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When Home and Away Meets the Sydney Roosters

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Thnx Red Ranger for commenting I don't think it's going to last much longer because not enough feed back it's really only you and Bobby missed for ever missed commenting so I only have your opinion your opinions count to me the most but I just need some other people opinons too you never I could really like this fan fic and not want to stop this is my favourite fan fic of mine I only have one other fan fic but I thin that one is horrible and not well written if this is not the best well written it still my favourite fan fic of mine.

Chapter 9.

Jake lifted his daughter australia on the chair sitting next to anthony minichiello and crunched down to his daughters level and asked her. 'So what do you want to eat for lunch sweety?'. Jake asked his daughter.

'A small chips and a orange juice daddy'. Australia asked so sweetly.

'Why a small chips sweety'. Jake asked and put his arms around his daughter.

'Because if I have a small lunch'. Australia got out her hand and show how small. 'I can have a even bigger desert'. Than australia got her hands and stretched her hands as far as she could strech them. 'See daddy'.

Both jake and anthony looked at each other than started burst out laughing.

'She's definatly your kid'. Anthony pointed.

'Yeah I know and thats why I love her so much she's so much like me'. Jake stated.

'Daddy uncle anthony stop laughinghing at me'. Australia yelled out while tears formed her eyes. 'Please don't laugh at me'. Australia said quietly than because by than everyone was looking at them. 'What so funny I don't understand why laugh at me it's not nice'. Australia sobbed.

Jake lowered himself again to his daughter height and said. 'Sweety we wasn't laught at you me and your uncle anthony was laughing how much you are like me I promise you I never laughed at you or will never will laugh at you because your my special little baby and I could never do anything to make you cry you go it'. Jake than started to wipe away the tears from Australias eyes and kissed her on the forhead.

'You pinky promise'. Australia than pointed out her pinky.

'I promise'. And he got out his pinky and wrapped it around his daughter pinky.



'You have a really big pinky.

'That's it'. Jake said in a angry but jokingly voice and spun his daughter around the room.

'Daddy stop it i'm going to throw up'. Australia oaned than jake putr her down.

'Ok sweety'.

'And uncle anthony'.

'Yeah sweet'. Anthony patted her head.

'Do you pinky promise'. And once again pointed out her pinky.

'I pinky promise'. He wrapped his pinky around hers.

'So mate what do you want me to order you'. Jake asked anthony.

'The same as her so I can have a even bigger desert'. Than anthony started to draw out his wallet.

'Whoah mate it's on the house'. Jake said waving his hands back trying to signal to put it away.

'Are you sure'. He asked.

'Yeah i'm sure'.

'If I knew it was on the house I would of asked for more'.

'Don't push your luck'. Jake pointed out.

'Ok ok'. He said jokingly.

Than jake went to order.

Than australia asked 'Uncle anthony can we dance'. Than puppy face him.

'Australia you know I can resist that face'. Anthony told quite firmly.

'Yeah exactly silly'.

'Ok' He grunted than twirled her around than they all these people running in screaming jake jake with camera asking jake about his daughter and why did no one know about he her until today.

'Jake is it true that you abandoned your daughter australi'. One of the reporters asked.

'No ofcourse not'. Jake screamed. 'I love my daughter.

'Than why didn't no one know about her until know'. Another one asked.

'Because my ex wouldn't allow me to see her now can you leave us alone'. Jake said bruntly and turned around to his daughter and anthony watching him he than picked up his daughter and sat her on his lap while waiting for their lunch but as soon as that happen all the photographers started taking pictures that made jake angry. "Australia were going home you me and uncle anthony we'll have linch there'.

'But daddy'. She sobbed out. 'I want take away'.

'Sorry sweety we can but I have a whole tub of ice cream at home that for at home'.

'OK daddy we can go home'. Than she gave jake a hug than again all the photographers started to take photos of them as quickly as possible.

'Can't you just leave us alone'. Jake screamed but every one ignored him.

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Awww, Australia was cute.Don't worry about the lack of comments, I'm rather enjoying this.

Thnx red ranger I migh actually stick to this fan fic even though I have many comments from other people I know that doesn't matter and to hear that your enjoying my fan fic makes me want to write it even more I shouldn't stop writing it just because of the lack of commenters when I have some one like you who likes my fic thnx for saying that it gave me some prospect so thanks again. And I know australia so cute!!! I couldn't resist writing that I just loved it when I wrote it I really do want to write about her and jakes realationship alot. :wub::):P

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I think next chapter i'm gonna put my character in.

Chapter 10...

