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Shadow of the Day

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I thought it was Elle who killed Grant too.

I wonder if Reed's Mother is someone we know....... hmmmm

It's a shame Brax turned his date with Marissa down but then again I think he is worried that he won't see Charile anymore if he did.

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Just caught up on four chapters

and every single one was job well done :)

felt bad for Brax being arrested :( ... I knew he couldn't have been the one that killed Grant

I think Xav and Casey are right... Ruby really does need to find a way to get rid of her anger before the pple around her stop trying

I had a feeling it was Ella that killed Grant... I really hope Ruby apologies to Brax

Really intrigued by Reed... wonder who her mother is

looking forward to your next update :)

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Thanks for the comments and the patience guys. Not sure I had a Casey/April relationship in previous chapters but there's one now. :unsure:


Ruby took a deep breath as she took the steps up to the house. She was not looking forward to what she had to do but even despite all the anger welling up inside of her, she was objective enough to realise when she made a mistake. Ruby knocked on the door hesitantly.

‘Daddy, I get it?’ An inquisitive voice asked from inside the house. A dismissive humph followed before the door opened wide. And as it did, Jade’s eyes opened wide in surprise. ‘Ruby, you here, you here,’

Ruby laughed as Jade wrapped her arms around her in glee and jumped up and down. ‘Yeah, I am.’

‘You come to see me,’ Jade stated. ‘Daddy look, Ruby comes to see me,’

Brax came out of the kitchen wiping his hands on a tea towel. ‘Yeah, I can see that.’

‘Hi,’ Ruby said in the event of not quite knowing what to say.

‘Hi,’ Brax was very surprised to see Ruby after the police station. ‘You came.’

‘I came.’ Ruby repeated.

Jade looked between the two, not quite understanding the tension. ‘Ruby, will you help to bath with me and Esther? Daddy say I have to bath.’

‘Yeah sure, do you mind if I talk to daddy for a bit first? You go get your towel and stuff to the bathroom and I’ll meet you there.’

‘Okay,’ Jade skipped off to the bathroom, leaving her sister and father alone.

‘I guess I should probably apologise.’ Ruby just blurted it out, best just to get it over with. ‘I let my feelings cloud my judgement and I judged you for something you didn’t do and I shouldn’t have done that. I might have over-reacted to the whole arrest thing.’

‘I can understand where you were coming from.’ Brax nodded in acceptance of the apology.

‘Still, sorry.’ Ruby shrugged.

‘How are you? I mean, you were really upset when you thought I’d killed your dad, I can’t imagine how it feels knowing your mate, someone you actually like, did it. I mean, that chick that took the fall, she was your mate, right?’

‘Obviously not a very good one,’

‘I’m sorry. Do you know how it happened?’ Brax asked.

‘I don’t care how it happened. I want to move on and I don’t want to talk about it.’

‘You never asked?’

Ruby was uncomfortable with the sensitive topic of Elle. ‘I already know what happened. My best friend killed my monster of a father and I was fool enough to trust her. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my sister’s waiting for me.’

‘Ruby,’ Brax sighed. But Ruby was already gone into the hallway.

Leah sighed as she busied herself with the kitchen. ‘Colleen, burgers to table three,’

Leah handed Colleen the two plates and held them out dismissively as her mind was on the next dish but no one took the plates. ‘Colleen?’

Colleen looked sad and distant as she snapped out of it and half-heartedly took the plates. ‘Oh yes, yes. Where did you want these again?’

‘Table three,’ Leah repeated. ‘Colleen, are you alright? You seem a little bothered.’

‘Oh don’t you worry about me Leah, I’m fine.’ Colleen was on the verge of tears as she sniffed dramatically. ‘I just…I’m just overwhelmed with a bit of nostalgia that’s all. Those words, “burgers to table three”, and all that, I never thought there’d be a time I’d never hear those words again.’

‘If it makes you feel any better, she’ll be saying “salads to table nine” soon. An order for two green salads, to be specific,’ Irene popped her head as she took empty plates to the sink.

‘That’s not what I mean,’ Colleen shook her head distraughtly. ‘Burgers, salads, tables, it’s all going to be over when I retire and I…oh…I’m going to miss it all so much.’

As Colleen whimpered, Leah put her arm around her in shock. ‘Colleen, what’s this about you retiring?’

‘Yeah,’ Irene bellowed. ‘What’re you talking about love?’

‘Oh, it’s not like I’m getting any younger and my body’s not what it used to be. I just want to live out the rest of my days peacefully. It’s my time.’

‘Oh love, what brought this on?’ Irene asked.

