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25 Reasons To Stay.... Only 1 Reason To Leave!

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Story Title: 25 Reasons to stay....only 1 reason to leave!

Type of story: Long Fic

Main Characters: Alf, Roo, Morag, Romeo, Leah, Irene, VJ, Shelley, Fisher, others.

BTTB rating: Suitable for anyone. (G)

Genre: Romance, Drama,

Does story include spoilers: Nope.

Any warnings: No

Summary: As A new day dawns on the Bay, there are shocks in store for some residents, and a family will stand united. One couple will find life take a surprising twist, whilst another resident meets their maker.....

Chapter ONE:

06.34 hours .... Alf looked out over the beach at the surf, as he had done for years...He looked at his Summer Bay, the place he loved, the town he got married in, had kids in, lost freinds and made enemies in...His eyes glanced over the sandy dunes, over the surf and past the lighthouse that stood proud at the head of the bay itself. As he stared out and watched the sun rise over the bay, deep inside He knew that this was a fresh start for the bay.....

07.30 hours ..... Music blasted out of a travelling car as it made it's way down the bay road. It's driver had his whole life mapped out from that day on, no more school, life was all about partying from now on in! As the car went past the gates to the caravan park, the driver slowed down... He looked at the vacansies sign and smiled too himself, before the car made it's way up the dusty road towards the caravan park.......

08.34 hours ..... Irene and Leah were busy shifting chairs and trying to get the Diner ready so they could open up. Leah was still fretting about a phone call she had from Sally who told her she'd caught maleria whilst teaching in Africa.. Leah looked out of the window at the surfers who she saw every single day. She picked up one of the salt cellars from a table she was stood next too ... Irene had no sooner put a few plates in the kitchen than she heard the sound of breaking glass,...she rushed into the seating area and saw Leah standing in shock....

08.45 hours ..... Romeo put on his best shirt, locked up the surf club kiosk and started too walk along the beachside path. His mind had been mixed up last night, but today it was as If nothing else matterd to him. He stopped and looked over to the lighthouse, as he got out of his jacket pocket a little box, which he opened to reveal a dusty old watch....He smiled too himself as he put the box back in his pocket........


As the residents of Summer Bay made their way to the beach, Alf stood, alone....He shook the hands of many friends, watched them assemble and then looked towards the path as a coffin was carried down towards him and the others. He felt ...numb, and angry. He looked on as the coffin was layed on the sand and the reverand looked on....

"Dad, let's go sit down" Roo said, appearing beside him.

"You know love, I've burried Ails,.....Bobby...."

"I know Dad.... please, don't do this to yourself. it was an accident..."

" He had everything in front of him, a future.....Oh love, life is unfair !"

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Really good start.

You wrote that in such an intriguing way I take it, it was the person who was in the car who has died but that maybe just a trick.

I wonder why Romeo was so happy with that dusty old watch? I thought he was going to have a ring in the box for Indi.

And I have no idea what Leah was so shocked about.

Look forward to more.

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Chapter Two...

Irene and Bianca were busy laying out trays of vol au vents and sandwiches at the diner....

"Lord only knows how she is feelin', I mean, having too bury someone you love..." Irene said as she passed Bianca.

"She's strong Irene...She'll be fine!...Now, where do you reckon she'll want the desserts?" Bianca replied.

"Last night I could feel this ....chill..when I switched off the lights in here....If I didn't know any better girly I'd say we had a ghost!" Irene said.

"Well....." Bianca replied "Let's hope this ghost doesn't like tuna sandwiches ...." and with that she disapeared into the kitchen,

Irene took a moment to stand and look out on a almost deserted beach... then she noticed on the sand , somone had drawn a big heart and in it were the words Robbie loves Tasha ....

"Oh lord save us!" she said "Bianca!"

Bianca appeared at the doorway "What's wrong Irene?....."

Irene pointed too the beach "look.... down there, on the sand..."

Bianca joined her and looked "Awwwww isn't that sweet, Heath never does things like that...."She said

"I didn't dream it then girly!" Irene said in dis-belief.

"Nope, tell you what ,...Whoever this Tasha is, she is one lucky girl......" Bianca replied before disapearing back into the kitchen

At the caravan park Dylan decided too unpack later....He had a few places he wanted too see first, and a few people he wanted too see....he grabbed his bad from the bed and took out a framed photograph, which he looked at ...."I told ya I'd make Summer Bay the first place I'd visit!......I'm gunna do ya proud Mum!" he said as he smiled too himself before placing the framed photo on the table next to the bed. He then grabbed his bag and car keys and opened the caravan door,,,,

The beach lay silent, most of the mourners had set off to the Dinner, the coffin stood in the sand ....flowers round it, and a lone surfboard stood in the sand.....Alf was saying a few words to a few people who then set off up the coastal path...Roo and Morag looked on.....

