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Shadow of the Day

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Yes welcome back Mizziette, awesome update :).

I know I keep saying it, but I really don't think Brax did it!!

I love Ruby but she needs to stop finding a way to make everything Brax's fault, coz all he really wants to do is look out for her and Jade :).

More soon please :D

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As requested, an update...


Brax was back in the stark corridor, the light unbearably glary to his eyes. He was forced to squint as he walked through the hallway sick with expectation. He’d been through enough times to know the uncertainty of what was coming. The soft pastel blue in front of him beckoned him to go near but Brax knew it would be a futile effort. The second he reached, he’d wake up, just as he always did.

Yet he still moved closer and closer to the blue spot filled with fear and curiosity. Each step brought with it a multitude of doubt but he continued.

‘Braxton,’ Brax barely noticed as he headed closer and the blue sleeved arms held out the piece of cloth to him. And just as he reached for it-

‘Braxton, rise and shine!’ Brax stirred awake at the sound of the guard’s voice. He rubbed his eyes as he sat up in his jail cell. ‘This isn’t a hotel. Get on out of here.’

‘Gladly,’ Brax groaned and stepped out of the cell and walked with the guard to the reception area where Casey awaited him.

Casey smiled and patted his brother on the back. ‘Sorry it took so long to get your bail. You right mate?’

Brax huffed and silently fixed the paper work. He was silent as they left the police station and drove away.

‘Jade’s with Leah,’ Casey tried to make conversation as he concentrated on the road.

‘Yeah, I figured she might still be.’ Brax sighed. ‘How is she?’

‘Confused, I think,’ Casey replied. ‘You want me to take you straight there?’

Brax nodded and they drove on in silence. When they pulled in, Jade was sitting on the deck demurely and eagerly sat up when the familiar car drove up to her.

‘Daddy,’ Before Brax could even get out, Jade weaselled her way into the car and flung herself around his arms. ‘I miss you,’

‘Oh, I missed you too, honey,’ Brax laughed.

‘You gone all night and all morning,’ Jade sighed. ‘It too long,’

‘I’m sorry I was gone for so long. It won’t happen again,’

Of course, this was a lie, with the charges set against him; there was a high chance he’d be going away for even longer. And the next time, he might not be coming back. Brax flung Jade out of the car and he and Casey got out of the car just as Leah came around the bed with gardening gloves on.

‘Hey, welcome back.’ Leah smiled as she wiped her sweat off her forehead. ‘Jade and I were just doing some gardening, weren’t we?’

‘Yup, Leah says I got a green thumb but I really don’t.’ Jade showed her dad her thumb as proof.

‘I don’t know Jade, it looks pretty green to me,’ Casey chuckled.

Jade ran over to her uncle and pressed her thumb against his nose as he bent down. ‘No, see, it a pink white yellow skinny colour.’

Casey cheekily grabbed Jade and much to her protest, started moving her about like an aeroplane. Brax turned his attention to Leah. ‘So, um, have you seen Ruby?’

‘She was here last night, actually.’ Leah took her gloves off. ‘Jade wasn’t doing so well not seeing you last night so Ruby stayed over. She said she had to go into the crisis centre for a shift this morning.’

‘I’m sure she did. She must’ve realised I’d get bail and come pick Jade up.’ Brax tried not to let the hurt show on his face. ‘It’s alright. I wasn’t expecting her.’

‘You know, for what it’s worth, I’m on your side.’ Leah assured. ‘And she really did have to go in for a shift.’

‘I don’t blame her for hating me.’

‘She’ll come around,’ Leah smiled. ‘You’re right on time; actually, I should get ready for my shift at the diner.’

‘How’s that going? I heard you were in some trouble. Something to do with Bianca’s old man; you’re not still doing business with him, are you?’

‘Oh, you know what, I know Bianca may not think so but I’ve talked to Adrian and I think he’s genuinely learned from his mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance, you know.’

