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When Home and Away Meets the Sydney Roosters

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Thnx Red Ranger and Bobby Missed Forever.

Chapter 6

Ruby ran across the beach in tear thinking. How stupid am I? I should of never dressed up for them I shouldn't of ever had a crush and I certainly shouldn't of opened my big mouth to them then ruby's thoughts was disrupted by jake screaming.

'Ruby ruby wait up'. He screamed out chasing after her.

'Go away'. Screamed back running faster.

'I'm sorry ruby'.

'Just go away'. Ruby not excepting the apology.

'Ruby I know I shouldn't of said any thing or the other boys i'm just sorry'. Jake winged.

Ruby frozed and turned around.'Just go away your not sorry'.

'I am ruby I really am that was personal and I shouldn't of asked and with the whole cop stuff it's just I don't like cops they are always on my back and they always trying to pin me to everything'.

'Well my mum isn't like that she is way kinder than that and maybe you should be doing the right thing and the cop wouldn't be on your back'. Ruby was able to mutter out that jake took defence to.

'Well I guess you wouldn't know anything about justice and that because I bet every time you get in trouble with the police your precious little sister oh i'm sorry I mean mummy gets you out of trouble'. Jake accused.

'It's not like that'. Ruby talked back

'It's exactly like that'.

'Well i'm sure with all your thousands you wouldn't have to do any of the time or the punishment'.

'Oh yeah with all my thousands thats the reason why I always have to go to court pay all those lawyer bills and that getting put on all those good behaviour bonds but I totally get away with everything'. Jake sarcastically commented on what she just said.

'Well atlease your not in jail I bet you paid your way out of those'.

'None of my convictions was that bad ruby go away ruby or else'. Jake raised his voice and his temper started to show.

'Or else what you'll hit me'. Ruby said smugly.

'That was just rumours that i hit that girl it was sandor earls'.

'Well i don't care how did it if your associated to some one how hit girls than I don't want to be associated to a guy how associate with them'.

'He didn't even mean to hit her'.

'I don't care your justifying what he did'.

Jake paused he walked over to ruby grabbed her face and kissed he lips. 'Happy now that's what you wanted all along we all knew it and getting nate to tell your sob story nice touch we actually believed it and you know why the only reasons mitch asked you out is because nate made him ruby the only reason you want to go out with us is because were footy player you are so shallow and thats why every guy you date or what ever leaves you and breaks your precious little heart you have to be stupid to date you and I bet you actually thought that I could be actually intrested in you when I kissed you but news flash I would never date you or anything even if you was the last person on earth because your shallow, ugly and just plain stupid'. Jake had a go at ruby and walked of and didn't even look back.

Ruby fell to the ground after she made sure jake was out of sight while she cried the waves come crashing over her but she did not care, her phone rang but she didn't answer, she heard her name getting called by familiar voice but she kept as quiet as she could but finally she was asleep.


It was the next day ruby opened her eyes she was wet and covered with sand she stood up and looked at the spot and remembered what happened last night she was finally started to walk home.

Ruby was nearly when she heard a familiar voice coming from behind her scream 'Ruby ruby'. And the familiar voice came even closer as the familiar voice voice was running after her.'Ruby ruby' the familiar voice screamed again. Ruby finally turned around and broke out in tears.'Whats wrong baby girl'.

'Everthing mum'. Ruby sobbed into charlies arms.

'What everything'. Charle asked.

'Jake was right I am shallow, I am ugly and I am stupid'.

'Rubz you are not shallow or ugly and defantly not stupid infact your the most pretties most non shallow smartest girl I have ever known why did jake say this'.

'Because I tried to date one of the roosters players and jakes one and they asked me some questions and I accidentally blabed than I ran of jake chased after me trying to apologise I didn't except it he tried to explain he hate cops then I threw it back in his face I commented on his past and he threatened me not on purpose he just wanted me to go away but I wouldn't and he told me off'. Ruby confessed.

'Oh ruby that sound awful what he puted you threw'.

'Not what he put me threw what I put him threw I should apologise'. Than charlie cutted in.

'He's the one how should be the one apologising to you rubz'.

'No I should'.

'I''m going to this guy house and tell him of'.

'No mum don't it'll just prove him right'.

'And hows that'.

'He said that I will never know how it feels to be punished because I have a cop as a mother'.

'I won't be proving anything to him'. Charlie stormed to her car and sped off.

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Thnx red ranger and bobby forever missed for commenting.

Chapter 7.

Charlie banged on the door of jakes and todds apartment till jake opened up the door.

'Are you jake'. Charlie screamed.

'Yes I am and i'm guessing your rubys sister oh I mean ruby's mother you know how confusing it can be keeping up if rubys your sister or daughter you know the feeling ha'. Jake answered.

'You had no rights telling my daughter off'.

'I was only telling her the truth were then you never tell the truth so i'm guessing she doesn't know how to handle the truth'. Jake spat back.

'You know I could arrest you'.

'Are you on juty'.


