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Shadow of the Day

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As Casey walked back to school from the diner, he noticed Brax on the beach and decided to say hello. Brax looked like he’d just been surfing and he desperately wanted to join him but knew he wouldn’t have time. As he began to head towards his brother, he noticed something odd.

Brax was alone on the secluded beach with his back to Casey and he looked like he was talking to himself. Casey shook his head and headed back to school without greeting him.

‘Hey,’ Casey poked his head through Bianca’s classroom ten minutes later. ‘Do you mind if I hide out here for a while?’

‘Yeah sure,’ Bianca gestured for him to sit as she zipped up her handbag. ‘I have to go home quickly to see Reed and Valerie though.’

‘Valerie Pirovic?’ Bianca nodded. ‘She’s alright, used to hang out with mum a lot before Jake and Brax got on the wrong side of each other.’

‘Yeah, I can’t believe how she can love him after everything he’s done.’ Bianca admitted. ‘She’s been worried about her son being sick lately. It looks like he might not make it.’

‘Good riddance, I say.’

‘Yeah, exactly,’ Bianca agreed. ‘Still, I guess you have unconditional love for your children. Why are you hiding out here, anyway?’

Casey opened up his sandwich as he sat on the desk. ‘It’s too weird hanging out in the teacher’s lounge with people who used to give me detentions back in the day.’

‘I can understand that, I guess.’

‘Hey Bianca, can I ask you something?’ Casey asked just as she was about to head out. ‘Brax, does he seem alright to you?’

‘Well, as alright as he’s ever been. Your brother’s always kept to himself since Charlie; it’s hard to tell. Why do you ask?’ Bianca asked.

‘No reason, just worried,’ Casey shook his head. ‘Don’t worry about it. Go,’

‘Bye,’ Bianca felt a little sad as she walked home from school. It was Tuesday and time to say good bye to Reed. It had only been three days but she’d miss her.

‘Babe, there you are,’ Liam kissed her on the cheek as Bianca entered the house.

‘Sorry I’m late, hi Valerie,’ Bianca shook her hand and looked over to Reed who was watching TV.

‘It’s no problem. I was just telling your husband that we weren’t able to locate her family yet. It’s great that we know her name now but the police didn’t find any missing person’s report filed for a child called Reed. She’s a ghost.’

‘Well, what does that mean for her?’ Bianca asked with concern.

‘I’m going to have to place her in foster care for the time being. It really would be more helpful if Reed would talk to us though.’

Bianca looked at Liam. They’d talked about it. ‘Valerie, I know we’re not really foster parents but we’re more than happy to let Reed stay with us. She’s been wonderful to have around.’

‘And she already knows us so she won’t be pushed into something alien to her.’ Liam tried to convince her as well. ‘You know us. We’re responsible people. We’ll get certified for foster care.’

‘I’ll see what I can do. I can’t promise anything though.’ Valerie told them. She looked over at Reed. ‘She can stay for the time being but if child’s services wants her somewhere else, I’ll come back. You’ll most definitely have to get certified.’

‘We will, immediately.’ Liam smiled.

Bianca walked over to Reed and in front of her on the coffee table. ‘Reed, sweetheart, would you like to stay with me and Liam until your mum and dad are found?’

Reed simply stared at her but her eyes glistened in a small moment of interest. She bit her lip and stretched her lips in a half-smile.

After the altercation with Grant, Brax walked a distressed Ruby home. They walker mostly in silence with Brax’ arm around her guiding her through the dark secluded streets. ‘Are you hurt?’

Ruby shook her head. She couldn’t bring herself to speak after her ordeal. The warmth of Brax grip on her was comforting but it burnt her at the same time. Her conflicted feelings were the least of her priority. Eventually, they pulled up in front of Ruby’s house and Brax pulled her to face him.

‘Are you sure you don’t want to go to the police?’ Brax asked. ‘We can put this guy away again for a long time.’

‘I just want to go home and crawl into bed.’ Ruby shook her head. In truth, she’d dealt with the police so many times before that she was sick of being the victim. All Ruby wanted to do was forget that night had ever happened. ‘He’s scared of you. He probably won’t come back again anyway.’

‘If you’re sure,’ Brax rubbed her arms.

