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LOVED that sooooooooooooooooooo much !!!! WAAAAAAAAAY funny, especially ......


Sid, “Elijah that is only the disaffection gel.”

 Elijah, “Oh no Sid do not waste your medicines on me, I am a man of God he will summon my pain away. Plus I plan to take the lovely Watson out for a slap up meal tonight.”

 Sid, “Elijah I’m not working tonight.”

Elijah, “Funny it looks like we are in hospital and your about the perform surgery on me.”

Sid, “Elijah I am here because you were daft enough to get your God…..”

Elijah, “SID”

Sid, “Oh yes, yes don’t use the our lords name in vain blah, blah, blah.”

 Elijah, “Sid am I dreaming? Because I could have sworn you chucked my hand out of your window.”

 Sid, “Now don’t panic but that sound was the sound of a large ten ton truck crushing your hand.”

 Elijah has been and come back from Africa. Watson has just finished a intense police training course of werewolf awareness, while Charlie who was meant to join her on the course found herself far too distracted by Brax to go. Leah and Miles have had a baby son which they have named Bamm-Bamm.

 Leah, “Gentle, gentle Miles you have been running up and down the beach getting him to pretend he was a cowboy for like a hour while I read my book.”

 Miles, “Oh no your Mummy can’t find her keys.”

Bamm-Bamm, “Back beach Dada?”

Miles, “Yes looks like it maybe we can get a ice cream.”

 Leah, “Oh no really you don’t really think Heath could of eaten our keys do you?”

 Miles, “Let’s just say you could be scarred for life the sight you would see would stay with you forever which I would be slightly jealous about.”


Miles, “Yes indeed it is good old Heath in all his glory.”

Leah turns her head and lets out a loud shocked scream which causes Heath to look up from his sun lounger with a big grin he gives Leah and a quick wave.

Heath, “Alright hot isn’t it?”

Leah, “Quick Miles cover Bamm-Bamm’s’ eyes his far to young for nudity.”

 Leah, “Heath where are your clothes?”

 Heath, “Well that’s good it would be abit silly to have them when I’m doing abit of naked sunbathing don’t you think?”

Leah, “Yes but where……WAIT YOUR SUNBATHING NAKED?”

Heath, “Yes Leah that’s why I’m out in the sun naked.”

Heath rolls his eyes at Leah’s oblivious statement.

Miles walks over to them covering Bamm-Bamm’s eyes.

Miles, “Did you remember the sun lotion?”

Heath, “Yes I did thanks for caring.”

 Heath, “Oh yes but I’m not complaining mostly were giggly teenage girls they whistled at me and took photos.”


Brax, “Charlie just calm down.”

 The ENTIRE Jenga sequence !!!!! in partic …… Miles, “Sounds like they are having a orgy.”

 Charlie starts to cry.

Charlie, “Oh Brax please don’t dump me I love you so much.”

Brax, “Charlie no I would never dump you but I think we may be in some serious danger.”

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Insane and BRILLIANT !!! That's the only way I can describe this fic !!!!

ADORE it, especially ......

 Charlie just nods her head as the build up of her laughter comes close to it’s breaking point.

 The ENTIRE sequence that included …………Charlie, “Oh Brax don’t you think you might be overreacting a tiny bit here? This is Summer Bay nothing dangerous ever happens here.”

 Brax, “Charlie where the hell have you gone now? Hammer……..”

Charlie, “Yes I know I’m just going to ask Miles if he has one.”

 Charlie, “You want a rake as well as a hammer? Strange request but what ever makes you happy babe.”

 Leah, “Miles says he hasn’t noticed any new neighbours moving in next door, but his very excited about meeting him his coming down soon to give Brax a hammer to give him.”

 Charlie, What of you dumping me and going back to her?”

Charlie gets down on her knees.

Charlie, “Please Brax don’t go back to her please.”

 Charlie, “Well you did write that novel last year even through I have never seen it.”

Brax, “Novel? Oh yes you mean the one I paid Watson back with using it selling sales That Casey conned Elijah into buying those fake sliver bullets to kill Heath.”

Charlie, “Yes.”

Brax, “Yes I’m afraid Jake and Hammer are a couple of my insane fans, Tegan said they wont stop at anything until they get revenge on me.”

Charlie, “Revenge?”

Brax, “Yeah for not sending them a autograph.”

 Charlie runs from the room crying as she thinks about being away from Brax but soon calms down as she thinks of how lucky she is to be going out with a world famous novelist like Brax.

 Casey, “Oh you sure will do that wearing that purple shell suit.”

Heath, “Why are people never happy? They moan when I have no clothes on and they moan when I do have some on.”

Casey, “Yes but there was no need to growl at that little boy to get him to give you his clothes.”

Heath, “Hey I’m a wolf its in a nature to growl.”

Ruby, “Hey look Cas.”

Casey and Heath both look at the big banner hanging above the diners counter.

Casey, “Find yourself a Heath/werewolf action figure, with such catchphrases as where are your clothes Heath? And also it’s a leaf Heath, with your burger and a fries and win one of our fun packed holidays. Competition run by The Costal news and Summer Bays Pier diner.”

Heath, “Cool I’m famous.”

Ruby, “Awww how cute I want my own little Heathy doll.”

Casey, “How lame.”

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