‘Yeah, I do,’ Brax knew all too well. ‘It’s great that you’re giving the guy a chance to start over and all but just, be careful, okay? Don’t put all your trust in one place.’

‘Trust has to be earned,’ Leah assured him and looked back at Casey and Jade mucking around behind the car. ‘Bye Jade, Casey,’

Jade giggled and tried to evade Casey’s tickles. ‘Bye Leah,’

‘Yeah, bye Leah,’ Casey laughed.

When Leah went inside, Brax turned around and feigned annoyance. ‘Right, are you two going to mess around all day or are we going to get home?’

‘Home, home, please,’ Jade pleaded.

‘Oh, I don’t know, I think I could tickle you all day,’ Much to her horror, Casey said and she yelped as he picked her up playfully and put her in her car seat.

‘I’m glad you came for a walk with me,’ Bianca smiled as she walked hand in hand with along the road. ‘I’ve really liked having you around,’

Reed nodded. Even though she didn’t let on, she liked Bianca too. They walked quietly together until they reached past the surf club and into less populated parklands.

‘Come on, I want to show you something,’ Bianca led her into the park area and over to the lake. ‘Look, swans,’

Reed looked where Bianca was pointing and sure enough, there were swans four or five of them playing in the lake. Much closer to them though, ducks and seagulls flocked towards them, coming closer and closer. Reed retreated closer to Bianca.

‘I think they want our food,’ Bianca looked down at the donuts they’d just bought from the surf club. Reed put her face towards Bianca in fear and she noticed it. ‘Maybe we can do that another time.’

Reed immediately felt less anxious and relaxed a little when they’d gone away from the birds. She ate the last of her donut and out of nowhere, froze.

Bianca looked down with concern. ‘What’s wrong, Reed? Why did you stop?’

They’d reached a playground where kids played freely with parents on the sidelines.

‘Never seen a playground before?’ Bianca tried to joke and tugged Reed’s hand forward encouragingly. ‘It’s okay.’

Reed pulled Bianca back, her feet frozen into the grass. She could feel the anxiety building up, the homesickness increasing as she saw all the kids with their parents. A tear fell down her cheek and Reed pulled out of Bianca’s grasp and ran in the opposite direction.

‘Reed, where are you going?’ Bianca shouted out after her. She sighed and ran after the little girl, easily catching up and followed Reed as she started searching through the crowd of adults near the playground intently. ‘Reed honey,’

After a few minutes of anxious searching, with a patient Bianca in tow, Reed finally turned to look at her foster parent. Bianca bent down to her level and rubbed the girl’s shoulders softly. ‘Did you think your mum and dad would be here honey? Have you been here before with them?’

Without a word, Reed ran into the wooded area near the playground and Bianca sighed as she followed. ‘Reed, what are you looking for? Maybe I can help you? Honey, there’s nothing out here in these bushes, let’s go back to somewhere more open.’

It was a while before Reed gave up and Bianca waited patiently until she was ready to give up before wiping the girl’s tears and taking her home.

‘Yes, thanks Valerie, I will.’ Bianca hung up the phone and sighed. They’d been home from the park for a few hours now and Reed was in her room playing.

‘What did she say?’ Liam asked.

‘She’ll look into the playground to see if they can find anything there.’ Bianca said, ‘You’d think the parents would file a missing person’s report or something. You’d think they’d be as heartbroken as that poor girl in there at being separated for so long. I’d die if it was my child.’

‘Maybe they’re not able to look for her. You don’t know. For all we know, Reed might not even have any parents.’

‘You didn’t see Reed’s face this afternoon at the park. That was the desperation of a child who has family out there that she loves. I just wish she’d tell us who she is so we can help her.’

‘She’ll talk when she’s ready.’

Bianca sighed. ‘I just want them to find Reed’s family soon.’

Just in the hallway, Reed stood frozen on the spot. She’d only heard the last words of Bianca and Liam’s conversation and she knew it had been too good to be true. Bianca wanted her gone.

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