‘I’m sorry I took Jade away from you at the beach today, well, yesterday. I was mad at you.’

‘I’m mad at myself. I should have watched her more carefully.’

Ruby didn’t disagree. ‘It’s going to be dawn soon. Do you want to come in and wait for her to wake up?’

‘Nah, you go get some rest,’ Brax told her. He was still thinking about what Grant did and the very thought of it angered him. ‘I’ll pick up Jade after breakfast.’

Ruby walked up the steps onto the porch and turned around to see him. ‘Where are you going?’

‘Home,’ Brax said. Ruby nodded and walked into the house quietly after straightening up. She entered the house to find Xavier sitting on the couch.

‘Hey, you’re back.’ Xavier looked up from his book. ‘I couldn’t sleep either. How was your walk?’

‘Fine,’ Ruby lied and slid into his arms on the couch. She rested her head on his chest. ‘I’m glad you’re here.’

‘I’m glad I’m here with you too.’ Xavier admitted. ‘Are you okay?’

‘I’m fine.’ Ruby whispered sadly. She was still shaken up.

‘Listen Rubes; don’t worry about Jade and Brax. I’m sure everything’s going to work out.’

Ruby nodded absentmindedly and closed her eyes. So much had gone wrong in her short life already and it had never worked out before.

‘Rubes, I’m sure everything’s going to work out,’ Ruby re-entered reality at the sound of Xavier’s voice.

‘Hmm,’ Ruby asked. They were in the diner for dinner.

‘I said everything’s going to work out,’ Xavier took her hand.

‘Is the investigation moving away from me?’ Ruby hoped.

‘No, I’m not privy to that information. It’s a conflict of interest so I can’t be involved.’

‘Then you don’t know, do you?’ Ruby spat. ‘Sorry, I’m just a little stressed.’

‘I know. I’m here for you.’ Xavier said. ‘I know you’d never kill someone.’

The guilt returned and Ruby tried to smile past it. ‘I love you,’

Xavier looked up in surprise. ‘You do?’

‘What, um, yeah,’ Ruby couldn’t believe she’d said that either. ‘I love you. You’ve been so strong for me and I really don’t know how I would’ve gotten through the last two months without you.’

‘I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you too Rubes,’ Xavier smiled. ‘I’m glad we found each other again.’

‘So am I.’ as the couple gazed adoringly at each other, the diner suddenly went black. ‘Xav, what’s going on?’

‘Hey, it’s probably a fuse or something,’ Xav held her hand and reassured her.

There was a lot of commotion as the other customers panicked as well. After what seemed like forever, Leah’s voice thundered over. ‘Everyone, it looks like we’re having a little issue with the power. It’s no reason to worry and I’m sure the backup generator will be up and running shortly.’

‘Shortly better be soon,’ Ruby muttered. ‘I hate the dark.’

Ten minutes passed, and then half an hour and the backup generator still hadn’t turned on. The electricians were on their way but it didn’t look like the diner would be in business again that night so customers had begun to leave. For a struggling business, being out of service was a dire option.

‘Hey, we’ve already paid for our food. Do you want ot eat on the beach? It’s a nice night,’ Xavier asked.

Ruby nodded. ‘Yeah, can’t you help Leah or something? Won’t the food go bad without power?’

‘Look, I wish I could. You know how bad I am with fixing things.’ Xavier admitted. ‘Let’s just leave it to the professionals. I’m sure we’ll be buying our coffee tomorrow morning as usual.’

‘I hope so.’ Ruby said. Holding hands, they asked Leah to pack up their food in take away boxes and headed to the beach for a romantic picnic.

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Good chapter.

I didn't realise Bianca knew that Valerie was Jake's Mom. I'm intrigued where the story with Reed is going, seems like something mysterious is going on there? I wonder what has happened to her parnets?

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Leah sighed as she walked along the beach. It had been five days since the power outage and the problem still wasn’t fixed. She’d lost too much food, too much customers and too much money than she was comfortable with.

‘Leah, you look unwell,’ Adrian walked up to her. The broad six foot man was as always immaculately dressed in a sleek three piece suit despite the warm weather.

Leah smiled wearily. ‘I just want to be up and running again, to be honest. The electricians will be done tomorrow but even then, I still don’t see how I’ll stay afloat. We’ve lost too much by being out of service.’

