” Dex continued playing with the toy.

“Oh my God I can’t believe I think I like you.” Rub mumbled.

“You what?” Dex sounded shocked as he turned to face Ruby, putting the toy down.

“Nothing.” Ruby exhaled turning and walking across the hall and into her bedroom.

“Nah Rubes,” Dex chased after her. “Ruby what did you just say?” Dex questioned, hoping that he heard right and she did indeed say she liked him.

Ruby took a deep breath. “I think I like you, like more than a friend should.”

Dex gave a little smile. “I think I like you like more than a friend should too,” Dex said, his smile only growing bigger. “In fact, I don’t think it, I know it,” Dex told her. “Ever since that kiss....since before the kiss really, I...” Dex felt himself shaking with nerves.

Ruby laughed nervously. “So, uhm...” Ruby exhaled.

“Yeah,” Dex cleared his throat. “Do you uhm....do you maybe want to go....I mean....date?” Dex questioned. “We should date.” Dex gave a curt nod, as if agreeing with what he was saying.

“Yes,” Ruby answered. “Uhm, it wouldn’t hurt to try, right?”

“No,” Dex grinned, his heart beating faster at the news he was finally going to be dating Ruby, a girl he’d crushed on for ages. “So eh...” Dex cleared his throat. “Don’t really know what to do now.” Ruby rubbed the back of his head, looking round Ruby’s room awkwardly.

“Can I get you a drink?” Ruby questioned and Dex gave a little nod. Ruby gave another nervous laugh before she walked out of her room to the kitchen, with Dex following behind her.

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Thank you Spotd1 and Sarah for the comments.


Daniel was sitting in the hospital, getting his second round of chemo via IV. Theo bear had made the trip again, sitting on Daniel’s knee with him. Daniel, Charlie and Brax were playing a game of snakes and ladders, while Daniel got his medication. Brax picked up the dice and rolled them, counting out 8 spaces. He saw he’d landed on a tile where there was the bottom of a snake, and thought he’d tease Daniel a little. “Oh yes, up the snake.” Brax grinned, moving his counter up the snake.

“No,” Daniel shook his head. “Brax it’s down the snakes.”

“No no,” Brax shook his head. “Up the snakes and down the ladders, right?” Brax glanced at Charlie. “That’s the way you play.”

“No,” Daniel giggled. “No, you don’t,” Daniel said. “Snakes are bad so you go down them. Ladders you climb so you go up.” Daniel explained.

“Ah no,” Brax sighed. “And all this time I thought it was this way.”

Daniel giggled again. “You’re so silly,” Daniel moved the counter back to the end of the snake Brax had wrongly climbed. “Mummy it’s you,” Daniel looked to his mother. Charlie smiled at her son. He was a lot whiter in the face these days but he still had that cheeky little spark in his eye. She rolled the dice sighing at her little 2 places she got to move. “You will be last.” Daniel told her.

“I think so,” Charlie had to agree with her son. “You or Brax will be the winner for sure.” Charlie said, Brax and Daniel always rolling high numbers, whereas Charlie was yet to roll anything above 6 places.

“It’ll be me.” Daniel hit his chest.

“Well after this game I’d like you to do your workbook for school.” Charlie told him and Daniel frowned. VJ had been collecting the work for Daniel, for on the days he missed to do at home so he didn’t fall too much behind. Granted he was only in Prep, but Charlie didn’t want him to fall to far behind and have to repeat the year, being a class behind all his friends.

“I don’t need school.” Daniel sighed.

“Oh yeah you do,” Brax told him. “You want to be a superhero like The Flash when you are older then you need to do all your schooling.”

“Really?” Daniel curled his nose.

“Yip.” Charlie nodded as she gave Brax a thankful smile.

“Okay but we do this game first, right?” Daniel questioned and Charlie nodded before Daniel picked up the dice, continuing with the game.


Ruby and Dex were walking hand in hand along the beach. “So,” Dex sounded nervous. “We’ve been dating for like a week,” Dex said. “And uhm.....well....” Dex stopped talking.

“That’s it?” Ruby questioned. “You’re not expanding. Not going any further with that statement?” Ruby bit her bottom lip curiously.

“Well nothing has really changed,” Dex sighed. “Apart from the hand holding.” Dex glanced down at their hands before looking back up to her.

Ruby gave a little laugh. “Well maybe you should ask me out on a date.” Ruby told him.

“Right,” Dex was sounding even more nervous. “Do you uhm...want to uhm.....maybe uhm....go to the uhm....the movies?” Dex wondered.

“Yeah I uhm....would uhm....love to.” Ruby said, mocking Dex’s nervousness. Dex managed a little laugh.