Jake smiled. 'Than bye'. Jake said and slammed the door shut in charlies fac and se was not the slightlyest impressed.


'How was that'. Todd asked.

'Rubys mum'. Jake said casually.

'You slammed a door on a cop face'.

'Yeah pretty much'.

'Ok than'. Todd nodded.


'Oh my good I knew something like this would happen I should of never let ruby go'. Nicole stressed out.

'It's not your fault babe'. Nate said while rubbing her back.

'Yeah it's not your fault it was rubys'. Jarrod told.

Both nicole and nate looked at him.

'Well it's true it was her fault she shouldn't of came and she shouldn't of said anything it was her own fault no one else they didn't make her'.

'Get out of my house'. Nicole said trying to keep calm while pointing at the door.

'What'. Jarrod asked confused.

'I said get out of my house'. Nicole finally screamed and pointed at the door once again.

Just than marilyn walked.'Oh I think I might just go than'. Trying despertaly to get out the house.

'No you stay marilyn'. Nicole calmed down.

'Can you please just go'. Nate asked jarrod politely.

'Don't ask him nice did you just here what he said'. Nicole once again raising her voice.

'Well nicole every one have differant opinions to every one else nicole'. Nate pointed out but by than jarrod had already left.

'Fine'. Nicole got up and ran upstairs.

'It look you are in trouble'. Marilyn pointed out the obvious.

'Yes I know and I don't know what to do'. Nate asked.

'Well do you want my opinion'.

'Yes thanks'.

'Don't leave it to long because it will get harder you leave it'.

'Unfortunately I think you are right on this one'. Nate let out a sigh.'Thanks marilyn'.

'No probz darl'.

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Thnx Red Ranger and Bobby Forever Missed 4 ur comments.

Chapter 8.

Nate knocked on nicoles door.

'Nicole can I come in'. Nate aske.

'No go away'.Nicole screamed.

'Nicole i'm not going anywhere till we talk'.

'Ok hi and now bye'.

'I meant propally talk'.

'Just go away'.

'No until we talk'.

'Why so you can say how it was all rubys fault and agree with jarrod no thanks'.

'I didn't agree with him'. Nate sulked.

'Oh thats why you said his opinion was right'. Nicole spat back.

'I didn't say that'. He whinged.

'Than what did you say'.

'I said that everyone has a differant opinion to others and just because some one has a differant opinion doesn't mean that you have to kick them out or anything that every one has as much rights as you to their own opinions'. Nate tried to explain.

'Now your trying to sya that i'm controlive thank now can you please leave'.

'No until we talk propally'.

'Than your gonna be waiting a while than'.

Than nate let out a loud sigh.

But nicole ignored it and picked up her pone and dialled rubys number.


Ruby heard her phone ringing s she ran out of her shower and headed over to her phone it was nicole ruby was mad at her and hanged up the phone on her and than went back to her shower.

'Wheres mum she's been out for quite a while she should be back by now I hope she hasn't made thing worste what have I done'. Ruby thought to her self.

Than she heard the phone ring again it was nicole again. 'Can't she just leave me alone'. Ruby said out loud.

After several times nicole must of gave up.

'Finally she realise I don't want to talk to her right now.

It was a hour later and the home phone rang it was charlie ruby picked up.

'Hi mum'.Ruby greated her

'Hi sweet heart'. Charlie replied.'RUbz i'm not going to be home tonight so your gona have to make make yourself diner'. Charlie explained.

'Ok mum so how did it go at jakes'. Ruby trailed of.

'Not that good he slammed the door in my face'. Sounding quite inpressed.

'Yeah I should of told you he really doesn't like cops he's had quite alot of bad experiance with them'.

'Yeah I got that impression'.

'Ok cya mum bye love you'.

'Cya love ya bye'. Than charlie hanged up and ruby went and sat on the lounge.


There was a knock on the door so ruby came up wiped her eyes and opened the door to her shock it was jake.

'How dare you get your mum to come over my house and try to tell me off'. Jake screamed.

'I don't know what your talking about'. Ruby trying to sound convincing.

'I know you did your precious little mum told me until I slammed the door in her face'.

'Ok I might of known but I tried to convince her out of it'.

'I don't care I just want you out of my life don't go near me don't talk to me or my friends you got me'.

Ruby nodded.

'Good we have a understanding than'.


'Ok bye'. ANd jake walked off.


Jake was walking on the beach until he got a call it was mariah the girl he falled inlove with such a early age he picked up the phone.

'What is it'. Jake asked.

'I don't want her any more I can't deal with her any more she's coming to live with you'. Mariah sobbed.

'But you said that I could never see our daughter again what changed your mind'.

'She hates me she cries for you so you can have our daughter Australia my parents we was to young to have a child together see what it has put us threw we was 17 when we had her we most probably would still be together if it wasn't for her'.

'Don't you ever dare to try to blame our relationship problems on australia she has nothing to do with it'.

'What ever you think she will be there in the morning'. Than mariah hanged up.

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