‘That’s terrible Leah, I know how hard small business is,’ Adrian soothed.

‘Sorry, I’m loading on you, aren’t I? I don’t mean to. How have you been?’

‘Bianca has a little girl living with her so she’s busy. At least we talk sometimes,’

‘You’ll get things back on track,’ Leah assured him.

‘So will you, Leah,’ Adrian told her. ‘I would like to invest in your business.’

Leah’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. ‘You want to what? I can’t possibly ask you to…’

‘You’re not asking. I offer it to you.’ Adrian corrected. ‘You’re in trouble and I can help. I have money saved. And it gives me the perfect excuse to stay in your beautiful town.’

‘Oh, I don’t know what to say,’ Leah couldn’t believe her luck. He was Bianca’s father so she figured she could trust him but also knew she’d have to run it through Irene first. There didn’t seem to be any problem with it.

‘Say yes,’ Adrian insisted. ‘The diner has been the soul of the town for many years I’ve been told. Keep it that way,’

‘That’s a very generous offer.’ Leah smiled.

‘Well, think about it,’ Adrian tipped his head. ‘Enjoy your walk,’

‘Thank you,’ Irene was at the closed diner when Leah arrived there moments later.

‘I have good news, love,’ Irene greeted her. ‘The generator’s been fixed.’

‘Good, I have some news too,’ Leah told her quickly a rundown of the conversation she’d just had with Bianca’s father. ‘With his money, we can get this place up and running again and pay him back in no time,’

‘That sounds very generous,’ Irene agreed, without knowing why Bianca didn’t get along with her father. Bianca had never been very open about that part of her life. ‘Bianca won’t say much about him; the bloke’s been absent for a while it seems but I don’t understand why she’s so apprehensive of him. Adrian Salvatore seems like a charming man to me. And handsome too,’

Ruby watched the wall clock hands tick loudly. The silence was awkward at best but she didn’t have anything to say, at least none that could be said without consequence.

‘Ruby, the purpose of these sessions is for your benefit not anyone else’s. You’re going to have to speak at some point.’ Dr Rivers pointed out.

‘I didn’t ask for this. I’m only here because some court’s making me.’

Dr Rivers sighed. She’d been very forthcoming and making good progress the last few weeks and now she was being completely uncooperative. ‘You’ll only get your sentence extended if you refuse to move forward with your life and make progress. I understand you’ve failed to show up at the last NA session as well.’

‘I’m not a drug addict. I just like to let go once in a while.’ Ruby clarified with her hands crossed defensively.

‘What qualifies as a drug addict to you?’ Dr Rivers asked.

Ruby shrugged. She wasn’t interested in talking. After a while though, it became clear that she was expected to answer. ‘I don’t know, okay? I’m no professional.’

‘So what criteria exclude you from that category?’

‘Why do you shrinks have to overthink everything?’

‘Back when you were more inclined to contribute to the discussion, you mentioned your mother’s death affected you to throw away your inhibitions and responsibilities.’

Ruby sighed.

‘Okay,’ Dr Rivers obliged. ‘We can let that one go for now and focus on what’s really troubling you today.’

‘What makes you think anything’s troubling me?’

‘I’m a psychologist Ms Buckton. Interpreting body language comes naturally to me.’ Dr Rivers smiled.

Ruby rolled her eyes and looked out the window. There was no way she was going to reveal of her fears regarding the murder investigation she was currently involved in. ‘I have a lot on my plate, Dr Rivers. It’s nothing new.’

‘Does it bother you that you’re suspected for your father’s murder?’ Dr Rivers had spoken with Ruby’s probationary officer. He knew what was going on.

Ruby looked up. It was the first time that had been mentioned in the room. It was the one thing she didn’t want to think about yet it consumed every waking moment making her feel sick. The unsureness of the whole situation; did she or didn’t she? – It scared her more than she’d admit. Was she still Ruby Buckton if she was a murderer?

Ruby looked back up at the clock again. There was still ten minutes left of the session. Impatiently, she picked up her bag from the floor beside her and stood up to leave.

‘Ruby, you’ve still got ten minutes left.’ Dr Rivers reprimanded.