“And do you think maybe on this date tonight that we could....well couples kiss and we -” Dex was cut off by Ruby’s lips smacking against his. He was a little surprised but he relaxed into the kiss, letting it become a little more passionate. “That was nice.” Dex smiled as he pulled back. It was even better than their first kiss in Xavier’s bathroom a few months before.

“Yeah.” Ruby raised her eyebrows, surprised how good a kisser Dex was.

“Is it weird that that was our first kiss since we started dating a week ago?” Dex questioned.

Ruby gave a little shrug. “We wanted to take this slow. We are such good friends, we don’t want to rush, do we?” Ruby questioned.

“Nah,” Dex answered. “I guess we don’t,” Dex gave her a smile. “But, I think maybe, we should uhm...” Dex trailed off before placing another kiss on Ruby’s lips, Ruby wrapping her arms around his back as the kiss grew in passion.


Charlie was staring at the laptop screen, in two minds whether or not it was a good idea. She knew Brax had been more than understanding, given her currently situation with Daniel and knew he didn’t expect lots of couple time, but wanted to make him feel like she appreciated him for that and also wanted a little bit of couple time with Brax, even though it made her feel bad, as it was important for them to have some time together, especially since they were in the beginnings of their relationship. “Finally asleep,” Brax walked through to the living room and Charlie put the screen down, so Brax couldn’t see it. “Had to read him the story 3 times but he’s down now.” Brax laughed as he sat down next to his girlfriend.

“Thanks,” Charlie gave him an appreciative smile. “You are amazing.”

“Not really,” Brax answered as Charlie snuggled herself against him. “Think I am actually quiet lucky, myself,” Brax told her. “Found myself an amazing woman and two brilliant kids. Got myself a good little family now.”

“Seriously,” Charlie smiled up at him. “I ehm....I know it’s not for another month yet but,” Charlie pursed her lips. “I’ve been looking at taking you away for the weekend,” Charlie told him. “It’s going to be when Daniel is on a break from the chemo and it just happens your birthday is then, so I thought we could have a weekend, just the two of us.”

“Oh yeah?” Brax smiled as he entwined his hand with Charlie’s.

“Yeah,” Charlie said. “It all depends on how well Daniel is, but I just want to show you how much I appreciate you and that even with all you have to put up with, how much I love that you are still here.” Charlie told him.

“Well if Daniel is all good then I would love to have a weekend away with you,” Brax grinned, thinking alone time with Charlie would be amazing. “It would great.”

“I know,” Charlie said. “I looked at some places. They’re not too far away in case we have to get home but I take it it’s something that you’d be up for?”

“I wouldn’t care if we spent a weekend at a motel in Yabbie Creek,” Brax said. “As long as I am with you, it doesn’t matter where we go.” Brax told her and Charlie grinned as she looked into his gorgeous green eyes. Her grin grew even larger as her rubbed her cheek before he leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

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Thanks Sarah and Spotd1. :)


Daniel had been getting the chemo via IV for three weeks now. He did a session a week and after his fourth session he’d be on a break for 2 weeks. His hair had continued to fall out over the last week to the point where Daniel had just woken up, completely bald. They were supposed to be going to fair that was in town but Daniel was feeling a little self conscious and didn’t want to leave the house. “The other kids will laugh.” Daniel bowed his head sadly.

“Buddy they aren’t going to laugh at you,” Charlie assured him. “It doesn’t matter if you have hair or not you are still Daniel Buckton.” Charlie rubbed his arm, seeing how much this was affecting her son broke her heart. She wanted so much to take this pain away for him. Wished so much she could swap places with him. This wasn’t fair, not on anyone but especially a 5 year old boy.

“The big kids will laugh and stare,” Daniel told them. “They are mean and will laugh cos I’m different.” Daniel pouted sadly.

Charlie exhaled, looking to Brax who was sitting on the bed next to Daniel. “We could buy you a hat,” Brax suggested. “I’m sure we could even find one with The Flash on it.” Brax told him.

“They will see no hair under the hat.” Daniel was almost crying.

“What about a wig?” Brax suggested. “Can have any colour hair you want that way. Blond, black, brown....blue.” Brax laughed.

Daniel just shook his head lightly. “You can’t have blue hair,” Daniel rubbed his bald scalp, looking like he was going to cry. “I want my hair back.”

“It’ll grow back,” Brax told him. “Once all this yucky treatment is over you’ll grow lots of hair again,” Daniel looked up at him, his eyes a little more drawn into his face, Brax feeling so much for the little boy. “Hmm, now how about we go out to this fair?” Brax questioned. “I’ll buy you some candyfloss and a can of pop,” Brax nudged his arm. “But we won’t tell mummy that one,” Brax whispered and Daniel managed the littlest of smiles as Charlie raised her eyebrows at her boyfriend. “VJ and Kaya are waiting you,” Daniel looked like he was considering it before he shook his head. Brax exhaled looking at the boy and his heart continued to break. “Right,” Brax stood up from the bed. “I’ll be right back.” Brax said before he left the room, walking back over to his place.