‘I’ve been thinking it for a while now, and this morning I finally decided.’ Colleen asserted; her voice more clear. ‘I spent my whole life in my wonderful mobile home but it’s time I moved on. Everyone comes and goes from this town and I’m sick of watching life move past me. I’m going to live my life and do a little exploration, try something different. I’m moving to Thailand.’

Leah and Irene were both equally shocked. ‘Thailand?’

‘Yes, with Sally and Miles and little Pippa, it’ll be wonderful. With my pension money, I can buy a nice little hut by the beach in Phuket with all the wonderful culture and exotic foods and Thai clothes. I just talked to Sally this very morning, and she’s all aboard. I’m so excited.’

‘That’s great Colleen,’ Leah was glad to see a smile on Colleen’s face. ‘We’re going to miss you around here.’

‘Oh, that’s why I’m sad. I’m going to miss this place.’ Colleen looked at Leah. ‘Well, I suppose this is me giving my two week notice then.’

‘Two weeks?’ Irene gasped. ‘So soon?’

‘Yes, why wait?’ Colleen cheered up to her usual self as she took the plates and headed out. ‘Burgers to table nine, then,’

‘Three!’ Leah called out. She looked at Irene and found that she looked equally perplexed. Still, they were both happy for Colleen.

‘Hey mate, you busy?’

Brax looked up from the bar to see Casey in front of him. He gestured to the near empty restaurant. ‘Does it look like I’m busy?’

‘Guess not,’ Casey said. ‘I got some news and I was sort of wondering if you had any boxes in storage I could use.’

‘What do you need boxes for?’ Brax asked as he dried glasses.

Casey couldn’t keep the grin off his face. ‘April and I are moving in together.’

‘That’s awesome mate, congratulations.’ Brax shook his hand and took a bottle of bourbon from bar and poured. ‘This calls for a celebration.’

‘Cheers,’ Casey took the glass and took a sip. ‘I never thought this’d be me, eh. Steady job and steady girlfriend and steady life in general. I couldn’t have done it without your annoying whining in my ear, Brax.’

‘Yeah, don’t forget that eh.’ Brax joked.

‘Nah, I’m serious. Things are really looking up. All this feels like a new start, you know, a good one. I know a lot’s happened since we moved to the bay but it feels good to move on, and the fact that I’m doing it with her is pretty cool. This whole sharing a life with someone else concept, it’s got a lot going for it.’

‘Ugh, too sappy,’ Brax groaned but deep down he was envious. As he downed his drink, he could associate every one of those blissful feelings to Casey’s life with Charlie. Casey was right; sharing a life with someone was something to be treasured. Brax only wished he could have that again.

‘It’s not sappy, it’s true.’ Casey defended. ‘You should get out there; maybe you can be sappy too. I’ll see you later; I’ve got papers to mark. I’ll come over for the boxes soon.’

‘Yeah, bye,’ Brax went back to work as his brother left. He thought about what Casey had said and realised that he was jealous of his little brother. Charlie may be there with Brax but at the same time, she wasn’t. April was real for Casey in so many ways that Charlie would never be for him again. There was something missing in his life, Brax knew this. He wanted to be who he used to be again. No, Brax didn’t just want it, he needed it.

Casey was right about many things. He wasn’t going to get back to that happy place by sitting around doing nothing. Brax needed to get back out there but how could he when the very thought of it made him anxious. Brax knew he had to fight through the negative in order to move on.

This was all going through his mind when Brax sat on his bed later that night with his nervous hands trembling over the phone keys as he tried to dial Marissa’s number. He stared at the number on his screen for a good ten minutes before dropping the phone onto the bedside table like it was on fire. As he went to sleep for the night cuddling into Charlie, he cursed himself for chickening out. There was always next time.

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Great update,

Every time it looks like Brax and ruby are making progress, something happens that sets them right back again :mellow:!!

Aww Casey and April are moving in together :wub:!!

And colleens off to Thailand :)!!

Aw felt for Brax at the end - he knows it's time to move on - but he can't quite bring himself to do it :(!!

More soon please :D

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Thanks for the feedback. :D I was originally planning to make Reed's story a new fan fic but couldn't really bother with a new one and it sort of works into this one a little bit, I think. Sorry if it gets a little removed from the rest of it.


‘Should we tell them now?’ Bianca whispered. She stood in her bedroom in Liam’s arms full of contentment after the phone call they’d just received.

‘We wouldn’t want to steal Casey and April’s day.’ Liam’s argument was half-hearted. Neither of them could contain their happiness in that moment. ‘But I don’t think I can wait.’

‘I don’t think we can either.’ Bianca leaned in and kissed her husband gently. ‘I can’t believe this is happening. Finally, after so many months, I was starting to give up on it all.’

‘Well, I’m glad we didn’t. Babe, we’re going to be parents.’

‘I know.’