‘I’ll make it up next time,’ Ruby was fast out the door and as soon as it shut behind her, she let the tear slip down her cheek. She couldn’t bear any of it any longer.

Jake had an IV drip attached to his arm and he was forced to drag the drip with his hand as he walked through the hospital. His own periodic doses of petals had done its job and his situation was deemed critical. In reality, Jake’s weak body should’ve been resting in bed but he was sick of being sick. Still, he had hopes that it would all be well worth it in the end.

The sterile stench of the hospital was less evident in the brightly lit gift shop. Jake stumbled weakly down the aisles and his eyes felt sore and droopy from the fluorescent light but he persevered. He couldn’t see the floor and stubbed his toe over a jewellery box on the floor, making him cry out in pain.

Elle who had just ended her first ultrasound was by the baby clothes when she heard the yelp and turned around. Her neighbour was grabbing his toe so she walked over. ‘Jake, are you alright?’

‘Yeah, I’m fine, I’m fine,’ Jake groaned and flung Elle’s well-meaning hand away. He looked up. ‘It’s a girl, is it?’

Elle looked down at the little pink baby cap in her hand and instantly dropped it onto the shelf. ‘What’re you talking about?’

‘The baby, you didn’t think I’d know you were pregnant? Even you can’t pull of an entire pregnancy in size 6. You’ll show sometime.’ Jake scoffed.

‘I am so not showing. I’m barely even two months.’ Elle spat defensively. ‘And how do you even know? You’re about the last person I’d tell. You wouldn’t even care what happened to it.’

‘You have a very high opinion of me for someone who’s supposed to be my mate.’ Jake tried to grin but failed. Like a frail old man clinging desperately onto his IV pole, he coughed.

‘Elle rubbed his back as he started to recover from his fit. ‘Why are you in here anyway? You look awful.’

‘There was a time you thought me hot.’ Jake smirked weakly.

‘What was I thinking?’ Elle smiled and joked. She knew he was in trouble for something and that he was sick. The police cars and ambulances liked to frequent her neighbours’ house every now and then. Of course, she never asked why; she liked the man enough and he was nice to her in his own unique way. There was no reason to dwell into things he didn’t want to talk about.

‘I don’t know.’ Jake shook his head. ‘Are you going to get rid of it? The kid, I mean,’

‘I don’t think that’s any of your business.’

‘Everything’s my business baby. I make it my business that it is.’ Jake winced and his hand shook. ‘I’ll leave you to do your little thing,’

Jake walked over to the florist’s area of the gift shop when he left Elle and bought a big bouquet in a vase. The salesman instantly noticed his weak shaking hand as he handed over the money. ‘Hey man, should you be out of bed? You don’t look so good.’

‘Just do your job.’ Jake spat and when he took his purchase, the light plastic vase felt like a tonne in his weak arms. He slowly ascended to his floor and to his destination. The old man on the donor list still lay in his bed. Jake placed the vase strugglingly on the bedside table and hobbled over to him.

‘Hey old man,’ Jake croaked with a raspy breath. He was exhausted from the short walk. ‘I brought you some flowers. There are some black roses for you; they have it at funerals sometimes. Think of it as a little encouragement, a good bye present so to speak.’

Jake reached out and straightened the pillow below the old man’s head. ‘There, we don’t want you to be uncomfortable, do we?’ He walked along the side of the bed examining the room and stood at the medical chart. ‘I’m a patient man old man, that’s why I’m waiting for you to make your decision instead of making it for you. See, and they say I’m not an understanding guy.’

He looked down at the chart and read it. ‘What’s keeping you here? I’m the only one who ever come to visit you. A stroke, huh.’

‘Jake,’ April popped her head in through the door in surprise and watched him. She walked over and took the medical chart. ‘You’re not supposed to be looking at this. And you’re supposed to be in bed.’

‘I was just saying hi to my new friend here.’

‘Well, you can say good bye to your friend. You’re meant to be confined to your room.’ April ushered him out but not before she noticed the black rose flower arrangement on the bedside table. She wondered who had brought them in.

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Great few updates,

Hope that Bianca and Liam are able to foster Reed :)!!

Bianca and Casey's classroom chats are always nice to read too :)!!

Sounds like Jake's not doing so well then....is it bad that this pleases me??