Ruby, April, Xavier and Dexter were at the fair already, the girls waiting by the entrance as the boys were in line to get the tickets. “So you and Dex. How’s it going?” April questioned.

“Slowly,” Ruby told her. “But we are having a great time together.”

April smiled. “God, Ruby Buckton and Dexter Walker. I never would have put you two together.” April said, leaning up against the fence as she waited.

“I know,” Ruby exhaled. “It surprised me too but it’s been a very good surprise. He’s a great kisser.” Ruby lowered her voice as she spilled to her friend.

April gave a little laugh. “Well now you two are all official and stuff we should do more double dates.” April said.

“Well what do you think this is right now?” Ruby questioned. “You and your boyfriend and me and my boyfriend, out together.”

“I guess,” April laughed. “Oh when I remember,” April put her hand out onto her friends arm. “I told Bianca I was staying at your place tonight,” April told her. “But, well....” April bit her lip as she looked to the line, smiling as she saw her boyfriend.

“Oh my God,” Ruby gasped. “Are you two planning on having sex?” Ruby lowered her voice once again.

“Mmm,” April nodded. “We both feel ready.”

“April you’ve only been together a couple of months. Are you sure you want to take that step? It’s not like you get a second chance.” Ruby wasn’t trying to talk her friend out of it; she just wanted to be sure she was ready.

“I know,” April answered. “But,” She exhaled, looking to Xav once again. “I trust him and he’s so sweet and hot.” April fanned herself a little.

“What about Gina and John?” Ruby questioned.

“They are away for the weekend,” April told her friend. “So, we have the place to ourselves.”

Ruby bit her lip. “I don’t feel comfortable lying to Bianca,” Ruby shook her head. “I uhm...I don’t think I can tell her you are staying if you are not and what if she mentions something to my mum?”

“Well,” April pursed her lips. “Maybe I can come around so it’s like I am staying then.....I dunno,” April shrugged. “Sneak out.”

“From where?” Ruby questioned. “The window? Remember we are 6 floors up.”

“The front door,” April sighed. “When your mum is bathing Daniel or in her own room or something, please Rubes,” April clasped her hands. “We’ll figure something out.”

Ruby pursed her lips. “I uhm....I dunno, I need to think about. Sorry.” Ruby said and April sighed a little as the continued to wait on the boys coming over with the tickets.


Brax walked back into the apartment, Charlie and Daniel both gasping as they saw him. “Oh God, Brax.” Charlie put her hand onto her chest, her heart beating faster at her boyfriend’s selflessness.

“Brax,” Daniel widened his eyes in shock. “You is bald too.”

“I am,” Brax ran his hand over his now bald head. “Now if anyone is laughing it’ll be at the big bald idiot here,” Brax his finger against his chest. “Now what do you say we hit this fair together bud?”

“We is both be bald,” Daniel ran over to him and Brax bent down just in time as Daniel knocked himself against him. Daniel ran his hand over Brax’s bare head. “It really is gone.”

“I know,” Brax told him, glancing up at a shocked looking Charlie, seeing tears springing in her eyes. “So, what do you say? Us bald buds will stick together at this fair huh?”

“Yeah,” Daniel nodded as he looked up to his mother, Charlie feeling her heart melting at Brax’s gesture and at Daniel’s sudden change in mood because of it. “Let’s go mummy.”

“You go hit the lift button,” Charlie told him. “We’ll be right there.”

“Okay. You hurry bald bud.” Daniel said before he ran out of the apartment.

“Brax,” Charlie took a deep breath to compose herself as Brax stood back to his feet. “I can’t believe you’ve just done that.” Charlie walked closer to her boyfriend as he gave a little shrug.

“It’s only hair, it’ll grow back,” Brax said. “I just hope bald men aren’t a turn off for you.” Brax gave a little chuckle.

“How can you possibly be after you’ve done that for my son?” Charlie questioned. “God, I love you Darryl Braxton.” Brax grinned upon hearing those words from Charlie’s lips.

“Mummy, bald bud, the lift is here already.” Daniel shouted from the hallway.

“Yeah we are just coming,” Charlie shouted out to him. “You press the hold button,” Charlie said before looking back to Brax, her head shaking in disbelief in his kind act. “Thank you, Brax,” Charlie pushed back tears from her eyes. “Thank you so much.”

“It’s alright.” Brax smiled as he wrapped his arms around her, placing a soft kiss on her lips. “Oh and by the way, I love you too.” Brax told her and they shared a grin before kissing once more.

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