There was laughter coming from downstairs. ‘Come on,’ Liam said. ‘Let’s go down before they send a search party.’

As they descended the stairs, they were met by Irene, Casey and April by the kitchen island. ‘About time,’ April said. ‘Thanks for letting us do all the packing up sis.’

‘You’re most welcome,’ Bianca laughed. ‘Where’s Reed gone?’

‘In her new room,’ April gestured to April’s old room which was now empty of all her things. ‘Nice to know my room’s going to be put to good use.’

‘Just because you’re moving out doesn’t mean you can get rid of me so easily okay?’ Bianca hugged her sister. ‘I’ll be knocking on your door every chance I get.’

‘Are you all packed and ready?’ Liam asked.

‘Yeah, I just put the last of April’s boxes in the back of the car.’ Casey said. ‘I didn’t realise one girl could have so much stuff.’

‘Hey, they’re all necessary.’ April snapped playfully.

‘I say we have a toast.’ Irene took the bottle and poured a few glasses.

‘Reed, come celebrate with us.’ Bianca called out into the hall as she took a glass.

‘I’ll grab some orange juice for me and Reed.’ Liam said.

When they all had a glass, Reed was still not there. ‘Where is that girl?’ Bianca asked. ‘Should I go get her?’

‘I’m sure she’ll join us.’ Irene held up her glass. ‘Here’s to April and Casey and to new beginnings,’

They all took a sip.

Bianca and Liam looked at each other lovingly. ‘To new beginnings,’ Bianca smiled.

Irene noticed the exchange. ‘Is it just me love, or are you two more lovey dovey than usual?’

‘More than usual,’ Bianca clarified and cleared her throat, unable to keep the smile off their faces. ‘We have some news of our own.’

Reed was just outside her bedroom door, heading down to meet everyone in the kitchen when she heard the words and slowed down a little, unseen. ‘Well, out with it,’ Casey urged.

‘Liam and I are getting a baby,’ Bianca gleamed.

‘Oh, that’s great,’ April jumped on her sister. ‘I’m so happy for you,’

‘Well, I’m not pregnant but Valerie did find a birth mother she thought would be perfect. We’re adopting a baby. It’s a closed adoption; the birth mum was very specific about that apparently but we won’t know any more details until we meet with Valerie later on.’

‘That’s wonderful love,’ Irene congratulated. ‘Both of you deserve this.’

‘When I got the call this morning, I couldn’t believe my ears.’ Liam admitted.

‘We’ve wanted a baby for so long and now we’re going to get one.’ Bianca stated. ‘We’re going to be a real family.’

Yes, it was wonderful, for them. Reed remained in the hallway, saddened by Bianca’s words. They were getting their own baby, someone, who in her mind would replace her. Bianca wanted a “real” family, and Reed was certain she wouldn’t belong. Upset, she ran to her room.

‘Do you know when it’s due?’ Casey asked.

‘We don’t know anything yet, we’ll find out soon enough.’ Bianca explained. ‘Reed should be here to celebrate with us. I’m going to go see where she’s up to.’

Bianca walked over to the bedroom and opened the door. ‘Hey, little one, you want some juice and cookies? Reed?’

Reed wasn’t there and the window was wide open. ‘April, I thought you said Reed was in her room,’

‘I did,’ April said as Bianca met them in the kitchen. ‘Isn’t she there?’

‘NO,’ Bianca exclaimed worriedly. ‘NO, she’s not there. She’s not in her room and the window’s open and…’

‘Bianca love, calm down,’ Irene put a hand on her back. ‘Did you check the bathroom?’

‘She’s not in the house Irene,’

‘It’s okay, why don’t I go check outside? She can’t have gotten far.; Casey volunteered.

‘I’ll go with you,’ April walked out with him.

‘What if she didn’t run away? What if someone took her?’ Bianca worried.

‘You can’t think like that babe,’ Liam soothed. ‘We’ll find her.’

Reed walked through the cold park fearfully. It had been the first choice of venue for her since she’d left the beach house and she was scared senseless but luckily, the park wasn’t as far as she had thought it might be. Still, it was starting to get dark and a small part of her wanted to be inside where the shadows of the twilight were a distant memory.

There it was; the playground, the same one her mother had taken her once. Reed thought, maybe, if she waited there long enough, her parents might find her and then she’d be able to meet her grandparents, just as they’d promised her. As she stood in the clearing, just beside the playground, Reed noticed something.

On the tree beside her, etched messily were the words her father had helped her make. “Reed was here,” and just like that, Reed suddenly remembered that she was close to their special camping place. The three of them, they’d only been back in Australia for a little while before…everything had gone wrong and she’d been separated from them.

