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Hannah Wilson - Cassie Howarth


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She has a nice effect on Oscar. Very protective and motherly towards her niece and nephew. I hope she has patience. I am just so glad she never gave up on them no matter how hard Ethan pushed.

It couldn't have been easy to lose her sister then have the rest of her family brain washed to hate her. When Evie comes round it will be well deserved.

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Does anyone else think she looks a lot like Jordana Brewster from The Fast And The Furious and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning?

Cassie Howarth


Jordana Brewster


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I can't stand this character. She is a symbol on what is wrong with H&A.

She was meant to be worried about the twins because of their father. She arrived as a worried aunt, was meant to be mature despite her young looks. But she never was convincing. I felt she was far too young. And I was right, suddenly they changed her and made her a teen like 20's something. She is acting like a wild teenager, but meant to take care of the twins. It seems to me that she doesn't really want to have that responsibility, but that doesn't fit with her arrival.

Even if she never was convincing, they really killed her character when they coupled her with Andy. The way she is with Andy t is not the way a responsible adult is behaving. I honestly think they have changed Zack too, he really had so much potential, now he is acting very different from what he did when he first arrived.

But I wonder if the casting of Hannah is to blame. It would have been geat if Hannah was played by a really completely different person, someone around 35-36 with more mature looks and way of talking and behaving. Would have suited Zack better, even if they aren't a couple. Easier to give them storylines as adults. There isn't really much difference between Hannah and the teens, which is wrong in my opinion. They need to portray adults as adults.

Charlie was probably the first immature adult woman, but she was still far more adult than Hannah, even they must be meant to be at the same age.

And do they cast only Charlie/Esther Anderson copies now? young beautiful women in their 20's with black hear. I think that a lot of the current cast are Charlie copies.

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Hannah's an awful character. Initially I thought she had potential early on when she was trying to rescue Oscar and Evelyn from the cult but since she's 'freed' them so to speak, she's been a terrible character. She treats Zac appallingly, makes dumb decisions like getting back together with Andy despite all his flaws and she is self-absorbed rather than worrying about others.

I also feel that while Cassie Howarth does a good job in portraying Hannah I think she's a tad too young for the role. She's only 28 whereas we're supposed to imagine that Hannah is in her mid to late 30s like Zac is for example.

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I've never liked Hannah. As I mentioned in another thread IMO she is an absolutely dreadful character. She really is - Is there anybody in this forum at this present time who does like her or at least thinks the character adds value? I've mentioned in various threads how I feel about Maddy but at least at times she's provided a certain level of entertainment. Sadly the same cannot be said for Hannah. She's never struck me as someone that's been particularly likeable or pleasant. Even when she's smiling with someone or trying to be a guardian to Oscar and Evelyn she still doesn't seem nice. It all just seems fake, transparent and conceited.

I didn't like her attitude towards Denny, when she first showed up, being very suspicious of her and making unpleasant remarks behind her back. I first started to really dislike her when she treated Zac like crap. She had a thing with Zac then decided to cool it because of the twins (or at least that was the excuse she gave). She gets with Andy then lies to Zac about it. I really like Andy now but at the time couldn't understand why she wanted to go out with him because he had no charm whatsoever so assumed it was purely physical. She starts sneaking him in and out of the house because she was to ashamed to tell everyone about him. Zac then sees them together himself which obviously hurt. After Zac slept with Bianca she threatened to take the twins off him. I know that was around the time Zac was drinking but I always got the impression that she was more annoyed about him sleeping with Bianca than the fact he was being a bad guardian. And I also felt she was to immature to get into a relationship with him before anyway.

Even when she started giving Andy the runaround and Andy decided to blow her out, it annoyed me intensely how she was so self-absorbed she genuinely couldn't understand why Andy didn't want to spend time with her. As if she was so irresistible and what man in his right mind wouldn't want to be with her (*shakes head*). I'll never forget the expression on her face when Sophie first turned up and told Hannah, Zac spent the evening with her marking essays and Hannah had the audacity to roll her eyes as if Zac was cheating on her or something (you had your chance love!). And then after Andy hid the drugs in the barn, how could she be so stupid as to believe what Andy told her and accuse Zac of setting him up. Why would Zac risk everything just to frame him? So I was glad initially when he wanted nothing more to do with her at that particular time and also when Evelyn started to blow her out.

Although Sophie was being ultra paranoid about her, I was glad when she started intimidating Hannah into staying way from Nate but Hannah cops off with Sophie's husband anyway. I'd been waiting a long time to see some comeback so I was really excited when Sophie went for her at the hospital and disappointed when Nate stopped her. Still I was glad when Sophie took her out when Hannah attempted to sedate her.

Didn't have one iota of sympathy for her when she had the accident and couldn't walk. Even if she didn't survive the bus crash, I probably wouldn't have bat an eyelid. Probably going against the grain here but I am actually interested to see how this storyline with her and Andy unfolds. Not sure why now but I did feel a little bit sorry for her when Andy rejected her advances. It's odd because it comes down to sex and you'd think her priority would be trying to walk although needs must. Still my opinion about her is the same as it was before - unlikeable.

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I think her treatment of Zac really ruined her characterisation. Up until then, I thought she may have had potential. The main problem is that she acts very immature, and unlike Maddy, does not have the benefit of youth to explain her behaviour. But she was horrible to Zac after they broke up, which was not in keeping with the fact that she supposedly really cared about him, and they broke up because of the twins rather than any inherent problem with their relationship. It was even worse for her characterisation to pair her up with Andy and make her choose Andy over Zac - it made no sense given Andy's characterisation up to that point, and her history with Zac. It just made her again, look immature and shallow like she could only handle a physical relationship. Even now, it seems Hannah is more interest in the physical stuff with Andy rather than any emotional connection.

It seems that Hannah spends a lot of time claiming that she shouldn't get with a certain person (Zac, Andy, Nate) only for her to show no self-restraint and get with them anyway. Again, making her appear very shallow and fickle.

The problem is that we are meant to see Hannah as a likeable character, the type of girl that would make Andy want to change his ways. But instead, we have this immature, shallow character who lacks any of the warmth of other characters such as Leah.

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