More soon please :D

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Bianca sat on the couch next to Liam as she flicked through that day’s mail. Reed was sitting on the floor drawing on the coffee table. ‘My father sent this.’

‘Why is he mailing you?’

‘I guess he didn’t want me to shut the door on him.’

Liam read through the letter. It was an inheritance from Bianca’s grandparents stating that all their assets would go to Adrian on their death. ‘Well, you wanted proof where his money was coming from.’

Bianca took the letter back. ‘We need the money.’

‘Well, his money’s legit so I don’t see the point in waiting. The man stole from you. You deserve to get it back from him.’

‘Yeah, I texted him to come over later,’ Bianca said. She leant over to talk to Reed. ‘Hey little one, that’s a pretty picture.’

Reed may not have been very talkative but she knew how to listen well. Conversations floated over her and through her all the time. By now, she’d gotten a clear idea of the people she was living with but her parents had taught her not to trust too easily.

She flicked the pencils over the page with great coordination. Reed drew a little girl with light brown waves and green eyes standing outside in the desert with a tall man and a short haired woman, both brunettes. They were all holding hands and smiling.

‘Is that you?’ Bianca placed her arm over Reed’s shoulder to point at the light haired little girl. Reed flinched at the close proximity so she pulled her arm away.

There was a knock on the open back door so Bianca stood up as Adrian walked through the door. ‘Ciao bella,’

‘Ciao,’ Bianca greeted and reluctantly accepted his kiss on the cheek. Liam was standing up beside her and shook his hand.

‘Is that her?’ Adrian looked past them to Reed who was staring at the large built man who’d just entered.

‘Yes, Adrian that’s Reed.’ Bianca looked over her shoulder. ‘Reed, this is my father Adrian,’

Reed said nothing, she just watched the intimidating man. She stood up and walked over to Bianca and tugged her skirt. She pointed to the hall questioningly.

‘Yes, sweetheart, you can go to the bathroom. Don’t forget to flush,’ Bianca smiled as she walked to the bathroom.

‘Is she mute?’ Adrian raised an eyebrow.

‘She’s just a little shy,’ Liam defended Reed. The social workers had tried sign language and she didn’t seem to understand it. It was just a matter of patience.

‘Did you bring it?’ Bianca asked impatiently.

‘Yes, I was on my way back to the Sands from the diner when you messaged me,’ Adrian pulled out a cheque from his inner suit pocket. ‘Here you are bella, thirty thousand dollars. It’s every cent I borrowed from you,’

Bianca held the cheque in both hands. They could finally pay off their medical bills. ‘Thank you,’

‘My pleasure,’ There was a silence afterwards and after a while, Adrian realised he wasn’t really welcome. ‘Well, you have a good night now. I have some business to take care of.’

‘You’re doing business?’

‘Yes, with Leah. I have investments made in the diner,’ Adrian informed.

‘You have what?’ Bianca spat angrily. She couldn’t believe her ears. ‘You couldn’t just leave it at ruining my finances you have to move onto my friends as well.’

Adrian was startled by the outburst. ‘Bianca, I assure you, I learnt my lesson. I went to prison and did my time. I just want to work again.’

‘Well, given your history, you really should consider another profession,’ Bianca spat. Her face softened when she noticed Reed standing at the foot of the hall staring at her. She calmed down. ‘Liam, let my father out would you? I’ll be back for dinner.’

Before Liam could say anything, Bianca strode out past Adrian to the door. She had fortunately calmed down a little when she reached Leah’s house and knocked on the door.

Leah opened it. ‘Oh hi Bianca, come on in.’

‘Thanks,’ Bianca entered and hovered in the kitchen. ‘I heard you went into business with my father.’

‘Yeah,’ Leah smiled. ‘A new investor wouldn’t be my first choice but it’s really worked out. The diner’s a lot more stable now so I can’t complain.’

‘Did Adrian tell you he just got released from prison last year after a three year sentence for embezzlement?’

The colour on Leah’s face disappeared. ‘What? Are you sure?’

‘It was my money, so yeah,’ Bianca’s voice was emotionless. ‘He swindled close to four million dollars from fifteen people.’

Leah had to sit down so she walked into the living area and sat at the table. Bianca followed her. ‘He’s your father and he seems like such a great guy. I have no reason not to trust him.’