Braith walked into angelo with his head down low and his hands in his pockets walking up to the counter.'1 lobster and a salad on the side please'. Not looking up to the person how was serving him it had been 3 week that he had seen martha and since then all he could do was wallow in self pitty.

'Well around here we don't sell lobster you gonna have to go to the city for them fancy smancy stuff you want'. The familiar voice barked at him.

Then he looked up in disbalief it was martha he didn't really expect after all this time he would bump into martha but again it was a small town and they was bound to run into each other sooner or later he was lucky later maybe it was a good thing that they'd left it till later he thought to him self.'Martha'. He said shockingly.'You look great'. He tried to act cool not desperate.'Nice to see you'.

'Yeah yeah nice to see you too'. She spat.'And don't be so surprised we bumped into each other it's a really small town'. Than looked away.

'I guess your right I just haven't seen you in so long you know I have been really missing you'.

'Yeah i've been missing you to'. Than they shared a moment.

'If you want we can try again'. Braith asked sheepishly.

Than a smile aboarded marthas face.'That be good we can try again'.

Braith face lit up.'Really'.He asked astonishingly he spun her around and kissed her.


Todd was walking on the beach when he spotted this women she was about 30, with long brown hair and really skinny he walked up to her and sat right next to her and introduced himself."Hey i'm todd carney'.

'I'm charlie senior consterable charlie bucton'. She spat back.

Than todd face dropped.

'What have you seen a ghost or something'. She said to him.

'I got to go'.

'Why'. She demanded.

'Because my best friend is jake friend and what I have heard of you you are a real B**** and trust me I do no like B****es I can't believe I came over here to ask you out'.

'Trust me you would have no chance in hell with me I have a boyfriend how i'm deeply inlove with'.

'I feel sorry for him'. He spat out.

'Well I feel sorry for how ever falls inlove with you because they would have to put up with you and jake i'm nothing bad compared to you two two clown I can't believe they even allowed you two clowns in'.

'Yeah yeah what ever'. As he started to walk away charlie sceamed.

'Don't walk away from me or else'. Than to todd stopped right in his tracks.

'Or else what your gonna arrest me'. He laughed.'Like mother like daughter'. Than he walked away.


Nate holded a distraught nicole in his arms and tried to reinsure his girlfriend.'Shh baby everything is gonna be alright shh'.

'Than why is ruby avoiding me than'. She sobbed out.

'She just need some time out'. He said while patting her head.

'But she has had alot of time'. She wined.

'Yeah but some people need alittle more time baby'.

'Yeah but how much longer'. She screamed out demanding questions.'A couple more weeks a month more'.

'Just how long she needs baby'.

'Well I know a way to make that process go faster i'm going to see ruby'. She stormed out the house.

'But baby the baby isn't going to be fine with all this pressure your putting yourself threw'.

'The babys fine'. She screamed back.

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I just started reading this. It's really good.

So much drama going on in this - which i like :)

Aww Martha, working at Angelo's, i'm glad she gave the guy another chance.

I smiled through the whole of the Nicole scene where she's upset over Ruby not talking to her.

I wonder what she'll say to her.

Update soon! :)

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Sorry for not updating sooner but i've been at my grandmothers with out no computer. Hope you like this one and thanks for commenting Red ranger and ScreamingQueen2006.

Chapter 11.

'Ruby ruby open up'. Nicole banged on the door.'Open up please'. She begged.

Ruby opened the door.'The only reason I opened the door is because I didn't want to put stress on the baby and I didn't want it to die because of me so can you please just go'.She asked nicole just looked at her confused.'Don't act all confuse you know exactly what you did you knew this would happen and you didn't stop me and now the whole team hates me and jake there no words to describe how much he hates me and it all could of been avoided if you just stoped me you know i'll do something stupid'.

'Ruby if I knew something like that was going to happen I would of stoped you I promise and nate doesn't hate you'.

'Wow 1 out of all of them'.

'Rubz it's better than none'.

'Yeah because he single'. Ruby said sacarstically'.' Can you please just leave'.


'Just go'. And ruby shut the door.


Jake was walking to training when he saw all the cheerleaders so he went up to all the cheerleaders and said.' Hi ladies what have you'se been up to lately'.

The head cheerleader amber came up to him.' What do you think'. She said flirtational.

Jake hated amber she always tried to flirt with him it never worked tried to get in bed with him always thought she was the best and the most prettiest girl in the universe where she was she was pretty but no that pretty but jake just smiled politely.' Thats why I asked because I didn't know ok by cya later I better get to training'.

'Cya jake'. She whispered.

