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Christmas 2013

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Yesterday was when Christmas really started for me we went into town and watched the Christmas parade through town with Santa and his reindeer (so cute!)

The Christmas Coca Cola Truck was also in town so got a few photos of that, and previous years I always say it is not Christmas until I have seen the Coca Cola Christmas Truck on my TV and as it wasn't on my TV this year then it was must I went to see it in town.

I also got my first present yesterday and very happy with it, well once it comes here and I can complete it before I wrap it I will be very happy.

One thing I will miss this year is every Christmas Eve my godparents would come for drinks and gift swap, but this year they are both visiting their daughters in Australia.

One thing I have always wondered in Australia do they still have the whole winter wonderland thing for Christmas, like snow etc?

No we don't do that as it's summer here

Summer & Christmas can't get head round it, guess only one thing for it Christmas 2015 in Oz

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I thought the same thing about 13 yrs ago BethFaye I was born In America but my parents separated and then a yr later mum remarried and we moved to Australia where my step-dad lived so I'm used to it now but I sometimes miss the snow.

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I'm currently living in NZ (I'm from Scotland) so this will be my fist summer time Christmas and so far it's just weird for me. Seeing Christmas trees and hearing Christmas songs when I'm walking around in shorts and flip flops.....it's strange! Especially hearing the song 'Walking in a winter wonderland'. Talking (or should I say singing) about building snowmen and glistening snow.... But I guess our cold winter Christmases will be strange to some and it's something new for me to experience. :)

I'm having a bit of a delayed Christmas this year. My family are coming out to visit me so on January 10th we are having our Christmas together. I can't wait to see them again.

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I'm the opposite, I adore snow, and I always want it to snow for few days over Christmas. I can't really complain if we don't get any this year (which is starting to look unlikely) since we've had a fair amount over the last 3-4 years. The problem with snow is getting out and about, or anticipating that family coming down will be able to get here. It doesn't look like we'll have much to worry about this year though, which is definitely a positive.

I think my "real" Christmas spirit is starting to kick in now. I know those that know me know I tend to be the most festive person ever and always has a countdown on the go, but it only ever REALLY starts to feel like Christmas when others start feeling it too.

We bought a new tablecloth for Christmas Dinner today too. It's covered in Snowman and Santa's that can be coloured in. Apart from 2 of the family members, the rest of us are all adults, but we're all ridiculously looking forward to colouring in the tablecloth after Christmas Dinner. :lol:

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I could never imagine having Christmas in Winter. Our Christmas normally consists of barbecues with salad and being out in the sun having fun. (excuse the lame rhyme)

Same here. I've never experienced Christmas in the winter season either so if I ever decide to head overseas to Europe or America in the Christmas period it will feel very strange to be honest.

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