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  1. Aww the amazing Chyler Leigh is in that. I really need to watch it. I watched Homeland last, can't believe another season is almost over
  2. Papertowns & Trainwreck. I love double film at the cinema days
  3. Southpaw. I have feel in love with this film. Can't wait until it is out on dvd.
  4. The Good Wife. I have watched all 6 seasons in 3 weeks. Then I was watching Julianna interview and she mentioned her season 2 episode she put forward for Emmy so had to re watch that tonight.
  5. Cinderella Cate Blanchett was amazing as always. I also got to see Frozen Fever not going to lie I loved it, the little snowman are adorable, I walked out the screen and ordered my godsons them for Easter from Disney
  6. Still working on it and got another one now too.
  7. Just wondering if anyone is watching the EELive episodes, I am hooked yet again. Just wondering if anyone is watching the EELive episodes, I am hooked yet again.
  8. Holby City, all caught up in time for tomorrows dramatic episode.
  9. Casual Vacancy about to watch Holby City (two episodes behind and looks a good one on Tuesday)
  10. Loved that film. Emily Blunt is amazing The Mexican. Brad Pitt & Julia Roberts
  11. Whoop!! I am hoping to join you by this time next week. Well that is the aim anyway
  12. iTunes on shuffle again.. I do have 35GB (that was last count when iTunes use to tell me) of music so hard to choose so I let iTunes do that for me. Train - Drive By Elbow - One Day Like This (My most favourite song of all time) Snow Patrol - Gleaming Auction Avril Lavigne - My World Ed Sheeran - Sing Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello (great tune for party, road trip or getting ready for night out)
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