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Early Years best episodes rewatch (Summer Break 2012)

Guest beau_t

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Since the Early Years is off our screens for a few weeks, to get us through, how about we all suggest one or two of our favourite episodes so far (1988-1991), to discuss again, and we actually WATCH them too (I say that last part because I just watched some 1989 episodes a few days ago and even though it was only 2 years ago, I was surprised by how much I had forgotten, not just in storylines but in the writing and dynamics).

Sort of creating our own version of the "Home and Away from Day One" on 5*

Anyway, they are all on YouTube. Anyone up for it?

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I'd certainly be up for it. I do agree that the length of the repeat run makes certain episodes feel a very long distance away, especially with so many characters have left for the final time already. The one that got me thinking was Sophie actually. We're about halfway through her stint, but strangely it feels as if she's only done about a 1/10 of what we think of her as a character.

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Frank & Roo's non-wedding would be appropriate given she's just married Harvey in the current show.

Maybe you could do a week's worth of episodes - for example explore more of the fallout from Tom's death, as there was only a limited amount we saw on 5*.

I'd also suggest:

Episode 1 (the first 30-minute episode)

Colleen Smart's first appearance

The Pippa switch-over - final episode with Vanessa and the first episode with Debra

Rory eaten by the shark (the very first episode I remember watching!)

Frank & Bobby's wedding (5* showed the following episode, with Morag's accident)

1988 Season Finale? I know not a lot happens.

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I'd like to suggest a couple of the Alan/Fisher episodes - I'll have to look through for the episode numbers, but the episode in which Fisher and Alan have an intense conversation in the school corridor, there's also some great comical moments featuring Colleen.

Perhaps another from 88, when Ailsa tells Alf that she thinks they should break up.

The Nutter reveal?

Oh, Danny and Pippa's dramatic episode, the one after he asks her to help him end his life and they have some great scenes in the house and later on the cliffs.

As for 89... Hmm. Morag and Marilyn centric episode perhaps? One that stands out is when I think there was a storm and the lights went out - Marilyn and Morag are sitting by the fire for a lot of it. Wow, it's interesting how vague it's become already!

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