Jake looked backed to her then when he was about to turn his head he bumped into this girl that he never seen befor in a cheerleader uniform.' Oh i'm so sorry let me picked them up for you'. Jake apologised.

'Thanks'. The girl smiled.

'MY name is jake whats yours'.


'Is that short for ashley'.

'Sort of it's really ashleyjane'.

'It's a pretty name'. Jake than finished to pick up her stuff and gave it to her.

'Thanks'. Ash blushed without know the head cheerleader amber was giving her the dirties.

'So i'm guessing your new to the squad'.

'Yeah today is my first day ever being a cheer leader'.

'How old are you'.


'16' Jake asked in shock.

'Yeah 16'.

'Well I better be going to training then cya'. Thane he paused.' Ash'.

'Cya' She waved back and walked towards the cheerleaders that was all looking at her.

'Look what the cat dragged in a s***'. Amber said meanly while the other girls laughed but ash just bowered her head.' Stay away from him'.

'From who'. Ash replied without knowing what she was talking about.

'Don't act dumb jake jakes mine so back of'.


'But nothing leave him his mine'.

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sorry for not writing it for so long i don't know why i just hasn't been in the mood to write but hopefully you like this...

Chapter 12...

Jake and the rest of team was training on the beach while the cheerleaders was practicing their routine for the big game against the bulldogs everyone was stressed all this week because sonny bill william was making his come back to the nrl and everyone knew he was a fearce competitor and they wanted to win more than anything.

While they was training nate came up to jake and asked him."Mate can you please forgive ruby and try to get the other guys to stop giving her a hard time'> While they still done some drills.

"Let me guess she put you up to this didn't she". He gave nate a dirty look.

"'No she didn't I swear it's just she's not talking to nicole because nicole didn't try to stop her from talking or what ever to you'se and well nicole always tries to talk her out of stuff but this time she didn't and know ruby really mad at her so please be nice to her".

"What a cow ruby is I don't even know why nicole would even want to be friends with her".

"Please mate I think nicole will loose the baby from all this stress if ruby doesn't start talking to nicole again".

"Why do you even care if nicole looses the baby it's not yours and if she does you two can start trying for your own".

"Jake the baby is just like my kid even if it's not biologically mine".

"Well what I know if I was you I wouldn't want it lets take australia for instant I love her to death I couldn't imagine my life without her but if Mariah said when she was pregnant with australia she wasn't mine I wouldn't want anything to do with the baby I wouldn't even be with her".

"Ok so if mariah rang up today and said that australia wasn't your baby you wouldn't have anything to do with her".

"No ofcourse not I would foght for australia no matter what because she will always be my baby girl no mater what but that isn't the situation your is different just saying".


The girls was practicing their pyramid and ofcourse amber was ontop and amber made ofcourse ash be on the bottom of her and she was purpose so amber diggeg her heel into ash until ash squealed."Owww".

"Quieten up ash". Amber said satifactionary.

"But you just dug your heels into my back". Ash complained.

"If I was you I would hush up if you want to be in thsquad you got it".

"Yes amber" Ash said cowardly.

"Glad we have a understanding". Amber smirked.


Willie mason and jake was practicing their passing when a girl caught willie eye so he pointed out the girl."Look jake a new howt girl in the team I wonder whats her name".

"It's ash". Jake replied

"How do you know that".

"Because when I was walking I bumped in to her".

"Ok hopefully she likes big willies because I certainly have one no wonder my name is willie".

"Yeah don't thinks that going to happen".

"Why not".

"Because she 16".

"Yeah who care shes hot".

"What ever than do what you want".

"Oh I will".

Just than Justin Carney bombed the ball jake instantly ran backwards trying to catch the ball when he bumped into the pyramid all the girls fell to the ground except for ash who fell on top of jake.

"Owww". Ash said."I really have to stop saying that".

Jake just laughed.

"What so funny". Ash winged.

"Nothing you just said it so cutely".

Ash just smiled till amber interupted them."Hmm you guys you better stop talking and start practicing".

"Yes amber".Ash replied.


"Daddy" AUstralia screamed and ran to him and jumped into his arms. All the girls and guys looked at them.

"Hey sweety whats that there". Jake asked

"A picture". She said sweetly.

"What of".

"You me and amber cheerleading see your in the pink skirt with the white mini top". All the guys started laughing.

"Oh I see thats very pretty".

Than australia saw amber."Amber amber are you going to teach me how to cheer because this week end is a very big game and I want to cheer daddy and all of the guys on".

"One condition".

"What is it".

"You show me that picture of yours".

"I think I can do that". Australia smiled and hugged her.

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