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Hollywood beckons Home and Away heartthrob to Hercules

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Steve, From Summer Bay's river boy to a Hollywood Greek warrior, this is quite an epic role for your first big Hollywood film - are you nervous, excited or both?

"A bit of both, it's a supporting role in a very big film so, it's the best introduction to that sort of Hollywood world where everything is on a big scale. The film's got a really big budget."

How did this big break come about for you?

"I work on Home and Away and loving that, I managed to put a tape down for Hercules. The director saw it and before I knew it I flew to Los Angeles on a Friday afternoon. I auditioned with the director, producers and writers and flew back on Sunday night, ready for a Monday morning start at Palm Beach."

You've achieved a lot in a relatively short amount of time, two Logies, a starring role in Home and Away and now Hollywood, is it a bit surreal for you? Or is it the end result of many years of hard work?

"It is surreal, mum and Dad brought me up to believe that if you worked hard at something and you got on with the job, you could get places in life. It's taken a while, I did years of theatre in Sydney - just co-op theatre - and that is how I learnt to act or whatever it is I do. Home and Away has been this incredible break for me."

In terms of evolving as an actor, how important has the role of Brax been for your career to this point?

"Incredibly important, it's just lucky, I was not expecting the to get the role when I ran for it but I got it. It's been a god send for me. It's allowed me to learn what I can do and to shine in different areas. It's been very important because Americans and people all over the world see our show and I guess it's how I got this job."

You're from Dubbo and I imagine you probably already get mobbed when you get back home. Are you prepared for the kind of success that might come your way as a result of this film?

"I think the good thing about Dubbo and Australia is no one gets too big for their boots and if you do, you get cut down pretty quickly. That's what I love about this country."

Is this the signal for Brax's exit?

"No, not at all, it signals the launch for a whole new story line that would not have come about if I did not get this film role. The writers came up with this awesome scenario, Brax leaves the story line and comes back. It's going to be exciting to come back to, I can't wait."

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I wouldn't be suprised if he scored another role in L.A or he decides to give America a go after this film. They'll be some big wigs watching him I'll bet. I very much doubt he'll be staying too long. I know Ada left to do the Matrix (follow the white rabbit chick) and then she came back, but she was only in that for a few minutes if that and not too sure if she wanted to just stay in Australia. If he has dreams of Hollywood he's best going sooner rather than later.

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I know Ada left to do the Matrix (follow the white rabbit chick) and then she came back, but she was only in that for a few minutes if that and not too sure if she wanted to just stay in Australia.

The Matrix was filmed in Sydney (and obviously before she was in H&A, though I presumed you knew that and was referring to her leaving the country).

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I don't really see Steve returning after his done doing Hercules even if he does says he plans to come back. Actors tend to lie when rurmours come out about them leaving shows well the H&A actors tend too anyways.

He might even have been told to say that his coming back to the show, to maybe make his exit even more shocking for the fans for when it happens.

I'm starting to think that Charlie's comeback will play an huge part in it somehow.

It will be interesting to see how Brax will leave the show I'm looking forwards to seeing how that plays out.

If his role in Hercules goes well for him Steve might even be offered more movie roles afterwards. and just choose to follow his dreams of Hollywood which would make sense.

Anyway I think his quite a good actor and good luck to him :)

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I'm going to be the voice of dissent here and I'm going to try to be as respectful as possible in doing so. Steve Peacocke obviously has a huge following in Australia even if his "River Boys" are somewhat polarizing characters in the grand scheme of "Home And Away". While I understand taking advantage of an opportunity in that a production company outside of Australia has shown interest in him, I don't necessarily see much difference between Steve Peacocke and Chris Hemsworth, except that Hemsworth is a couple of years younger and is already established in the United States as an action hero.

I guess what I'm saying is there are only so many prime roles in America for actors in the genre where Peacocke is going to be plying his craft that I wonder if it is wise for him to make this jump? We recently saw Todd Lasance also get into somewhat of this same bag with "Julius Ceasar" so it does get to the point where it's almost as if these actors coming over from Australia are not necessarily viewed as unique talents in the United States and on the contrary probably viewed as interchangeable.

One interesting thing I did read recently in an article about Australian talent coming to find work in the United States is that the main motivating factor in them leaving Australian screens in favor of United States screens is there is apparently a rather large discrepency in compensation. What this article also mentioned was that although foreign actors from either the UK or Australia can be secured at what seems like a bargain rate for Hollywood studios, the talent themselves don't mind as the "bargain rate" is immensely greater than what they are able to command in Australia working for "Home And Away" for example.

Now as to whether or not Peacocke returns to "Home And Away" to wrap up Brax's storylines after finishing his Hollywood committments? I'd say that he will return to Australian screens but probably only briefly. From what we know "Home And Away" actors are signed for a finite period of time to Seven Network and I'm assuming like most other contracts they are expected to honor their committments to the network during the time period of that contract. Now if Seven Network is letting Peacocke out of his contract to film "Hercules", then it is they who are doing him the solid and will obviously expect some reciprocity in the future and that will likely come in terms of him honoring at least some of the dates left on his contract for "Home And Away". So aside from Peacocke and Seven Network settling the contract in terms of for example the network granting Peacocke a full release I would say that "Home And Away" fans probably haven't seen the last of Brax.

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