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Should this forum be run by vBulletin?

Guest Luigi Severus Fletcher

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Should this forum be run by vBulletin? vBulletin is another forums host with quite a few features, I'm not sure if it's free, but I am signed up to two vBulletin run forums.

So should this forum be run by vBulletin?

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As John's said, there'd have to be a very major reason why we'd look into changing the forum software, which there isn't at this moment in time. There certainly isn't a reason why it should be vBulletin, which doesn't particularly offer any major differences, when Invision (for which we have a paid licence) gives us all we need.

Even if we were thinking about changing, sadly the size of our database (coming up to 7 years worth of posts and member data, following the forum crash of 2005) does pretty much make it impossible for us to upgrade to the latest version of Invision, let alone migrate to another service, without losing everything. This discussion of upgrading has taken place between Chris and I, and in either case we'd most likely be having to start everything from scratch.

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This may be a little off topic but I have to ask.

If the Invision upgrade it needed would it be worth deleting old posts (05-07) from certain sections of the board? I don't know much about this stuff but would it declutter the place and make the upgrade easier?

As for the topic... why move things when they are in a perfect place? :lol:

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