‘The charm’s part of the lure, I just thought you’d want to know.’

‘Yeah, thanks but I already used his money to pay off most of the overdue costs,’ Leah told her. ‘It’s too late to back out now. I have to pay him back.’

‘Well, if I were you I’d do it soon,’ Bianca advised. ‘Then maybe he’ll leave,’

‘You know, criminal activity aside, I get the sense Adrian is genuine when it comes to you. This might be out of place but I think he really wants to make it work with you.’

‘Take it from me Leah, there’s nothing genuine about Adrian Salvatore.’ Bianca pursed her lips. ‘I should go. Dinner’s going to be on the table soon.’

‘Yeah, thanks for coming by,’

Georgie Watson stood in the interrogation room a little perplexed by the direction of the investigation. It had never crossed her mind when she’d first started investigating the Bledcoe murder that she would have to call Heath Braxton in for questioning.

‘What’s this about? What do you think I did this time?’ Heath slouched in his chair bored.

Georgie cleared her throat. ‘Mr Braxton, can you tell me your whereabouts on the night of January 19 of this year between the times of 4 am and dawn?’

‘That was the night Curly carked it. I thought you were planning to pin that one on Buckton?’

‘Grant Bledcoe’s body was found on the beach by the rock pools. The forensic coroner overlooked some DNA found on the victim’s neck the first time around. Forensics found a match.’

‘Well, it wasn’t mine,’ Heath said confidently.

‘Oh but the criminal database disagrees with you.’ Watson countered. ‘It was a sixty one per cent match to your DNA.’

‘Look, I have an alibi alright,’ Heath snapped. ‘I was at home with Darcy and Tegan.’

‘Can they verify that?’

‘Tegan can. We were together.’ Heath said.

‘Good. I’ll need to speak with her.’

Heath stood up. ‘If that’ll be all, I think I’ll leave.’

An hour later, Watson was interrupted in her office. ‘Yes Patrick?’

‘I just interviewed Tegan Callahan. Heath Braxton’s alibi checks out.’ Constable Avery gave her the statement.

‘Thanks,’ Watson read over it. It was getting to be a very long case. The Braxtons DNA was present at the crime scene and it wasn’t Heath. It left Brax. Darryl Braxton was not much of a suspect as Ruby but she was beginning to rethink things. Avery still hovered at the door. ‘Is there something else?’

Avery hesitated and handed her something else. ‘There’s something else forensics faxed in a couple of minutes ago. I think you should take a look at it.’

‘What is it?’

‘It’s Ruby Buckton’s phone records. On the night of the murder, she called her lawyer Morag Bellingham twice; once before and once after the event.’

‘Why call the lawyer after midnight if you have nothing to hide?’ Watson pondered.

‘Exactly,’ Avery handed her something else. ‘There’s this too. The victim had a stab wound in his stomach. We found what inflicted it thrown on the beach a short walk away from the crime scene.’

Watson looked at the evidence bag. In it contained a thick branch with a jagged edge coated in dried blood. ‘The blood’s a match to Bledcoe?’

‘Yes and not only his.’ Avery pointed to a little spot on the opposite side to the large pool of blood. ‘This belonged to someone whose blood was very similar to the victims. It could only have been a family member.’

‘Well, seeing as the only other family he has are twelve and thirteen years old, I’m assuming this belongs to Ruby Buckton.’

‘It matches her blood type. And glucose levels indicate the owner of the blood is a diabetic.’

‘Ruby sees her mother’s rapist out of prison; maybe he attacks her and she freaks out. She gets a branch off the floor and stabs him. Or she tells Darryl Braxton to do it for her.’ Watson sighed regretfully as she looked up. It was Charlie’s daughter and the girlfriend of one of her officers.

‘How do you want us to proceed?’ Avery asked.

‘Bring Ruby in for a little chat again,’ Watson handed him back the papers. ‘She’ll be more compliant than Darryl. If we can get her to confess and tell us where Darryl Braxton fits into all this we can bring him in if we need to,’

‘Yes Sergeant,’ Avery nodded and left the office leaving Georgie to her own thoughts. She placed her head in her hands and sighed. This wasn’t going to be easy.

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