"This isn't doing him any good...." Morag said.

"I tried to tell him earlier but you know Dad...." Roo replied.

"Yes, and I know how much he takes things to heart" Morag said "Especially where that woman is concerned lately"

"He just feels he needs to look out for her I guess Auntie Morag" Roo said.

" And If the tables were turned?...If it was your Father in that coffin.....Would she be here? " Morag said, taking off her sunglasses and looking towards the beach.

" You don't know what she would have done..... right now, none of us can understand how she is feeling! Dad just feels ....."

"Guilty?" Morag said looking at Roo.

"Maybe......" Roo replied "He still thinks he could have done more....I've told him he's been stupid but .....he's hurting"

A telephone ringing startled VJ. He sat in his chair staring out of the window at the same old tree in the grounds. Then his Doctor walked into the room and put a glass of water on the table beside his chair and then two tablets in a little glass.

"How are we feeling today VJ?" the Doctor asked.

"Where's Mum?" He replied still staring out of the window.

" You know where she is VJ mate, Summer Bay" The doctor replied

"Summer Bay......" Vj repeated, as he did the Doctor noticed a tiny flicker of a smile ...then nothing....

"What do you remember of Summer Bay Vj?" The doctor asked.

" I......I don't remember ..." Vj replied.

" What about your freinds, people you hung out with?" The Doctor asked.

" I can't...... remember ....." Vj replied

" Ok, well, take your tablets and I'll see you later and we can talk some more, see If you remember anything else yeah?" The Doctor said before picking up a file of notes and leaving the room....

VJ sat and continued staring into space .... all the time looking at the tree.... as he did, in his head , a flash back of two boys climbing a tree ... and one reaching up to grab the stretched out hand of the other.... VJ eyes flickered and then ....nothing.....he reached for the glass of water and the two tablets and swallowed them down ......

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As Bianca and Roo cleared trays of food away into the kitchen, Irene stood and watched as Alf sat on the veranda of the Dinner and looked out over the bay. She walked over to where he was sat, and placed her hand on his shoulder.

"I know how you feel Alf love.....It's hit the Bay hard, real hard.... but this is Summer Bay, we bounce back" she said

"He was 25 Irene.... He didn't hurt anyone, ok, he was a little bit of a larikin but.... " Alf said as he continued looking out to sea.

" Has Jasmine said anymore about what her plans are now?" Irene asked as she sat down beside Alf.

" Only that she wants too travel, see those places He was going to visit,... She needs that closure" Alf replied.

" Well, I guess If that's what she wants... " irene said.

" I'm gunna try and talk her into staying in the bay for a few more weeks, she need's to give herself time before just getting off..." Alf said,

" But If she needs space to grieve, you know what it's like darl'" Irene replied as she placed her hand on Alf's "You might just have to let her go you know Alf!"

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Leah was stood washing up a few plates in the kitchen of the dinner as Romeo passed the door and stopped, and then entered the kitchen after a second or two of thought...

" So..... This is where you're hiding!" He said.

" I just need to keep busy...You know what it's like....." Leah said as she turned to face him, drying her hands on a tea towel.

" I guess ....." Romeo replied. "How's VJ, ...I mean, If you don't want to talk about it it's kool ...."

"He's ok, ..."Leah said, "But you would see that for yourself If you went to visit him"

" I meant too, but ....I wouldn't know what to say." Romeo replied "Does that sound weird?"

" He is still VJ Romeo, It might do him some good to see some faces. He needs some stability in his life at the moment...Go see him! please" Leah said as she thought back a few tears.

" I didn't mean too upset you ...look, I just...well, I'm not good at seeing people hurting..." Romeo said.

" VJ isn't just people....He looks up to you, like an older Brother..." Leah said " and right now, I'd say we were all hurting, Look at Alf in there, he's gone through so much in the last few weeks but he's staying strong ... You can be that strong, If you give it a try."

The phone rang at the beach house, it kept ringing, then the answer phone sprang into life, minutes later, the handle of the back door turned and the door slowley opened.... a figure took footsteps across the kitchen, and into the lounge area... they looked towards the doors leading to the beach , and then headed towards the bedroom downstairs...a black gloved hand touched over the door and then the figure headed back towards the lounge, it stopped by the shelves and looked at Irene's photographs of her family and foster kids over the years....Finlay, Nathan, Selina & Steven, Joey, Chloe..... the figure was then interupted by a noise outside and in a panic rushed to the back door, in doing so knocking down one of the framed photo's Irene had on the wall ..it smashed as it hit the floor....

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