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I don't trust him. He's very clingy to Leah. It was interesting what Liam said about how 'most guys would run a mile after they find out Leah is a mother', but this guy hasn't done so.

Also, he's connected to Adam, who is as dodgy as they come. Leah should end it with him before it becomes too serious and potentially dangerous.

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Who plays Jamie?I wanna know if there really is as big an age difference as Leah makes out.She acts like she's an old lady.

Hugo Johnstone-Burt - he's around 24/25, so about a 10 year age difference.

Once again, I think Leah is heading for heartache. The guy just has that vibe, 'Run away quick before it's too late'.

According to someone on the official site, TV Soap spoilers say that Jamie and his father, Adam, are planning a job, most likely illegal.

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What an unimaginative storyline for Leah. The writers should be ashamed. She's had too much heartache for one character to handle so I think Ada should either leave or request that Leah starts getting believeable, happy and character-driven storylines that will develop Leah as a character. I would've liked her exit storyline to involve Vinnie in some way or maybe her parents could come back and need her help.

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