With sudden determination, Reed began running deeper and deeper into the bush, further and further away from civilisation. The more tired she got, the more she slowed down, but the determination was still there. For the next half hour, Reed set out searching high and low for that little hidey hole where her parents would be waiting.

‘Reed, Reed,’ The voice was far away and it was a man’s. For a second, she thought it sounded just like her dad but as time elapsed, she realised it wasn’t. Running away from the voice, she stopped as she spotted what she’d been searching for. A good fifty meters away, hidden behind rubble and green was the little broken hut. It was so far off that she could barely see it in the low light of the sunset.

The teddy bear was close by, just where she’d dropped it when she’d gone out exploring by herself when her parents were sleeping and gotten seen by the man. The man had taken her away to a police station, where a woman took her to Bianca who was going to have a baby and didn’t need her anymore. Her parents probably even hadn’t realised she was missing until the morning.

The mocha bear with its red vest was worn out by the elements but it was hers, a little piece of home, a little piece of the nice house with the picket fence they’d left to cross the ocean on a scary boat, nearly starving, nearly dying of fright. The house with the fence and the red door and the wrap-around porch; the one Reed had grown up in, running around their backyard with her sheep dog Snoopy who she missed more than anyone. Reed was in a strange country with strange people and she longed more than anything to be home.

‘Reed?’ the voice, now a woman’s, was closer than before. Reed picked up the teddy bear –whose name was Ted- and saw that the cop was far off on her right. She started to turn around and run away back the way she’d come but there was a man, a different police officer, behind her as well who caught her.

‘Reed,’ Xavier bent to her level as Reed struggled. ‘Reed, you’re okay, calm down. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m a friend. You worried a lot of people you know.’ Xavier smiled as she stopped struggling. ‘Everyone thought something had happened to you.’

‘Are you hurt, little one?’ The woman, Georgina Watson, walked up and asked softly and gently. She took the girl from Xavier and brushed her clothes clean. Reed shook her head. ‘Good, I’ve got a blanket in my car. You look cold.’

Xavier stood up as Georgie soothed her and sighed deeply. He walked over to where the girl had picked up the teddy bear from and noticed something glistening in the low light. Thinking it was part of the teddy bear, he bent and picked it up, weighing it in his hand and looked at an unknowing Georgie and Reed before slipping it into his pocket.

‘Did you find something on the floor?’ Georgie asked as they walked back to the car with Reed.

Xavier gulped and shook his head, faking a smile. ‘Twenty cent coin, my lucky day,’

And just like that, Reed was shipped back to the beach house.

As Brax walked into the diner for breakfast with Jade, he felt the same uneasy tiredness he felt every morning after he had that confusing dream. What he needed, was a good cup of Leah’s espresso to cheer him up.

‘Good morning Jade, what would you and your dad like today?’ Leah asked Jade a little too chirpily.

‘Umm…’ Jade looked up at Brax for permission to order and he nodded. ‘Can I please have chocolate milk and chocolate waffles with chocolate sauce and daddy want that yucky grown up drink and…’

Jade looked up again, unsure. Brax chuckled. ‘I’ll have my usual yucky grown up drink and cheese omelette thanks. At least one of us needs to eat a relatively healthy breakfast.’

As they waited, Jade saw a friend that made her gleam. ‘Rissa, you’re here.’

Marissa smiled as she walked into the diner. ‘Yeah, I thought I’d get a coffee before work.’

‘You drink the yucky drink too?’ Jade made a face.

‘I don’t think it’s so yucky.’ Marissa laughed as she looked at Brax. ‘How’re you?’

‘I’m good.’ Brax looked at the floor; a little sheepish since he’d nearly called her a few nights ago to ask her out. ‘How’re you?’

‘Keeping busy,’ Marissa felt a tug on her pencil skirt. ‘Yes,’

Jade smiled. ‘Do you want chocolate waffles, Rissa? I can share.’

‘Maybe another time, I don’t want to be late for work.’

‘Oh,’ Jade looked disappointed. ‘What about lunch? My daddy have his own pizza place. It’s his shout? Right daddy?’

Brax shifted uncomfortably. He’d been thinking about asking this woman out and now his daughter was doing it for him. Jade and Marissa were both looking at him for an answer but his tongue wouldn’t move.

‘I’m sure your dad has better things to do.’ Marissa offered.

‘Yeah, I do.’ Brax snapped in relief and in seeing Marissa’s hurt face, smiled nervously, deciding it was now or never. ‘I mean, I got restaurant stuff to do today. Maybe…tomorrow?’

Marissa smiled. ‘I’d like that.’

‘Yay,’ Jade clapped her hands. ‘It’s date. You, me and Rissa. I’ll put it in my calendar so daddy won’t forget.’

‘I’ll remember.’ Brax shifted even more uncomfortably at her use of the word date, and wondered what he was doing.

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